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Why Do You Love Poland?

Lenka 3 | 1,750
14 Sep 2019 #841
You and your other personalities?

There are probably Poles who share your opinion but there are also many who consider EU a positive force. And it seems the later are in majority for now. Deal with it.
NoToForeigners 7 | 1,026
14 Sep 2019 #842
We dont want Euro-police or Euro-army Germans try to force....

No. Me and over 40% of Poles legal to vote. And you will see that on 13.10. We will just erase PO and other marksists from Polish history. :)

Many Poles want to stay within EU. Make a poll about if ppl want the EU to change or not and u'll see what i am talking about
Lenka 3 | 1,750
14 Sep 2019 #843
That poll would be pointless without asking what exactly should change. And since it's an organisation of 27 countries it's not only Poles whose wishes count. All those countries have to meet in the middle. Anyway- none of this matters in the matter of church in Poland
NoToForeigners 7 | 1,026
14 Sep 2019 #844
Poll would say:
You want EU to interfere with your county's internal politics/laws
or you dont want the EU to interfere with your country internal politics/laws

Result would be obvious

But leftard democracy is chauvinism.... UK will probably vote as many times as it is needed for leftards to get "proper" results.
Chemikiem 6 | 2,075
14 Sep 2019 #845
So are you saying that the Asian guy born in Poland that PolAm references isn't Polish?

No I'm not saying that. I might not have made myself completely clear. I am in agreement with this statement:

Polish, in my opinion is the assimilation into Polish society and the acceptance of those traditions, language, and customs of the country.

Which contrasts with what Dirk was saying about citizenship determining Polishness. I am talking specifically about citizenship through descent here. By nationality law, yes, a PolAm is considered to be Polish. Yet, that person may never have set foot in Poland, doesn't know pierogi from pączki, and afaik, can vote in Polish elections! I am gobsmacked that a person gets the right to vote and help to decide the fate of Poles actually living in Poland, whilst never having lived there, all on the basis of ancestry.
Miloslaw 6 | 2,901
14 Sep 2019 #846
By nationality law, yes, a PolAm is considered to be Polish

I am of pure Polish descent and yet I am regarded as British.
Do Pole Ams really have more rights than Anglo Poles?

back to the topic everyone, please
PolAmKrakow 1 | 121
16 Sep 2019 #847
As with nearly everything political there are some hard line issues. I am a legal resident of Poland, pure Polish ancestry on both sides of my family. I pay taxes in Poland, have moved my business to Poland, and employ Polish people. I am learning the language, and assimilating. Yet according to hard liners, I am not Polish because I do not have a Polish passport.

Yet, the person who refuses to assimilate, and has a Polish passport by birth, is "Polish"? If you take the same argument to the USA, then everyone born on USA soil regardless of their assimilation should be a USA citizen. Yet in USA we want to drill down further and look if their parents entered the country legally.

The difficulty I went through in getting Karta Pobytu even with my ancestry, I was comfortable with. Irritated, but comfortable with the process and the thoroughness of it. This came across as a country being protective of who lives in the country, which is something I like.
Dougpol1 32 | 3,296
16 Sep 2019 #848
The difficulty I went through in getting Karta Pobytu

Of course. Because you are American - not Polish. It is very difficult for Americans to get right of stay here simply because of the visa requirements for Poles visiting America. Tit for tat.

Nothing to do with Poland being protective of who lives in the country. It's a simple matter for other EU citizens to settle here. A group of Syrians live down the road (market traders) They have EU passports, and happen to be muslim, Poland can't keep them out even if they wanted to, much as the racists would love to.
PolAmKrakow 1 | 121
16 Sep 2019 #849
I actually thought of that Visa tit for tat idea. But was told by the investigator that is was actually simply because it is so uncommon for an American to request residency that they are surprised when it happens. The Visa situation is likely to change for Poland. If your understand the Visa approval process, and who actually is processing the Visa's, the waivers are based on successful application numbers compared with denials. Once successful applications reach a certain threshold, which Poland is now approaching, the waiver will happen. It really has very little to do with Poles over staying their Visa's now. I know this because I do a lot of Visa work for athletes going to the USA and Canada in my business.
Dougpol1 32 | 3,296
16 Sep 2019 #850
was told by the investigator that is was actually simply because

My answer to that is this:
Interior ministries the world over are scum. Our British Home Office most definitely is. They are lying if they tell you that the Polish situation for foreigners is going to change any day soon.

Mountains will fall into the sea before the Poles give way and give prefential treatment to Americans - whilst it is so relatively difficult for Poles to get a US visa. I'm not saying that's right, but the interior ministry is in place for the convenience and will of the state, and not to do the bidding of it's citizens. Completely arse about face - and as I said, they employ scum to do their dirty work for them.
maksonen96 - | 1
5 Jan 2020 #851
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