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Poland in the European Union. Polexit?

Dirk diggler 7 | 3,076    
12 Mar 2018  #241

Hell ya looks like Berlusconi is in talks with Obran to join V4. Italy + Austria and we're sea to sea!!!

Ziemowit 10 | 2,870    
12 Mar 2018  #242

But it's not the kind of Intermarium Crow has been dreaming of?
Crow 145 | 6,860    
12 Mar 2018  #243

THEY would do anything to prevent Poland from doing right thing. THEY know if they let Poland form Intermarium with Serbia (via Hungary, rest of Visegrad, etc), THEY losing control over Poland, THEY losing ways to manipulate Russia-Poland antagonism, THEY losing ways to use Poland in attack on Russia, THEY losing Poland as their shield against Russia, THEY losing chance to sell parts of Poland to Russia to split Poland.

So, stooping Poland now for them is must. Later, if Intermarium is formed, attacking Intermarium would be challenging Russia, China, Japan, Brazil, India. Would be challenging new world order.

God help Poland for right now Poland is in alliance with its mortal enemies and Poland is in phase to make some historic choices.

But it's not the kind of Intermarium Crow has been dreaming of?

Exactly. But not only me. Think why Pilsudski didn`t talk about ``V4. Italy + Austria and we're sea to sea``. Its not just about from sea to sea. Its about having your particular interests protected among those to whom you can trust and on whom you have influence, who understand you even on emotional level. Poland can influence Serbia to the magnificent levels, while Poland can only expect to be used by Italy and Austria.

Essentially, only joint state with Serbia guaranties real power to Poland. With Serbia, Poland facing Austria, Germany and other western powers as partners. As equal partner. Minimum. No, not exactly due to power of Serbia but due to intersection of powerful influences and forces that goes thru and via Serbia.
Dirk diggler 7 | 3,076    
12 Mar 2018  #244

Serbia would be a benefit but v4 esp poland is a bit weary bc of their friendship with putin. Plus they dont bring much political or economic weight againat the eu
Crow 145 | 6,860    
12 Mar 2018  #245

Serbia can offer much more to Poland and Visegrad group then opposite. Actually, if Poland fails to escape EU and NATO dictate and fails to end its isolation from Serbia, one after one members of Visegrad group would abandon Poland and seek to join with Serbia. No, they won`t abandon Poland due to some betrayal but, simple because they won`t follow official Poland in madness that is eternal servitude to western Europe.

Example1: Vucic: Serbia-China friendship made of steel

Example2: Chinese president accepts invitation to visit Serbia
delphiandomine 86 | 16,477    
12 Mar 2018  #246

Remember that the Czechs and Slovaks don't want to fight with the EU. Fico and Babis are both firmly pro-EU on the vast majority of issues, especially Slovakia which relies massively on Western companies.

And well, it looks like Babis is relying on the Communists to be able to function as PM.
Tacitus 1 | 377    
12 Mar 2018  #247

Is that a joke? They certainly have no mandate for any such thing since they hold no formal positions in Brussels.
Such reforms always have to be instigated by the member states, since they must agree to the loss of sovereignity. And France and Germany have usually the diving force behind deeper integrations, nohing unusual here.

As for the rest of your post. Macron won his election campaign with the promise to reform Europe, and Merkel has now formed a government and is thus fully legitimized to do the same. This will be her last term in office, and she knows that she can fully cement her legacy as the saviour of the EU by making sure that the EU is prepared for future crisis. She will also have little trouble with the AfD on this matter, since a) most Germans like the EU and want it to work and b) te AfD has so far done little to critize the EU because of this.

The message from voters in lots of countries has been to slow down on the pan EU integration already, it's not wanted.

Not wanted in a few country perhaps, but the core countries are still very much commited to it. But I'd prefer it anyway if some countries press on with deeper integration, and leave the rest to either follow them, or be left behind.
mafketis 16 | 5,681    
12 Mar 2018  #248

, but the core countries

that's twooooo countries out of..... how many?

Not much evidence anywhere else of a crying need for even more centralization

she can fully cement her legacy as the saviour of the EU

Free kool-aid! Just try one cup! Never mind those bodies lying around....
Crow 145 | 6,860    
12 Mar 2018  #249


Serbian factor affecting Czech and Slovak loyalty to EU. If loyalty to EU and NATO consider anti-Serbian policy, these countries deflect from officially declared EU policy. Slovakia and Czech Republic have absolutely different approach to Serbia then it is approach of western Europe (EU).

Example1: "Nothing has changed - Slovakia won't recognize Kosovo"

Example2: Czech President Zeman: Deputy PM of Kosovo is a War Criminal
Tacitus 1 | 377    
12 Mar 2018  #250

that's twooooo countries out of..... how many?

They are far from the only one, the Benelux countries among others are also in favour. Anyway we shall see how their idea proceed in the next months.

Not much evidence anywhere else of a crying need for even more centralization

No doubt the Eurozone will see some further reforms, and there have been many demands (including by EU sceptical countries like the Czech Republic) for greater military cooperation among European countries. Those are the two areas where we might see some drastic changes rather soon. It already started with the PESCO initiative.
Crow 145 | 6,860    
12 Mar 2018  #251

Poles let us cut this sh**. Let us decent Sarmatians unite and offer our two hard brotherly penises to our foes. Two must be enough to them. See, I am sure.
Dirk diggler 7 | 3,076    
12 Mar 2018  #252

Ibrahim ibn Jakub in the 10th century wrote :

''The Slavs live in disunity, if they would unite no one could defeat them''

It is time we end all fighting between Slavs and focus on our common enemies.
dolnoslask 4 | 1,806    
12 Mar 2018  #253

But our enemies still contrive to divide us .
Crow 145 | 6,860    
12 Mar 2018  #254

Enemies mistaken for moving so brutally against Serbia. Powerful, unstoppable forces coming in our aid now and, same as in WWI, all Slavs should profit on incoming chaos around Serbia and use opportunity to secure its independence from western Europe. Then, we should talk reasonable and avoid new mistakes.

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