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Wish to settle down, which country to choose - Poland or Russia?

globetrekker 3 | 10
14 Feb 2017 #1
Really wish to get some advises from the members of this great forum.

I have been living in a traveller life since beginning of this century. I have travelled almost every corner of the world and lived in many countries (1-5 years in each country), but all these countries I lived were by opportunities (jobs or immigration policies) not by heart. The two countries I lived longest are Britain and Canada which also the ones I dislike most. After all these years of travelling and seeing how the world changed, I'm also very sad to see the whole world is deteriorating very fast in terms of environment, greed, materialism, loss of morals, cultures and beliefs. I blame the Anglo domination and it's just like cancer which spreads too aggressive and is killing the diversity of the world.

Travelling the world was my dream and I have fulfilled that. I guess it's really the time for me to settle down now, get a permanent place to live, get married and family. I'm not really worry about jobs as I'm sick of my previous career and want to have a break to search what I really like in my life. But that career earned me a lot of money, more than what I could spend (I'm not a big spender and really don't enjoy material possessions). So the money I saved can afford me to buy a place and support for my life for very long time once I'm settled down. Also I have no problem to earn more money any time if I want (but I really don't want now as I feel I was much happier when I had less money). During my travelling life, a few countries really caught my heart and made me want to settle down there. Poland (or Eastern EU countries) and Russia (or CIS countries) are among my favorites for their rich cultures and nice people and the resistance to be westernized. But I still have not decided, both have pros and cons.

Pros: No immigration issues (one of my passports is EU), good naturals (mountains, lakes, forests and oceans) close by.
Cons: Westernized too fast recently, not sure what's like in the near future. Languages difficult to learn and usage is limited. Ethnic homogeneity may make me alienated (I'm Asian).

Pros: Still keep the old fashion way which I really like, not too westernized (except Moscow and St.Pete). Food materials are fairly organic and healthy. Russian language has much more resources to learn and is much more useful. Ethic diversity may make me less alienated.

Cons: Immigration issues.
danielheo 1 | 2
15 Feb 2017 #2
My experience is similar to you. And I am Asian too :) except that I don't have enough savings to buy properties :( I changed my jobs too many times and I am specialiezed in nothing so it is not easy for me to get a new job :(

From my personal experience, I would say Poland is better place than St Petersburg or Moscow because they are not so friendly to Asians.
Polish people are quite educated and most of them will not show their racism to you. but Russians do often. Plus, English is more widely spoken in Poland.

In my opinion Polish people are generally polite and friendly. When it comes to money, they will be greedy probably more than people from western Europe.
Wincig 2 | 227
15 Feb 2017 #3
Since both of you are Asian, why not choose a country in Asia? And if you are both so fond of Russia, I have the best compromise for you: Siberia.. Part of Russia and so close to the Far East :)
Marsupial - | 880
15 Feb 2017 #4
People are fleeing Russia not settling there.
heavenly Girl
15 Feb 2017 #5
Russia might be better for you guys.
DominicB - | 2,707
15 Feb 2017 #6
I have to agree. Poland is not what they are looking for, in any case. And the things that draw them to Poland are rapidly disappearing.
Najade - | 19
15 Feb 2017 #7
And the things that draw them to Poland are rapidly disappearing.

they mentioned: English speakers more prevalent, people more polite (?), lakes, oceans and forests.
How is any of that disappearing?
Unless you mean that nature is being destroyed in Poland, and will be continued to be destroyed until it's all gone.

That is sadly an ongoing thing all over the world.
Even nature reserves and parks are being destroyed as soon as there arises some monetary incentive.
I wish I could find a planet without human infestation in that regard.
DominicB - | 2,707
15 Feb 2017 #8

The OP has expressed his disdain for Western culture, which Poland has embraced with a vengeance. The younger generations are thoroughly westernized, with millennials being practically indistinguishable from their peers in Western Europe, and the country as a whole will become more so as the older generation dies off.

Sure, he can hole up while it lasts somewhere in rural eastern Poland, and hope it lasts until he dies He had better be prepared for life in a hyper-Catholic environment, though.

I did get a chuckle out of your question mark after the word "polite". After living twelve years in Poland, I experienced a bit of a culture shock when I returned to the States because people are just so gosh darn polite. Especially people in the service industry and government workers. At first, I thought they were having one on with me. That's how much I had grown used to the typical Polish gruffness and surliness. In fairness, though, I have to say that I did encounter some stellar customer service in Poland on occasion, but it was the exception, not the rule, and, oddly, from the older generation, from whom I least expected it.

If he's looking for a place that hasn't been "tainted" by Western culture, and won't be for quite some time, Siberia is a much better bet than anywhere in Poland. Vladivostok or Yakutsk, or just out in the middle of the taiga.
Ironside 53 | 12,410
15 Feb 2017 #9
People are fleeing Russia not settling there.

Are you sure?
As for the OP inquiry. I would say that Russia should suit you to the boot. No danger of them being western or European.
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
15 Feb 2017 #10
DominicB's post has a lot of truth in it. I moved from the UK for the exact reasons you listed, amongst others. Especially the natural aspect of it. Mountains are a mere 2 hours away from my location in multiple directions.

However the Westernisation does become frustrating at times especially in this city. I mainly avoid it by not watching television, not going to places that cater to foreign tourists and filtering girls heavily.

If you do choose to settle in Poland Trekker, get in touch.
DominicB - | 2,707
15 Feb 2017 #11
However the Westernisation does become frustrating at times especially in this city.

There are sizable, and growing, Chinese and Korean communities in Vladivostok, as well. So, if anything, the trend is toward orientalization rather than toward westernization.
Lyzko 45 | 9,391
15 Feb 2017 #12
Undoubtedly Russia would make the most economic sense from my point of view:-) I know basic Russian well enough to be able to read a newspaper (albeit with a Polish-Russian dictionary at my side!) and to be sure, Polish does have "limited" use nearly anywhere outside of Poland and the UKLOL

The advantages however of Poland over Russia are strategic at best, rather than exclusively geopolitical! Her proximity to the FRG is important for historical reasons far too numerous to go into here as well as her traditionally West-friendly and extremely hard-working population.

An advantage of Russia on the other hand is that a broader educated spectrum of her population speak English, this in no way lessening the need for outsiders to learn Russian:-)
OP globetrekker 3 | 10
15 Feb 2017 #13
Thanks for the advises. Why I'm not willing to settle in Asia? Same reason that Asia is the fastest westernized place (much worse than Europe) and has no any immunization to the cancer spread by America. Countries like China/Japan/Korea even feel worse than US in terms of greed, materialism and overuse of technology. It's no longer the ancient, proud, civilized and cultured East I was born in.

I know my heart goes to Russia. When I travelled to Russia and other CIS countries, it's like I found a piece of oasis in this restless world. I'm aware Moscow/St.Pete is not the true Russia. So I definitely don't want to settle in these two places. I have no problem of Siberia (I have lived in Canadian prairie which has similar climate). The only hurdle is all these immigration issues like visa/residency/legal status.

Among the countries I can freely move to and live with my passports, Poland gives the closest feeling I had with Russia, although I'm not confident how long that can last as Poland is also changing little by little.

Also about "polite", in my opinion it has been re-defined by Western values, means giving you as much fake and warm smile/words as possible, but in fact they are the coldest in their heart. I still like the true "polite", means what you express is what's in your heart. I like to be treated with honest heart not the fake mask and also would like to treat others same way.
Lyzko 45 | 9,391
15 Feb 2017 #14
From which country do you hail, globetrekker? Just curious:-)
TheOther 6 | 3,674
15 Feb 2017 #15
It's no longer the ancient, proud, civilized and cultured East I was born in.

What do you expect? That third world countries stay underdeveloped and poor so that people like you can feel all warm and fuzzy inside?

the cancer spread by America.

Are you sure that you left home for more than three weeks? Real "travellers" (you understand the difference between a traveller, a tourist and an expat, do you?) wouldn't make questionable statements like the one above.
DominicB - | 2,707
15 Feb 2017 #16
Among the countries I can freely move to and live with my passports, Poland gives the closest feeling I had with Russia, although I'm not confident how long that can last as Poland is also changing little by little.

You're way too late, then. Poland hasn't felt anything like Russia for years. Even Eastern Poland feels less and less like Russia by the day. The last time I was in BiaƂystok, I was impressed how much it had shed its eastern feel. Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia are not that far behind, so they are probably not an option, either.

Have you considered Moldova? It's probably the least westernized part of the EU. Or the central Asian former Soviet republics? Or one of the African countries? Or Iran? You will encounter far less western influence in those places than anywhere in the EU.
OP globetrekker 3 | 10
15 Feb 2017 #17
I have been to Moldova and loved it. But it's too small and not in the EU, so residency is still an issue. I have also been to some of Central Asian republics, Iran and loved them, they also have the same quality as Russia, but the visa/residency issues are even more strict.

I actually lived in both the Middle East (not the Gulf which is totally Americanized) and Africa long time ago. Really enjoyed my time in Middle East, so peaceful and safe, nicest and happiest people, so rich in history, culture and civilization, people were so proud of their cultures and resisted the pollution of American culture. I once thought that could be the place to settle down. Then the wars and Twitter revolutions totally destroyed the place I loved. Also enjoyed my time in Africa, loved everything except the fear of my own safety due to high crimes, so I had to leave the place I loved again.
Lyzko 45 | 9,391
15 Feb 2017 #18
If you're Japanese aka from Japan, Russia would logistically make the most sense:-)
DominicB - | 2,707
15 Feb 2017 #19

Well, I hope you find someplace where you can feel at home, but there just aren't many pockets left in the whole EU that fit your requirements, and such as exist are disappearing very rapidly. Maybe Indonesia? Or Papua New Guinea? Don't know what immigration issues you would have there.
danielheo 1 | 2
16 Feb 2017 #20
Poland has good price. Good only for vacation. not for long term living
WhirlwindTobias - | 88
16 Feb 2017 #21
I think 10 years from now most countries will either be in a state of westernisation or still not be simply because they're dirt poor. As TheOther implies the more advanced a society becomes the more they engage in degeneracy and consume overzealously - it's human nature to want more or at least what others have. The Internet has compounded this affect because you can log on and see Celebs and their "cribs" on YT with a phone and free Wifi from x location.

Find a country that you can survive in, contains the amenities you want to engage in and build a hole for yourself (and a woman who is willing to sit in it with you) - that's all it boils down to.
TheOther 6 | 3,674
16 Feb 2017 #22
most countries will either be in a state of westernisation or still not be simply because they're dirt poor.

You cannot stop progress, simple as that. Formerly impoverished nations in Asia for example are now on the verge to become second or even first world countries. How can someone seriously expect these nations to stay dirt poor just to preserve their "rich cultures and nice people and the resistance to be westernized", as the OP says? Why should people have to live in horrible conditions? So that some rich kid can experience "authentic" culture for a handful of dollars?

To be honest, I have my doubts that Globetrekker is a genuine poster.
OP globetrekker 3 | 10
16 Feb 2017 #23
If you have the opportunity to travel to some countries like Iran (except Tehran) or Russia (except Moscow/St Pete), you will understand why they try so hard to preserve their values and way of life to not be polluted by western ideology.

They are neither dirty poor nor super rich, most people live safe, comfortable but simple life, feel positive, happy and inner peace, they are modern but never overuse technology such as GMO, bio-chem, automation, IT to affect the human nature. So foods are still organic and healthy, public transport is so efficient so everyone can travel easily but also keep environment and human body healthy. People also have strong beliefs so they don't pursue endless wealth and unnecessary material processions. People still like face-to-face interaction in mosque/church/cafe/market/square/theater in daily life and there are a lot of culture activities instead of American culture garbage.

While in some of most developed countries, I see people are always depressed no matter what they have, their human bodies never move, all kinds of bio-chem stuff fill into their bodies. They are brainwashed by all kinds of media and entertainment, lost beliefs and ability to think independently.

I never believe anything I see on mass media and I'm also never use social media. I simply travel to somewhere to see things in person.

I'm not against any of ideologies. They are all equal. But I hate one ideology trying to kill other ideology and call it progressive. I like diversified world.
DominicB - | 2,707
16 Feb 2017 #24

Perhaps you should consult a lawyer who specializes in immigration to Russia, Iran or the country of your choice. I was in Macedonia three years ago, and was not expecting it to be so heavily westernized, especially the young people. A HUUUUUUUGE difference from when I was there in 1985. Even in the countryside. So you are unlikely to find anywhere "untainted" within the EU, and if you do, it won't be for long. And, like you said, it's getting hard to find such places in Asia, too. My buddy just got back from Nepal, expecting it to be unspoiled and "spiritual", and he described it as "Disneyland during a garbage strike".

Probably the only spots on the planet where you can find people who are completely unaware of Western culture are the Andaman Islands, which is out of the question, and Papua New Guinea. which is a Commonwealth nation, if that helps in terms of immigration. Of all of them, it's probably the easiest place for you to do business or find gainful employment. That is going to be a major challenge in Russia, especially Siberia, if you do not know the language.
TheOther 6 | 3,674
16 Feb 2017 #25
Papua New Guinea

PNG? You can't be serious. That place is a freakin' hellhole, my friend. Their crime rate is among the highest in the world.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,163
16 Feb 2017 #26
PNG? You can't be serious.

Well, if he's looking for an authentic experience free of Western influence, PNG's not a bad bet.
The Iron Sheik
16 Feb 2017 #27
Well Poland has been the choice of several gay British men. They would get the crap beat out of them in Russia for being immoral голубой. At least until Brexit is completed, they can easily live and work here. One even started a language school in Warsaw. It failed, of course. He claimed, due to the Polish owners removing him from management. The Polish owners apparently weren't happy with him hiring his gay "friend" as his secretary, and watching the two chain smoking cigarettes all day together while the business was failing.
DominicB - | 2,707
16 Feb 2017 #28
Well, if he's looking for an authentic experience free of Western influence, PNG's not a bad bet.

And it's going to remain free of Western influence for a long, long time after he is dead and gone. It sounds like he's the kind of guy who has no problem adapting and looking out for himself.
TheOther 6 | 3,674
16 Feb 2017 #29
And it's going to remain free of Western influence for a long, long time

PNG is exactly the opposite of "free of Western influence", Dominic. It's Western influence at its worst; much worse than in some of the Aboriginal communities in Australia.
22 Feb 2017 #30
I'm kind jealous of you that you can travel around and work in so many countries.
I'm from Japan and I have opposite opinions when I choose a place to live, I like exciting big city with good bars and restaurant, everything growing fast and people are greedy...crowds everywhere..

That's why I'm here and if I need to go abroad I want to go to Hongkong, Shanghai in Asia, or will go to NYC or London.

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