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Poles are not racist

f stop 24 | 2493
19 Jan 2010 #751
1jola LOL you are trying way too hard fool
1jola 14 | 1875
19 Jan 2010 #752
If I were trying hard, you'd be crying by now.
f stop 24 | 2493
19 Jan 2010 #753
seriously, dude, you're like a rabid chihuahua. I'm going to have to ignore you (until that button comes!).
LAGirl 9 | 496
19 Jan 2010 #754
O yes they ar least most are. there is very few that arnt boyfriend talks **** about blacks jews and other groups of people and I am tired of it.
SeanBM 34 | 5786
19 Jan 2010 #755
at least most are.

So you have met all Poles.
That's strange because no Polish people I know have mentioned you.
LAGirl 9 | 496
19 Jan 2010 #756
well maybe not on here because they dont know about my ancestry.but meeting people face to face like I did. I know loads of Polish people. the young ones are cool with everybody but the older generation have a problem. the point is that its wrong dont like it and I have only seen the older generations how they view other people. I could be wrong. God said remove the speck from your eyes then romove from your brother. meaning Judge not.we are all people God made us all. thats the point.
vetala - | 381
19 Jan 2010 #757
Yes, LAGirl, your boyfriend being a racist is an unquestionable proof that all people who happen to have the same ethnicity as him must be exactly the same. It's a simple biological fact.
BrutalButcher - | 387
19 Jan 2010 #758
And what if the old ones are racist? Perhaps they wouldn't beat up a black guy or an Arab, but they wouldn't trust them. It's perfectly normal.

I think this topic is a bit overrated. Mankind itself is racist.
jarnowa 4 | 499
19 Jan 2010 #759
It's perfectly normal.


and above that, don't forget that in many cases of "racism" it's the immigrant who caused the problem.

for example, i've seen a black DJ in Poland.
i can imagine some white guys will not like him because he has a popular job whilst not even being Polish!
DariuszTelka 5 | 193
20 Jan 2010 #760
The point is, if no third world person would come into Poland, there would be no racism to speak about in Poland.

But if you imported 1 million africans to Poland, there would be an OUTBREAK of racism, and you would see dozens of anti-racist organisations pop up like mushrooms in the springtime. There would be debates in schools, in the government. There would be anti-racist protests, marches, concerts and so on. Millions of Zloty would have to be allocated for government programs to stem this sudden outbreak of racism, and a new minister of diversity would have to be elected, along with his or her's own cabinet of little workers.

There would be a whole INDUSTRY of anti-racism activities going on 24/7....

So let's coloured people in Poland = No racism, lot's of coloured people in Poland = Lot's of racism!

I know, I know, but then we would not have "diversity", like kebabstores or different music, or,"diversity"...but isn't that a low price to pay for not having racism??

So how do you stop racism? Stop importing people of colour to an european nation. (For those of you who will complain about inbreeding, we have lot's of european countries to mix with!).

SeanBM 34 | 5786
20 Jan 2010 #761
some white guys will not like him because he has a popular job whilst not even being Polish!

You really are an idiot of the highest order, I am actually impressed how stupid you are.
Just thought i would let you know.


It's the people they let into Norway these days from Poland that worries me the most.
DariuszTelka 5 | 193
20 Jan 2010 #762
SeanBM; Hmmm...I'm actually not really clear on what you meant by that last to elaborate? (I would like to reply...)

jarnowa 4 | 499
20 Jan 2010 #763
So how do you stop racism? Stop importing people

I fully agree.

Especially if they have things that Polish people don't have.

Look at wildlife.
Predators usually have a territory. If another animal is invading their territory, the predator often won't accept this. The invader will be treated hostile, especially if the invader is of the same species (and thus a competitor) or if the invader might be a safety threat, or both.

Immigrants coming to Europe do the same thing: invading the territory of others. And they also want the same money, jobs, houses, rights, women as the native Europeans. And some groups also have a lot of criminals among them. Just like in the animal world, that's asking for trouble.

The so-called "racists" are the Europeans who see that their interests/way of life/culture is getting compromised by these invaders and thus want them to get them out of their country. Nothing wrong with this, it's all natural. :)
SeanBM 34 | 5786
20 Jan 2010 #764
I'm actually not really clear on what you meant by that last statement

I was just messing but now that you mention it there is something about you being Polish and living in Norway that used to be a huge problem not so long ago.

When Poland was communist and commies were seen as a treat to our cultural values, freedom and lives.

if you imported 1 million africans to Poland

Well who imports a million people for starters?

no coloured people in Poland = No racism, lot's of coloured people in Poland = Lot's of racism!

North Korea have a terrible immigration policy, do they have racism?
PolishNutjob 1 | 74
20 Jan 2010 #765
I think this topic is a bit overrated. Mankind itself is racist.

This topic is vastly overrated.

As the insightful BrutalButcher so eloquently articulates, mankind is indeed racist, which, in fact, is a subset of mankind's more notorious condition - tribalism. The conscientious reader will note the various categories into which mankind divides itself and the consequent behavior (choose the appropriate "-ism," there are many).

So mankind stratifies itself with respect to race, ethnicity, nationality, family, religion, favorite football team, political party, etc. Such is the way of homo sapiens sapiens.

As King Solomon informed us, "nothing new under the sun," folks.
EchoTheCat - | 137
20 Jan 2010 #766
Look at wildlife.

We have to cut off Discovery Channel from your cable tv....
DariuszTelka 5 | 193
20 Jan 2010 #767

I actually had to do an extra security check in the army, because my father had a polish passport. I got a pretty good and expensive education from them, but got stuck mowing the lawn outside the officers quarters for a whole month, before I finally got to talk to the intelligence officer, and tell him my dad being Polish really didn't pose a threat to the norwegian national they let me do my assignment. But what if I was lying, and was a spy? They did give me access to some secret material. Anyhow...

Who imports a million immigrants? Germany, England, France, Holland, Spain, Sweden to mention some. Norway is such a small country, but if we weren't I promise you we would have our own million too. By 2050, Oslo will have 50% non-norwegians. Can you say c**p?

We should go to North Korea and check it out! See how they treat us. And bring a photo of a Barrack Obama to show them.

jarnowa 4 | 499
20 Jan 2010 #768
You really are an idiot of the highest order, I am actually impressed how stupid you are.

i would like to see your face if your dream job was DJ and the job was given to some caribean immigrant because some idiot thinks it's more cool to have a black DJ.
SeanBM 34 | 5786
20 Jan 2010 #769
But what if I was lying, and was a spy?

Some people did and do lie.

i would like to see your face if your dream job

Is that what happened to you or did some guy take your woman because you aren't man enough? :)
perfectstranger - | 1
7 Jan 2012 #770
Merged: Polish People...?? Racist???

hi folks.. i know most of you wont like this thread, but I`ve been really wondering about this topic since last couple of months [`i`d spent surfing one this site] ..

Whenever i see any South Asian [especially Pakistani or Indian] post any thread, or either comment about anything, 98% of people either start being sarcastic or tease or straight away act as complete racist.. whats wrong with you/them/or whoever they are..?? How about being nice and warm welcoming or at least being honest and straight forward....???

do reply this one now!!!

Midas 1 | 571
7 Jan 2012 #771
do reply this one now!!!

And, let me guess based on this one sentence, you happen to be Indian or Pakistani and are trying hard to place the race card, lol.

Take it somewhere else.

BTW, most people who "dare" to disagree with the wonders created by some of our indian/pakistani friends on this forum do not happen to be Polish.
7 Jan 2012 #772
98% of people either start being sarcastic or tease or straight away act as complete racist.

I wouldn't have said it was as high as 98%. But you're right, there are some racists here (as there are in every community).
29 Apr 2012 #773
Merged: Racist culture in Lodz?

Me and some friends were plannin on visiting the city for afew days, one of our group are Indian. Could this prove to be a problem?
Strzelec35 23 | 834
15 Aug 2021 #774
Merged: Why are Polaks so racist?

Im at that same bar i know johnny goes to and this Ukrainian bar tender from another bar is trying to explain to this Polak bar tender that when russian speakers as clientservice Say daj mi - It is not disrespect. Why cant polaks Learning about customer service from west or western companies like star bucks ibtead of trying to change Ukrainians or russian speakers to their garbage ways where ppl have to beg them for basic customer service instead of how It us in anerica?

Also why are they such critical of immigrants in their country instead of their own countrymen and how they behave in places like London or Germany who can't even speak those languages and dress like chavs? Polaks anyone? Also why do they care so much and have such low confidence how foreigners talk to them in their shot polak language?

I would have simply replied to the guy when he said niech sie naucza as why don't you also learn their ways when you people live in Berlin as bums or London ortraveling to their countries hope your expectations for others will be the same for you.

They're basically all like novichok and think Mexicans or Chinese in USA should speak perfect English and understand all nuances. That's literally the polak attitude toward their immigrants.

There is also this place called Casablanca in Lodz that acts I was told as a drug trafficking front that is known to be super racist. How do polak cops support this ****? Imagine if blacks and only them going to a specific place even or knowing it's reputation say being visitors in town being maxed beaten shoved etc and only them their ethnicity every time. Imagine the media outrage and Twitter and social justice warriors if this polak behavior occurred there. And cops actually didn't mind it or blamed victims. If someone had filmed th telling Ukrainians go back and shoving them etc would polak Twitter even care or react to it or public humanitarian agencies like what would happen in USA in a second or what happened in that Starbucks incident for loitering fir bathrooms?
Strzelec35 23 | 834
16 Aug 2021 #775
I am posting this everywhere now:

I am seriously depressed right now living in such a country

(I am posting this all over the web and hopefully someone can get these corrupt cops in Lodz or some administration to do something as this place is apparently known for this. I am also trying to get the world to see what is going on in Poland and just how backwards and racist of a country it is and should probably be kicked out of the EU as they do not want to accept immigrants to act with violence as the (example below shows with police involvement out encouragement. The incident involves this place called Casablanca in Lodz but I have seen similar behavior and attitudes all over Poland since having to go back here from the US four years ago and having to live here again.)

I was walking around Lady at night. I was walking to get a kebab or something to eat after a night of partying where I was mostly dancing at this other place called Lodz Kalisza on Piotrkowska street (can put specific info by request when or the time and dates involved) and noticed a commotion near this Aisha place which I previously heard is a racist place and functions as a drug den of sorts or a money laundering place (but again just what someone said could be just talking smack but seeing as how they act and were made for police being called and tried to get people not to film them which is a public right in any first world country I would not doubt it).

I saw this bald head bouncer who looked to be in his 40s say to these two people (a man and woman) **** Ukrainians go back to Ukraine **** your country in Polish and she was just asking him why she had to be manhandled and grabbed and thrown out? He just kept going on his racist and nationalist rants and the man tried to say something and he shoved hi as hard as he could to the floor.

I then called him a racist and nationalist and said I will call the police. The woman tried to film and at this point other people form inside this Casablanca restaurant or Sisha place tried to stop her including the main bouncer almost like grabbing the phone camera and I know to film is a public right. Again, the cops did to care about any of this or let me even explain to to them as they ere so quickly trying to get rid of me and it almost looked like they were cheering it on or laughing after the fact.

Basically I called them and they came very quickly surprisingly and I called them right after I saw the shove. So the, trying to suppress any filming occurred between the time I called them and the time they came.

Anyway, when they came they talked to the bouncer and he said something in Polish while smirking like "someone shoved someone then someone else got shoved I don't know I don't know and just laughed" and one of the cops even smiled back or laughed with him. I then tried to explain since I speak perfect Polish I am a witness and they asked 'you're the one who called us" like they ere angry about it and I said yea I saw the incident the guy got assaulted or shoved and the bouncer kept saying racist nationalist things to those people.

All that lady was doing is basically asking "pa come ty nasal traktujesz tak? My co zrobilismy" like you could tell the sadness in her voice what sort of garbage racist country this is that Joe Biden should move all troops out asap and remove all investment funding including the eu should kick it out. All he kept doing was acting violent and hurling racist and xenophobic insults at her and her nationality.

I can't believe the cops in Lodz are cool with this (hey showed up there and not a single reprimand arrest or anything was made and I am ssure there is some video footage or camera in one of the businesses on the streets that could confirm everything I am saying)

After a while the cop said to me so you are not with them or part of this? I said no but I am a witness and he said than get out of here in Polish and threatened that if I don't leave that he will have me arrested for something or taken to komenda. What pretext would he even have as I committed no crime? I just stood in the area and didn't listen as I knew I committed no crime and won't let this hatred and violence going on against immigrants in Poland just be. Plus I was their witness.

But after a while I noticed them leave e too so I left and talked to those people a bit and this is where I made a mistake. I never got their information or exchanged their information and was at this point so distraught and depressed how those police acted that I stopped caring and felt nothing could be done.

But now I realize maybe something could be done. At least I could write about it to the world and on the Internet like people on Twitter do in America to make social changes happen. Some guy was there and filmed part of it but I was not thinking to get his contact either or the footage.

I guess I am not good at these situations nor am I a social justice warrior like all those American liberal women on twitter are (I don't want to be I just want fair treatment for people not push some feminist crap like they do or some superior rights to others just equality) and I guess in Poland nobody stands up for these people and police encourage this hate or violence.

Either way this place is known for this as this guy who works at a kebab stand like 10 feet away to the right of it on Piotrkowska previously he told me and this is why I stopped actually to look and listen what was going on he previously told me of such an incident where mace was used on Ukrainian women or girls for no reason (or at the very least no reason he knew or told me about). So again it is this targeting of this ethnic group at this at least particular establishment showing a pattern.

But I think it would be easy to do an American social justice warrior like sting there like the American chick did at Starbucks to get them to change their policy of allowing black people to just loiter without ordering and no even homeless people to just come in and use the bathrooms there in all US Starbucks' establishments because this guy will blow up and say racist things and even attack at the slightest provocation or even probably someone just asking him what he thinks of immigrants or Ukrainians his racism and maybe even violence will come out.

It also is worth noting there is a big chance the police from their behavior I saw are in their pocket and there truly may be some drug operating going on there or money laundering like that one guy alluded to who works at the kebab stand.

The world should know what is going on. Even if no one does a twitter like that Starbucks incident episode exposing them at least some organizations like anti racist defamation leagues or even the Ukrainian embassy or other groups should know about this and how the police are. I did not get a chance to explain to them much as they shut me down right away outside of I saw this guy get shoved and he is saying nationalist racist things to them, should that by itself not be qualified as a hate crime or would be in any civilized country?

I guess the mistakes I did was to not film any of it and right away simply call cops not knowing that me being a witness or even possibly footage doesn't matter as their whole goal was to support this bouncer and behavior and racism or make their night easy and let everyone leave or go away. The other mistake was not to get their contacts or the guy who filmed a part of it who was also a bystander and Polish. The thing was not to stress the hate crime aspect to the cops rather than the shove aspect which is not really even a crime in Poland but a private charge someone has to make which I don't even know where one would make such a charge or if the police courts would take it seriously or act like those cops did.

I dont really do the twitter thing or have a following there but maybe someone else knows who to get in touch on twitter to expose them.
Strzelec35 23 | 834
16 Aug 2021 #776
Also I and the bouncer had words and he basically wants to fight me and I want to fight him one on one but I dont know if the other people form inside that place wont come out and rush me or if they'll use maces on me. So I am still just thinking it over. I dont think he is that big of a threat as he is old like I said 40s or early 50s and is just a brute looks like he has no actual training. Just brute who shoves people when theyre turned. I walked by there yesterday and he wasnt there. I think they also just hang inside anfd only coe out whe its real busy on fridays or after throwing people out or some commosion from the inside occurs. So I wouldnt have a chance to set it up or confront him for a fight and since police wont do anything I am still trying to figure out a way to get to ask him if he still wants to fight me alone or maybe just expose them via social media etc. would be even better.
pawian 221 | 24215
13 Sep 2023 #777
Blackface performances in TV music programmes are normal in Poland. Political correctness which prevails in the UK or other countries still hasn`t reached us.

A recent programme which indignated Brits:

Singer Kuba Szmajkowski impersonates Kendrick Lamar and is really good at it.


I love it, blackface back in the day was wrong because "they" did it with cruel intentions. THIS is admiration and as a black man, I felt complimented because he is clearly impersonating KL from a place of respect


Here in Poland it's not considered rasist. Poland has no history of systematic rasism, slavery or colonialism. We don't care what color of your skin is: a black person can imitate white person and white person can imitate black person. This is equality. And please don't call it a blackface because it wasn't meant to make fun of or riddicule anyone.

Black face makeup is NEVER NEVER NEVER OK! It is possible to show appreciation for the music without ripping off peoples' appearances and cultures. HIPHOP has been massively influential across the globe (i.e. K-POP) for the last 50 years. That doesn't mean Polish folks can mimic and steal the creative output of a community that has a 400+ year history of being the target of state sanctioned and worldwide predation. On top of all of that, the performance was wack. They did no one proud.

Alien 22 | 5186
13 Sep 2023 #778

Singer Kuba Szmajkowski

He sang well, give him some vodka.
Paulina 16 | 4316
13 Sep 2023 #779
Black face makeup is NEVER NEVER NEVER OK! It is possible to show appreciation for the music without ripping off peoples' appearances

But that's the point of this TV show - the contestants are supposed impersonate various singers both vocally and visually lol 🤦
pawian 221 | 24215
13 Sep 2023 #780
, give him some vodka.

Better not coz when drank, he will impersonate Michelle Obama instead of Louis Armstrong.:):):)

the contestants are supposed impersonate various singers both vocally and visually

Yes, but strictly politically correct people still feel disgusted.

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