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Looking for an old region/town/providence in Poland

17 May 2016 #1
My great grandfather has the name of his birthplace and I can find no record of it. Can anyone direct me in how to find: Ternpoleleszczyszyn. I am guessing that it is actually Tarnopol in southern Poland
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,163
17 May 2016 #2

I really doubt it is 1 word. This


is likely either the name of some village or last name of some dude... While this


might be indeed Tarnopol although Uks (as It is in Ukraine now) call it Ternopil.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,213
18 May 2016 #3
Did you mean 'providence' or 'province' in your heading? This name seems to be the name of the region around Tarnopol (now in Ukraine), formerly the capital of the Tarnopol voivodship (province) in 1921-1939. To call an area (region) with the name of the city plus the '-szczyzna' suffix is common in Polish.

You have 'Lubelszczyzna' (Lublin), 'Opolszczyzna' (Opole), 'Wileńszczyzna' (Wilno), 'Kieleczczyzna' (Kielce), Pińszczyzna (Pińsk) and so on. The term 'Tarnopolszczyzna' (Tarnopol) is formed on the same basis. You will, however, never have 'Warszawszczyzna' (Warszawa), 'Wrocławszczyzna' (Wrocław), 'Krakowszczyzna' (Kraków) or 'Gdańszczyzna' (Gdańsk) and so on.
6 Jan 2017 #4
Looking for a pre War town called Marzęcice
Looker - | 1,054
6 Jan 2017 #5

Maybe any of these?
6 Jan 2017 #6
Thank you Looker. Info was helpful

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