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Polish/European Food in North Carolina

Drunkenshad 2 | 16
20 Jun 2007 #1
If any of you are in the area surrounding North Carolina or in North Carolina itself, I would like to inform you of a Polish/Eastern Euro Deli located in Greensboro, NC. Very convenient not to have to drive all the way to NY for the basic Polish foods I miss. Here is their web site:
JohnP - | 210
10 Dec 2007 #2
That's great news! I grew up in NC, will swing by one day on the way to visit the family...
thanks for the tip...
John P
Polonius3 1,000 | 12,446
14 Apr 2010 #3
Merged: Polish food down in N. Carolina

A while ago someone wqas asking abotu Polish food sources in North Cariolina...This is what I was abkle to dig up:
There is one Polish Deli in Greensboro - Integro integrodeli
Same owners have deli in Raleigh, the Polonez - polonezdeli
In Durham-- Halgo -
27 Dec 2010 #4
[Moved from]: New Polish Store in Greensboro, NC

The best Polish food Deli in Greensboro. EuroDeliMart (336) 841-3397
guesswho 4 | 1,289
27 Dec 2010 #5

just found your business online
23 May 2011 #6
there is a very nice Polish store in Raleigh (always fresh ).

they have lots of other European products from Russia, Ukraine, and more countries. Telephone 919-790-1466. Now there is a lot of more products since the store is under new managment.
5 Dec 2014 #7
It appears only Halgo is left. There are fewer Poles in states like North Carolina or Georgia; most of them are either in big cities like New York or Chicago or in warm places like Florida or California.

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