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Polish Language Exchange Thread

kadamus 1 | 6    
14 Apr 2016  #91

Merged: Who wants to help me learn Polish? Can teach you English in return

Who wants to help me learn Polish? Can teach you English in return.

Lyzko 15 | 3,496    
19 Apr 2016  #92


After several (as yet unanswered) e-mails, my offer still stands: my Polish for your English:-)
pablo6791 - | 1    
19 Oct 2016  #93

Merged: I can teach Polish in exchange for English

I will help in learning the Polish language foreigners . I prefers personal contact by skype . I am a native Pole. I live near Warsaw.
I invite you to contact me people speaking English who want to learn Polish.
Let us help each other. :)
Skype: Paul K. ( from Warsaw , In my logo is a motorcycle )
If I is not available, please send a message. I'll answer.
Lyzko 15 | 3,496    
19 Oct 2016  #94

Hi again, Paweł aka Pablo!

Trust you've already received my e-mail. I don't presently have access to Skype and so would prefer e-mail, if that's still possible:-)
4 Nov 2016  #95

As-salam àlaykum: Peace be up on you,My name is sam, mechanical engineer arabic men 26 years ,i love anything about Personal development(reading more 20 books at years), traveling , Geek,and working in beekeeping .

i am very happy who meeting new person and practice language
my mother language arabic and i have lesson free who want learn arabic language(you have good chance we will fluent in arabic with me) and i am fluent at French i can help you and now practice english.....i also want learn lot lot polish language because I want to live in Poland

I would like to find somebody serious who would like to practice her/his eng skills over the Skype ,whatapp,viber. Contact me at my mail:
Lyzko 15 | 3,496    
4 Nov 2016  #96

Salaam alaykum to you as well!

I take it you mean "Greek" in the second line, as "geek" is something entirely different:-)
18 Nov 2016  #97

Hi everyone!

I'm looking for a Polish speaking person - native or advanced learner, who would like to help me practise the language. I can offer help in English or if anyone is interested - in Bulgarian, too.

@pablo6791 - I tried to find you on Skype, but with no luck.
Lyzko 15 | 3,496    
18 Nov 2016  #98

Welcome, Haydi _Kroft!

As you post that you are a Bulgarian native speaker looking to learn Polish, how authentic is your English? I ask because you offer assistance with those wishing to learn English and I was only curious whether you are bilingual, that's all:-)
18 Nov 2016  #99

I'm not bilingual, but I think my English is good enough to help anyone who needs it :)

PS: I guess it's just a mistake you made, but my nick is "laydi_Kroft" - the most incorrect way to spell "lady_Croft" :P
Lyzko 15 | 3,496    
18 Nov 2016  #100

I hope so)))

Oh, the typo, yes, thanks! Indeed, your English AND your Polish both look excellent:-)
Practice makes perfect/Ćwiczenie czyni mistrza.
19 Nov 2016  #101

Hi! My name is Sophie. I'm an American girl. I want to learn Polish and I can teach you English in return. My Polish is pretty much beginner so I have almost no Polish skills. You can ask what you'd like (simple chatting, lessons, etc.). My skype is: abcfuxq but I prefer Facebook messenger. I dislike Skype lol. Dziękuję!
19 Nov 2016  #102

I forgot to mention, I'm living in Japan and speak Japanese, so if you want to learn Japanese I can help you with that too! Thank you (and sorry for the double post).
Helianthus - | 4    
23 Dec 2016  #103

I am a native English speaker also learning Polish and would love people who can comfortable speak the language for emailing, facebook chat, phone, and Skype (though it may take a little while before I feel comfortable skyping with a stranger). I am happy to help with English, of course!

Please feel free to message me or email me!

peter_olsztyn 6 | 1,086    
23 Dec 2016  #104

Czesc. I am a native Polish speaker also learning English. I'm living in London at the moment trying to catch this lovely choked nasal accent. I think I can say now: thank you, available, immediately, Lewisham, Silvertown, Abbey Road and mind the gap between the train and the platform of course :) available was a real pain in the ear. At the moment I'm still unemployed so feel free to message me or email me in Polish. I always was curious if I'm able to teach someone ;)
Sandoub - | 1    
6 Feb 2017  #105

I am a native Arabic speaker also English as well and learning polish, I just moved to live in Poland started few days ago and my polish language is too poor so I have almost no Polish skills. so if you would to learn Arabic or English and learn me Polish i will be appreciate it

So if anyone would like to text me please fell free to ask.
monti123456 - | 2    
18 Feb 2017  #106


Polish Language exchange with English

Hi ...I am a native Arabic speaker also English as well and learning polish, I will move to live in Poland next month and my polish language is too poor so I have almost no Polish skills. so if you would to learn Arabic or English and learn me Polish i will be appreciate it

So if anyone would like to text me please fell free to ask...
skype montimonti123456
Margaretlarmuth - | 1    
10 Mar 2017  #107


Polish and English language exchange

I can offer you an English language exchange. I can give English Conversation on a Business level to someone who will give me very basic Polish. I can offer Business conversation, how to pitch a project, how to close a deal, business etiquette at meetings and when traveling, and how to write a better CV. You can contact me. Margaret Larmuth - Tel 576343415
Lyzko 15 | 3,496    
10 Mar 2017  #108

hi, margaret

Guess there's no further need since receiving your e-mail just now:-)
Sorry to have bothered you!
Polish wannabe    
13 Mar 2017  #109

Hi there, I speak English and am attempting to learn Polish. I use the Duolingo app and it's great but I'm finding it hard to work out exactly why different words are used at different times. For example in English we say there, their, they're etc.. depending on what we are talking about.

If someone with a good understanding of the Polish language could explain some of this I would be more than willing to help with English. I use Skype if that's any use - hutchisaurus
sylwiaewa55 - | 2    
14 Mar 2017  #110


I'm looking for someone to learn my daughter Polish language


I'm a mother of 4-year of child. I'm looking for patient person (the best would be a lady) to learn my daughter Polish language. If you are interested, send me an email on: Price for an hour course (4 times per month) - negotiable.

Thank you
PolandMO - | 4    
9 May 2017  #111


Nauka polskiego

Chętnie nauczę kogoś polskiego w zamian za angielski.
I can teach conversation in Polish in exchange for English.
PolandMO - | 4    
11 May 2017  #112

Maybe I ? I am from Polish.
PolandMO - | 4    
11 May 2017  #113

@Polish wannabe
Maybe I ? I am from Poland.
balaclava89 - | 1    
25 Jul 2017  #114


Exchange skills – Your English in exchange of my Polish

Hi! :) I would like to improve my English skills. I can offer you my Polish in return.

If You live in Warsaw and have free afternoons or weekends we could meet and talk talk talk;)
We can also use skype, if You want;)

I'm 28 and I work in bank sector.

Write me ;)
Lyzko 15 | 3,496    
25 Jul 2017  #115


Just sent you a private message, balaclava890!
Marek aka "Lyzka"

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