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Israel opposing potential new Polish law to criminalise term 'Polish death camps'

dolnoslask 5 | 2,110    
10 May 2018  #1,321
like comparing apples and oranges.

Although an interesting use of a idiom the hard fact is that it was Stalin and Hitler that that arranged for the death of those people Poles and Jews alike, now do you know the name of the polish president of that time does he figure and stand along Hitler and Stalin as a genocidal lunatic.

All you do is talk division and hate, no room in your life to reconciliation, but I know for a fact that you as an individual in no way represents the Jewish nation as a whole, in fact its individuals like you that stir up old history and use it to create conflict between the new generations, you are nothing short of a Brownshirt or Bolshevik agitator.

You are doing your best to wind up Polish members here in the hope that you can create fractures, division and mistrust between Poles and Jews, well from the responses you are getting here you are failing in your mission.
mafketis 16 | 6,334    
10 May 2018  #1,322
in which innocent Poles were slaughtered by Russians, and the Holocaust, is like comparing apples and oranges

the main difference (aside from quantity) is the idenitty of the victims.

Why is the holocaust the only genocide people are expected to still worry about (in a century of genocides small and large)?
G (undercover)    
10 May 2018  #1,323
'Course you and your generation are not responsible or guilty.

Yawn... Usual excuse why you dudes torture everyone with the whole Holocaust obsession. Well, newsflash similar events have happened quite a few times since then and you Jews didn't lift a finger to do anything about it. So much for "we do it to make the world a better place" stuff. There are two major reasons behind the whole Holo madness, 1. narcistic nonsense "Oy vey ! Holocaust was totally unique so the whole world should "study" it ! Oy vey !" 2. plain greed.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  10 May 2018  #1,324
unburdened by the yoke of Jewishness which has plagued the Hebrews for centuries.

Kicked out over 100 different countries, principalities, towns, etc over the course of 2000 years yet somehow it's everyone else's fault... never the Jews... And actually Poland was the ONLY place where they were welcomed and had the same equality as Polish Christians. They literally had nowhere else to go in Europe - everyone kicked them out. Poland took them in and this is the thanks they get....

The point here is that the sufferering of Polish gentiles was not quite on the same par as that of the Jews in Poland

You're right - Poles suffered far longer. The victim counts are almost exactly the same.... 3 million Poles dead, 3 million Polish Jews dead. The amount of Poles killed by Jews, especially Bolshevik Jews and their allies both during the Polish-Soviet war and after WW2 is exponentially greater than the amount of Poles that Jews killed.

All the Zionists can claim is two pogrom... that's it TWO - and one of them, Jedwabne, is based entirely on hearsay... there is absolutely no forensic evidence to prove that Poles killed hundreds or a thousand Jews since American Zionists stopped the digs back in 2001.

But even if we add say the 40-50 Jews in Kielce to the

In fact, Jews in Poland killed more of their own kind than Poles did - namely the Judenrat and Jewish Ghetto Police... One particular Jew was so well liked for his cruelty towards his fellow Jews that the Nazis didn't even make him wear the star of David anymore and gave him total control to rob, kill, steal, etc from his own people. Kind of like Soros...

division and mistrust between Poles and Jews

The funny thing is that Polish Jews actually get along quite well with Polish Christians. It's the outside interference that tries to cause divisions. Same thing in 2001 when Poland began to dig up Jedwabne - which numerous Polish Jewish organizations and rabbis were for. It stopped once foreign Jews (namely an American rabbi) got involved. They were more concerned that there would be a chance that the numbers of dead Jews would be far lower, be revealed in the media, cause agitators like Wiesel and Jan Gross to be discredited, and hence threaten the Holocaust industry's extortion rackets...
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  11 May 2018  #1,325
More zionist as kissing by trump

Here goes more extortion and bs claims by jews who are neither polish citizens or residents seeking to get a fat stack of shekels for their grandmother's cousins wife properties from 70 80 years ago...
kaprys 1 | 1,355    
  11 May 2018  #1,326
Your Polish is rubbish (see your recent attempts) and it's not the typos. Even though you make typos in English (and even I can see it), your mistakes in Polish result from your little understanding of the language.

I'll probably correct mistakes you make in Polish because you like pretending you know the language and I don't want poor students of Polish to follow your 'advice'. But that's all. I don't feel like talking to narrow-minded people. Spread your anti-Polish lies as much as you like.

As I stated before, I've had enough of your insults. Why would I allow private messages? You don't have a problem with being insultive and xenophobic in public. I can only imagine, what you'd try to do in private.

There are people of all ethnicities who hate others because of their skin colour, religion, nationality etc. You're one of them. If you weren't Jewish, I bet you'd make antisemitic comments.

After all almost 40 million Poles are respobsible for two pogroms in your opiniom.
And finally, don't offend my family.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  11 May 2018  #1,327
After all almost 40 million Poles are respobsible for two pogroms in your opiniom.

There's way more Poles than that. If you include Polonia there's easily over 56 million.

The random countries that have a significant Polish population, 100k+ is pretty amazing - 100k in Chile, 1 million in Canada, 500k in Argentina, 300k-700k in Belarus (I think that's people though who were forcibly exiled during the PRL/USSR era, my uncle spent some time in Minsk when he was deported), 1.2 million in Israel (Polish Jews), 144k in Ukraine...

The count of Poles in Kazakhstan isn't accurate though - the Polish government usually cites a figure of 70k, 80k. Still though, that's crazy how many Polish people there are all around the world.

This video is about Polish Haitians. Yes, there are Polish black people lol. You can see the typical Polish features especially in the granny. She has that like typical Polish face but she's totally dark skinned. I remember when that big earthquake hit Haiti and destroyed Port au Prince, Polish organization started a relief fund for the 'forgotten Poles of Haiti.' Hopefully that money wasn't stolen by the Clintons like much of the aid to Haiti.

There's several parts - these are the first two. You can totally see the Polish features in the granny and one of the dudes has blondish hair
you can see the granny and blonde haired guy between the 1:00 and 2:00 minute mark. Man it's so weird to hear a black Haitian dude saying 'I am Polish - thank God I'm Polish' lol but that's awesome though!!!

Part 2:

Anyway back on topic - so now Poland has to face the bogus JUST act.... When will Poles finally be compensated for all they lost in WW2?? I am so sick of Jews getting special treatment for seemingly everything. I think they want to hurry up and push this JUST act so that the last survivors can start putting in claims for their family before they pass as they're getting really old now.
Slavictor 9 | 251    
11 May 2018  #1,328
Tell us more.

That was Danzig, not Gdansk. Delph, I really don't see the point as to why I should.

Is that what you were taught to excuse Ribbentrop- Molotov

I'll have to go over my references on that but from memory the RM Pact was a solution to keep the West (France,UK, Poland itself and possibly the Soviets) from declaring war on and attacking Germany again. The RM Pact eventually turned out to be a raw deal for Poland but Polish leadership should have taken Hitlers overtures of negotiation over the increasingly tormented germans left behind in East Prussia instead of giving him the finger. 58,000 civilian germans died at the hands of polish leadership in those regions. After entering Poland, liberating Danzig in a day and taking over quickly, Hitler offered the Warsaw commander at the time three chances of surrender but he refused. The result was a lot more dead and the rest is history.
delphiandomine 86 | 16,949    
11 May 2018  #1,329
58,000 civilian germans died at the hands of polish leadership in those regions

Yet more Nazi-Soviet propaganda. It's shameful that such stuff is on this forum.
TheWizard - | 283    
11 May 2018  #1,330
It's on this forum because PF has a good record on fredom of speech. Which is something most posters here dont normally have. But yeah it it made up crap worthy of the nazi- communist party.
Atch 17 | 2,588    
11 May 2018  #1,331
something most posters here dont normally have.

Or freedom of movement either except for when they manage to chew through their restraints and get to a computer before they're apprehended and put back into their padded cells - it's for their own good :)
TheWizard - | 283    
11 May 2018  #1,332
I often wonder why people in countries which lack speech, movement or are oppresed by idiotic religions move to a new place and repeat this behavior after having escaped it. Or if they are there why they criticize people who have freed themselves. So far all i can think is they have low iq.
mafketis 16 | 6,334    
11 May 2018  #1,333
I often wonder why people in countries which (bad stuff) move to a new place and repeat this behavior after having escaped it.

Lack of power of abstraction. The idea of internalizing blame (things are bad because of choices I/we have made) is an almost exclusively post enlightenment western idea. For most of the world if things are bad then it's because you've angered the gods or enemies are practicing witchcraft and the like.

Unfortunately western intellectual ideas often work against themselves. For a westerner colonialism was a political phenomenon with bad and good features, for non-western colonialized people it's witchcraft and the cause of all their misfortune. Magic thinking.

Most of the people bringing primitive savagery like FGM to Europe or trying to impose and enforce blasphemy laws are no more able to make the connection between dysfunctional social practices and poverty than a goldfish can understand the idea of a fishbowl. Not because they're stupid because most aren't, but because they've never had the chance to engage in abstract critical thinking - and tend to avoid doing so when they have the chance by invoking multi-cultural nonsense.
johnny reb 16 | 3,225    
11 May 2018  #1,334
It's on this forum because PF has a good record on fredom of speech.

That is because the P.F. is a U.S.A. based forum where we have the freedom of speech as one of our rights.

To bad that the E.U. doesn't have those rights.
You can actually go to prison for speaking your mind in the E.U.
Have you seen the latest example of that in Germany ?
Thousands of people have gathered in the center of Munich to protest against the introduction of sweeping new surveillance powers, including the opening of mail, for German police.

God Bless America for our Freedoms that most countries don't have like freedom of speech and the right to bear arms.
TRUMP 2020 !
Ironside 47 | 9,182    
11 May 2018  #1,335
liberating Danzig in a day

You what? bahahahahah! Mr EX-perd, liberate Danzing? LOL! incorporated it into the III Reich more like, Danzig was a separate political entity, not a part of the Polish state.

As to the rest of the ignorant drivel you spewed here - couldn't even be bother to address it, did you acquire all that 'knowledge' on the internet from posts someone made, certainly looks like it. Unless you had a 'history' teacher not unlike Lyzko here.

God bless!

TRUMP 2020

IF he keeps make decision like supporting all Zionist's agendas and interests to the hilt than his presidency won't go down well in the history, not well for the USA.
TheWizard - | 283    
  11 May 2018  #1,336
Over all good outweighs the eu bad. Who actually needs to be reminded what happens when Europeans fight? Its not gping to be the untrained clerics with 4th owner hand me down commie weapons on block and squad level like in some desert town. The eu has faults but it is 1000000000 better than the rule imposed by israel on the palestinians. Being generous with that number.
kaprys 1 | 1,355    
11 May 2018  #1,337
@Dirk diggler
I was talking about Poland. Not Polonia.
As for Polish Haitians, their ancestors were Polish so it's fun to see blue-eyed Haitians etc but that was some 200 years ago if I remember well.

I doubt our favourite anti-Polish poster blames them for Jedwabne. But who knows.
johnny reb 16 | 3,225    
11 May 2018  #1,338
IF he keeps make decision like supporting all Zionist's

Any country that keeps yelling, DEATH TO ISRAEL and DEATH TO AMERICA will not be allowed to develop nuke's.
Simple as that.
North Korea finally got that message and now it is Iran's turn to get that message.
Lyzko 17 | 5,321    
11 May 2018  #1,339
It's always easy to ignore history by fitting it into one's own parochial weltanschauung. Polish Jews living and working in Poland have told me on several occasions that they were/are especially wary of revealing their Jewishness in public for fear of having their car tires slashed, being harrassed at work etc. I know each of these individuals and they blend into Polish society seamlessly.

Surely such warnings are not mere attention-getting devices and should be taken seriously.

So much for a harmonious relationship between Jews and gentiles in Poland across the board.
Slavictor 9 | 251    
  11 May 2018  #1,340
Israel and it's 200 nukes are the problem in the middle east, not Iran. As one military analyst put it: " I sure can't think of a more contemptible, nasty, psychopathic gang of megalomanical thugs (and cowards) than the Israelis. Can you?" They're the cause of strife in the region, point blank. Israel owns the U.S. congress, many senators and Trump. Likewise for France and the UK. The USA could be called a satrapy of Israel now. A Tel Aviv satellite state.

couldn't even be bother to address it

Thank goodness. I'm not here to argue.
Lyzko 17 | 5,321    
11 May 2018  #1,341
Israel has the right to defend herself, her people, and to protect her borders just like any other country! Why was the State of Israel founded in the first place?

This double-standard is what angers Israelis no end.

On the other hand, Israel isn't perfect either and should be held just as accountable for provable wrong doing just like anybody else.
johnny reb 16 | 3,225    
11 May 2018  #1,342
It's always easy to ignore history by fitting it into one's own parochial weltanschauung

It sure is and the road runs both ways.
May I add that when the Lord referred to the Jews as the "Chosen People" He meant that they were chosen by Him to go forth and spread His teachings since back then most of his disciples were Jews.

Jesus did not mean that the Jews were special, should have special privileges, were better than, a higher authority or would be judged any different come Judgment Day.

When He said chosen people He meant it like a child was chosen to do something by an authority like, "You have been chosen to wash the dishes."

That is the definition of the "Chosen People".
We are all equal and we as Christians are all the 'Chosen People' regardless of our heritage.
We are instructed as Christians to spread the word, as the Jews were back in the day, making all Christians the 'Chosen People" of the Lord and Savior.
OP WielkiPolak 58 | 1,033    
11 May 2018  #1,343
Israel has the right to defend herself, her people, and to protect her borders just like any other country!

Does Israel also have the right to bulldoze women who stand in front of homes trying to stop them from being demolished? Because they've done that.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,110    
11 May 2018  #1,344
that they were/are especially wary of revealing their Jewishness in public for fear of having their car tires slashed, being harrassed at work etc

Complete bul$hit propaganda , loads womble around Poland with no bother, Wroclaw airport was full of them the other day, I think they had some sort of celebration over here, even in the sticks where I live you can see Jewish tourists wandering around with a kippah on their head, you might be shocked to know we also have Sikhs who wear turbans in Wroclaw
OP WielkiPolak 58 | 1,033    
11 May 2018  #1,345
I agree with dolno, this is mostly BS anti-Polish propaganda pushed far more by left-wing Gazeta Wyborcza reading Jews than right-wing ones, or at the very least it's a major exaggeration.

How many years is it that Jews have lived in Poland now? 800? Yet the antisemitism is so bad that they fear revealing their Jewishness? But they still decide to stay. Give me a break.

How about they try living in Germany or France to see what real 'fear for you life' antisemitism is like on a daily basis.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,110    
11 May 2018  #1,346
People like Lyzko know nothing about our history and co operation with the Jewish people and not even our help to create the Israeli state'

In the steps of the Polish Moses (Anders), The Jewish chronicle

"Menachem Begin, duty bound by the oath of allegiance he had sworn to the Polish army, made a formal request to General Anders that he be relieved of duty once in the Holy Land. Anders accepted and Begin was given an honourable discharge from the Polish army."

The rest is history.

As for the mood of today below is worth a watch.
kaprys 1 | 1,355    
11 May 2018  #1,347
Last month we had guests from abroad. They stayed at a local hotel. When we went to pick them up, we came across a group from Israel. Surprisingly enough, they weren't hiding from Poles.

I know guests from Israel often visit my town as Jews lived here for centuries. Their descendants come and visit. And they don't really keep a low profile. Quite a different mentality and temper compared to Poles.

We also went to Krak├│w. Kazimierz has a considerable Jewish population. I was told there's even a traditional Jewish kindergarten there.
In Teatr ┼╗ydowski in Warsaw there are plays in yiddish - one of two such places in Europe.
Yeah, Poland is such a terrible place for Jews. A claim from a person who knows Poland from anti-Polish propaganda.
Tyre-slashing? Hasn't it happened in the USA?
How about Jews being attacked and killed in France and the UK?
But I am told my family is responsible for Jedwabne - even though they were forced labourers in Germany at that time. Even though my grandma's brother never made it back to his wife and child. But Germans are ok to that American Jew whose family didn't experience the war.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,110    
11 May 2018  #1,348
ok to that American Jew

I guess its ok for him to bait Poles here in the hope that he will be hit with a round of antisemitic posts so he can show to the world how bad we are, he wants nothing but to drag us and PF into the gutter. But we can't let that happen. I think people like him are the greatest threat to world peace today, I think he ranks as the most dangerous poster on the forum.
kaprys 1 | 1,355    
11 May 2018  #1,349
One of the most xenophobic ones for sure.
Some target Jews, some target Africans/gays etc. He targets Poles.
Though he has no experience of the country whatsoever.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  11 May 2018  #1,350
But they still decide to stay. Give me a break.

Not only that but more and more are coming - especially from Israel and the rest of Europe. There's always huge groups in the airports coming on Israel sponsored trips.They complain about anti-Semitism and hatred of Jewish people in Poland yet if they wear a yarmulke in a major Polish city no one will accost them. The same can't be said for Germany, France, etc. where they'll be immediately harassed and even beaten or killed.

Foreign Jews actually LOVE Poland - they just despise the people because they've been taught to hate them thanks to Zionists and their media. Polish Jews and Polish Christians get along great though. It's the foreign Jews, usually American/Israeli Zionists that always try to stir **** up. If they could they'd take over Poland the same way they're gradually taking over Palestine inch by inch.

Israel has the right to defend herself, her people, and to protect her borders just like any other country!

And Iran doesn't? Who gave Israel a monopoly on nuclear weapons in the middle east? Unlike Israel, Iran actually allows UN/IAEA inspectors in its facilities. Israel NEVER has and likely never will, yet no one's calling for sanctions against Israel - except for a few brave souls supporting the BDS movement.

The balance of power in the world is shifting more and more. I'd like to say that US will eventually stop being Israel's sugar daddy but that will never happen. The sad thing is that the U.S. will go down in flames with Israel. The American ZOG has no problem sacrificing the U.S. for the sake of Israel. In fact, it's been doing it for decades with every war in the middle east per the odin yinon plan...

Also, I don't see how bulldozing peoples' homes (even if there's people still inside), taxing churches, massacring college students, shooting teenagers for throwing rocks and violating sovereign airspace numerous times could be considered 'defending yourself.'

Was Israel also defending herself and protecting her borders when it killed dozens of US sailors on the USS liberty or when it killed French construction workers and engineers in an airstrike? How about when it prevented aid deliveries, medicine, etc from reaching the Gaza strip?

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