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Israel opposing potential new Polish law to criminalise term 'Polish death camps'

Miloslaw 7 | 777    
11 May 2018  #1,351
Is Lyzko even a Jew?
Maybe or maybe not.
But he is a s**t stirrer.
I am very proud and impressed by the responses from true Poles to his posts in this thread.
Even you Dirk,I may not always agree with your comments but your posts were spot on here.
Slavictor's posts show his Nazi/Communist authoritarian leanings..not even a true Pole.
Interesting to note the people who have not posted in this thread,because Poland doesn't really interest them....I'm sure you can all see who they are.....
Lyzko 17 | 5,321    
11 May 2018  #1,352
I only report the news, I don't edit it:-)
kaprys 1 | 1,355    
11 May 2018  #1,353
I don't care if he's Jewish or not. I wouldn't be surprised if he weren't.
Definitely one of the most narrow minded and hateful people here.
delphiandomine 86 | 16,949    
  11 May 2018  #1,354
Slavictor's posts show his Nazi/Communist authoritarian leanings..not even a true Pole.

He has no connection to Poland, and the strange use of language points at him being a graduate of English in a non-English speaking country. The way that he spreads easily disproven myths about Poland rather says it all.
G (undercover)    
11 May 2018  #1,355
Jews living and working in Poland have told me on several occasions that they were/are especially wary of revealing their Jewishness in public for fear

Yawn... I will tell you a secret, the made up stories of your "suffering" don't really impress anyone... people simply know it's bullshit. You have overdone the whole thing.
johnny reb 16 | 3,225    
11 May 2018  #1,356
Though he has no experience of the country whatsoever.

Not true, he said that he spent three days in Poland thirty years ago.
That's how he became so proficient in the Polish language.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
11 May 2018  #1,357
I only report the news, I don't edit it:-)

Have you ever considered that there's things reported in the news that aren't accurate... or at least spun with a heavy bias to fulfill a particular agenda? I think my macaw knows what fake news is by now...

I can't think of a single media outlet that doesn't have at least some bias or put a particular spin on certain things...
Slavictor 9 | 251    
12 May 2018  #1,358
Why was the State of Israel founded in the first place?

Lyzko, I am SO happy you asked that question. First though, israel is not a country. It is not a "her".

If you really, really want to know why this concept territory was created you can find out. But it depends on how objective you are and what you are willing to admit to yourself. The jewish friendships I maintain are the ones who have done that research, and who have done that soul searching and who have come to an honest conclusion.
kaprys 1 | 1,355    
12 May 2018  #1,359
@johnny reb
Several hours in Szczecin in the 90s - that basically means he wanted to get some shopping cheaper.

Stick to the topic please
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  12 May 2018  #1,360
Israel was created in the balfour declaration because the brits two timed the Saudis fighting against the ottoman and zionists involved the us in a war they wanted nothing to do with. This is an ongoing trend with British government two timing entire nations. It happened to the Saudis in ww1, poles in ww2, and it continues to today esp in the middle east. Had the british government honored their commitment to the Saudis in ww1, we would likely not have nearly as much problems in the middle east today especially with Israel and Palestine and the shia fighting against Israel. Jews and gentiles lived in peace when israel was still Palestine. Then the bullied became the bully, the oppressed the oppressor..
Lyzko 17 | 5,321    
  12 May 2018  #1,361
Partially right, Dirk!

The English in fact ceded former Palestinian land to the Jews, living at that time in what would be after 1948, the State of Israel. Balfour and Allenby, while perhaps not "friends" of the Jews (any more than Abe Lincoln was a "friend" of the black man, per se), were imminently practical men who foresaw the possibility of a single Jewish state as but one way to attempt maintaining stability in the region.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
12 May 2018  #1,362
Rather is was England doing very poorly in the war against Imperial Germany and a wealthy Zionist by the name of Rothschild offered the Brits something that Don Corleone termed 'a deal he couldn't refuse'

That land was already promised to the Saudis for their help against the Ottomans.

England's fortune's changed overnight once Americans started sacrificing their young. Talk about a deal sealed in blood....

The documentary 'Synogague of Satan' actually goes into a lot of detail about Zionism coming about, the World Jewish Congress, how the Jews planned out obtaining Israel and setting up the Federal Reserve, etc.
Lyzko 17 | 5,321    
13 May 2018  #1,363
Correct, but without concession by Lord Rothschild, any land deed wouldn't have been worth a plug shekel!
johnny reb 16 | 3,225    
16 May 2018  #1,364
US State Passes Law Defining Any Criticism of Israel as 'Anti-Semitic' Just As They Kill 60 Civilians

Here comes the spread of the cancer to America with the definitions of "anti-Semitic".
Ironside 47 | 9,182    
16 May 2018  #1,365
Here comes the spread of the cancer to America with the definitions of "anti-Semitic".

Donald is fully into it. He also signed bill 447.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
16 May 2018  #1,366
Polish people are not going to vote for him this time around. Theyll jusy stay at home and not vote for anyone. He talked sh1t about the dems not caring about blacks 'see you next election yet he did the same thing to polish Americans with never giving us visa free and now the just act.

The zionists have wantes to eliminate free speech for a century and this is a very dangerous precedent in the us. Many eu countries especially uk already prosecute thought crime. Thankfully this isnt on a federal level but this is still a huge victory for them

Its messed up whats happening in gaza amd west bank. Dozens killed including a little kid although granted they probably shouldn't of allowed such a young kid to participate in a protest where they know IDF is shooting unarmed people with live rounds...

And 2000 injured.. and these injuries arent sprained ankles theyre gun shot wounds

Lyzko, could this be Israel's kielce pogrom? Me thinks so. Only difference is the kielce pogrom was a 1 day event. Israel has been persecuting gentiles ever since its founding and will long after were all dead. What goes around comes around, israel will eventually pay the price for all its sins.
TheWizard - | 283    
16 May 2018  #1,367
Its amazing. The jews are becoming the most hated race again. This time by shooting unarmed arabs. They didn't think this through real well. I still maintain trump is voting himself out by supporting their ilk.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
16 May 2018  #1,368
Were they ever not the most hated race? No other people have been kicked out of over 100 different places in the past 2000 years. Yet they insist that its never them, it's always everyone else's fault.

And yes more and more people who supported trump are starting to really dislike his foreign policies, especially within the past few months. Even alex jones and the alt right is starting to criticize him. That's a bad sign because those were the people who really handed him the election. Alex Jones has more traffic on YouTube than CNN and many other mainstream outlets. The alt right basically memed trump into the white house. But now they are piiiiissseed.

That's one thing the alt/far right and far left have in common - they hate israel. Yet we still have idiots like Hagee brainwashing millions of evangelicals to kiss zionist ass and send their sons to die fighting for a greater israel.
kaprys 1 | 1,355    
16 May 2018  #1,369
It seems Palestinians are killed on everyday basis - I believe far more Palestinian civilians have been killed by Israeli forces than Jews in pogroms in Poland. And we're not talking about hate driven mob ... orders must have been given.

As for re-opening the American embassy - these people have blood on their hands.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,110    
16 May 2018  #1,370
I believe far more Palestinian civilians have been killed by Israeli forces

em about 40000 plus overall but

2,220 victims (67% of them civilians) of Israel's summer 2014 massacre in Gaza.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  16 May 2018  #1,371
Of course way more Palestinians were killed by Israel than jews in poland. In just 2 3 days you had 60 Palestinians dead including a 6 year old and a journalist with a big vest that says PRESS right in front and 2000 injured. But that doesnt matter to zionists like the idf minister said - all people in Gaza are terrorists, there are no innocent people in Gaza. They kill newborn babies and bomb hospitals and schools it makes no difference. Yet they complain and whine when they get a taste of their own medicine. That's more than the kielce pogrom and that's just one incident. Israel has been killing Palestinians, demolishing their homes, stealing their land without compensation and installing a system of apartheid worse than anything seen in South Africa.

And now they're even taxing churches and trying to push a law that church property can be confiscated.

Could you imagine if poland did the same to its synogagues? Seriously the world needs to mirror Israel's policies. Fight fire with fire. There is no reasoning and logic with zionists. Tax their synogagues, refuse marraige licenses and building permits to jews, start demolishing their homes and taking their property, refuse them citizenship... sounds a lot like nazi policies doesnt it? Yet that's exactly what jews are doing to gentiles now and have been since the late 1940s. Theyll be furious when theyre treated the same way they've treated palestinian gentiles for decades. Then we can negotiate - well stop the persecution as long as they stop theirs. They ratchet it up, and we'll do the same to them and theres a lot more gentiles than jews.

You know in Israel its illegal to even teach the nakba in schools? That was when israel confiscated thousands upon thousands of gentiles homes and drove the Palestinians out. That event is what the Palestinians today are remember and protesting - they want to return to the land that was stolen from them without compensation. Israel accuses poland of whitewashing history yet thats exactly what they're doing by making teaching of the nakba illegal in schools.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,110    
16 May 2018  #1,372
poland did the same to its synogagues? Seriously the world needs to mirror Israel's policies.

No we are better than that, we had 800 years of successful partnership with Jewish people we fought side by side together under the polish flag during WWII

The problem is there are those who wish to now vilify Poland as a nation for what I can only imagine is for financial gain

We cannot allow ourselves to stoop to that sad level.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  16 May 2018  #1,373
Yes polish jews and poles tend to get along today, for the most part. It is mainly foreign jews esp from America and israel that like to start **** and unfortunately theres a minority of polish jews that fall for their instigation against poles. Nonetheless there are quite a few polish zionists who support Israel's violence and supremacy.most well known being adas michnik.

That was not the case during soviet polish war, ww2, prl years when jews tended to fight against poles, not alongside them. Successful partnership? Jews sold poland out during the polish soviet war, during ww2 when the red army invaded, and during the early prl years. We have jews like michnik and his family who despise poles and even had them killed. Even the small amount of jews who did fight alongside poland deserted as soon as they got into Israel. One of whom became a prime minister menachim.or whateber his name is who publicly said goys exist only to serve jews.

Israel wont stop taxing churches and confiscating gentiles homes unless the same happens to them. They will never be satisfied with any negotiation for peace. They will.keep gobbling up palestinian land confiscating home by home. If they experience the same theyll stop. Eye for an eye.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,110    
16 May 2018  #1,374
Yes polish jews and poles tend to get along today

Spot on mate , not only now but also in the past.
Miloslaw 7 | 777    
  16 May 2018  #1,375
Polish/Jewish relations are extremely complex.
We share so much in common and yet there is still a deep rooted distrust of each other.
My father did a lot of business with a Polish Jew,I'm talking about the 1960's here.
The Jewish Pole even came to our house a few times,but I'm not sure that Dad ever let him in as I can't remember his face.

Anyway,I never knew his name because Dad always called him "Zyd".......
Lyzko 17 | 5,321    
16 May 2018  #1,376
The Jews are damned if they do and damned it they don't!

They try to defend themselves, they're dubbed racists, they turn the other cheek aka ceding land to the Arabs on the West Bank like the late Yitzak Rabin, their fellow

Israelis castigate them in public, excoriate them by calling them "peaceniks" and then turn their backs on them.

Geez, what a tribe. I'm only Jewish for the solidarity of the Shoah, other than that, I wouldn't wish what we've morphed into on a dog:-)
TheWizard - | 283    
17 May 2018  #1,377
Everybody knows jews copped it over the ages. For a long time it wss cruel to say anything bad about them. Now its becoming common place and jew is becoming a swear word used in everyday cussing. They mishandled Poland by convincing themselves of fake history. Now Palestinians are being mishandled. Prime minister of israel seems to be involved in some sort of scam and his answers are inadequate. Its actually him, their leader, he is the problem. For a start this piece of **** should have been escorted out of Poland and sent home. Secondly he needs to answer for his scams and thirdly shooting unarmed civilians will never convince anyone so he fails there as well. He is an idiot for sure.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  17 May 2018  #1,378
Palestinians and Hamas get all the flak for not recognizing israel and honestly they should after this time. Israelis do deserve their own land. But no one ever speaks how israelis dont recognize Palestine and claim that all of Jerusalem is theirs, all of the West bank is theirs, etc and cite a thousands year old book as the reason why...

Actually gaddafi (one of my heros r.i.p.) proposed the best solution imo - a one state where israelis and Palestinians are equal and neither are persecuted. It's great in theory but it'll never work in practice...

In chicago on the north side jews live side by side with Palestinians and other arabs. You'll see a yeshevia and synogague on the same block as a mosque. And guess what theres never any problems. You never hear on the news of racist attacks by either side. They respect each other and tolerate each other. Yet across the Atlantic the situation is totally different....
kaprys 1 | 1,355    
17 May 2018  #1,379
Shooting civilians is 'defending'.
Double standards again.

Provoking unnecessary mass demonstrations that resulted in even more deaths seems ok for some, too.
Dirk diggler 8 | 3,852    :-(
  17 May 2018  #1,380
In all reality though Hamas does egg on a lot of these kids. It's quite sad honestly. The bigger the body count of their own people, the more Hamas looks like the good guy, the more media attention, the more other Arab governments and both far leftists/far-right side with them Every government and business has an acceptable loss policy if there is a high chance of future benefits, quantitative or qualitative being greater than losses. Sadly, this time it involves peoples lives. If it were Facebook, a dead palestinian would be worth a thousand frowny faces and a hundred shares on abbass account

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