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Help me find this Polish band and song....

nunczka 8 | 458
3 Feb 2012 #31
Siwy Kon--- This is as close as it comes

A grey horse, a grey horse, painted sleigh,
He went, he went to his lover.

He went and arrived, she waited for him,
and when she saw him, she gave him a kiss.

She gave him a kiss, whispered in his ear
Jasiu (that’d be Johnny in English :), stay with me, I’ll love you.

No one knows, no one knows, and no one will know
why our beloved Jaś was in prison!
fredfred 1 | 3
22 Jun 2012 #32
Merged: Lyrics/Name of Polish Folk Song about a Fox

I am wondering if anyone might know of the name/lyrics to a Polish folk song about the travails of a fox.
This is the only Polish song my mother sang to us as children and I am trying to find the name/and lyrics
for a piece i am writing about her life.

As I don't speak Polish - I am giving a very (!) rough transliteration in English. It goes something like this:

hodje lisek, kowardroge
chihou tenkya stavya nove
das om da....

and so on.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
strzyga 2 | 993
22 Jun 2012 #33
Chodzi lisek koło drogi
Cichuteńko stawia nogi,
Cichuteńko się zakrada,
Nic nikomu nie powiada.

Chodzi lisek koło drogi
Nie ma ręki ani nogi,
Kogo lisek przyodzieje,
Ten się nawet nie spodzieje.

Chodzi lisek koło drogi
Nie ma ręki ani nogi
Trzeba liska pożałować
Kromkę chleba mu darować.
boletus 30 | 1,366
22 Jun 2012 #34
This is a very old, traditional play for kids. It requires a large number of participants, so it is great in a nursery or during birthday parties. Children sit cross-legged in a circle, each participant puts his hands behind his/her back, on the floor, palms up. One of the children, a so-called "fox" goes around the circle with a little ball in his hand (it can be just a ball of paper) in the rhythm of the song sung by children.

A little fox walks near the road,
It steps very quietly,
It sneaks very quietly,
And says nothing to anybody.

During the singing the "fox" plants the ball gently into a palm of one of the seated children, and quickly runs around the circle. The child who got that "gift" needs to catch the fox. The chase continues until the fox runs around the circle and sits down on the space vacated by the child (or if the fox is caught). A child with the ball becomes the new "fox" and the fun begins again.
fredfred 1 | 3
24 Jun 2012 #35
Thank you so much to those who replied re my query on the children's
"Fox Song"

Greatly appreciated!
amitkl - | 1
3 Jun 2013 #36
Merged: 'Mature cherries are getting picked..' - Please help me to find an old polish song

In the late 1930's, my grandfather used to sing to my dad polish song. I don't speak polish but the translation is something similar to the following:

Mature cherries are getting picked
Greens remain on the tree
Beautiful girls are captured quickly
Ugly remain alone

Not politically correct, but that was the song.
Does this ring a bell to anyone?

I'll be more than thankful, if you can locate this song and let me know.
My grandfather did not survive WW2.
... and this is one of the few memories from him. It will make my dad very happy to hear it again in polish.

Waiting for replies:

Amit, amitbkl@yahoo
3 Jun 2013 #37
Here you.. Do you possibly kno where ur grandfather fought or lived.. It is my personal hobby to collect such memories since i am fan of polish ww2,zolnierska,mila.html

kcr357 - | 1
11 Jun 2013 #38
Merged: Looking for a Polish Folk Song (Polka?)

First off, sorry if this isn't the place for this question, but can't find anything anywhere on the net, so....
I was watching a vid on youtube, it is the song at 1:20. Somewhat reminds me of the polka my grandfather listened to back when I was a little kid.

I can't insert a link, btw, so it needs a "double u double u double u dot before the address. If anyone can help me, I would appreciate it.
23 Aug 2013 #39
Merged: Polish song my mother would sing to me. She didn't speak Polish.

Looking for some help. My mother would sing me a song at bedtime. Her mother would sing it to her. My mom didn't speak Polish so I doubt that she pronounced all of the words correctly. Her mother was Lithuanian, so the song may not even have been a Polish song.

That being said, the song sounds like this :

Oonka noonku a la glaysu bavu
oonka noonku yey you ya vo
oonka noonku lay lu la vo
oy yoy yoy

Magdalena 3 | 1,837
23 Aug 2013 #40
Nope. Not Polish. I know it's garbled, but it doesn't seem to have been Polish originally either. I think you might have more luck searching by the tune than the words. It might be difficult, but not impossible. It would probably entail listening to lots and lots of Lithuanian folk songs (I would throw in Belorussian songs as well, as the linguistic borders were quite blurry), which isn't such a bad thing in itself :-)
Angela H
24 Aug 2013 #42
Merged: Help finding what I believe to be a Polish song?

So, I heard this song a long time ago by change on Youtube and I absolutely loved it, but I don't remember the name of it and am having trouble finding it.

The Youtube video for the song only had a picture to go along with it which was of two women, one who was blonde and one who had brown hair, if I'm remembering correctly, so I assume they were the artists.

I remember the tune of the song, but not many lyrics, unfortunately. It begins kind of like:

hey hey, ustre etstazine... (probably not close to the correct spelling, sorry!)
and then after that I know the melody but not any "lyrics", though that line above repeats a lot throughout the song

I put the lyrics through google translator when I first heard it and I think it's a love song where one of the people in the relationship is using the drug ecstasy which is causing a strain on the relationship, if that helps?

Sorry, I know this is really vague, but I suddenly remembered the song today and it's killing me to not know it's name thus making it impossible for me to find and listen to it again!
DominicB - | 2,709
24 Aug 2013 #43
hey hey, ustre etstazine

Probably "lustro ekstazyjne". Sorry, but a Google search turned up nothing.
bsarlo - | 3
18 Sep 2013 #44
Yiddish maybe?

OK. I am in Kwidzyn now and asking around. Most people say it is not Polish. I'm going to keep looking though...
Wulkan - | 3,249
18 Sep 2013 #45
Her mother was Lithuanian, so the song may not even have been a Polish song.

may not? Have you ever concidered starting career as a detective?
Magdalena 3 | 1,837
18 Sep 2013 #46
Don't be so snarky. The OP's grandmother was Lithuanian. That doesn't mean that she couldn't have had contact with Polish culture or indeed married into a Polish family.
bsarlo - | 3
18 Sep 2013 #47
My grandfather was Polish.
Wulkan - | 3,249
19 Sep 2013 #48
That doesn't mean that she couldn't have had contact with Polish culture or indeed married into a Polish family.

ofcourse she could, The op could also go to a Lithuanian forum in a first place and sort the problem out within one day instead of fooling around on the streets of Kwidzyn (city not far away from where I come from) by asking people of the meaning of some gibberish written on a piece of paper.
20 Sep 2013 #49
That being said, the song sounds like this

Your best bet would be looking for melody angle. As this is gibberish.
20 Sep 2013 #51
What make you say that? Do you know Yiddish or anything that sounds gibberish you are classing as Yiddish. I would say it sounds Belorussian if forced but as I said his best bet is to go and look for the melody angle.
rozumiemnic 8 | 3,840
20 Sep 2013 #52
*sighs* it was just a thought - ( i have heard yiddish spoken in london and tel aviv)
bsarlo - | 3
20 Sep 2013 #53
I've heard Lithuanian folk music and it doesn't sound anything like it, but I will keep searching. I came to this forum because my mother said it was Polish. My Grandfather was from somewhere near Suchowola. It could be Yiddish, but there was not a big Jewish population in that area of Poland and none of my family is Jewish. Also, I am in Poland for work, so not much time to ask people on the street about the one really fond memory of my childhood. That gibberish stuck with me and I sing it to my children. I just thought that while I was here, I would ask my Polish coworkers and try this forum as it has seemed to help others identify songs.
Magdalena 3 | 1,837
22 Sep 2013 #54
As I said before, you should try Belorussian folk music as well. My grandfather came from that general area and the three cultures - Polish, Belorussian, and Lithuanian - were quite intertwined.
yehudi 1 | 433
23 Sep 2013 #55
Yiddish maybe?

Doesn't sound like Yiddish at all.
31 May 2014 #56
Looking for a Polish Folk Song

This is Ukrainian song, not Polish - Cadillac by Dzidzio. Btw. - very nice music ;)
jack1977 - | 6
10 Jun 2014 #57
hi all, i too am looking for a song. well actually dad is. He speaks Polish well and i am still learning, i can use a computer where as dad is still learning. So here we are: as best as he can remember the song is along the lines of widzowie marisha or widzowie marina. he can't quite remember. something about a girl climbing a ladder and looking up her skirt and seeing her legs are like tree stumps. many thanks in advance for any help you can offer!
10 Jun 2014 #58
jack1977 - | 6
10 Jun 2014 #59
fantastic! Dziękuję bardzo!
10 Jun 2014 #60
no prob. my dad used to sing it when he got a little tipsy ;)

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