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Help regarding Poland's National 'D' Visa Appointment at Mumbai Consulate!

thecodergeek 5 | 31
28 Oct 2017 #91
I called the mumbai consulate , its ready .

I will go on monday to collect the passport.
28 Oct 2017 #92
Dear, I need to submit my application to New delhi, But compare with New Delhi and Mumbai Requirments New delhi not asking to submit and documents from poland(other than Permit) but For mumbai we need to submit polish employers' Contracrt..
Mayur21 - | 9
28 Oct 2017 #93
@thecodergeek - Great congratulations, all the best....
thecodergeek 5 | 31
28 Oct 2017 #94

If you are applying in Delhi , please follow Delhi checklist [ you can attach extra documents if you have ] . For any clarification you can send mail to
Sada - | 15
28 Oct 2017 #95

Dear, I asked about your experince, I wrote them to 10000 times but neversresponded even for the telephone line.
thecodergeek 5 | 31
28 Oct 2017 #96
hmm i thought they will respond as i got the response from delhi embassy

Regarding your question : if its mention only work permit than only submit work pemit. mumbai and delhi . both are different entity with different document requirements .

experience :

1) Arrange all the documents as per Document checklist
2) submit the documents at the counter [ no visa interview ] and they will give token number
3) check the token number on website
4)once token number is available , go and collect the passport
Sada - | 15
28 Oct 2017 #97

Thanks your response,

where you submit your application??
Did you submit your contract copy?
thecodergeek 5 | 31
28 Oct 2017 #98

where you submit your application?? - Mumbai
Did you submit your contract copy? - Yes , its mention in Mumbai document check list
Sada - | 15
28 Oct 2017 #99

I am going to submit in New delhi but I dont have my contractansd employer said its will signed after arrival.

So what you think?? will it effect to my application?
thecodergeek 5 | 31
28 Oct 2017 #100
According to me , if its not mention in document checklist then its not going to effect.
Sada - | 15
28 Oct 2017 #101

Okay Lests see dear.

Thank you.
Sada - | 15
30 Oct 2017 #102

Did you collect your passport?? Any updates???
suhasnadgouda 1 | 15
30 Oct 2017 #104
Congrats !
I am not able to see the attached checklist for Mumbai consulate. Can you please reattach the checklist?
Sada - | 15
30 Oct 2017 #105
Aquarian - | 21
30 Oct 2017 #106
I need to Apostille my marriage certificate for obtaining dependent visa for my spouse, I have a query and need your help in the answer

My marriage certificate has my spouse name with my surname , however all her other documents like passport/Aadhar/VoterID and my child birth certificate has her maiden surname.

Please let me know if i Apostille my current marriage certificate , will it be valid ?
31 Oct 2017 #107

Anyone got appointment dates for student visa at the Polish consulate in Mumbai?
Thank you
Sada - | 15
1 Nov 2017 #108
No one need to answer after they got information from others 😔
OP Abhian 1 | 29
1 Nov 2017 #109
I think it should be valid as long as you apostille it. However you can never be certain of what consulate thinks.
raahi24 - | 11
1 Nov 2017 #110
I collected my Passport on 30th, it was submitted on 9th of October. The list in website is still not updated though. People waiting for their passport should try calling the consulate on the said hours to find out if it's ready, high chances of it being ready and just waiting for the bulk update on the website. This for National Visa.
suhasnadgouda 1 | 15
2 Nov 2017 #111
For my dependent I booked an appointment in national d visa 'others' is it correct? or I have to book it in 'work'?
appreciate immediate reply!
OP Abhian 1 | 29
2 Nov 2017 #112
Both are fine as long it is national d visa.
suhasnadgouda 1 | 15
2 Nov 2017 #113
Thank you for response!
What is the duration of travel insurance you issued for your spouse/dependent (6 months or 1 year) ?As I can see most of the insurance companies

provide travel insurance only for maximum of 6 months !
OP Abhian 1 | 29
2 Nov 2017 #114
I did travel insurance for dependents for one month.
Sada - | 15
3 Nov 2017 #115

Hello Dear,


May I know which type of visa you applied? either student or Work? if work where you applied your application?

raahi24 - | 11
6 Nov 2017 #116

I applied for National -work. Mumbai Consulate.
8 Nov 2017 #117
Student visa is now showing no slots till December 11 . just 2 hours ago there was no slot open. Is that all slots booked already?
raahi24 - | 11
9 Nov 2017 #118

You must check on Monday's and Tuesdays mornings between 8:30 to 9:30 am for slots to be open. They don't have the option of choosing for slots open all round the week
Abi Kenix - | 3
10 Nov 2017 #119

Regarding Visa Interview date in Mumbai

I am Abi Kenix from Tamilnadu. I have got admission in Gdansk university for September intake. Unfortunately I couldn't able to get the interview date due to lack of date availability in Mumbai consulate. Now I have changed my admission to February intake.

Now also the consulate website shows lack of date availability to 15th December. can anyone help me to get the interview date or any suggestions to get the interview date soon.

please help me!
OP Abhian 1 | 29
10 Nov 2017 #120
@Abi Kenix
Have you tried reaching out to Mumbai consulate through mail? Also look out for dates on Monday/Tuesday morning every week 8.30 am-10 am. You should try to get the earliest appointment and then you can write to consulate for scheduling it earlier.


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