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14 Mar 2019
Life / Why does Poland need racial diversity? Opinions [67]

Many Asians can't consume dairy at the same amount as Whites, especially Central Europeans. That is just one example. Ethnics adapting our cultural norms isn't the only problem or that simple. Sometimes these norms exist because of geographical and biological reasons.

Another thing: "diversity adds new ideas". This is true and Poland should not be stagnant to the changing World. But we aren't behind an Iron Curtain (actually other extreme we are in European Union) and furthermore we have a very large diaspora population. Thus our Native culture/society is always being shaped. But logically one must make room for new ideas and this requires altering or even eliminating old ones. That is the negative side that Pro-Diversity crowd won't tell you. I.e Supermarkets only have so many shelves and adding in exotic cuisine means replacing other (Native) products.
6 Sep 2018
Travel / Eventually Traveling to Poland (from America) [10]

Sorry. That's

40 USD / night for AirBNB. In Krakow in great location. I found some for even 25 USD but older furniture, longer travel distance and for example no cable tv or pull out bed instead of legit nice bedroom bed

Beer is around 3 zloty. Meal out in the town 10-15 zloty. So with dollars thats the equivalent of a fast food meal in America but in a sit down restaurant in Poland
6 Sep 2018
Travel / Eventually Traveling to Poland (from America) [10]

How easy: Very. 90 day Visa as USA citizen

Cost: ticket prices keep decreasing with improved air flight technology and more competition. Recently more flights from the USA West Coast

Use the site: Momondo

June-August and Christmas are the most expensive seasons. The difference in price can be double. My round trip flight in mid June (return late July) was under $1200 but a few stops and average airline quality. Typical more comfortable flight will cost around 1400

Poland still uses it's own currency so prices aren't inflated. Typical beer is $2-5. Meal is $10-20. Difference is conversation rate. 1 US dollar currently equals 3.7 zloty. So you can really stretch your money.

I rented an AirBNB in Krakow with washer, fridge, wifi, cable TV and new appliances (1 room + living room + bathroom) in the center of everything worth visiting for under $40 / night . . . .
12 Feb 2018
News / Israel opposing potential new Polish law to criminalise term 'Polish death camps' [1538]

Seems Israel Japan Saudi etc can have a monoethnic state but when Poland wants one they see it as a problem.

Japan & Saudi are Non-White so their wishes for self preservation are respected

Hollywood has successfully beaten the world over the head with their Jewish story. And I'm not just talking Holocaust

IMO this current discussion and Poland's decision to NOW argue is part of the ongoing attempt by Poland to spread its story. By doing this it helps people understand why we are weary of ethnic migrants.

Ultimately we are part of the EU, which is left oriented. So we will increasingly face pressure to turn Brown.

> For example one of the leaders of the Democratic party stated this on the government floor last week
"This was such a proud day for me because when my grandson blew out the candles on his cake, they said, 'Did you make a wish?'... He said, 'I wish I had brown skin and brown eyes like Antonio.' So beautiful, so beautiful. The beauty is in the mix," she told her House colleagues.
16 Sep 2017
News / Berlin terrorist attack -- Poland's ethnic homogeneity a true blessing [436]

2 separate Islamists attacks in France today

"French police have one terror suspect in custody and are on a manhunt for another terror suspect after two separate attacks today.

In Paris, a knife-wielding man attacked police while shouting "Allah Akbar," while in Burgundy a hammer-wielding man attacked two women in a park while shouting ISIS slogans."
13 Sep 2017
Food / Papa John's Pizza coming to Poland [28]

It is mostly a price thing. The cost of American chain pizzas nose dived after the market crash. There was a time when Little Caesars "Hot and Ready" $5 pizza [I know it's gross] was a ridiculous price. Now you can get $7 to $9 carry out Larges [2 to 3 toppings] at all the chains.

I understand eating a $20 pizza when out on the town with date/friends. But spending that much to sit on my couch is a bit rich.
13 Sep 2017
Love / Polish girls are outstanding in terms of their moral conducts as compared to western girls. [29]


Why go thru the Polish hurdles: her family won't approve, you will be judged in the neighborhood and your mixed child will feel out of place. Head West my friend. Your son/daughter can even be President/Prime Minister one day. Unless you are wealthy (by European standards), you are better off finding a Polish girl in the UK/USA if that is what you are fixated on.
8 Sep 2017
Life / Polish Attitudes toward America [36]

We are arguably the most Pro-USA nation in Europe mostly because it is a bargaining angle against EU and especially "Russian aggression". But the support ain't what it use to be in the 90's before relative free travel for polaks ("American streets are paved with gold!"). The main negative is the culture. But polaks that move to the USA overwhelming stay permanently which is not the case in Western Europe. Mostly because the biggest positive is the $$$. Easy to find work (especially in Chicago if you can't speak English) and live a decent live as long as you want it bad enough. The Cold War era is still fresh so the endless opportunities that capitalistic America offers is very attractive to polaks. IMO if I'm gonna be living in multiculturalism (Western Europe and increasingly Central & Northern) then I might as well get the most bang for my buck as they say and do it in America. But again, the culture is a growing problem and I am not sure how that will play out as polaks increasingly have a negative opinion of what is occurring in Western Europe and much of that is western civ, which is heavily molded by pop culture in America. Ultimately polaks just want an opportunity and USA is number 1 in that department
7 Sep 2017
News / Tragedy of Polish couple; Polish woman repeatedly raped in Italy, her partner almost killed [101]

^ Dirk

In the US they tend to rule based on probability of repeat offender. If you have no (significant) prior arrests, hold a job/attend University or come from financially stable home (probably represented by attorney) - then the charges will not be as severe

Also, there is (IMO good) difference between sexually assaulting a girl you took home from the bar (common on college campuses or high school parties) versus attacking strangers on the street. Because while the judge might relate to the college girl assaulted as his own daughter, there could still have been steps taken to prevent. Most attacks occur by someone you know. But this event in Italy could happen to anyone including the judge on vacation. And that is more scary
6 Sep 2017
News / Poland Sports News [991]

And yet they were so rubbish that they went out of the Euros before Wales.

Lost to eventual Champion
6 Sep 2017
News / Coup d'├ętat taking shape in Poland with Soros in background? [59]

He is wasting his time in Poland. If a polak is disillusioned with Poland, then they head West. Individuals born in the West have nowhere to go for more progressiveness, so they stay put and cause problems [Antifa/Blacklivesmatter]

In general, Polish men are too masculine to agree with most of what Soros preaches.
6 Sep 2017
Love / What do you think of Polish girls? [40]

Since you are a foreigner, the girls that gravitate towards you will most likely contain the negative traits you listed. They are (for countless reasons) looking for a way to the West and you are their easiest and most exciting gateway.

Most of them that I know like the black boys

Don't you have some Blacklivesmatters rally to loiter at?
6 Sep 2017
Food / Papa John's Pizza coming to Poland [28]

Papa Johns (about 10 years ago) was head and shoulders above the rest. But they expanded and with it quality declined. They are still the best but the gap has shrunk. The so-called creator of Papa Johns is recognizable from advertisements - many times partnered up with an athlete. I wonder if they will continue this strategy in ads in Poland.
6 Sep 2017
Love / Are Polish people very family oriented? [17]

In American standards, polaks are very family oriented.

Good responses in this thread. He just immigrated 3 months ago, let the man settle in. But that is the danger: you have to give him space to grow comfortable (with America and with you) but this also risks him meeting someone else along the way.

On the brightside based on your posts, it doesn't seem he is fixated on dating/marriage. So I think he is just centered on $$$ [and as Mafketis posted he is probably financially supporting family] at the moment. I don't think you really have much choice at the moment but to stay patient.
29 Aug 2017
News / Tragedy of Polish couple; Polish woman repeatedly raped in Italy, her partner almost killed [101]

Florida - it has more murders per year than Spain, Italy and Greece put together.

A-lot of that is migrants in Florida killing each other in their own communities.

After experiencing such an event: being physically knocked out and then possibly forced to watch my partner be raped - I don't see how I could go on without being a firearm owner.

"I rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6"