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Why Do You Love Poland?

Sylvio 19 | 155
19 Jul 2018 #811
Dont forget we get horny birds like malgorzata wasserman on TV , for free here.!! :))
Dougpol1 31 | 2,639
19 Jul 2018 #812
At no time ever has my wife or I felt threatened by them

Agreed. The drunks in my area are actually quite pleasant; they live in some sort of social housing scheme,and though I do wonder why they never work, I generally stop and chat when they make a fuss of my dog, and depending on the vibe of things I will dip into my pocket. Live and let live.

I would cross the street when I spy drunks in the UK.
Miloslaw 21 | 5,128
19 Jul 2018 #813
Here in The UK some Poles stand around on street corners,smoking and drinking beer from cans in the evenings.
It's not nice.
But they are never any trouble.
dolnoslask 5 | 2,917
19 Jul 2018 #814
stand around on street corners,smoking and drinking beer from cans in the evenings.

Ah you see where I am the shopkeepers build a little drinking den outside for them to drink in, one even has a little wooden WC for them to use , the door even has a love heart cut out of it to let the air in , how sweet and what a brilliant idea to keep them out of sight and off the street corners.
pawian 223 | 24,583
12 Sep 2019 #815
Dirk regularly says: I love Poland. Then he enumarates reasons:
Polish society hates LGBT.
Poles are against same sex marriages.
Polish cops chase liberal soy boys who support LGBT
Polish cops close an eye to nationalists and football fans beating LGBT supporters
etc etc

A few other members from the US also appreciate that state of affairs and attitudes in today`s Poland.

Now, a fundamental question:

Will they also love Poland when attitudes change in 10, 15 years` time"? It is unavoidable coz Poland perfectly follows the path of Western countries - the events which took place there a dozen or more years ago are happening in Poland today.

So, guys, will you still love Poland when most people are LGBT friendly or at least indifferent and Polish cops mercilessly detain homophobic maniacs?
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,047
12 Sep 2019 #816
Ain't gonna happen thanks to those who love Poland just the way it is. Only the Western whites want to elevate sick to normal for the reasons that still remain a mystery.

Pawian, let's get serious for a moment, and ask this question: is gayness strictly a birth anomaly or can it be acquired? Are you willing to run the risk that it can be acquired?

The risk being that the white repro rate will plummet form the already insufficient 1.7 (2.1 needed to maintain) to even less.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
13 Sep 2019 #817
? It is unavoidable coz Poland perfectly follows the path of Western countries -

Poland has followed western society for a thousand years. Thats not going to change polish peoples mindset and outlook. If anything poles will be even more against.migrants once white people become the minority in places like france. Attitudes towarsa lgbt may loosen up but itd require a change of the constitution to allow gay marraige. Also the fact is the youth is more nationalistic than ever. Just look at even the koderast rallies - mostly older people amd few youth. Then look at the independence day marches and you have tens of thousands of young people marching alongside banners saying no to islam

Polish cops mercilessly detain homophobic maniacs?

Not gonna happen. I predict that in 10 years the cops will manhandle the soy boy leftists that disrupt the nationalists like rn, nop, etc much like they did last year and 10 years ago. If anything by then ill be close to retirement so i can spend my time organizing alongside narodowcy to make sure pride parade marchers receive the same warm welcome they did in bialystok.

Polish government called pride parades a travelling circus and theyre by far the most popular party. Even amongst po voters they dont condone gay marraige. Ans you really think this will change in a decade and cops will detain people who dont like gays? Please....

Quite simply dont expect poland to be cucked like the west anytime soon. Polish people have travelled extensiely around usa and europe and we know firsthand what leftists agendas and multikulti experiments bring. And those that havent been abroad can see whats happening in w europe and they want no part of it. In that sense poles are almost like the israelis - we dont want this nonsense in our homeland. Hell half of poles are against even ukranian migration and theyre nothing like the arabs and africans.

Even po is smart enough not to promote gay marraige or bringing in turd world migrants because they know a ton of their voters would be against that. The 'liberal' parties in poland esp po makes the republicans in the usa, conservatives in uk germany etc look like far leftists. Theyre more conservative than southern republicans.
pawian 223 | 24,583
13 Sep 2019 #818
Dirk ,you didn`t answer my question. Will you still love Poland?
If it is hard for you to imagine another attitude to LGBT here, let`s replace First with Second Conditional.

Would you still love Poland?
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
13 Sep 2019 #819
Of course. It's my motherland. I'd love it even if it was still the PRL.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,047
13 Sep 2019 #820
Pawian, what kind of Poland would you like as far as LGBT's and foreigners?
My perfect Poland is zero and zero. How many would you like?
Please, notice that I didn't write how many you would tolerate. I wrote "like" - starting with zeros and going up. Like: zero gays? Not good. 1%? Still not good. 12%? perfect. That was just an example to help you decide.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 918
13 Sep 2019 #821
What about foreigners who have Polish heritage seeking to reclaim that heritage or citizenship? Are their distinct differences in types of foreigners? What about foreigners that are descendants of those who fled one of the great wars?

I ask because as a "foreigner" legally living in Poland, the native Polish people I know say that being Polish is not simply a matter of having been "born" on Polish soil. Many instances of those born on Polish soil yet not being accepted as "Polish" have been pointed out to me in person. While yet more instances of people being accepted as "Polish" yet not having been born here are also pointed out to me.

Some have gone so far as to say that being Polish is about living Polish, and not as much about being born in Poland.
Rich Mazur 4 | 3,047
13 Sep 2019 #822
Foreigner - a person born and raised outside of Poland.
Dirk diggler 10 | 4,580
13 Sep 2019 #823

Its ironic because many of those same people will name famous poles who live/lived outside of poland, were educated and launched their careers abroad, etc. as national heros. But then the average jozef who lived a similar life isnt somehow polish....

Generally citizenship determines ones polishness and pl citizenship can be acquired by poles living abroad born to polish parents and those of refugees fleeing wars, prl, etc or were exiled.
PolAmKrakow 2 | 918
14 Sep 2019 #824
While I agree with many of the discussion points on many topics in this forum, I cant agree with the theory or rule of being born on Polish soil or of Polish parentage making you Polish. Polish, in my opinion is the assimilation into Polish society and the acceptance of those traditions, language, and customs of the country.

While Poland is not a widely multicultural society, examples of this assimilation or non-assimilation can be seen everywhere. I recently met an Asian who is a Polish citizen by birth, but does not participate in traditionally Polish customs, or share conservative viewpoints, and prefers to speak Thai or English over Polish. This to me is someone who may live here, but is not really part of the Polish society.

I have also met Poles from London who don't speak Polish but carry Polish passports. To call them "Polish" is a stretch in my opinion when they only return to Poland for weddings or funerals.

As an American, living in large multicultural communities in the past, it was assimilation into "American" life that made "foreigners" not seen as being foreign by the community.

While I understand there are strong opinions on "walls" and immigration on this forum, I believe part of those opinions are formed because of non-assimilation of those foreigners that have helped create those arguments.
14 Sep 2019 #825
Generally citizenship determines ones polishness

I'm with PolAmKrakow on this one, I don't agree. I'm not talking about you personally here, but I fail to see how an American who has acquired citizenship by descent for example, and has never set foot in the country and knows little about it, can really be considered 'Polish'. By law, yes, that person has Polish ancestry, but that's about it. That person knows little of life on the ground or even speaks the language. How Polish is that? I recently found out that there is French ancestry on my mother's side of the family. That doesn't make me French does it? The whole idea to me is crazy. I'm not saying that a person should not be proud of their Polish ancestry, far from it, but I think in general, Pol-Ams are more in love with the idea of being Polish. How can one love a country one hasn't even set foot in?

Polish, in my opinion is the assimilation into Polish society and the acceptance of those traditions, language, and customs of the country.

This is how I see it too.
Dougpol1 31 | 2,639
14 Sep 2019 #826
I'm with PolAmKrakow on this one

So are you saying that the Asian guy born in Poland that PolAm references isn't Polish? So, by the same token, Asians born in Britain who have lived there all their lives aren't British?

That would also mean that PolAm isn't American.
pawian 223 | 24,583
14 Sep 2019 #827
Of course. It's my motherland. I'd love it

That`s nice, you have made a huge impression on me now, let`s hope you will stick to your word sooner or later.

Like: zero gays? Not good. 1%? Still not good. 12%? perfect. That was just an example to help you decide.

I can`t decide about the quota/ratio of LGBT in the society.. Nobody can. I thought such things are regulated by nature, or if you prefer, God.
Ironside 51 | 12,462
14 Sep 2019 #828
Polish, in my opinion is the assimilation into Polish society and the acceptance of those traditions, language, and customs of the country.

and take them as your own and work for good of the country.
Yep. It is an essence of the Polish culture. There is problem as in Poland exits a foreign implant and some people are part of Soviet culture. As long as you steer away from them you should be OK.
NoToForeigners 9 | 994
14 Sep 2019 #829
Catholicism. Catholicism is BIG in Polish tradition, culture and history. I'm agnostic but i do accept catholicism as a part....well... of myself in some way. May not be religious but it definitely is cultural. You can be an atheist or a fking satanist but you will eat that carp on Christmass and share communial wafer with family.
Lenka 5 | 3,530
14 Sep 2019 #830
Not all people do. Really. However Christmas did became cultural celebration and will survive even if the church falls. Not so sure about Easter though.
Ironside 51 | 12,462
14 Sep 2019 #831
you will eat that carp

yuck Who would eat something like that?

a fking satanist

Nah that is too much - Satanists to Siberia.
NoToForeigners 9 | 994
14 Sep 2019 #832
yuck Who would eat something like that

I love carp and leszcz. I love all the muddy fish

church falls

The church will never fall in Poland regardless how much you and leftard agenda want it.
Russian commies tried to get rid of it and failed. EU communists will walk the same path.
Communists always try to fight the chyurch. USSR and EU (isnt a commie Altiero Spinelli a "face" of the EU?) with their atheist army.
You will fail anyway.

What i do like about EU is they don't hide their populistic, communistic regime aspirations.
The monument of euro in Brussels is there for anyone to see.

The Euro. The EU is carrying it and all those beggars that beg for it are the EU nations' populations.
We are the beggars.

I recommend all to watch Dobromir SoĊ›nierz (Konfederacja party. I don't support them) YT video on what EU really is.

With English captions.
Lenka 5 | 3,530
14 Sep 2019 #833
Maybe not but from what I see church has more and more trouble with attendence, callings etc. The end of socialism actually harmed church IMO. Earlier they were perceived as the core of freedom fight but once that has been acomplished people situation changed. Of course one may pretend that all is sound and good but that will only worsen the situation
mafketis 37 | 10,852
14 Sep 2019 #834
The end of socialism actually harmed church IMO

I would say the church's behavior since the end of socialism harmed the church - religion as a compulsory subject in schools probably did the most harm as it turned the church into a repressive authoritarian institution (rather than a refuge from oppressive authoritarian institutions).
Lenka 5 | 3,530
14 Sep 2019 #835
True. Add to that that teens stopped just listening without challenging (something many priests in schools don't want to and can't understand), church involvment in politics etc and you have what you have. I still don't think that the bishops caught up with this. It seems they still don't realise the difference in power. We will see.
NoToForeigners 9 | 994
14 Sep 2019 #836
The end of socialism

Socialism (the radical form of it communism) never ended, It just evolved (devolved?) into European Union. Where leftards rule, where ppl aren't elected but assigned to jobs by elites. UE has very much in common with USSR it just acts more gentle.
Lenka 5 | 3,530
14 Sep 2019 #837
Yeah, yeah.

But even if that was the truth this time Poles voted for it. And judging by the polls would still vote to join EU.

And somehow it doesn't change the situation of the Church and problems it faces
Ironside 51 | 12,462
14 Sep 2019 #838
hat teens stopped just listening without challenging

What makes you think that teens ever were listening to anything without challenging or a pinch of salt? I think you better get rid of some imaginary patters that do not exist in real life.

the bishops

the bishops as well as others were harmed by the Soviet occupation and post-communisms in Poland.

church involvment in politics

What involvement in politics,. I'm always peeved by this empty slogan that gets repeated by tools. WTF do you mean by that other than I disagree with this or that so my opponents should shut the hell up.
Lenka 5 | 3,530
14 Sep 2019 #839
Stories of both teachers and former students. And I'm not talking about having doubts but about openly challenging the dogma. I myself heard from the priest that he is not there to discuss things with us. Didn't go down too well in my class. Few people signed out of the classes after that.

Oh my, boo-freakkin- hoo. Who cares if they were or were not affected by PRL. The thing is they are blind to the situation and cling to status quo- doesn't affect me but the church will hurt. Not now, not in 5 years but the situation will deteriorate quicker and quicker. They are lucky that as for now there is not much of an alternative.

I don't care what tou get peeved with. The truth is quite a lot of priesrs get openly involved. Just Rydzyk is enough and he is just one of many ( although the most powerful).
NoToForeigners 9 | 994
14 Sep 2019 #840
Yeah, yeah.

We believe that the idea of EU is great, We just loathe the abomination that the EU is nowadays.
EU isnt a country, yet it acts like one (Iran ships? what right the fcuk EU has to say anything about that? Is Iran in EU?).

We (Poles) want the EU to become what it always supposed to be. An Union of free markets. We don't want fkin Germans and the French to set laws or constitutions in sovereign countries.

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