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Rich Mazur 4 | 3,047
14 Aug 2018 #151
Sports or not, the general rule is to mingle with the smarter and the richer. The dumber and the poorer will drag you down or take you wallet, if not life.
diptokot3 - | 1
24 Aug 2018 #152

KSW 45 In London

KSW 45 Live In London at 6th october 2018
Atch 20 | 4,154
27 Aug 2018 #153
Three sliver and three bronze medals for Poland in the World Championship Canoe Sprint in Portugal, one silver and two bronze for the ladies and two silver, one bronze for the gentlemen. Gratulacje to all.
Crnogorac3 4 | 800
29 Sep 2018 #154

BRAZIL-SERBIA and POLAND-USA in business end of Men's World Championship in Volleball.

From all the participating teams in the competition only 4 left remaining. In the first semifinal Serbia plays vs. Brazil at 17:00 (15:00 GMT) while in the second semi Polska vs. USA at 21:15 (19:15 GMT)

Just to put things in perspective in terms of population:

1. USA 326 million
2. Brazil 208 million
3. Poland 38 million
4. Serbia 7 million

It is a great achievement just reaching the semifinals and being in the top 4 in the World at anything, I hope both Serbia & Polska win medals.
Crow 160 | 9,032
30 Sep 2018 #155
Congrats to Poland for winning the Men's World Championship in Volleball 2018

4. Serbia 7 million

7 mill for now. We are now i era of yoke and partition. But freedom will come.

Anyway, Serbia is true sport world power. Spirit and mentality of victors. As Hungarian Victor Orban said these days- `You Serbians were top and you will be top again`
johnny reb 50 | 7,389
10 Oct 2020 #156
Iga Swiatek became the first player from Poland to win a Grand Slam title Saturday at the French Open.
pawian 223 | 24,583
10 Oct 2020 #157
Yes, an awesome act indeed. It was high time - 99 years ago the Polish Tennis Association was established.

Vesko Vukovic - | 83
10 Oct 2020 #158

"Polish Perfection":


Congratulations to Iga Swiatek on such a dominant display and winning the first grand slam trophy for Poland!

The best tennis player in the world Novak Djokovic who is playing the men's final at Roland Garros tomorrow against Rafa Nadal leads a host of stars & celebrities in congratulating her:

johnny reb 50 | 7,389
10 Oct 2020 #159
Poland's Iga Swiatek won a Grand Slam tennis tournament with the best combination of unheralded dominance in more than 40 years, taking the French Open without dropping a set, capped by a 6-4, 6-1 victory over American Sofia Kenin in Saturday's final.
Vesko Vukovic - | 83
10 Oct 2020 #160
Young Pole Swiatek dominated the whole tournament, no one took more than 5 games from her.

Swiatek to Djokovic:

"Thank you champ - good luck tommorow!"

11 Oct 2020 #161
Congratulations, Polska! God bless your land!
pawian 223 | 24,583
11 Oct 2020 #162
God bless your land!

Except when it becomes God`s Playground.
Mr Grunwald 33 | 2,205
12 Oct 2020 #163
That sounds ungrateful, remember a Pole is meant to either work in the field or fight for it after all :) either with words or glory Poland shall be blessed! :)
jon357 74 | 22,387
12 Oct 2020 #164
Amazing how this has gone from sports news (something very topical here right now due to the young tennis star) to something quite different.
12 Oct 2020 #165
I hope I didn't cause that. Excusez-moi!
jon357 74 | 22,387
12 Oct 2020 #166
It doesn't take much for that to happen here ;-)

Great news about Iga Świątek though; a success story that's a bit of bright news in these dim times...
Paulina 17 | 4,469
1 Dec 2020 #167
I suspect there aren't many people here who watch figure skating, as far as I remember Lenka liked it, but this figure skater has an interesting family history so I decided to put some spotlight on her. I was watching this year's Rostelecom Cup and the moment I saw her hair and costume I turned the sound on because I knew this couple's dance is going to be interesting and I wasn't mistaken. I really liked it, the audience did too and the song they picked for their free dance - "Survivor" - resonates well with me during these pandemic times... Her surname sounded Polish - Tiffany Zagorski (Zahorski in Wikipedia) - so I decided to check if she has Polish roots.

Her great-grandfather was Eugeniusz Fostowicz-Zahorski, a renowned Polish chess player and activist and her great-grandmother Anna Zahorska, a Polish poet. Zahorski family, a house of Belarusian boyars, received the Lubicz coat of arms from a Polish king. You can read the rest (or at least most of it - there's more in Polish Wiki) in English version of Wikipedia:

Pity she doesn't skate for Poland (she skates for Russia), considering she comes from such a patriotic family, but I can't blame her - Polish figure skating is basically in an agonal state.

Either way, those interested in figure skating - watch out for her in future competitions :)
delphiandomine 88 | 18,116
12 Jan 2021 #168
Polish figure skating is basically in an agonal state.

It's the same with other ice sports too. PolAmKrakow talked about this with ice hockey - it's run for the benefit of those who run it, rather than for the development of the sport.

The very limited ice available in Poland doesn't help things.
pawian 223 | 24,583
12 Jan 2021 #169
Recent winters certainly haven`t helped to practise it. Country kids have zero chances to go ice skating when local ponds are not frozen.
Miloslaw 21 | 5,128
14 Feb 2021 #170
Polish Americans may not be aware, but will be pleased to hear that the fastest growing sport in Poland right now is American Football.
Miloslaw 21 | 5,128
14 Feb 2021 #171
Another huge sport in Poland is Speedway.
Almost every city or town in Poland has a Speedway track.
Joker 3 | 2,419
14 Feb 2021 #172
Another huge sport in Poland is Speedway.

Daytona 500 was today, but I didnt watch it or care at all. Its big with those rednecks though!

Delph told me about it already, hes involved with Tampax 200 and said he would pull some strings to get some tickets. lol

Poland has a Speedway track.

Your video is being blocked:(
dolnoslask 5 | 2,917
14 Feb 2021 #173
Almost every city or town in Poland has a Speedway track.

They have been world champions many times. plenty of Polish riders have come to ride for British clubs in the past.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,116
15 Feb 2021 #174
plenty of Polish riders have come to ride for British clubs in the past.

Usually vice versa these days. I was reading only recently how British clubs struggle because Polish teams can afford to pay riders much more these days.
Miloslaw 21 | 5,128
16 Feb 2021 #175
Usually vice versa these days.

Speedway used to be as big, if not bigger than football in the UK after the war.
Even in the seventies I used to go to watch Wembley Lions at the old Wembley Stadium.
It is amazing how just four motorbikes can make so much noise!!!
But it has really gone down in popularity here and yet continues to be popular in Poland and several other countries.
Tacitus 2 | 1,325
15 May 2021 #176

Lukasz Piszczek - Polish football player and BVB Legend

Yesterday Polish football player Lukasz Piszczek won the German cup with his club Borussia Dortmund. The player who will retire after this season has long won the hearts of his fans who will always remember him fondly for his eleven years with us. He is the last remaining player of the "Polish trio" consisting of Jakub Błaszczykowsk and Lewandowski which played together during Dortmund's very succesful Klopp era. With Dortmund, he won twice the national championship and three times the German cup, and 2013 almost the Champions League.

As a devoted Dortmund fan, I can only sincerely say: Thank you "Pische" for everything, you were an absolute legend!

Video in German but it is rather self-explanatory
amiga500 4 | 1,529
16 May 2021 #177
Great player, Great underdog team. Great coatch.
Levandowski also matched the all time goals scored in the BundesLiga as well yesterday.
pawian 223 | 24,583
22 May 2021 #178
Tacitus and BB, what do you think of Lewandowski breaking the record of scored goals set by the German player Mueller long ago??? Lewy has just attained it today, though some Germans begged him to show respect for the German legendary record holder and give up.
Bratwurst Boy 9 | 11,711
22 May 2021 #179
He deserves it surely...but still....:/

But the Poles are really doing their best in and for Germany...unforgettable all-time top scorer Miro Klose! :)

(There must be something in the water in Germany that brings the best out of polish players)
pawian 223 | 24,583
22 May 2021 #180
(There must be something in the water in Germany

No, it is German Madchen. :)

but still....:/

you are crying over the broken record..... :):):)

It will only spur German players to try harder and break Lewandowski`s new record sooner than later. You are too lazy... :):):)

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