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Why does Poland need racial diversity? Opinions

pawian 181 | 16,861
13 Mar 2019 #1
I don`t have time to elaborate as usual, providing a dozen reasons supporting the subject question. Therefore, for the time being, only one reason.

Reason 1 - Fully personal and egoistic.

I am bored to death by having to deal with white race only. Every day I see, meet, work with, talk to, argue with, love, teach Caucasian people. I have had enough. White colour can be so dull, I would never paint a room all white because it would look depressive, like a hospital or even worse.

Why can`t Poland be like the USA or Great Britain where melting pots work 24/7 and create advanced societies which are admired and envied by other nations?

I am not afraid of losing our cultural integrity by its dissolution with immigrant culture because Polish culture is attractive enough to encourage immigrants from all over the world to adopt it. I could see it on the example of those few Asian/black families, who decided to settle in Poland (also in communist times), that I have met in my life. Parents have worked hard to achieve a high standard of living, they didn`t beg for benefits, while kids are already pure Poles, only their skin or eyes are a bit different. So what?
Vlad1234 17 | 823
13 Mar 2019 #2
Isn't Poland heading in this direction fast enough? So, why to get troubled?
Shitonya Brits
13 Mar 2019 #3
WOW! What a shamelessly racist thread the OP started. Creepy too with his admitted aversion for and intolerance of the "white race".

The OP references the USA as an example to follow but betrays his abject ignorance of it despite widely available information.

Here are just a few examples of this:

1) The USA has laws and policies such as "affirmative action" which enforce diversity by actively discriminating the majority white population. The USA also has "special emphasis" heritage months to preserve the separateness of gender and race such as Women's History Month, Black History Month, etc. So the "melting pot" mantra is a myth. There is no cultural integrity in America. There never has been. Even signage is bilingual or multilingual in many areas of business and government. If everyone integrated then in the long run there eventual would be no diversity. Additionally, history shows that America created an advanced society when the country had a majority white European population. There was no advancements in society before the European settlers and not since following the 1965 Hart-Celler Immigration Act which effectively stopped immigration from Europe and opened it up to the rest of the world. It's been openly talked now for a very longtime both inside and outside America about how it is in steady decline in terms of social cohesion, education, infrastructure and even its ability to stay ahead in technology. Look at the sad state of Britain too. Poles are leaving now in droves. Heck, one British diversity hustler on here abandoned its diversity over a decade ago. The facts speaks for themselves.

2) Before his death the assassinated American civil rights activist Martin Luther King (who belonged to its black minority population) called on all Americans to judge each other by the content of their character and not the colour of their skin. However, the OP only mentioned having knowledge of "a few Asian/black families" he met who "worked hard to achieve a high standard of living." Yes, they may have achieved a high standard of living for themselves in Poland compared to their homelands. But what did they give back to Poland in return for this? What did they do that no Pole could have done? Naturally, the OP doesn't provide an answer to any of this. The OP's "Reason 1" is not only "fully personal and egoistic" as he states but his lack of specifics to support the economic and social benefit of having racial diversity in Poland actually belies his real desire which is simply his personal fetish for different skin colours. Indeed, he admitted he finds "white" to be "so dull".

Martin Luther King is spinning in his grave, folks.

What a sad existence the OP has. It's not a case of Poland needing racial diversity but the rather the OP craving it in his personal life. Look at how extremely late he has been posting on a near daily basis. Doesn't his wife want him in bed with her? It seems not. It also appears that the OP can't afford a holiday abroad to a non-white country and without having to take his "better half" with him. So his solution to all this is to take to the internet and vent his personal frustrations under the guise of being virtuous towards other races and other cultures. He is exasperated that there hasn't been a deluge of non-white migrants pouring into Poland from all around the world. He is old and his time left on Earth is getting shorter by the day. Without racial diversity in Poland and soon he knows he won't be able to reignite his sex life nor cure his "jungle fever".

We hold these truths about the OP to be self-evident. :)
Lyzko 32 | 7,865
13 Mar 2019 #4
I think the question ought to read "Of what value is racial diversity in Poland?"
Probably, reacting as an American, I would tend to think that everyone in a country ought to be
considered as a native of that country.

However, I realize that such is nearly impossible, particularly in a homogeneous and conservative society like Poland.
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,842
14 Mar 2019 #5
Of what value is racial diversity in Poland?"

A Harvard decade long study proved that multiculturalism harms a society.

So the answer is racial diversity provides negative value.
Ironside 51 | 11,499
14 Mar 2019 #6
Why? Who said it does? It doesn't should that be obvious?
OP pawian 181 | 16,861
14 Mar 2019 #7
Reason 2 - Lack of choice is unhealthy

Currently, white people can meet/date/get married to other whites only in Poland. That`s wrong. Racial diversity would allow a bigger choice. During my past travels abroad I saw how many Polish males and females tend to make close friends with races other than Caucasian. And not because they couldn`t find a white partner - they just weren`t interested.

A few weeks ago an ex student of mine showed up at school to recall old good times. He came with his Indian girlfriend. Tall, with dark hair and eyes, he was attractive enough to have any white girl and I remember he dated a few when at school. But he eventually prefered another race - but why did he have to go to Germany to find her?

Also, a few years ago a group of German students came for exchange and there was one black girl with them. She unexpectedly became the star of the evening when a disco was organised because Polish boys literally queued to the girl to have a dance with her. She was a bit surprised but very happy.

Why shouldn`t Poles have this choice in their own country, instead of being forced to go abroad to look for black or Asian partners?
Shitonya Brits
14 Mar 2019 #8
Lack of choice is unhealthy

Not true, Why too much choice is stressing us out

- ...we think the more choices we have the better. But too many options create anxiety and leave us less satisfied...One of the areas affected is dating. Relationships are being treated like any other product...

And this diversity in personal relationships causes very real and serious harm. There are plenty and easily available studies online which consistently show that interracial relationships have significantly higher rates of intimate partner violence and divorce when compared to monoracial couples.

Currently, white people can meet/date/get married to other whites only in Poland.

Not true, white people can meet, date and marry other white people in any country not just Poland. It would be too expensive and time consuming if that were the case. Heck, Poland isn't even a honeymoon destination for most whites around the world.

What is true however is that Cultural Marxist propaganda consistently singles out white people and white couples for ridicule, harassment and discrimination.

The virtue signaling Cultural Marxist OP is being sinister by attempting to portray it as being problematic when whites in Poland engage in normal, healthy human behaviour like socialising with each other and pair bonding.

The OP does this by sneering at whites while glorifying the brief interracial interactions he observed happening within his juvenile peer group.

The OP deliberately steers clear of criticising monoracial relationships in other non-white countries which have their own absolute racial majorities. To do so would undermine his anti-white agenda.

abroad I saw how many Polish make close friends with other races...

Like most migrants, Polish migrants also start out at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder in other countries. In predominately white countries the bottom of this ladder is where most other racial minorities have eked out for many generations. Polish migrants make the mistake of thinking all Americans, all British, all Australians, etc. are exactly the same regardless of race. Sure, the politicians and SJWs in these countries preach that everyone is inexplicably and exactly the same in the swill of diversity. But socio-economics tells a very different story. Poles at the bottom of the ladder in diverse countries do not have a personal choice of wanting to associate with either whites or non-whites. It is their circumstances and the limitations of their jobs, housing and schools which makes the choice for them. The OP may think Poles should be proud to be a part of a Black or Asian community in other countries. What the OP doesn't know is that Blacks and Asians are the first ones to move out of their own communities as soon as they manage to get up one rung on the socio-economic ladder. And if they can afford it these Blacks and Asians prefer to live in predominately white neighbourhoods.

It is also very strange that the OP (whose heyday expired a long time ago with the PRL) literally cites young people engaging in courting rituals or brief social encounters among children as all the evidence that is required for Poland to erase its borders.

The OP's use of children as props for his Cultural Marxist propaganda reminds me of how the dead-from-an-overdose American pop star Michael Jackson used to write songs extolling the virtues of children and interracial relationships. Yes, there were rumours and a couple of lawsuits at the time but most didn't believe what was really going on with Michael Jackson and why he was idolising children and praising diversity. Today however his reputation is one of disgrace and his artistic talents largely forgotten. The damage remains.

Indeed, the story the OP gave of his alleged ex-student with the Indian girlfriend would have had more weight if they had stayed faithfully married for decades until death did they part. How they and their children personally improved Poland's GDP and the personal lives of each and every Pole. But the OP is impatient and it is clear that he doesn't have much else to work with. The chances of this interracial couple staying together forever in a trouble free, violence free relationship is very slim. The statistics don't support them.

Same goes with the student dance the OP gleefully mentioned. Face it, the black girl was a novelty. Even the OP described her as "the star of the evening." This is only one unsubstantiated example. However, many black people have complained even here on PolishForums and elsewhere online about being objectified and how they would be stared at or would be approached and asked if their skin or hair could be touched. The OP needs to wake up, grow up, and realise that the black girl is a person and not some animal at a petting zoo which proved popular with other children! Stop it already with your objectifying and fetishising of other races!
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
14 Mar 2019 #9
Opinion 3:

We need more racial diversity, as it angers incels. Therefore, it's well worth having.
Shitonya Brits
14 Mar 2019 #10
Opinion 4:

If you say you need more racial diversity then explain why you have always steered clear from it in your personal life. Did you ever stop to think that maybe you could escape your incelhood if you freed your mind and began swirling with other races yourself rather than masturbating to the idea of only white goys doing it? I'm sure there are men in non-white communities out there who are into makeup wearing cross dressing Jews like yourself. Perhaps you can charge them for your time and help top up your lowly, low wage, dead end classroom assistant job.
Crnogorac3 2 | 488
14 Mar 2019 #11
What is truly disturbing is that these libtards who are blindly calling for "more immigration & more diversity" do not realize that as an end result of their policy this will eventually lead to the end of diversity.

As per the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan:
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
14 Mar 2019 #12
I think it's worth using this thread to point out that there are many job offers available for those from non-EU countries to work in Poland.

For instance:


Kind of job :
packing chicken ‼️

Offers like this are all over Poland, and there are factories where the workforce is mostly Asian. It's a very positive trend.

Indians are also considered to be very interesting for Polish women, and you can find more and more mixed marriages. Of course, Indians are also all about family, meaning that children quickly follow.

Also this - posted a few hours ago.
johnny reb 31 | 6,362
14 Mar 2019 #13
Poland seems like they are in a time warp.
Nice people and all but much catching up to do.
Diversity is the last thing Poland needs to stall progress anymore than it already endures.
Cheap labor is absolutely not the answer for progress.
Poland needs to offer good paying jobs to bring the educated Polish people back to Poland with new ideas.
Shitonya Brits
14 Mar 2019 #14
there are many job offers available for those from non-EU countries to work in Poland

Yeah, jobs even migrants like you won't do such as:

packing chicken ‼️


You truly are a gay incel because you clearly don't understand women let alone Polish women.

All women are hypergamous and therefore no woman regards a man "packing chicken" as someone who will be a good provider for her in exchange for sex and bearing children. That's why men avoid these jobs too.

It's the 21st century! While Western governments are throwing open their borders due to feminism causing the steep fall in birthrates, businesses are getting busy automating. Business don't want to create jobs. They only need people as consumers and that's why they don't care where they come from. Tariffs and threats of tariffs are killing export markets and that is why more businesses are seeking local demand.

It's a race to the bottom and no business wants to be the one stuck holding the bag with a load of employees (wherever they come from) which they need to pay wages (however low) and benefits (however meager) to.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
14 Mar 2019 #15
Cheap labor is absolutely not the answer for progress.

Oh, but it is. Cheap Arab/Indian labour is powering the Polish economy.
johnny reb 31 | 6,362
14 Mar 2019 #16
Actually delph it is the Ukrainian immigrants that are presently powering Poland's economy.
This what I see anyways.
Lyzko 32 | 7,865
14 Mar 2019 #17
A Harvard study, Dirk ol' man, conducted, disseminated, and doubtless read, mostly by white people. So where's the validity of your argument?
Shot to hell!
Spike31 3 | 2,497
14 Mar 2019 #18
Why does Poland need racial diversity?

That's not a question but a poorly disguised statement

The real question would be: Does Poland need racial diversity?

And the answer to that question is simply: no

Let's define the "need":

Need: noun circumstances in which something is necessary; necessity.

Is "racial diversity" necessary to functioning of Poland? No, it isn't. So clearly Poland doesn't need racial diversity.

Quod erat demonstrandum
Dirk diggler 9 | 4,842
14 Mar 2019 #19
A Harvard study, Dirk ol' man, conducted, disseminated, and doubtless read, mostly by white people.

So according to you since double digit iq darkies can't understand a harvard invalidmakes its invalid....

But of course since white people from arguably the most renowned university made the study it's worthless because there wasn't enough brown people involved in conducting, disseminating or reading it.

Most Africans can't understand a complex medical procedure or calculus formulas, that doesn't make them invalid. Same with rocketry, nuclear physics, etc. Not enough darkies in the studies those fields produce so they're invalis
Ironside 51 | 11,499
14 Mar 2019 #20
A Harvard study, Dirk ol' man, conducted, disseminated, and doubtless read, mostly by white people.

Anti-Semitism - conducted, disseminated, and doubtless read, mostly by Jewish people. So where's the validity of their argument? Shot to hell!
Crnogorac3 2 | 488
14 Mar 2019 #21

A Nobel prize winner was ostracized from the community and forced to give back his award, for only stating the obvious.
jon357 69 | 18,445
14 Mar 2019 #22
Nobel prize winner was ostracized

He still holds his Nobel Prize, so he hasn't been 'forced to give back his award'. Nor has he been 'ostracised from the community', nor did he 'state the obvious'...

The thing he was stripped of was an emeritus academic title from the 'Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory'.
Crnogorac3 2 | 488
14 Mar 2019 #23
For openly stating that whites are more intelligent than blacks, American Nobel prize winner dr. Watson was stripped of all of his honorary titles.

Congratulations to him for his consistency, I would like to read his research, because I am sure it is based on a thorough scientific research and evidence, and not on the current western political trends on the basis of which he was deprived of his titles without any arguments. Interestingly, MSM in the lower part of the article tries to discredit a man because he gave some eccentric statements.
johnny reb 31 | 6,362
14 Mar 2019 #24
That's not a question but a poorly disguised statementThe real question would be: Does Poland need racial diversity?

Those were my same exact sentiments Spike, thank you and very well put.
I just couldn't find myself to question a highly educated school teacher (voted teacher of the year multiple times) with my humble opinion.
A loaded question like Why does Poland need racial diversity? made me think it may be a trick question.
Spike31 3 | 2,497
14 Mar 2019 #25
I just couldn't find myself to question a highly educated school teacher

Question any authority figure once they depart from the truth and logic.

Like Aristotle said: Plato is my friend but truth is a better friend
delphiandomine 88 | 18,455
14 Mar 2019 #26
And the answer to that question is simply: no

Except it is needed and encouraged by employers.
johnny reb 31 | 6,362
14 Mar 2019 #27
Well of course the employers encourage the cheapest labor they can get.
That has NOTHING to do with racial diversity as there is an abundance of Ukrainians that are willing to do such jobs.
The gates are wide open for White Ukrainians that acclimate and blend in to Poland's culture which is similar to their own.

Cheap Arab/Indian labour is powering the Polish economy.

No, it is the Ukrainians that power Poland's economy so NO RACIAL DIVERSITY is needed.
Did ya get it this time or do you just want to argue.
Spike31 3 | 2,497
14 Mar 2019 #28
Except it is needed and encouraged by employers.

That's not the first nor the last time in a history of humankind when short-term interests of a particular groups of people are in direct conflict with an interest and the future of the society as a whole.

But rest assure that capitalism will find the way. Those employers who are in need for unskilled labour will have to invest in automation instead of mass immigration.

And in a meantime it can be done by Ukrainians on a temporary work visas like it is being done right now.

And many simple back office banking and IT [as well as PA] tasks can be delegated online.
OP pawian 181 | 16,861
14 Mar 2019 #29
Reason No 3 - Diversity teaches tolerance

And that`s very good for you as, being tolerant, you will lead a happier life. Tolerant people don`t experience so much stress in their lives as biased ones. A prejudiced person is regularly frustrated, not only with people of different race, but other things too, while tolerant one is mentally healthy. It is obvious who will love longer.

When leaving Poland, intolerant guys can be doubly frustrated because racial diversity exists in most attractive countries which they desire to visit in Europe, whether job hunting, for educational purposes or just tourism.

Most Poles are tolerant about other races, but a few are not and it is probably the result of the lack of racial diversity in Poland . It was pointed out by British teachers a few years ago when they saw how some Polish students treated their black, Arab or Asian peers with disdain and contempt. The teachers` comments were not favourable for Polish students who were dubbed extreme racists.

Check this article about Polish pupils in the UK

Several teachers referred to Polish children's lack of familiarity with dealing with diversity. A headteacher suggested that: Some of the Polish children, haven't had the benefit of a multicultural education that the children who have been here since they started school have had . So we find sometimes racist comments being made. So we have to deal with that...
mafketis 32 | 10,496
14 Mar 2019 #30
Diversity teaches tolerance

Not what the research says.... the question is do you want diversity (which includes living around people with fundamentally different values from you with no common frame of reference) or just a color-coordinated monoculture?

Real diversity means tolerating fundamentally non-western values (like belief in witchcraft and he necessity of child exorcisms and polygyny and female genital mutilation or forced gavage or strict gender segregation or de facto slavery).

Do you really want that in Poland or do you want a broader color range of culturally Polish people?

Be honest about what you want and how you expect to get it...

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