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cms neuf - | 1,585
16 Apr 2020 #271
And like the illegal occupation of Crimea ?

Or bumping off innocent British citizens with nerve agents ?

Modern day Russian crimes are peas in the same pod as Soviet crimes like Katyn
mafketis 25 | 9,316
16 Apr 2020 #272
You cannot blame the Russia of today for the past.

But you _can_ and _should_ blame the Russia of today for acting like the USSR invading other countries and denying the past and killing journalists. Russia is still in the ancient social model of hundreds of years ago, they've just changed from the Tsar and later first party secretary to a banana republic style president for life.

Ukraine has turned the corner in building a civic society (it has a long way to go but it's on the right path) Russia remains mired in oligarchy ignorance and violence (because that's what a majority of Russians want).
Spike31 2 | 2,277
16 Apr 2020 #273
Russia only makes public those files that they deemed useful in their current foreign politics. They will play it as long as it is useful and relevant as a political tool.

At least since 1917 everything in Russia is political. And those elites who rule Russia right now are descendants of USRR establishment and of KGB/GRU origins.

They only way to win with Russia is to stop playing their own game and to take the ball somewhere else.

Like in a case of blocking North Stream II which has made them genuinely furious.

The same reaction came after the EU resolution backed by Poland: "The motion (...) equates communism with the barbarity of nazism. It also called for the erasure all memorials of "totalitarianism" across Europe, including memorials dedicated to the Red Army."
Miloslaw 9 | 2,922
16 Apr 2020 #274
They only way to win with Russia is to stop playing their own game

Dead right and the same can be said of China too.
Enough is enough.....

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