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Polish/European Guitar Tabs Site?

Pan Kazimierz 1 | 195
8 Aug 2009 #1
A few months ago, I returned from the States, where I'd spent a few years in college, etc. During my time there, I picked up the hobby of playing guitar, which is something that I enjoy doing and, I think, also do rather way.

Now, this was made easier and more fun due to the presence of the website, which contains an extensive list of tabs of songs submitted by the common folk available easily and for free.

One thing I have come to notice about this site, however, is that it tends to be lacking in non-English songs, particularly of the not-world-famous variety. Is there a Polish/European equivalent to this site, is it free, and, of course, where can I find it?

Thanks in advance.
szkotja2007 27 | 1,498
9 Aug 2009 #2

Thats what I use.
frd 7 | 1,401
9 Aug 2009 #3
I'd say.. I usually use and ultimate-guitar.. for polish tabs. .but mainly chords:
sledz 23 | 2,250
9 Aug 2009 #4

Theres alot of free (legal) songs on here.
GoskaGrad - | 4
13 Jul 2010 #6
Check this polish songs with chords. Not as large as mentioned earlier but contains some older songs and songs for children not present elsewhere. You can also transpose songs into desired key.
Sidliste_Chodov 1 | 441
2 Jan 2012 #7
I use songsterr for my bass tabs, you may find something of interest on there.
czar 1 | 143
4 Jan 2012 #8
dude dont do cover songs and write your own instead

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