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Help me find this Polish band and song....

noskii 2 | 16
11 Jun 2014 #61

Hej Sokoly. One of my favourite Polish songs. This one, I learned the song complete with the lyrics translated into English, during some intensive Polish course in a university.
jack1977 - | 6
11 Jun 2014 #62
thanks! funny how a few bottles of vodka can bring out the singer in our fathers! My favourite growing up was szla dzieweczka do laseczka!

I'm trying to track a few more down... it's a mission and a half!
Kathleen - | 1
27 Jun 2014 #63
Merged: looking for the first line to a song " Cztery nogi w kupie.........."

My Mother is 90 and every time she hears parts of this song she we, her daughters have been trying to jog her memory and sure enough she came up with the last 3 lines. She says it's a very dirty song....nasty..terrible. She and her sisters would sing it under their breath when the men weren't around. But as a kid I heard it because I was usually playing under the table with my Grandfather's scotty dog. It would be good to hear her laugh that way again. They were from the area around Zakopni in Mala Polska....Highlanders....well here goes. I'ts something to do with coming home from church in a hay wagon

cztery nogi w kupie,
leżał chłop na babę
i kiełbasa w dupie
JLesh - | 9
28 Jun 2014 #64
I speak very rudimentary Polish and even I can recognise that's a pretty dirty song! Don't know the first line though so really am of no help.

I don't know if you wanted it translated but to me it says:

Four legs in a pile
Man laying on the old woman
And a sausage in the butt.
jon357 67 | 16,907
29 Jun 2014 #65
It's an extremely dirty song that might not have been written down very often. There may be something on the internet but nothing shows at a quick look. Maybe your best bet would be to ask someone elderly round Zakopane. There are plenty of such songs in Polish, some better known than others ("Ej po Orawie..." for example). It reminds me if one my granny used to sing (in a different language) which also never made it to the internet age.
7 Jul 2014 #66
Merged: Please help....Song my grandfather used to sing " O mama mama stoi mi............"

My grandfather and I used to sing a song on our walks together.

He past on over twenty five years ago and I have never been able to find the lyrics to the song anywhere.

Please help me.

I apologize for saying / spelling these words wrong.

Sounds like....

O mama mama stoi mi
Stoi mi pure-co ookopAlooshka

O mama mama zagra mi
Zagra mi pure-co ookopAlooshka

Thanks for your help...!!
13 Jul 2014 #67
Try this on youtube: "panno walerciu", a little different words but still the melody match I guess;) This song is still often singing on wedding receptions and due to rhymes has a little perfidious meaning:). Hope it help.
25 Jul 2014 #68
Your suggestion helped so very much, thank you.

It was not the right song but I was able to find the lyrics to help with the correct Polish words (kapelusza).

I have tracked down the title:

Stoi mi piorko u kapelusza by Jaworski, Stas

but I cannot find lyrics or additional information on this polka.

If somebody can help with this updated information, I would appreciate it a lot.

Thanks in advance.
polishmusicfan 1 | 13
29 Jul 2014 #69
Here's L'll Wally singing his version of the song from his album Polish Party For Adults Only - starts at 2:08 of the video.
8 Aug 2014 #70
Thank you so much for posting the video.... hearing the song brought back a lot of memories.

Can anybody help me find the written lyrics to Stoi mi piorko u kapelusza by Jaworski, Stas?

I would like to print them out & frame them with my grandfather's picture.
Lost song
11 Oct 2014 #71
Merged: Nursery song starting " Puk puk puk puk panienchka? "

I am looking for an old polish nursery rhym, sang to my mother in Poland in her childhood.
It starts:
Puk puk puk puk panienchka
Does any one have a clue?
Paulina 10 | 1,856
11 Oct 2014 #72
Maybe it's this one:

Do biedronki przyszedł żuk,
W okieneczko puk-puk-puk.

Panieneczka widzi żuka:
"Czego pan tu u mnie szuka?"
Lost song
18 Oct 2014 #73
Thank you ,but I'm not sure.. My mother remembers the beginning
I will try to write it as it sounds ...

Puk puk puk puk panienchka
Otvosh porshe okanechko
Otwush zewa
Ee do okna popachewa

It has to do with a bird knocking on the window of little girl.

My mother is from the pyenini mountain area . Maybe this will give a lead..
Looker - | 1,091
18 Oct 2014 #74
It should be it: (although different variations of this song came out)

Jedzie ułan poprzez sioło,
Piosnką nuci se wesołą.
Jedzie ułan urodziwy,
Parska pod nim konik siwy,
Wąsik kręci, szablą dzwoni,
Od dziewczyny też nie stroni.
Bo dziewczyna dla ułana,
To pociecha niezrównana.
Stuku, puku w okieneczko,
Otwórz, otwórz panieneczko!
Panieneczka otworzyła
I ułana przytuliła.
A raniutko, gdy kazali,
Znów pojechał ułan dalej.
Panieneczka popłakała
I o chłopcu zapomniała.
Lost song
25 Oct 2014 #75
Thank you
I can recall some of the lines..
What is it about?
I guess my mother remember only part of it..
9 Jan 2015 #76
Here's L'll Wally singing his version of the song from his album Polish Party For Adults Only

Was anybody able to help with written lyrics?

I have the song in digital format now; so if anybody could help document the lyrics, I will post to YouTube and add a link to this site, let me know.

Thanks again.
anemonee - | 7
9 Jan 2015 #77
I couldn't find it on the Internet but if you will share a digital format I could write down the lyrics :)
nikzzz - | 4
10 Jan 2015 #78
song about a queen, king, etc. made of sweets

it's that lullaby for sure :)
18 Jan 2015 #79
[Moved from]: I am looking for an old Polish song my step dad taught me

Does anyone know an old Polish song about a dog going in a butcher shop? It is a song that repeats itself again and again. I dont know how go spell the words in Polish but I can sing it and it is dear to me. It basically says "A dog went into abutcher shop and took some meat. The fat mean butcher kills the dog. The skinny nice butcher feels bad for the dog.He buries and onhus grave it says........and repeats. Yes quite the silly song but I love it because my step dad taught me when I was a young girl and I treasure this memory. Thank you!
Veles - | 164
18 Jan 2015 #80

You mean this? I haven't found other video/mp3 on the Internet with these lyrics.
18 Jan 2015 #81
I clicked on your link and it is a man being beaten which is obviously not what I am talking about
Yason - | 6
18 Jan 2015 #82
You check here and see if it's listed:
milawi - | 60
18 Jan 2015 #83
which is obviously not what I am talking about

it is the song you've asked about, try to focus on the sound and subtitles, instead of the image
Glos_wolny - | 1
18 Jan 2015 #84
Wpadł pies do kuchni i porwał mięsa ćwierć, a jeden kucharz głupi zarąbął go na śmierć, a drugi kucharz mądry co litość w sercu miał, postawił mu nagrobek i taki napis dał...

Is this the one U mention?
5 May 2015 #85
Merged: unknown Polish song


i just want to learn a songs name i had few seconds of it.
2 polish people listened the song but nobody understood.
i tried so much to find from internet but i couldnt find it.
thoose polish people told me that maybe the song is from golec orkiestra.
i listened nearly all of their songs but i couldnt find.
i really appriciate if someone can help me to find this song.
if you want to help i can upload these few seconds.
Wulkan - | 3,249
5 May 2015 #86
if you want to help i can upload these few seconds.

go for it
grandson123 - | 1
27 May 2015 #87
I couldn't find it on the Internet but if you will share a digital format I could write down the lyrics :)

anemonee, YouTube did not work easily for me.

I will try to contact you via email so that I can send you the digital format.

I really appreciate your help

Thanks again.

Thank you

That's great that they were able to help. I know what it means to connect to a song from your child hood.
1 Jul 2015 #88
Merged: Looking for a Polish song about a mother protecting her baby from bombs or war?

My husband is from Poland, and his mother died when he was quite young. He was telling me about a song she sang to him, and I would like to find it for him. He doesn't remember what it is called, but it was about a mother sheltering her baby from bombs? He said it was a very sad and beautiful melody. Does anyone know what this song is?
notes007 - | 2
1 Jul 2015 #89
in this song the mother isn't actually protecting her baby from bombs, but maybe it's this song: ; (it's quite popular in Poland)
jadzia Orchid
24 Nov 2015 #90
My dad and I also used to sing the Polish song Wiśi Mi Piórko u Kapelusza (Feather hanging in my hat)

The words went like this:

Oj Mamo, Mamo, wisi mi!
Wisi mi.
Oj Mamo, Mamo, wisi mi;
Wisi mi.
Wisi mi piórko u kapelusza,
Oj Mamo, Mamo, wisi mi.
Wisi mi.

Oj Mamo, Mamo zwiędło mi!
Zwiędło mi.
Oj Mamo, Mamo zwiędło mi;
Zwiędło mi.
Zwiędło mi piórko u kapelusza,
Oj Mamo Mamo, zwiędło mi.
Zwiędło mi.

In the verses the "wisi mi" and the " zwiędło mi" we sung by a second person, like an echo.

Wisi means "hang"
Zwiędło has these meanings : became lifeless, faded, drooped, wilted, withered, fainted. This all depends in the context of how the word is being used.

The word "zwiędło" does not appear to be in the Polish dictionary. So whether this is very old Polish word I have no idea. The older generation certainly do know the word and its meaning.

So in the first verse the piórko (feather) is hanging (wisi).
In the second verse the piórko (feather) has drooped or wilted (zwiędło).
In this song, "piórko" could be referring to a sexual male organ

We never did sing any more verses, so I do not know if there are any more verses to this song.

I asked my dad whether this song has any "naughty" innuendos, but he now has Altzheimer's, so although he remembers to sing the 2 verses, when asked about whether there was any sexual innuendo to this song, he replied "no". He said there are only the 2 verses and that "zwiędło" in the song means the lad's brain went dizzy and he fainted. A 77 year old Polish lady that I know told me that the word "zwiędło" means to faint. Her interpretation of the song was that the lad went dizzy and fainted, but the song could have sexual innuendos.

The website below has other sexual innuendo songs,85

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