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Israel opposing potential new Polish law to criminalise term 'Polish death camps'

OP WielkiPolak 58 | 1,033    
7 May 2018  #1,291
Yep, if the Germans hadn't have invaded then none of these other things would have happened. The stuff that spilled out from there is a consequence of the initial invasion. We should acknowledge the various other incidents that took place, remember them and condemn them where appropriate, but also always remember who the main perpetrators were.

This is the main issue Poles have really Lyzko. You'll find very few Polish people who won't admit that some of their fellow citizens behaved badly during the war, but it's this disturbing push, by some, to try and pass collective guilt on to Poland for the Holocaust, that angers people.
Slavictor 9 | 251    
7 May 2018  #1,292
if the Germans hadn't have invaded

From what I understand, Germany had no choice but to enter Poland. After the Versailles treaty, Germany was carved up and the area around Danzig was handed over to Poland. Post WWI, Germany had a hard time making reparations to these various countries because the country was in havoc. Predatory international jewry was not helping matters either. France just came in and took what they wanted in lieu of payments that just couldn't be made, treating the German citizenry pretty badly. The Poles in the newly claimed Gdansk area treated the native Germans horribly, killing many of them. Hitler couldn't allow it to continue and thus the reason for his breach of Polish territory, which had been German anyways.
kaprys 1 | 1,355    
8 May 2018  #1,293
Segregation, lynchings and general mistreat of Native and African Americans are very 20th century, Lyzko. Far more recent than the 1940s in some cases. Should we blame your family and yourself?

Again it seems it's American Jews who are among those who hate Poles most.

Don't give me Nazi lies and propaganda here. Is that what you were taught to excuse Ribbentrop- Molotov Pact?
dolnoslask 5 | 2,110    
8 May 2018  #1,294
hate to disappoint you, but Jedwabne and Kielce themselves shame the Polish nation.

They do not shame the Polish nation they were murdering criminals and should have been arrested tried and hung for their crimes , sadly the soviet invaders did nothing to bring this scum to justice, I feel no collective guilt for jack the ripper or the scores of British Jihadis that cut the throats of innocents in Syria,

But for a country to decide upon a policy (As Germany did) to commit genocide of an entire people that is a different matter.

How many more here need to tell you that we accept that some terrible individual crimes were committed back then, but maybe also you need to accept the crimes that Jews committed against the Poles back then or is that an impossible step for you, Is there never going to be Peace for our children.
delphiandomine 86 | 16,949    
  8 May 2018  #1,295
The Poles in the newly claimed Gdansk area treated the native Germans horribly, killing many of them.

Tell us more.

Interesting that you are choosing to repeat Nazi-Soviet propaganda on here. I wonder why?
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  8 May 2018  #1,296

Germany actually just got done paying its ww2 debts a few years back. By some economists estimates, germany was paying as much as a third of its annual gdp in thebyears after the Versailles treaty.

What irked hitler, goering and plenty other germans in the military during ws1 is that in many cases germans had conquered significant tracts of territory where there will plenty of entrenched troops. They were asked to leave the positions even though they were basically unopposed esp on the western front. Then to top it off many territories which were clearly in German hands were ceded to the allies. Then the depression rolled around and german citizens lost all hope. I can understand why hitler was popular and people voted for him. Nonetheless to equate ebery german as a nazi during that time is totally inaccurate. By one estimate onlt 7% were card carrying nazis. Plus hitler knew what he could be killed wven in his own capital. The amount of unsuccessful attempts on hitler must be some kind of guiness world record
dolnoslask 5 | 2,110    
8 May 2018  #1,297
choosing to repeat Nazi-Soviet propaganda on here

Canada has a long history of supporting Nazis.
jon357 65 | 13,668    
8 May 2018  #1,298
Canada has a long history of supporting Nazis.

No it doesn't.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,110    
8 May 2018  #1,299
Yes it does they admit it, and fair play to them, read the article I posted about how they are using lessons of the past to deal with the current situation, before you make random comments.

Next thing you will tell me is that the English football team never did the Nazi salute to the German national anthem, plenty of countries had people that admired and supported the genocidal Nazis.
Lyzko 17 | 5,321    
8 May 2018  #1,300

Don't rationalize matters! Not all atrocities can be relativized.
Lyzko 17 | 5,321    
8 May 2018  #1,302
This means that only a minority of American Jews, namely a handful or so of major Hollywood moguls like Goldwyn, Mayer along with a few others, showed slaves and Native Americans in a stereotyped, disparaging manner. While this is unforgivable by today's standards, it's not the same as reminiscing with the family over Passover, say, and showing old photos of uncle so-and-so, or great-grandad shooting up a Native American village, for instance. America's Jews nowadays can only trace their heritage in this country to Ellis Island, at the earliest around 1889 and after.

US-born Jews do not have a common link to these atrocities that, for example, current rank-and-file Germans have with the crimes of their grandparents or even now great-grandparents! The latter can actually claim, "Look, grandpa in '44 with Jewish prisoners leading them off to be shot in open graves...!" etc.
kaprys 1 | 1,355    
8 May 2018  #1,303
So to sum up you don't feel the shame for lynchings, segregation and misrepresentation of Native and African Americans but you want all Poles to feel shame for Kielce and Jedwabne?

How is it not hypocritical? Are some atrocities to be overlooked?
G (undercover)    
8 May 2018  #1,304
Jedwabne and Kielce themselves shame the Polish nation.

Kielce - you dudes kill more Palestinian children each year. Jedwabne - the investigation was halted due to preassure... of Jews, that's quite telling.

So I take this "shame" and flush it down the closet. You dudes must be crazy If you think you will impose this nonsense upon us. We're shameless.
TheWizard - | 283    
8 May 2018  #1,305
It is unreal how a young nation like israel was able to develop hypocrisy as its national trait and was allowed to do so. It won't help them in the future.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  8 May 2018  #1,306

That's a good point. Why even count Jedwabne when the only 'evidence' is the stories of Jan Gross who based his 'research' on Elie Wiesel who was never even in a camp as he displays no tattoo. He is an identity thief who stole the name Elie Wiesel from a random Hungarian jew and was exposed as such by a real Hungarian holocaust survivor who was in the camp with the real Elie Wiesel. Gross is neither a historian nor scientist and clearly has an agenda, and his 'corroboration of the events' was with another old Jew who is known to have collaborated with first Nazis and then the commies as an UB agent (indeed, most of the ranks of the UB were Jews - that is fact). Both of them have been thoroughly investigated by IPN and thoroughly discredited - yet the Zionist media stills spews their bullshit. This is the same guy who said the Austrian Nazis who rounded up Jews were only guilty of 'innocent sins'

And to this day the Jews still prohibit further investigation of Jedwabne - with an American Rabbi, not even a Polish one, shutting down the digs... No proof, no evidence - case dismissed. At least that's how it works in the modern world....

The funny thing is that Polish Rabbis and Jewish Historical Institute of Warsaw sided with Poland and the IPN in this matter back in 2001 - but don't expect to hear about it in any Zionist media outlet like Washington compost or the garbage... and still 17 years later they annoy Poles with this BS even though it was FOREIGN RABBIS who shut their own dig down.... you can't make this **** up lol...
Lyzko 17 | 5,321    
9 May 2018  #1,307
@Again, kaprys, you pretend not to understand my English!

I most certainly DO feel contrition for what happened to African-Americans during those Civil War days. Guilt though would mean that either I personally or my immediate family had some TRACEABLE link directly to slavery itself. I can only hope that I would never mistreat people of color in such a despicable fashion.

Can the same be said of you?
kaprys 1 | 1,355    
  9 May 2018  #1,308
I'm not talking about slavery. I'm talking about segregation, lynchings and misrepresentation in the 20th century. These are different things and different eras. And you can't say your family immigrated to the USA after these things. 1960s 1980s - part of your lifetime.

Surprisingly enough, I haven't taken part in any pogroms. I was born decades later. My family were never close either to Jedwabne or Kielce when the pogroms happened. So no, I don't feel responsible for the pogroms.

But you want me to. If so, feel responsible for segregation and lynchings.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  9 May 2018  #1,309
I most certainly DO feel contrition for what happened to African-Americans during those Civil War days.

Why? You weren't alive. Was your family one of the 7% of Americans that owned slaves? Even if so, you're not responsible for the crimes of your ancestors - unless of course you're North Korean....

In the same way, most Poles don't blame individual Germans or Russians for what their ancestors did. They may demand compensation from the state, but not individuals.


Still has never been proven to be a pogrom. To this day there is no forensic evidence that Poles killed Jews in Jedwabne because American Rabbis shut down the excavations in 2001. Typical Zionists - they blame Poles for killing Jews in Jedwabne, Poles agree to find out the facts so that they can honor the dead and bury them in Israel - as many Jews wanted, many Jewish organizations supported the Polish governments' excavation/exhumation efforts with rabbis finding the methods consistent with Jewish law - and then some Atleast the fraud Elie Wiesel died in 2016 and Jan Gross is pretty old too, with them will die the holocaust racket and nonstop accusations with ZERO physical evidence of Poles killing supposedly a thousand Jews at Jedwabne..

Perhaps one day I will purchase that land so we can finally find out the truth...

The Zionists got their panties in a bunch and started whining Morawiecki said that there were Russian, Ukranian, Jewish, etc. collaborators. Oh man were they pissed. And stupid people will say - no there were never any Jewish collaborators because they've been brainwashed by Israel and Zionist media. Yet anyone can do a quick search to see exactly what the 'Judenrat' and 'Jewish Ghetto Police' were - collaborators under the SS, killers of children,thieves of their fellow Jews' property - just like Soros - and just awful people. It truly takes a special person to persecute your own fellow countrymen... yet that's exactly what the Jewish Ghetto Police, their leaders, and the Judenrat (not all the Judenrat though of course) did...

I'm willing to bet that the Judenrat and Jewish Ghetto Police killed more Jews, their own people, than Poles did.
The Jewish ghetto police distinguished themselves from the Polish Blue Police by their shocking corruption and immorality.[2]ózef_Szeryński - another 'crypto Jew' who changed his name to a Polish one to sound less Jewish.... at least he sided with the Poles though - perhaps he knew of his fellow Jews' crimes, collaboration with Nazis, collusion with Soviets, and murder/imprisonment of thousands of Poles???? Under Szeryński's orders the Jewish Police made sure that children and the sick were first to be deported as they were the weakest. - Lejkin played a leading role in the deportation of local Jews to extermination camps. The Germans nicknamed him "little Napoleon" and adored his brutality.

So where's the condemnation from Israel for the Jewish collaboration??????
Lyzko 17 | 5,321    
9 May 2018  #1,310
@kaprys and company,

Ever heard the saying that the sins of the fathers are (sadly) visited upon their children? 'Course you and your generation are not responsible or guilty. However, in order to insure that those events never repeat themselves, one must be extra vigilant, that's all I'm saying.
johnny reb 16 | 3,225    
9 May 2018  #1,311
the fathers are (sadly) visited upon their children?

You do amaze me sometimes Lyzko........very good.
The children would suffer physical consequences in this life as a result of their parents´ sin.
We often see children in this life who suffer because they have sinful parents.
This can be handed down to third and even forth generation.
Exodus20:5 is talking about the idolatry of parents.
For example: "I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children to the third and fourth generations"
kaprys 1 | 1,355    
10 May 2018  #1,312
So sorry to tell you that again but my family were victims, too. But you're a hater. You won't understand it.
But if you - whose family weren't victims - wants me to feel the responsibility for pogroms my family weren't involved in, take all the responsibility for the segregation, lynchings etc.

In order to ensure that those events never repeat themselves, one must be extra vigiliant, that's all I'm saying.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,110    
10 May 2018  #1,313
Ever heard the saying that the sins of the fathers are (sadly) visited upon their children?

your statement is almost something out of some dodgy religions scripture that enables you to hound and seek vengeance against the children of the children of those who may have committed crime , maybe you would like them to carry a tattoo so that you can identify them in the street then you can berate, stone or throw them off a building as you and others like you see fit.
TheWizard - | 283    
10 May 2018  #1,314
Honestly Lyzko that is terrible.
OP WielkiPolak 58 | 1,033    
10 May 2018  #1,315
By the way, slightly off topic but the S.447 act was signed by Trump yesterday
Lyzko 17 | 5,321    
10 May 2018  #1,316
@kaprys, I have but your word that your family were "victims" as well. If they were, then of course, I am profoundly sorry.

The point here is that the sufferering of Polish gentiles was not quite on the same par as that of the Jews in Poland, as the former were nonetheless Christians, unburdened by the yoke of Jewishness which has plagued the Hebrews for centuries.

If the Polish resistance foolishly quit resisting the Nazis and conceded to living as their slaves, they would have been given the option of living as subjugated beings or dying as free people.

The run-of-the-mill shtettl Jew, Jewish on both sides of their family and without the capability of bribing their captors, was presented with no such option!

@Wizard, I agree. The entire situation IS terrible and should be addressed by Messrs. Morawiecki and Duda.
Lyzko 17 | 5,321    
10 May 2018  #1,317
Trump's not a total loser.
kaprys 1 | 1,355    
  10 May 2018  #1,318
I've had enough of your insults.
I feel personally insulted in terms of my ethnicity, nationality and family history.

You're the kind of person who'd take a torch and follow the crowd.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,110    
10 May 2018  #1,319
Polish gentiles was not quite on the same par as that of the Jews in Poland,

Guess not we were just shot in the back of the head at Katyn or sent to Jewish run soviet gulags to die a slow death from starvation and disease, not to worry heh you might get your chance to exterminate whats left of us in retribution for crimes committed by a minority of the polish nation, I hope then you will be able to sleep well and boast of your glorious deeds , you may get your reward amongst the Righteous Among the Nations
Lyzko 17 | 5,321    
10 May 2018  #1,320
Katyn, in which innocent Poles were slaughtered by Russians, and the Holocaust, is like comparing apples and oranges.

If you'd kindly allow me a private post in your native language, I'm sure we could straighten out your misunderstanding. If not, then I can't help you.

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