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European News and Poland Thread 3

Tacitus 2 | 1,523
14 Sep 2023 #661
makes the Nuremberg court into uncivilized barbarians

Hardly. They gave them a fair trial and the punishment that was in accordance with the laws of a time. We have advanced in our values since then, but the proceedings were exemplary even by our standards.

protect the most heinous of criminals

This is the difference between them and us. Nazis believed that certain life holds no value and can be eradicated. The death sentence is inherently wrong and the state should lower itself to their standards.

You forgot to answer my question btw.
OP Novichok 4 | 7,505
14 Sep 2023 #662
They gave them a fair trial and the punishment that was in accordance with the laws of a time

Don't switch. The only thing I am interested in is how perverted German society has become and your way of seeing things as a typical modern German.

When a man cannot kill as a punishment, he will not kill defending himself or his family. You are not a man. You are a Euro with a speed dial phone to where the real mean congregate.

That would be the US, not France, Spain, or Sweden.
Tacitus 2 | 1,523
14 Sep 2023 #663
Sure whatever, your answer?
OP Novichok 4 | 7,505
14 Sep 2023 #664
It took you seven reminders and a week to answer my question. I will do the same. See you in a week.

BTW, I am thinking about dropping you from my read list. You are too girlie or gay.

A guy who cannot say that he would blow the mother fu*cker's head off if his wife was under attack is not even a woman. He is a modern-day polite, bootlicking Euro - the lowest form of life.

I met women with more balls than you have. I asked one twenty-something if her gun was loaded. She gave me that "what the hell is the matter with you, moron" look and said:

Why would I have a gun that's not loaded?

Are your guns loaded, Tacitus? Mine are.
OP Novichok 4 | 7,505
15 Sep 2023 #665
I am posting this video for PF Euros if they want to feel better...

In my island, running over these m-fers would be legal.
Alien 19 | 3,850
16 Sep 2023 #666
they want to feel better...

You must know that Germans are the most aggressive nation in the world when driving, especially in such situations.
amiga500 4 | 1,483
16 Sep 2023 #667
I am posting this video for PF Euros if they want to feel better...

O.k.. I am posting this video for PF Warsaw folks..

Ironside 52 | 11,968
16 Sep 2023 #668

there is nothing about that idiot Trzaskowski that makes the city difficult to drive about and park for cars, green policy of this guy revolting, he has so much power i n Warszaw and so much money and all he does is render it diffcult for divers plus spend all that for pride marches, some BS and political stunts, wastrel ....

while he can;t even stop all that graffiti plague - what a tool!
OP Novichok 4 | 7,505
16 Sep 2023 #669
O.k.. I am posting this video for PF Warsaw folks..

Amiga, you almost made me cry because of that video...

I loved public transport in Warsaw. In 2017, on my first trip there, they even gave me a free pass for seniors. So there I was, with my US passport, riding for free...No ni*gers trying to push me onto the tracks,

while he can;t even stop all that graffiti plague - what a tool!

I know how to stop graffiti. The Singapore way. It works. Some Americans tried and never did it again. Amasssing!
Cargo pants 3 | 1,629
16 Sep 2023 #670
. Some Americans tried

Ha Ha Michael Fay,even Clinton intervened and they reduced 6 lashes to 4,he is now 42.I remember that very well and reminded me in 1976 when I threw a cig butt and a cop came outta nowhere there and told me to pick it up and I did,those days chewing gum was illegal there too.
OP Novichok 4 | 7,505
16 Sep 2023 #671
When Michael came back home, he was immediately a celebrity on TV and all... bombarded with "how awful" questions.
One question US softies never asked brave Michael: Would you do it again?

In some sense, I agree with Tacitus. Hitler should not be sentenced to death. He should get 10 lashes for every person Germans killed in WW2.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,897
1 day ago #672
So.....that super duper monster missile shield is truly coming to Europe!

Germany wants to buy the Arrow 3 missile defense system from Israel. The Defense Ministers of both countries, Boris Pistorius and Joaw Galant, signed a corresponding declaration of intent in Berlin. The procurement authorities of both countries also signed a contract the start of production on Arrow 3. ...

...The USA had told its ally Israel last month granted permission to sell the defense system . Arrow3 was developed jointly by Israel and the USA. ...

...The system is expected to cost four billion euros

The guided missiles can reach long distances enemy missiles at an altitude of more than 100 kilometers outside the Earth's atmosphere destroyed by a direct hit. The cost of the system is: According to Israeli information, this amounts to almost four billion euros. It's the biggest Arms deal in Israeli history. ...

Lotsa zeros....

....According to information from the, Germany wants to do so within around two years Ministry of Defense an initial operational readiness ("initial capability") to reach. Then one of a total of three systems should be ready for use be.....

Another thing which just wouldn't happen without Putin's decision to invade a neighbour....
Mr Grunwald 33 | 2,005
1 day ago #673
@Bratwurst Boy
High Price tag to pay for sure, hopefully Poland can contribute by other means. As far I have understood, Poland did not joik in on this project?
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,897
1 day ago #674
Yup....a monster price tag....I really hope it is worth it....but if it is it could prove in the future to have been an important event today in Berlin!

But in the media only Israel and Germany are mentioned....I hope there is Poland and others in the talks would be a great addition to the defenses for all our neighbours!
jon357 72 | 21,378
1 day ago #675
High Price tag to pay for sure,

Yup....a monster price tag....I really hope it is worth it.

Unfortunately those things are expensive. Hopefully worth it though. One reason it's best to develop them domestically however R&D is the second most expensive thing of all. The most potentially expensive thing is however not having good defence systems.
Bratwurst Boy 12 | 11,897
1 day ago #676
....Putin really changed everything! Two years back our parliament would had balked to spend such a sum for defense, seeing no need....
jon357 72 | 21,378
1 day ago #677
Two years back our parliament would have balked at spending such a sum on defence

Ours too, to the point that Micron was commenting on it publicly, albeit for his own scheming ends. Yet the behaviour of r*SSia is such that the spectre of war is hanging over our continent again.

In the UK, they (politicians) talk about hybrid warfare now and the need to defend against that. In part I suspect this is a justification for spending less on heavy arms.
OP Novichok 4 | 7,505
4 hrs ago #678
Finally, good news from Sweden...I love it...Quoting:

Sweden's police chief warns of kids joining killer gangs
Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson has called in the military to quell an unprecedented wave of violent crime

Are those "kids" Olaf or Gustav or maybe Muhammad? Serves you right, morons...I hope those "kids" will rape and kill ten times more of you, fu*cking idiots....I told you not to let brown and black garbage in but you were too woke and too progressive to pay attention. So now eat sh*it and die...

That was me. Now readers' comments:

Diversity is our strength.

They're pretty tight-lipped about demographics, I see.

Too many Muslims.


Failed state. Good night Sweden.

So how is that diverity and kindness working for you, imbeciles?
GefreiterKania 38 | 1,837
2 hrs ago #679
not to let brown and black garbage in

It sounds a bit racist, Rich.

However, Sweden should acknowledge one simple truth: if you let in millions of people from violent third-world sh*tholes, then you shouldn't be surprised if your country turns into a violent third-world sh*thole. It's really that simple.
Alien 19 | 3,850
1 hr ago #680

In the case of Sweden, several dozen thousand were enough. And I told them that they should stop at Poles... and ABBA.
GefreiterKania 38 | 1,837
1 hr ago #681
several dozen thousand

"In other words, foreign-born citizens made up around 20 percent of the population in Sweden in 2022. Of the 2.15 million people born outside of Sweden, the highest number came from Syria."

No further questions, your honour.

Verdict: Sweden is guilty of leftard idiocy and is being justly punished for it.
pawian 213 | 22,358
57 mins ago #682
2.15 million people born outside of Sweden,

Are they all thugs???
Crnogorac3 3 | 1,021
38 mins ago #683
"Just shut up" - how teachers become victims of violence from students and parents

Teachers in German schools and educators in kindergartens warn of a big and increasingly dangerous problem they have with children of migrant origin, but also with their parents. As Focus magazine wrote on Monday morning, a large number of migrant children, mostly of Arab origin, do not know a word of German, and mostly neither do their parents.

All this leads to aggressiveness, and the conditions in kindergartens are often incredibly difficult, teachers and educators are afraid because, as one teacher revealed to the magazine Stern., which was reported by Focus, insults such as "Do you want to f..k me" and "Get out, you old", teachers in German schools often suffer.

In March 2022, out of about 2.63 million kindergarten children between the ages of three and seven, about 820,500 of them had a migration background, i.e. slightly less than a third (31.2 percent). The share of migrants in kindergartens is 31.2 percent, and in larger cities that percentage is much higher.

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