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Which books do native Polish people in Poland use to learn Polish?

pawian 176 | 15,325
10 Apr 2021 #31
This one used to be on the reading list for 5th grade - I read it a few times coz it was one of my fav books in childhood - and later I read it to my kids, together with the sequel.

Tumbo from the Cape of Good Hope is a story about an African boy who has to escape racist persecution in the RSA. He illegally boards a ship which he thinks sails to Dakkar where his aunt lives but in fact it is a cargo ship with an international crew which supplies provisions to Antarctic stations. Tumbo gradually becomes a part of the crew, yet not without some racial problems. He is protected and taken care of by sailors from Europe who reject racial discrimination. But he is also abused and hated by sailors from the southern United States - confirmed racists ( around the times of racial segregation in the USA). Tumbo, who works as a chef`s assistant or kitchen boy, has multiple amazing adventures during his trip when he sails across the southern seas - he escapes from a rogue cook who plans to kidnap him into slave labour, takes part in an air crash and greatly contributes to the success of the rescue mission, boards a whaling ship and kills a whale (I never liked that part coz I have always loved animals.).

When we read books, we usually imagine we are the good characters. No, I didn`t imagine I was Tumbo. hahaha But I always imagined I was Olaf from a Scandinavian country - Sweden or Norway - who whole-heartedly takes care of Tumbo on the cargo ship and defends him against racial attacks by those villain Americans coz he is a simple, sympathetic, decent man. He has always been my role model.

Now you know everything about me.

  • Olaf takes care of Tumbo after the boy has been found on the ship

  • Tumbo escapes from the rogue cook at the whaling station

  • Tumbo climbs the mast chased by furious sailors who accuse him of adding poison to their meal
10 Apr 2021 #32
polish book
pawian 176 | 15,325
28 Apr 2021 #33
Tumbo from the Cape of Good Hope

I forgot to mention the book was written by the Centkiewiczs.

There is a sequel called Tumbo will never find peace. Tumbo is in his mid teens now and confronts his female peer, a daughter of a whaling ship captain. She is a racist obnoxious daredevil girl who treats Tumbo like a half slave. When she is swept off the board during a storm, Tumbo jumps into to the sea after her. They survive and have many adventures later on, and Tumbo saves Karen again and again. Gradually, she gives up her racist attitude and starts perceiving the boy as a brave, caring, noble human being.

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