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Israel opposing potential new Polish law to criminalise term 'Polish death camps'

Rich Mazur 4 | 3,053
30 Jul 2018 #1,501
Inequality is a good thing.

You should make it into a bumper sticker. To the liberals, that sentence and the law of supply and demand are like Holy water to Satan or the US Constitution to Obama.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,602
30 Jul 2018 #1,502
They don't understand that everyone is assigned a monetary value - even in socialist and commie countries whether former ones like the prl, ussr or even modern Cuba, Venezuela, north Korea, Vietnam etc have even worse income inequality. Everyone is dirt poor except a few in the ruling class. People are paid what they're worth. If you have in demand skills that are in short supply, you're paid a lot. If all you know how to do is sit at a stand and sell t shirts or wash dishes at a kebab stand then you will be compensated accordingly. Why should a surgeon make the same amount as a coal miner? And in Poland during prl the miners, gold smiths and butcher's would actually make the most money, except for the commie ruling class of course...

And in Sweden Norway etc yes there is the Scandinavian socialist model which for a while worked, till they started allowing hordes of migrants to take advantage of the system built up over generations and have them have even better benefits than natives to the point where you have such absurdities as Swedish taxpayers funding migrants to stay in a cruise ship and luxury hotels. Some even stay at castles and palaces, literally and even then the migrants find something to complain about - in this case the slow internet. All these videos are online and they show the castle they live in and interview the migrants complaining about the internet

What a great socialist system... pay half your wages so migrants crossing illegally, tossing hand grenades into natives homes, making Stockholm a rape capital to the point where government tells women not to go out at night and female students not to wear skirts because the migrants can't control their urges (there's a famous video on YouTube where a migrant sits next to a pretty blonde on the bus and immediately starts jacking off... And the pussy ass beta soy boy cucks on the bus won't even throw him off the bus, preferably while moving) all so migrants can stay at a taxpayer funded 100k euro cruise ship. But at least they have income equality. After all, gotta make sure the migrants who haven't paid a single euro into the system are living as good as the generations of native swedes half of who's salary is taken in taxes.

You can see videos of interviews with these migrants. They'll say anything not to get a job - 'me no like job, me student'.... 'Oh bad back... I can't work'' .... ' 8 am too early, 10 am okay though, right?' Many view selling weed at the train station and pick pocketing people as a legit 9 to 5.
cms neuf 1 | 1,765
31 Jul 2018 #1,503
Ok so a surgeon should get more than a miner. Except a miner risks death and more people want to be surgeons than miners.

And what about a surgeon in say Wroclaw ? Why is he paid less than a surgeon in Dresden for doing the same thing 200km away
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,053
31 Jul 2018 #1,504
In a saner world where the law of supply and demand is still operational, the word 'should' does not apply to prices and salaries.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,602
31 Jul 2018 #1,505
@cms neuf

Because the cost of living in Poland is cheaper and they are paid the prevailing wage. Differenr countries different markets, different supply and demand

Except a miner risks death and more people want to be surgeons than miners.

Most blue collar jobs involve risk of injury or death. That doesn't mean that a roofer should be paid more than a CEO who's bringing in hundreds of millions or even billions in value for shareholders or an air traffic controller. Its about skill. I can teach a person to install shingles within a few hours. I couldn't teach a person all the nuances of consulting, managing b2b relationships and 7 figure accounts, crm software, alk the stat functions in excrl all the accounting finance and legal bs that goes with it in a few months let alone a few hours.

And no most people don't want to be surgeons. Most people for one are too stupid and lack the perserverance to pass 12 years of medical schools. Thats why surgeons in the us make 300 400k plus a year
Lyzko 45 | 9,275
31 Jul 2018 #1,506
We may not all be equal as people; we are ALL equal as human beings.
This is written in the Bible...if you people have ever bothered to read and understand it!
cms neuf 1 | 1,765
31 Jul 2018 #1,507
How do you know the cost of living is different - what if the only surgeon has five kids to feed and the German one only one kid? Isn't the service performed exactly the same? Why are people'is relative cost bases and issue?

Of course the answer is that labour markets are rigged - in a truly open market let's see how much someone will pay you to fix the shingles.

You mock university education yet these are the kind of questions that you could answer even after a few lessons of economics in any university.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,602
31 Jul 2018 #1,508
How do you know the cost of living is different -

I know the cost of living is different as I've been to both countries and am a polish citizen and homeowner and have family in Dortmund. So I'm well aware of the differences in living costs. A simple trip to the supermarket or a cab ride shows the differences in price.

what if the only surgeon has five kids to feed and the German one only one kid?

No one cares about how many kids and dependents an employee has. That is of zero concern to an employer. A person is not paid by how many mouths they have to feed (except for turd world migrants, but theyre not working and providing labor so thags another story) but by their skill and their value. The more value you bring in, which more often than not is tied to your skills, the more you are compensated. There's plenty of fry cooks who provide little value and hence are paid pennies while there's far fewer petroleum engineers who provide far more value and hence are paid far more. Same with business owners - if your business sucks and is uncompetitive and provides no value you'll go bankrupt, of your business is co.petitive and provides more value than competitors than you'll be successful.

The whole reason why germany is spending 25 billion a year supporting migrants is because third worlders are being rewarded for popping out kids and refusal to work while native Germans have 1 2 at most 3 kids since they realized decades ago that you shouldn't have more kids than you can provide for - unless of course your a third world migrant who came into germany since 2015 illegally and refuses to work.

You mock university education yet these are the kind of questions that you could answer even after a few lessons of economics in any university.

I've answers every question as a person with experience working in publically traded companies, a co owner of a 1-2 mil a year business and as an MBA. A wall street trader would give you the exact same answers explaining supply and demand in markets

Of course the answer is that labour markets are rigged - in a truly open market let's see how much someone will pay you to fix the shingles

Not at all. No one is going to pay you $1000 or 1000 zloty per sq ft as it's a totally uncompetitive price. At the same time no one will pay a fry cook $50 or 50 zloty an hour to work at McDonald's. Nor would a surgeon would work in a hospital that pays him the prevailing minimum wage for that market/country. Every capitalist country, and even modern communist amd socialist states, have a prevailing market range for every position there from a welder to a waiter to a air traffic controller to a fortune 500 executive. And if you want to be in that upper tier for your position you'll only get it if you can demonstrate that you have the skills and can provide more value that those at the bottom tier. Thats how an open market works. You are paid what you're worth, not more not less - unless of course a person is foolish enough to accept a position that pays less than the prevailing wage range in which case their employer would be ecstatic.

A person would only consider the labor market 'rigged' if they feel they aren't being fairly compensated for their skills and the value they provide.

We may not all be equal as people; we are ALL equal as human beings.

Yes were alk human being. But equality is b.s. there is always a person that is more/less intelligent, good looking, educated, charismatic, skilled, more athletic, taller, shorter, etc etc etc than you or i. No two humans are alike, even twins, and hence no two humans are perfectly equal. Even in the eyes of the law in most countries two people charged with the same crime may have entirely different results based on the amount of money they can spend on a lawyer, whether they can basically 'bribe' the courts who often strapped for cash rather give a huge fine instead of a custodial sentence, and even their position in their community and who they know as a judge will be less likely to throw a hard working family man in jail for say drug possession or theft or whatever than a dude with no job
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,602
31 Jul 2018 #1,510
Yeah I'm a few classes from graduating im about 2/3 3/4 done now with the summer coming to a close. Depending on how I schedule my classes I'll graduate either this fall or upcoming spring. I have a bachelor in business with double major in international biz and marketing and mba with a concentration in management (switched from finance). So yes when i say education is overrated irs coming from a person with 6 years of college education. And I didn't go to some community college or some cheap no name school.

I learned next to nothing in my bachelor's aside from theory and definitions. Aside from a few accounting classes there was hardly anything that is actually transferable. The sad thing is I could've learned 10x as much stuff reading marketing/accounting/finance etc for dummies books but without that useless bachelor's it means nothing. Even though my school is regarded as one of the best for business, I didn't learn anything about Google analytics, web design, Seo all the stuff that is actually used in a marketing career. All that I learned on my own. The irony is that most marketing jobs require a marketing degree but even the best schools don't teach that stuff even though most employers look for people that know that stuff. So it's a double edged sword. To some extent I learned things that are practical in the real world in my mba classes. The only reason why I even pursued an mba is a just in case so if my business or side ventures don't go as planned I can atleast get a decent paying corporate job with some American company in Poland.

This convo should really be moved to random as it has nothing to do with Israel and poland...
Lyzko 45 | 9,275
31 Jul 2018 #1,511
Some solid connections sure won't hurt either:-)
Remember, it's not always what, but WHOM, you know!
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,602
31 Jul 2018 #1,512
Damn straight. And it's been the same way throughput human civilization for thousands of years all around the world. That's why crooked Hillary isn't in prison much less indicted while a person like Sharif browder sits in rikers island for 3 years, never receiving a speedy trial and once the prosecution realizes they have no case (he was accused of stealing a backpack and adamantly denied he didnt - even when the prosecutors offered to reduce the charges and let him out of riker s that same day he refused to plead to.a lesser charge as he was innocent and refused to let anyone make him guilty for something he didn't do - now that's a real SJW not these green hair pierced lesbians making a bunch of noise and antifa basement dwellers shutting down free speech) they offered to release him - no harm no foul... Aside from the 3 years spent in jail over half of it in solitary...
Lyzko 45 | 9,275
1 Aug 2018 #1,513
Thank you, Dirk!

We're finally back on the same home page. The only difference between nowadays vs. "the old days" is that today people hint at it more than back in former times.

Sixty or more years ago, it was commonly understood that the family priest/rabbi, the local minister to a loyal, contributing congregant of many years, a politician etc. was nearly always THE intermediary who brokered jobs for those who paid into the system.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,602
1 Aug 2018 #1,514
Yes the different religions have leaders with different duties and responsibilities and the place of worship served different purposes many of them secular. Whether you take a church, synogague, hindu temple, mosque they all serve different community roles. Synogauges are places of worship but also trade, business, negotiation, etc. Not as much as before like say 60 years ago or during ww2, but still many synogagues are places for things other than just worship. In The orthodox sect many marriages are arranged there. If an orthodox family needs a loan for some emergency the rabbi vouches for them and they receive money from a fellow member. Your standing in the community and your references and rabbi are your credit check. This is why jewish community life revolved around temple and for the orthodox it still does.

It was similar eith the Christian faith. When a village was built up the church would always be in the middle and it would be the tallest building. The priest held mass but would also get involved in .or a secular affairs like a marriage problem, a dispute with neighbors, helping people who are poor or habe problems with alcohol or mental problems or whatever.

That's why i say that jews weren't exiled or forced to live outside of the community in the early 20th century and the years leading up to ww2. The culture was a lot different and the church was the center of your life regardless of faith. There wasn't internet or even good roads nor a car for every family member so people we're more involved with their immediate community and their faith with the priest rabbi or whoever is leading it. The priest rabbi etc was the intermediary who spoke and acted on behalf of their community. Unfortunately though some rabbis and Jewish leaders, same with Christian ones, abused that position to enrich themselves at the detriment of their community
Lyzko 45 | 9,275
1 Aug 2018 #1,515
Jews however, in particular German-speaking Jews, DID in point of fact desire a European homeland, above all, Germany!
One has only to read the rapturous peons to Germany written by the likes of the convert Heinrich Heine, not to mention, Rabbi Dr Leo Baeck,

leader of Germany's Jewish community before WWII:-)

They all desired nothing better than assimilation into the German culture. Hitler had different ideas.
Crow 155 | 9,030
1 Aug 2018 #1,516
Poles should have good relations with Jews. Poles should find way.

I have bigger and bigger respect for Jews. Such a brave people, no matter historically so scattered and reduced in numbers. Such a bravery is characteristic of a truly noble souls.

At a time when anti-Serbian propaganda serve to distract attention of world public from real problems in the region. No matter all lies and power of western Europe, official NATO and EU, Israel finds way to say the truth. Again and again. My respect. My deepest respect. On one side problem with Iran, complete Arabic world and on other side, western European loyalty to Nazism. And Jews always find way to maneuver that middle path of truth.

"Genocidal Ustasha regime still glorified in Croatia"

The genocidal Ustasha regime (of the Independent State of Croatia (NDH) is still glorified in Croatia, Nazi hunter Efraim Zuroff writes for the Jerusalem Post.

This is what EU doing. Sponsor Nazi regimes in Europe. Sponsor genocide on Orthodox Christians and assimilation of Catholic Christians. Sponsor germanization and destruction of Slavs. That is EU. Monstrosity.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,602
2 Aug 2018 #1,517
They all desired nothing better than assimilation into the German culture.

In Germany yes. Poland, Russia, Ukraine etc not so much. German Jews were much more secular.

Many Jews even refused to send their kids to polish orphanages even know they knew their kids would've had a far higher chance or survival. Some Jews like perechodnik, who was a ghetto policeman, explained how the Jews isolation and insistence on be9ng the chosen people didn't help their cause at all during ww2 in his memoirs 'am I a murderer?' A quite famous story in Poland and Israel
Lyzko 45 | 9,275
2 Aug 2018 #1,518
This is the sad reality, true.

However, had the underpinnings of Christianity been as firmly in place as they should have, it would not have been necessary to desire
the eventual extermination of said Jews, despite the failures of many to assimilate!

And herein lies the crucial difference between the US and much of Europe; in the United States, we may not shoot you at sunrise and pile innumerable corpses one atop the other, tossing them into incinerators. We simply harrass people to death, depriving the deserving of medical attention etc.. Death by attrition rather than by firing squad. Neither a terribly nice option, and one which CAN be avoided.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,053
2 Aug 2018 #1,519
We simply harrass people to death, depriving the deserving of medical attention etc.. Death by attrition rather than by firing squad.

So the US is just a notch better than Germany under Hitler and the USSR under Stalin. Is this what you are claiming? If so, can you offer some examples who died by attrition?
Lyzko 45 | 9,275
2 Aug 2018 #1,520
We see the latter every day as part of our embarrassing national statistic...if you bother to read the Times:-)
Most news journals don't even bother to print the truth any longer for fear of being labled "fake news" by our

The Reagan Era scarcely "killed people off" in the manner of Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot or certain others of that ilk. As I said, the Anglo-Saxon way

is the more sinister, because the more sereptitious. Unlike the former three, it promises freedom: the freedom to starve on your own time, to go

hungry at will, to die off due to the distinterest of our government which won the Cold War, but lost the social peace. No more Cold War, no more need

to keep our people happy, since nobody's about to defect to Russia as in former times pre-'89.

The Cold War's over, is that great?
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,053
2 Aug 2018 #1,521
the freedom to starve on your own time, to go hungry at will,

Who died from starvation as a result of the US government policy?
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,602
2 Aug 2018 #1,522

Personally I think the death by attrition is more cruel. But at the same time it's survival of the fittest. Like my OG told me when I was growing up in a bad neighborhood - you're either play the role of dopeboy, athlete, gangster, thug, hustler, college student.. otherwise there's only one left - victim.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,053
2 Aug 2018 #1,523
Excuse me, but what are you guys talking about? What is that death by attrition?
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,602
2 Aug 2018 #1,524
A colloquialism that lyz and I are are using to describe how poor Americans work their whole lives till yheyre replaced by a younger cheaper worker, get no retirement, get cancer, get basically no healthcare, a measly social security check and Medicare which won't even cover their pills, which said younger worker will experience too.. although without the social security...

That's why I believe unless you're making good money, just leech all you possibly can off the government/taxpayers and work for cash on the side. They ain't gonna **** for you so get it while you can if its there for the taking. If i didn't habe the intellect to make it though business school and make half decent money doing b2b sales and consulting id be on disability and hustling and grinding all day everyday
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,053
3 Aug 2018 #1,525
I got it. Thanks. It's really sad when I read how few Americans have any savings in their prime and when they retire. Somebody called it the life of quiet desperation.
Joker 2 | 2,569
3 Aug 2018 #1,526
The Cold War's over, is that great?

After the Hillary reset button, I feel much safer now:)

They all desired nothing better than assimilation into the German culture. Hitler had different ideas.

The new inhabitants haven't been assimilating into the German culture very well. They have very different ideas of their own.

It's really sad when I read how few Americans have any savings in their prime and when they retire

How are these snowflake socialists going to save any money when 80% of their future paychecks would be taken by big brother?
Lyzko 45 | 9,275
3 Aug 2018 #1,527
How, Joker?? By speaking mostly only in Arabic rather than learning German, lazier still, expecting that they can communicate with locals in their broken English?!

Come on, the Syrian migrants are surely not all "bad" people, they are becoming a drain though socially on German society, I don't care one hoot what Ms. Merkel says.
Crow 155 | 9,030
3 Aug 2018 #1,528
By the good God, this thread is real virtual expirium. Put these two songs in one context and see what I mean when say that two peoples needs to live in peace >

Białe róże - White Roses - Polish Patriotic Song

and this >

Israeli Hebrew song - 'If there's a heaven' | Israeli songs sad jewish hebrew songs israel music
Lyzko 45 | 9,275
4 Aug 2018 #1,529
While we're mentioning patriotic song, you forgot the most iconic battle "hymn" of the Jewish Resistance throughout Poland: 'Zog nit keynmol dos du gehst de letzte weg' (Never say that this road ends for you)!
pawian 222 | 23,657
28 Jun 2021 #1,530
After a few years there is another brawl gradually erupting between two countries over the Holocaust victims and their property taken over by Germans first and then, after their defeat, by the Polish communist government.

Israel's Foreign Ministry summoned Polish Ambassador Marek Magierowski on Sunday over a new law that Israelis fear would block compensation claims for World War II atrocities. The ambassador "was told that this legislation will have a negative impact on relations between our two countries," an Israeli diplomat told DW.

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