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Poland in the European Union. Polexit?

Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
15 May 2016 #1
One poster correctly noted: "There is no EU related category and Poland is part of the EU - hence this is not off-topic threat but a legitimate Poland's related topic."

Therefore isn't it about time the appropriate thread is started.
To get the ball rolling let's find out who is for a EU as a voluntary union of sovereign national states?
Or who prefers a federalist (fédéraste as the French say!) solution of ex-sovereign countries forming part of a Brussels-ruled Untied States of Europe?
gregy741 5 | 1,530
15 May 2016 #2
for me,best option for Poland would be to form EE-central european union with Hungary, Czech, Slovakia,and Belarus Ukraine later in the future.similar economies,mentality,goals,ect.

with close trade relation with western Europe.
Remaining in eu becoming dangerous for Polands stability and security. Polands traditional way of life,culture and social fabric.And economy
2-3 more idiots like Merkel and we are in big s.ithole
time to leave
TheOther 6 | 3,692
15 May 2016 #3
The EU in its present state is not sustainable on the long run. I believe that at some point in time it will split up into a group of rich, north European countries (France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Sweden, Finland, Luxembourg and maybe Denmark) that are willing to give up large parts of their sovereignty to form a federalist state, while all others will either join different organizations or go it alone.

I don't know though if it would be a good idea for Poland to form a union with the countries Gregy menitoned above. Maybe after these nations have fully developed economically in the more distant future, but definitely not at the present time.
OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
15 May 2016 #4
EE-central european union

What about Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Croatia, and OK -- for Crow's benefitt -- Serbia, but only if they promise to forsake their Russophilic ways?
gregy741 5 | 1,530
15 May 2016 #5
they promise to forsake their Russophilic ways?

huh? and whats wrong with that? we should focus of developing relation with Russia based on our mutal interests and benefits not as results on some philias or phobias.create foreign policy aimed to benefit such union.
Ironside 51 | 11,338
15 May 2016 #6
Poland would be to form EE-central european union

Not necessary a union but similar kind of united in a one block countries that share simpler challenges and interests.

Hungary, Czech, Slovakia,and Belarus Ukraine

I would question Ukrainian participation for some or other reasons.

What about Romania, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Croatia, and OK -- for Crow's benefit -- Serbia

Those countries would need to volunteer their interest in such a endeavor.
Myself I don't exclude any country of the region from participation bar Ukraine and Lithuania. ( That Germany couldn't be a part of it that goes without saying.)
OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
15 May 2016 #7
relation with Russia

Today's Mahder Rassia is an unpredictable rogue state that has done a rerun of Hitler's Anschluß, foments civil strife in Ukraine, rattles their atomic sabres and regards the Black Sea and Baltic as Moscow's private ponds. Until Putin departs, Crimea is returned to Ukraine, Russian troops, volunteers, mercenaries and what not and their military hardware are withdrawn under intenraitonla supervision and the Kremlin abandon their neo-imperialist designs, being anythign other than Russo-sceptical would be suicide.
Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161
15 May 2016 #8
EU as a voluntary union of sovereign national states

Either that or the whole thing will collapse with terrible sound (and likely a civil war).
gregy741 5 | 1,530
15 May 2016 #9
this is no longer possible.EU bureaucrats pushing hard on removing every national based law and powers,threatening countries for disobedience ect.,this is why UK is running will only get worse.time to get out.
OP Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
28 Jun 2016 #10
Merged: Polexit? Polonia petitioning Poland to quit the EU.

The European Union is a major factor in the belittling of Poland and the ignoring of her history.

The European Union means that foreigners buy-out Polish property, and tell Poles what they can and cannot do.

If you agree that Poland should get out of the European Union, please click on, and sign this petition:

Jan Peczkis
smurf 39 | 1,981
28 Jun 2016 #11
Jan Peczkis

That's not your name

People in Chicago are having an internet petition on whether Poland, a country they don't live in, can be part of the EU?

Jesus wept
dolnoslask 6 | 3,070
28 Jun 2016 #12
"People in Chicago are having an internet petition on whether Poland, a country they don't live in, can be part of the EU?"

What a Joke if they cared about Poland they would return and apply for their citizenship and contribute to the rebuilding of this great country .

They need to stop dreaming and talking about the "Old country" and do something positive.
nothanks - | 640
28 Jun 2016 #13
^ Some might be sending money back home
Lyzko 33 | 8,120
28 Jun 2016 #14
Now everybody's gettin' into the act, to paraphrase the late Jimmy Durante! Why not a Germexit, while we're at it? The Far Right PEGIDA and AfD have been hankering for while now:-)

I mean, don't let's anyone feel left outLOL
smurf 39 | 1,981
29 Jun 2016 #15
They need to stop dreaming and talking about the "Old country" and do something positive.

Crow 154 | 10,638
29 Jul 2016 #16
i see Poland out of EU. Its inevitable.
StevD - | 5
5 Aug 2016 #17
I don't. Not while it is a net recipient from the EU pot.
Crow 154 | 10,638
6 Aug 2016 #18
Official Poland wouldn`t be able to preserve Poland within EU no matter all sponsorship by western Europe and EU, if Poland`s loyal partners from eastern/central Europe abandon EU or decide not to be part of it. In case with it, by all signals in Serbia these days, EU is less and less desirable option. If Serbia decide not to go to EU, one can expect chain reaction in Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and Bulgaria, who are all, on the long run, strongly influenced by Serbian public opinion and official stance (and (!) strategic reasons behind Serbia`s stance). This also goes for all former Yugoslavian republics, including Croatia (part of population; on which official Croatia responds by extremism and Nazi totalitarism). Hungary now also closely monitor Serbia`s moves and follow. Also, great deal of Polish public and elite follow Serbia`s moves and are ready to follow. Same goes for Romania.

So, if there is no Serbia in EU, many would follow Serbia- Czehs, Slovaks, Slovenians, Bulgarians, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina... Where would they follow Serbia? Well, this answer depends on few elements:

1 - If Serbia feel strong enough and have positive signals by Poland and certain great powers, Serbia may opt to initiate formation of new Commonwealth (Intermarium).

2 - If Serbia feel that isn`t strong enough, Serbia may choose to wait for Poland so that Poland initiate formation of Intremarium. This option include Serbia`s previous joining to Visegrad Group (negotiations are ongoing).

3 - If Poland isn`t capable to abandon EU/NATO and if Serbia conclude that official Poland don`t have capacity and strength to escape from western Europe and USA, Serbia may choose to form some new eastern/central European alliance/union- kind of Centroslavia as some political commentators call it.

4 - If Serbia calculate that all other options aren`t realistic, Serbia may choose to join Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan into Eurasian Union.

In any case, stance of Serbia will influence final fate of EU.
Crow 154 | 10,638
21 Oct 2016 #19
Let me show to brotherly and sisterly (considering that i`m not sexists) Poles how one needs to deal with EU. Poles, middle finger to EU. Vote for politicians who are capable to give middle finger to EU. Giving middle finger to EU is very healthy.

Let me show you. Spot >>> Serbian FM to EU: There'll be no progress? Well, there needn't be
Source: b92/eng/news/politics.php?yyyy=2016&mm=10&dd=21&nav_id=99480


Ivica Dacic, Serbian FM, while giving middle finger to EU

Belgrade is reiterating that EU integration is one of its priorities, but is at the same time telling the EU that the pressure exerted on it, that is becoming more frequent, is "unacceptable."

See my dear Poles.
23 Oct 2016 #20
A union Slovakia + Poland + Hungary + Czechia + Croatia would probably be the best place to live in Europe,
under the west is being islamized at a crazy high rate.

Consider the fact that already more than 65% of newborns in the west are muslims islamists
Atch 17 | 4,022
23 Oct 2016 #21
Source of that figure?? The you mean the European Union or are you including non-EU European countries plus places like America, Canada etc which I assume you would consider to the be the west? Do you really believe that 65% of all babies born in the last five years let's say, in the western world were Muslim?? That's statistically impossible. For example in my own homeland,77.9% of all births were to mothers native to my country and only 6.2% of births were to mothers from non-EU countries, let alone to Muslims. And unlike your statement mine is verifiable. Let's see the source of your claim.

In the UK almost three quarters of births were to British women and the most common country of birth for mothers not born in the UK was - wait for it now Anna - Poland! Admittedly that was closely followed by Pakistan and India, but nonetheless, these figures hardly support your frankly absurd claim.
Crow 154 | 10,638
23 Oct 2016 #22
A union Slovakia + Poland + Hungary + Czechia + Croatia would probably be the best place to live in Europe,

Not quite. No place can exist in dis-balance from within, with neighbors and with world powers. It is merely about Poland by the Konopischt pact, that sought to develop Poland solely as Catholic, with maximally distinguish Slavic element, with Germany as primary allay. Idea was born some 140 years ago, in back then Austro-Hungaria where they gave a lot of thoughts how to destroy Slavs.

If we even presume that such a state come to existence, in a modern world, initially by this formula - Slovakia + Poland + Hungary + Czechia + Croatia, the day after formation of state, Slovakia and Czech Republic would seek to go out. Then, first misunderstanding with Germany and Croatia would stub Poland in the back and Hungary would stay neutral. Initially, such a state wouldn`t have support of any world power. If try something like this, it would be last Poland`s historical mistake. After that failure, Poland as we know it, wouldn`t exist.
Wincig 2 | 228
23 Oct 2016 #23
A union Slovakia + Poland + Hungary + Czechia + Croatia would probably be the best place to live in Europe,

Well, the added population of Slovakia, Hungary, Czech and Croatia totals barely 30 M, vs 38M for Poland, meaning that such an union would inevitably be dominated by Poland. No surprise this idea comes on a Polish forum.. I am not sure the others countries would agree to live in such a union. Reminds me of the Polish-Lithuanian union of which many Poles have a positive idea.. When we travelled to Lithuania a few years ago, my dear Polish wife was surprised to find that this romantic view was not necessarily shared by Lithuanians..
Crow 154 | 10,638
23 Oct 2016 #24
To secure itself, from any `inside` and /or `outside` thoughts on that trap- ideas on Konopischt Poland, official Poland- Polish FM Waszczykowski, in his last visit to Serbia, nicely said that Serbia represent key Poland`s regional partner. This was very important to be said by Polish FM. This was direct indication that Poland stays loyal to best values of ideas of Sarmatism from time of Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, where Serbians themselves were military elite and iron fist of Polish Kings. It was also message to Croatia that Poland won`t tolerate molesting of neither Catholic Serbians, neither the Orthodox Serbians by traditionally pro-German and Nazi regime in Croatia, that recently even for those reasons came in conflict with Vatican. Not to mention Croatian alliance with Bosnian and worse Arab mujaheedines, against Serbians, during Civil War in former Yugoslavia.
26 Oct 2016 #25
Any country wishing to leave the EU after the 31st of March 2017, will have to have the permission of 20 other European member states. Poland will never leave the EU, ever, it won't be allowed too.
Crow 154 | 10,638
26 Oct 2016 #26
Nobody would be able to prevent people from going out on streets demanding formation of Intermarium. Not in Poland, not anywhere from Baltic to Balkan.

When we are t it spot stance of defiant Serbia

"Better not to open chapters than undermine our interests"

Foreign Minister Ivica Dacic said late on Tuesday that Serbia "as serious state must preserve its independence."

At best possible timing for Poland, Serbia consolidate.
Marsupial - | 886
26 Oct 2016 #27
As if crow. Crowexit is about it. Sometimes you make me mad.
Ziemowit 13 | 4,317
26 Oct 2016 #28
Ivica Dacic, Serbian FM, while giving middle finger to EU

He looks like the Serbian version of Mr. Bean.
Wincig 2 | 228
26 Oct 2016 #29
Only a little more plump..

Back on topic please
Crow 154 | 10,638
26 Oct 2016 #30
As if crow. Crowexit is about it. Sometimes you make me mad.

why is this so, my dear? People who don`t have to say anything, don`t speak. Those who have to say something, they speak. i say that Ivica Dacic`s statements greatly helping Poland. You don`t share this opinion?

He looks like the Serbian version of Mr. Bean.

well, he little bit looks like bean, that`s for sure. Still, seams that he understand politics.

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