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gregy741 5 | 1,232
18 Oct 2015 #31
Today,ladies and gentlemen our boy- goes by the name Andrzej Fonfara has beaten British chap who call himself Nathan cleverly- by unanimous decision.Nathan is former LHW world champion,who had suffered misfortune and lost his strap to S. Kovalev last year.and his attempt to climb LHW rank and regain lost dignity was cut short by Fonfara.its best Fonfara win in his career,well maybe chavez or campilo was more important.and boy those guys were bombing each others heads,and by doing so they managed to score all time record for punches thrown in LHW division..2500 combined.

Cleverly end up in hospital with broken nose and busted ear. fun fight that was.
well done fonfara...and better luck against superpimp next time.
18 Oct 2015 #32
Lewandowski: 5 Goals in 9 Minutes

Have some more of how good is the top striker in the world. I believe that Lewy could do a brain surgery with only his feet. Clinical precision, amazing ball control, raw power and cold blood.

19 Oct 2015 #33
The widely respected service has updated the market value of several of the footballers. Robert Lewandowski's value
after being constantly at the level of €50mil for a year and a half rose to a whopping €70mil making him a nineth most expensive player in the world currently. Skill and quality have a price tag.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,116
19 Oct 2015 #34
I could see him making a huge move to the EPL in the summer if he carries on like this.
19 Oct 2015 #35
Why would he swap the big club for a small and meaningless one as those in EPL? Anyways. He is in Bayern because he wants to. He was Bayern supporter since childhood and it is the club he dreamed of. Only situation that would make him move would be if Pep stays in Munich and sticks to the fake-9 concept.
19 Oct 2015 #36
I have a strong feeling Bayern is going to win the champions league this time
19 Oct 2015 #37
Tomorrow Arsenal vs Bayern on Emirates. Thiery Henry has warned the Goons to stop Lewy. Fingers crossed and a strong feeling their efforts will be in vain. Lewy would fit Arsenal squad perfectly. Second thought though i doubt there's a club that he wouldn't fit in :D. Go Go LewanGOALski!!!
sam6 1 | 25
28 May 2016 #38
Merged: Polish football team in the World Cup

What is missing Polish football team in order to win the World Cup ?
Has excellent elite players throughout the history

We have a wonderful polish player in the Saudi league ( Adrian Mirzewska )

Polish people are a great people who deserve to have a global sporting achievements on the football world .
kpc21 1 | 763
28 May 2016 #39
Throughout the history != now.

Although we currently have some players who are really praised in the European football clubs, but when it comes to the national representation, it seems that they cannot create a good team...

Maybe the thing is that they change the coach every Europe or World Championships, and it takes more than 2 years to make the team playing well?
sam6 1 | 25
28 May 2016 #40
Yes, through history and now, Polish players are good .

I think that the achievement comes when the player plays for Poland logo with enthusiasm as well as the selection of a national excellent coach and strong government support for the team.
Wulkan - | 3,186
28 May 2016 #41
Adrian Mirzewska

There is no such a player
sam6 1 | 25
29 May 2016 #42
gumishu 15 | 6,184
12 Jun 2016 #43
Merged: Poland's first ever win in Euro finals

Poland beat Northern Ireland 1-0
however if they play like this in the next matches I don't see them in the play-off phase
dany_moussalli 13 | 259
12 Jun 2016 #44
Why not ? they played well and had the chance to score more goals. Maybe they even secured their place in the play-off,because of the new system of the Euro Cup, where the best 4 teams in 3rd position get to qualify to the next round.
Dougpol1 31 | 2,639
12 Jun 2016 #45
Absolutely. Even England might qualify under the race to the bottom rules of this ridiculous 24 team tournament.
PS: Poland did well. Northern Ireland are no patsy.
dany_moussalli 13 | 259
12 Jun 2016 #46
this ridiculous 24 team tournament

I think there's a positive side to this system, a team who has lost the first two games has still hope to qualify, it means that they will play as good as they can in the last game, whereas in the previous system, a team with similar circumstances would just play the last game as a friendly match.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,116
12 Jun 2016 #47
Absolutely. Even England might qualify under the race to the bottom rules of this ridiculous 24 team tournament.

The tournament format is absolutely ghastly. 23 teams qualifying from 53 when many of the remaining teams were utter rubbish is just a joke.
Dougpol1 31 | 2,639
12 Jun 2016 #48
it means that they will play as good as they can in the last game

An interesting way of looking at it. I hadn't thought of that. But, a team could also qualify with three bore 0--0 draws:((
dany_moussalli 13 | 259
12 Jun 2016 #49
They could, But I doubt that any team would rely on this strategy.
1- It's too risky, and one goal can change everything.
2- In order to be one of the best thirds, the second criteria (after the points) is the difference between the scored goals and the conceded goals, so teams are still motivated to score goals.

Anyway, we will see how it will turn out to be, the games so far haven't been that crazy (apart from the last minute goals)
Vincent 9 | 891
12 Jun 2016 #50
The tournament format is absolutely ghastly. 23 teams qualifying from 53 when many of the remaining teams were utter rubbish is just a joke.

Which reminds me..What do you call a group of 23 men watching Euro16? Answer..the Scottish national football team;) Poland will improve as the first game is usually tough one, as both teams don't want to lose at all costs, and get off to a good start.
25 Jun 2016 #52
Merged: Where on PF is the commentary on the Poland-Switzerland match?

Since PF lacks a sports category, where can one see PF reaction to today's Euro 2016 match?
mafketis 37 | 10,839
25 Jun 2016 #53
Feel free to start a Euro 2016 thread just to see it merged into something else in an unimaginably stupid way....
25 Jun 2016 #54
Euro 2016

What's happened to Lewandowski, the striker who scored 5 goals at the end of a single match? Except for the one penalty, he has been scoreless for the entrie Euro so far.
Dougpol1 31 | 2,639
25 Jun 2016 #55
What's happened

Poland are in the quarter-finals - that's what's happened. 3 more wins and they are champions:) If Denmark and Greece could win it, so can Poland.

England can't - because they are useless:)
Sylvio 19 | 155
26 Jun 2016 #56
Merged: Can Poland win Euro Cup 2016?

PL- Swiss, You may agree that again had a big problem hitting on target. This is sth to get used Polands game...dont see that being as bad in british premiership league,where seemingly good players so consistantly fail to strike on goal. Could it be Maybe they have bad eyesight or shd wear contact lenses. Or change footware? This really stands out in polands game for me...Thoughts?
Ben Dover
30 Jun 2016 #57
Poland are an average lot.
Not enough confidence to try and win the game in regulation time.
Penalties, Penalties.
The scourge of European Football.
mafketis 37 | 10,839
1 Jul 2016 #58
Penalties, Penalties.

This is a big reason why soccer has never caught on in right thinking countries like the US. Deciding a match on penalties is not much more accurate than flipping a coin.

Make soccer more interesting : No goalies. Lots more scoring, lots more fun.
Polonius3 990 | 12,349
1 Jul 2016 #59
No goalies

Keepers are OK, there has to be some challenge, but get rid of that off-sides nonsense. That would make for a livelier, more exciting game with higher scores!
mafketis 37 | 10,839
1 Jul 2016 #60
but get rid of that off-sides nonsense

Yes. "Offside" means crossing the line of scrimmage before the ball is snapped (and carries a five yard penalty).

Soccer heads have some reason for the offside rule, but goalies don't even wear the same uniform as the team? What?

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