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Short Polish<->English translations

jon357 65 | 13,668    
12 Jul 2015  #181
Maybe we can manage it in the week without killing ourselves.
25 Jul 2015  #182
Merged: Need help translating English to Polish for a girl I love

I have tried using these free translation sites to communicate w/this Polish girl I have fell head over heels for & they always make me look like a complete fool. I have not spoken to her for an extended amount of time & just wanted to send her a simple message. Can someone who is Polish tell me if you understand this please? tyvm

Marzyłem o tobie ostatniej nocy we śnie. Chciałem ci wysłać wiadomość do powiedzenia mam nadzieję, że jesteś zdrowa i szczęśliwa Iga
Zazulka 3 | 129    
25 Jul 2015  #183
The first sentence is correct. I am not sure what you are trying to say in the second sentence. Can you write it in English?
27 Jul 2015  #184
What Zazulka said. :)

old Polish form of word ('dziatek')?

I saw an old book that said "dla małych dziatek". I thought the way to say "for small children" is "dla małych dzieci". So, is dziatek an old form of Polish?

Yes. One form is still in use 'dziatwa'.

dziatki = children
dziadki = grandpas
29 Jul 2015  #185
zajebisty ;)
30 Jul 2015  #186

The original sentence: "I am as interested in content provided by other tractor owners as I am in the online content generated by the company of my primary tractor brand"

Someone translate it to me: "Jestem zaciekawiony treścią oferowaną przez innych właścicieli ciągników, ponieważ należę do treści online wypracowanej przez firmę mojej podstawowej marki ciągników"

However, I am not sure if it captures the original meaning of the sentence. Can you please provide assistance? The translation should capture the original meaning of the sentence and be grammatically correct.

Moreover, "Konsumowanie treści online dotyczącej mojej podstawowej marki ciągników jest zajmujące" <--- Is this grammatically correct?

Thank you very much.
  31 Jul 2015  #187
"Konsumpcja" in this case is more likely restricted to things one can eat.

ulubionej marki

As in favourite brand or the brand you mostly care about.
2 Aug 2015  #188
what is the translation (from English to Polish) for:

"I received a lot of messages from other angry customers of Aneta Nowak.
I also received the actual conversations and negotiations, that will be posted here on the website soon."

Thank you
Looker - | 994    
2 Aug 2015  #189
I would say more-less:

'Dostałem wiele wiadomości od innych rozgniewanych klientów Anety Nowak.
Otrzymałem również treść faktycznych rozmów i negocjacji, które wkrótce zostaną zamieszczone tutaj na stronie internetowej.'
3 Aug 2015  #190
Merged: Melangować - translation needed

Does anyone know the meaning of the verb: Melangować? It was used in the context: "melangowałam do rano"
Polonius3 1,007 | 12,507    
3 Aug 2015  #191
"melangowałam do rano"

Heavy drinking (high-powered partying) till dawn.
It should be "do rana" and a more common form is melanżować rather than melangować from French mélange (mixture, mish-mash).
3 Aug 2015  #192
Thanks a lot Polonius. That explains a lot!
rafbendl 2 | 5    
5 Aug 2015  #193
Merged: Grammar - Help with some translations

Hi there!

I'm learning polish by myself and I have some doubts over the right translation of these sentences. If some one could help me i'd be very happy xD

what color is this pencil? --> jaki kolor jest ołóvek?
what is the plural of "chair"? ---> Jaki jest liczba mnoga od krzesło?
Looker - | 994    
5 Aug 2015  #194
what color is this pencil?

jaki kolor ma ten ołówek?
jakiego koloru jest ten ołówek?

what is the plural of "chair"?

jaka jest liczba mnoga od "krzesło"?
rafbendl 2 | 5    
5 Aug 2015  #195
Thanks looker! XD
but why do we use the genitive in this question "jakiego koloru..."?
Looker - | 994    
  5 Aug 2015  #196
Tricky question for me :) I'm not a teacher or linguist, I'm just a native Polish speaker.
I think that it is used interchangeably when asking for colors.
So: jaki kolor ma = jakiego koloru jest -> just keep in mind, don't analyze ;)
Polonius3 1,007 | 12,507    
5 Aug 2015  #197
jakiego koloru jest

What colour is that shirt = Jakiego koloru jest ta koszula?
5 Aug 2015  #198
but why do we use the genitive in this question "jakiego koloru..."?

Genitive(dopełniacz) answers to a question of "to what and to whom" something belongs and a colour is a feature that "belongs" to the pencil. Can't be any clearer than this simply because i ain't a teacher :)
rafbendl 2 | 5    
6 Aug 2015  #199
Thank you so much guys! that's very helpful xD learning polish by yourself is quite something hahaha
9 Aug 2015  #200
Merged: Looking for help in translation (wood machinist)

Hi there,

I am trying to translate something to polish using the online translator but it seems to not completely understand what i am trying to get across!

What i am looking for is a company in poland that is a wood machinist, i type this in and seem to get results for timber suppliers... i have tried to play around with it, wood suppliers, frame maker, chair supplies ect ect to no avail..

A better description of what i am looking for is this... I am i need of a wooden chair frame supplier from poland, these would be sent in flatpacked on pallets. The frames are solid wood cut to size to be made in the uk and upholstered. UK description would be wood machinist but i cannot seem to crack it!

Any help as to what i should be searching for would be very much welcomed.

Many thanks.
Looker - | 994    
9 Aug 2015  #201
wood machinist

How about 'tokarstwo w drewnie'?

For example two wood machinist companies in Poland:
Polonius3 1,007 | 12,507    
9 Aug 2015  #202
tokarstwo w drewnie

Maybe wood-lathing? There may be an exact term but this gives you an idea what it's all about.
10 Aug 2015  #203
How about 'tokarstwo w drewnie'?
15 Aug 2015  #204
Merged: What is the meaning of "kuracyi"?

As in the following phrase I've found in an old Polish book: Muszę ja się na seryo wziąć do kuracyi.
Looker - | 994    
15 Aug 2015  #205

It most probably is the same as 'kuracji' in Polish language - genitive form of kuracja - treatment.
So the whole sentence may sound as:
I really need to have some treatment.
kpc21 1 | 763    
15 Aug 2015  #206
Yes. The book is from the times when the Polish spelling was slightly different. The same with "seryo" - now "serio".
Kilkline 1 | 689    
18 Aug 2015  #207

could some help with a few words of translation? I've done the usual through google translate cant quite get the gist. The phrases are:

wykreowalam sobie nawet synka, ktorego ktos mi w koncu jeszcze zrobi


przytul sie teraz do migacza bo ja tylko do 40 letniej boazeri, ktora bum najchetniej mlotem sciupala


ukladaj sobie zycie, nie zapomnij mi wyslac happy pics a jak cie szarosc zycia jeszcze kiedys przytloczy to ci qwarantuje, ze za mna i moja sielanka zatesknisz

Looker - | 994    
  18 Aug 2015  #208
I'll try:

wykreowalam sobie nawet synka, ktorego ktos mi w koncu jeszcze zrobi

I even imagined myself my little boy, a son - eventually somebody get me pregnant.

przytul sie teraz do migacza bo ja tylko do 40 letniej boazeri, ktora bum najchetniej mlotem sciupala

Hug your flasher (? I don't know what this person meant saying 'migacz') because I can only hug my 40 y. old wooden paneling, which I would love to smash with the hammer.

ukladaj sobie zycie, nie zapomnij mi wyslac happy pics a jak cie szarosc zycia jeszcze kiedys przytloczy to ci qwarantuje, ze za mna i moja sielanka zatesknisz

Build a good life, don't forget to sent me happy pics and if you feel overwhelmed by this life then I guarantee you that you will miss me and my idyll.

For sure a lot of stylistic errors - but I'm not a native English speaker.
Kilkline 1 | 689    
  18 Aug 2015  #209
thanks Looker, that pretty much what I got from it. Not sure if theres some slang in there i.e. 'boazeri'- not sure what the word is referring to in this context.

Also, when the person is saying 'bo ja tylko do 40 letniej boazeri' is that not 'I'm only 40 years old paneling ' or is it what you wrote above?
Looker - | 994    
18 Aug 2015  #210

This is from 'boazeria' in Polish although it may be some kind of a nick name of someone? (I didn't meet such nick name though yet) More context would be helpful.

So basically what I wrote is what I understand and it refers on hugging to something, not to be it ;)

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