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Polish Language Exchange Thread

kadamus Activity: 1 / 5
Joined: 14 Apr 2016 ♂
14 Apr 2016  #91

Merged: Who wants to help me learn Polish? Can teach you English in return

Who wants to help me learn Polish? Can teach you English in return.

Lyzko Activity: 11 / 2,447
Joined: 12 Jul 2013 ♂
19 Apr 2016  #92


After several (as yet unanswered) e-mails, my offer still stands: my Polish for your English:-)
pablo6791 Activity: - / 1
Joined: 19 Oct 2016 ♂
19 Oct 2016  #93

Merged: I can teach Polish in exchange for English

I will help in learning the Polish language foreigners . I prefers personal contact by skype . I am a native Pole. I live near Warsaw.
I invite you to contact me people speaking English who want to learn Polish.
Let us help each other. :)
Skype: Paul K. ( from Warsaw , In my logo is a motorcycle )
If I is not available, please send a message. I'll answer.
Lyzko Activity: 11 / 2,447
Joined: 12 Jul 2013 ♂
19 Oct 2016  #94

Hi again, Paweł aka Pablo!

Trust you've already received my e-mail. I don't presently have access to Skype and so would prefer e-mail, if that's still possible:-)
4 Nov 2016  #95

As-salam àlaykum: Peace be up on you,My name is sam, mechanical engineer arabic men 26 years ,i love anything about Personal development(reading more 20 books at years), traveling , Geek,and working in beekeeping .

i am very happy who meeting new person and practice language
my mother language arabic and i have lesson free who want learn arabic language(you have good chance we will fluent in arabic with me) and i am fluent at French i can help you and now practice english.....i also want learn lot lot polish language because I want to live in Poland

I would like to find somebody serious who would like to practice her/his eng skills over the Skype ,whatapp,viber. Contact me at my mail:
Lyzko Activity: 11 / 2,447
Joined: 12 Jul 2013 ♂
4 Nov 2016  #96

Salaam alaykum to you as well!

I take it you mean "Greek" in the second line, as "geek" is something entirely different:-)
18 Nov 2016  #97

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a Polish speaking person - native or advanced learner, who would like to help me practise the language. I can offer help in English or if anyone is interested - in Bulgarian, too.

@pablo6791 - I tried to find you on Skype, but with no luck.
Lyzko Activity: 11 / 2,447
Joined: 12 Jul 2013 ♂
18 Nov 2016  #98

Welcome, Haydi _Kroft!

As you post that you are a Bulgarian native speaker looking to learn Polish, how authentic is your English? I ask because you offer assistance with those wishing to learn English and I was only curious whether you are bilingual, that's all:-)
18 Nov 2016  #99

I'm not bilingual, but I think my English is good enough to help anyone who needs it :)

PS: I guess it's just a mistake you made, but my nick is "laydi_Kroft" - the most incorrect way to spell "lady_Croft" :P
Lyzko Activity: 11 / 2,447
Joined: 12 Jul 2013 ♂
18 Nov 2016  #100

I hope so)))

Oh, the typo, yes, thanks! Indeed, your English AND your Polish both look excellent:-)
Practice makes perfect/Ćwiczenie czyni mistrza.
19 Nov 2016  #101

Hi! My name is Sophie. I'm an American girl. I want to learn Polish and I can teach you English in return. My Polish is pretty much beginner so I have almost no Polish skills. You can ask what you'd like (simple chatting, lessons, etc.). My skype is: abcfuxq but I prefer Facebook messenger. I dislike Skype lol. Dziękuję!
19 Nov 2016  #102

I forgot to mention, I'm living in Japan and speak Japanese, so if you want to learn Japanese I can help you with that too! Thank you (and sorry for the double post).
Helianthus Activity: - / 4
Joined: 23 Dec 2016 ♀
23 Dec 2016  #103

I am a native English speaker also learning Polish and would love people who can comfortable speak the language for emailing, facebook chat, phone, and Skype (though it may take a little while before I feel comfortable skyping with a stranger). I am happy to help with English, of course!

Please feel free to message me or email me!

peter_olsztyn Activity: 5 / 990
Joined: 18 Apr 2007 ♂
23 Dec 2016  #104

Czesc. I am a native Polish speaker also learning English. I'm living in London at the moment trying to catch this lovely choked nasal accent. I think I can say now: thank you, available, immediately, Lewisham, Silvertown, Abbey Road and mind the gap between the train and the platform of course :) available was a real pain in the ear. At the moment I'm still unemployed so feel free to message me or email me in Polish. I always was curious if I'm able to teach someone ;)

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