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Laws on walking a dog in Polska

Dougpol1 32 | 2,708
26 Jan 2014 #61
A modern day Robin Hood you are Dougpol1, hanging out in the forest with your merry group of non conformists. I guess you cite all things "Thatcher" as your reason for leaving the UK, :-)

Nah - married a Polish woman. I wouldn't be seen dead with an ugly Brit :)
26 Jan 2014 #62
Nah - married a Polish woman


I wouldn't be seen dead with an ugly Brit :)

You must have been north of Watford then!
Dougpol1 32 | 2,708
26 Jan 2014 #63
I'm from Nottingham mate :))
26 Jan 2014 #64
So I was on the money with Robin Hood :-)
Roibeard79 2 | 45
6 Apr 2021 #65
Probably won't make a difference to dog owners cleaning up after their dogs let's see. It's very bad where I am doesn't appear anyway cleans up after their Dog
pawian 177 | 14,533
6 Apr 2021 #66
It's very bad where I am

Yes, it might depend on the region. In my area almost everybody does - I am really surprised. But still some research must be done to establish if people fear fines or are so aware of the problem.
Strzelec35 20 | 1,114
6 Apr 2021 #67
what do you guys do or what do you recommend me to do if i see them with a dog ******** and they dont clean it. just ignore it? but yea Poland can be weird this way particularly in small coastal towns with garbage and dog **** everywhere destroying the scenery. a lot of these nor i people like middle aged women or families in park Krasinski in Warsaw unleash their dogs and let them run somewhere far where they take a shet. most of these people dont walk with dogs on leashes.

even if you call the militia or straz couldn't the person just claim you're lying and trying to blame him or her for somebody elses dog shet? how would you prove its them unless you would know ahead of time they wont clean it and snap the dog taking a **** right there and then?

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