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Help with Polish handwriting translation, please.

12 Apr 2016 #1
Would it be possible to upload a few images of some Polish handwriting from the 40's so that it can be translated. Thank you.

is it possible to upload pictures, or not?
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RubasznyRumcajs 5 | 492
12 Apr 2016 #2
Why won't you just upload it to imgur and link it here?
OP Landohairspray
12 Apr 2016 #3
Yes, good thinking.

First one...

Second one...

Thank you!
kadamus 1 | 6
14 Apr 2016 #4
Hello. I can help you.

First sentence.
W dniu urodzin zasyłam swą podobiznę memu Bratu Bronkowi.

Second sentence.
Łódź, dn. 23.1.5?
Kochanej Cioci i Wójkowi na pamiątkę daruję swoje zdjęcie z drugiej klasy.

I'm glad I could help you.
I offer my help.
OP Landohairspray
16 Apr 2016 #5
Thanks, thats great.

Can you provide an accurate English translation? are 'Wójkowi' and 'zasyłam' names?

Many thanks.
Mapsuta - | 7
16 Apr 2016 #6
are 'Wójkowi' and 'zasyłam' names?

wojkowi- to/for uncle
zasylam- i am sending ( today we say "przesylam")

It will all be:

First sentence:
"I am sending my picture (portrait) to my brother Bronek for his birthday"

Second sentence:
Łódź 1/23/1950 (?)
I am giving this picture from second grade as a souvenir to my beloved aunt and uncle.
OP Landohairspray
16 Apr 2016 #7
Thank you Mapsuta.

These notes were written on the back of pictures sent to my late Grandfather.

He came over to England during WWII. His 'English' name was Bruno. Would the 'Bronek' name on one of these sentences be his given Polish name?

Also, his surname in England was Ziemer. Could this also have been different in Poland?
Mapsuta - | 7
16 Apr 2016 #8
Bronek is usually name Bronisław. I assume it is a little bit hard to pronounce it. Maybe this is why he was called Bruno. But in fact Bronislaw and Bruno are totally different names.

Surname Ziemer sounds a bit German but there are many surnames like this in Poland so it may really be the same as you know it.
OP Landohairspray
17 Apr 2016 #9
Ok, so what does the name 'Bronkowi' indicate then? You translated that to 'Bronek' ?
17 Apr 2016 #10
Bronek is a diminutive form of the name Bronisław.

In Polish language nouns are declined, which means their endings alter to show grammatical case, of which Polish has seven.
Bronkowi is in the Dative case. It is just another form ( to keep it simple ) of the same name.
Mapsuta - | 7
18 Apr 2016 #11
Bronek is a diminutive form of the name Bronisław.

In this particular case "Bronkowi" means "to Bronek".
19 Apr 2016 #12
In this particular case "Bronkowi" means "to Bronek".

I didn't realise that, although admittedly I hadn't read through the thread, just the last couple of posts.
I will have to remember this, as reading back I noticed that you mention 'wojkowi' as to/for uncle as well.
Quarter polish
1 Dec 2021 #13
Hi, can anyone help me with a handwritten polish letter, it's likely dating back to 1930's-1940's... thanks
10 Apr 2022 #14
I have a cache of letters in cursive (pdfs) from old world family in Poland,1947-1965, perhaps 30. I would like to have them translated and put into MS Word. Would prefer a price for batch. Willing to send the collection in Zip file and receive estimate.

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