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Import car to Poland from NON-EU country (Switzerland)

dgerol 1 | -
26 Sep 2015 #1
I am writing this post again because someone merged my original thread with one regarding importing cars from the EU. I wish to import a Swiss car, and Switzerland is not in the EU and therefore should have different customs taxes...

Hi there,

I've been searching the web for information on how to import my Swiss car into Poland, but the info is either old, conflicting, or not relevant (i.e. is for EU cars).

I will be moving to Poland permanently for work later this year. I am an EU national and will register as a resident of Poland. I am currently a resident of Switzerland and have purchased a new car earlier this year (have owned it for more than 6 months).

My question is with regards import tax. Will I need to pay this in Poland?
27 Sep 2015 #2
If you have owned your car for more than 6 months, then you should not pay any taxes other than the registration fees.
You don't need to get polish plates immediately, you can use your car with the swiss plates up to 6 months after you've come to Poland.
Einstein 7 | 54
26 May 2020 #3
In early 2016 I imported a car from a non-EU country to Poland. I was able to be exempt from paying any VAT or excise tax by declaring that I am importing the car on a temporary basis for no more than 6 months. Is this still possible, or has the law changed?

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