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2 Jul 2014
Law / Poland's Inheritance Law Without Will [21]

Important questions:
1. the date of yours uncle death - there are different rules according to time of death.
2. value of yours uncle property - you need to know is it worth to do anything,
3. place where uncle have lived before he died - to find the proper law court,
4. are you sure, that there was not any verdict about the heritage.
If your uncle died in the year 2004 ( but not later than on 27 of June 2009 ) all children of your father have the right to the quarter of the heritage ( art. 934 polish civil code - walid in the year 2004 ) but one important exception - there are different rules according to farm land - art. 1059 pcc - but only if someone died before 13 of January 2001).

Your cousins needs yours certificate of birth ( and yours siblings if you have any ) and the certificate of your father's death, if they don't want to lie in the law court "your father never exists".

Can I ask one personal question ? Have you ever been to Poland ? and why or why not ?
25 Jun 2014
Genealogy / Richert, Bonkoska from Jasień, Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship [8]

Hi, I got short information on the site of the village "Jasień" about German people which settled down in Jasień Budy.
They started living and working there as a farmers since 20's of XIX Centaury. Seems to me it is the knowledge you've already had before. I'm very impress by your study. As a young boy somewhere between Rypin, Sierpc and Lipno a hearted many times about German settlers or even German villages but at that time I was not interested in it.

Good luck in your searching.

"W latach dwudziestych XIX w. w Jasieniu Budach osiedlili się koloniści niemieccy, którzy byli wyrobnikami właścicieli Jasienia.
Dokładnej ich liczby nie udało się ustalić. Przypuszczalnie była to kolonia dość duża, o czym świadczą dość częste zapisy narodzin dzieci w Jasieniu Budach, zapisane w księgach metrykalnych w latach 1827-1838 i późniejszych, w ewangelickiej parafii w Lipnie, do której należeli koloniści."
7 May 2014
History / Poland: Her heroes and her traitors [214]

You can find much more information about Romuald Rais "Bury" on the web sites of IPN ( Instytut Pamięci Narodowej ) e.g. ( sorry only polish version ).

The decision to discontinue the investigation concerns the following criminal events;
1. on 29.01.1946r. in the village Zaleszany deprivation of life by shooting and burning of 16 people and the attempted killing of other residents by enclosing them in a house that was set on fire and cause burn injury by at least two people and committed on the same day in the village Wólka Wygonowska deprivation of life by shooting 2 people
2. on 31.01.1946r. near the village of Puchały Old deprivation of life by shooting 30 men,
3. in on 2 February 1946. in the village Zana deprivation of life by shooting and burning of 24 people and causing injuries as a result of being shot with a firearm and burns 8 residents, and made the same day in the village of Starlings deprivation of life by shooting or burning 5 people and causing injuries as a result of shootings with a firearm 4 people, out of which 2 people died, as well as bringing fire buildings of the village and the village Końcowizna

The exact description about the pacification some Belarusian villages. It is something we can't be proud of. The scale of this was much lower than 200 000 Polish people killed in Wołyń, but for survivors and victims it is not important. This wouldn't happened, never.
5 May 2014
Genealogy / Looking for Janina (Janka) Jagodzinska [2]

Do you know anything else ? Town where she was born, parent's names etc. Do you ask town hall ( urząd stanu cywilnego ) in the place where she was born ?
23 Apr 2014
Law / What happens if one doesn't pay their property taxes in Poland? [3]

1. They remind you about your loan sending warning,
2. next they write a document which is called "tytuł wykonawczy" and send it to the Tax Office.
3. executor from the Tax Office take away your money which you have in the bank, your employee wages, your car or whatever you posses,
4. if step 3 is not successful they will take their way towards your real estate etc
22 Apr 2014
Real Estate / Are Mortgage brokers licenced in Poland? Can anyone become an real estate agent? [18]

Dear Maluch, since 1st January 2014 real estate agents do not need license. They must have only insurance for what they do professional.
Polish civil code is the general regulation for this matter. Why are you so sarcastic about them ? One of them sell your real estate for nothing or take your money and do nothing ?
16 Apr 2014

Dziubdziela it is really very rare surname in Poland but it sounds very Polish. Even most Polish at first moment do not understand fully its meaning they said we are sure it would be polish and only polish word. Its etymology from the verb "dziubdziać" e.g. "do something very very slowly". It is rather funny we say this word "dziubdziać" in contrary to its meaning very fast. Word from old Polish now we use it seldom, great pity it's such beautiful word. For you as no Polish it would be rather difficult to pronounce it properly.

And the surnames "Dziuban" and "Dziurzik" have no connection with "Dziubdziela".
Did any your ancestors have this surname ?
16 Apr 2014
Law / Possible prospects of gaining Polish Citizenship (grandfather heritage)? [11]

In your situation it would be rather difficult. Seems to me you can try do it by sending the special application to the President of the Republic of Poland.

Important is the fact, you grandfather has Polish citizenship and fight in polish forces.
But your chances will be bigger if you find documents which can proof that what you write is true.

The link below maybe will be useful: how-to-obtain-polish-citizenship.html
16 Mar 2014
History / Poland: Her heroes and her traitors [214]

if you not in his shoes you can not judge his motives.

Right. Do you know Bren what can happened to someone who returning from West to Poland after II WW after serving in the west army ?
5 Mar 2014
Genealogy / Trying to trace the family Rzymski [3]

There is more than one village with this name. You should know something more about this place.
Is it maybe Szczutowo around Sierpc.
I lived same years ago nearby Szczutowo. Not far than 5 km.
But I've never heard about anyone with such surname.
If would be the same village I can ask someone from there.

Have you been there - Szczutowo, Poland:

Wooden parish church . St. . Mary Magdalene in Poland

Szczutowo is a town commune located approximately 12 kilometers north- west of Sierpiec . The first church was built in Szczutowie in the fifteenth century . In 1695 . Was made unspecified repairs. In the description of 1739 . 's Condition was defined as neglected . The current church was built probably in the second half of the eighteenth century . In 1820 . Was renovated and in 1870 . Reconstruction . In the years 1963 to 1964 were the restaurant of the church.

Temple wood of larch carcass construction , set on a stone foundation . Timbered , with walls reinforced lisicami . Oriented church nave , founded on a rectangular plan , with a dedicated , straight closed lower chancel. To the north wall of the chancel porch adjacent to the southern sacristy , together with the whole forming the shape of a T. From the west, there is a second entrance hall , narrower than the nave .

About Waleria Rzymska in Poland.
4 Mar 2014
Language / Collection of learning resources for learning the Polish language [129]

For learning any language I use the mp3 from site:

For me very useful during car's drive, walk etc.

As Mr Callan said repeat, repeat and repeat.

I was surprised when after same days listening a difficult phrase became an easy one.
27 Feb 2014
Genealogy / Finding information about ancestors born in Vilnius [6]

Probably yes. You have to contact the Lithuanian States Historical Archive (Lietuvos valstybės istorijos archyvas, Gerosios Vilties g. 10, LT - 03134 Vilnius, e-mail, tel. 003705 213 74 82).

See the link below:


the genealogy company e.g. link: Polish from Vilno Czesław Malewski (tel. 00370 68652268,

Good luck
26 Feb 2014
Genealogy / Finding information about ancestors born in Vilnius [6]


Do you know your great-grandfather surname ? You haven't told this.
Remarkable photo. Handsome men and powerful women. It's easy to ask who was the family head.
26 Feb 2014
Genealogy / Seeking any info on Josef Macioszek born Kramsk Poland (Russia) in 1885 [6]

Sorry I have to die first.

We say : "po moim trupie" :)

Is it about this Kramsk :

Even living in Poland for searching ancestors I'm willing to use rather specialist.
It would be much better, faster and easier.

Do your parents speak Polish ?

Best regards
6 Feb 2014
Law / New Poland law -- old car insurer obligated to continue insurance on a vehicle that is between renewals? [23]

InWroclaw do you have a car which is registered in RP and car's OC insurance ? When will be or was the end of your OC insurance ?

For example when your OC car's possessor insurance ( polisa OC ) ends on 8th February 2014 and you will not write to your insurance company that you don't want to renew it for the next period, you get the new OC insurance for next 12 months. It will happen just by the law I mentioned before. Your insurance company must receive your statement no later than one day before last day of your insurance. In this case on 7th February.

This insurance is obligatory in RP. If you don't have it the fine would be 3360 zł.
4 Feb 2014
Law / New Poland law -- old car insurer obligated to continue insurance on a vehicle that is between renewals? [23]

It's about OC ( civil responsibility of car's possessor ). After the 12 months insurance contract will be another 12 months OC insurance even you do nothing.

Sometimes will be different if you didn't pay whole fee of the last 12 months OC insurance or by bankruptcy of your insurance company.
Your insurance company must send you OC conditions within 14 days since the beginning of new insurance period.

Act of 22th May 2003 about obligatory insurances ....
.... .
In Polish:
Art. 28. 1. Jeżeli posiadacz pojazdu mechanicznego nie później niż na jeden dzień przed upływem okresu 12 miesięcy, na który umowa ubezpieczenia OC posiadaczy pojazdów mechanicznych została zawarta, nie powiadomi na piśmie zakładu ubezpieczeń o jej wypowiedzeniu, uważa się, że została zawarta następna umowa na kolejne 12 miesięcy, z zastrzeżeniem ust. 2.

1a. W razie zawarcia umowy, o której mowa w ust. 1, zakład ubezpieczeń jest obowiązany potwierdzić zawarcie umowy dokumentem ubezpieczenia w terminie 14 dni od dnia jej zawarcia.

2. Zawarcie następnej umowy nie następuje, pomimo braku powiadomienia, o którym mowa w ust. 1, jeżeli:
1) nie została opłacona w całości określona w umowie składka za mijający okres 12 miesięcy lub w przypadku cofnięcia zakładowi ubezpieczeń zezwolenia na wykonywanie działalności ubezpieczeniowej w zakresie obowiązkowego ubezpieczenia OC posiadaczy pojazdów mechanicznych albo

2) w przypadku ogłoszenia upadłości zakładu ubezpieczeń, ogłoszenia lub zarządzenia likwidacji zakładu ubezpieczeń albo oddalenia wniosku o ogłoszenie upadłości lub umorzenia postępowania upadłościowego, w przypadku, o którym mowa w art. 98 ust. 2.
4 Feb 2014
Language / Rozumiesz - I have a question on Polish language. [7]

Don't you understand? - Yes, I understand.
Don't you understand? - No, I don't understand.

And this is my choice.
Nie rozumiesz? - Nie, ja rozumiem. or Tak, ja rozumiem.
Nie rozumiesz? - Nie, nie rozumiem.

It should be like this:

Nie rozumiesz ? Nie, rozumiem,
Nie rozumiesz ? Tak, nie rozumiem.

My English teacher told me, they ( English speakers ) don't have double negations.
But in Polish we have.
3 Feb 2014
Genealogy / Bernatowicz surname? (I am starting to wonder if anyone in my family was American?) [85]

Is my surname Bernatowicz Polonized Russian surname? I know that my grandad was born in Belarus and that I am 1/8 Belorussian but can it be Russian or Belorussian? Russian would be Bernat-ovich Belorussian would be Bernat-ovic.

If your grandad was born in Belarus, whatever it means, maybe you think about nowadays borders, that is not proof he was Belorussian. He can be as well Russian, Polish or Jew.

But if your parents said your grandad was Belorussian it doesn't matter where he was born.

Below some links about Barnatowicz in Poland.

According to same of them surname Bernatowicz become from first name Bernat ( Bernat - Bernatowic - Bernatowicz ). It was known even in the XII Century.

But there was as well the Armenian families with this surname.

And there are more then 1 000 people in Poland now with such surname.
20 Jan 2014
Real Estate / Looking to buy property in Poland - understanding the different types of ownership! [10]

First of all I need to say the translation and the way someone use it can easly misleads you. In Poland according to flat the most popular is normal ownership ( odrębne prawo własności). Such flat must to have its own register estate ( księga wieczysta ). But similar to it and very popular too is owner's right to flat in the housing association ( spółdzielcze własnościowe prawo do lokalu). This second only sometimes has its own register estate, but seller need to have certificate from the housing association. So you don't need to know the meaning of the term cooperative ownership in advertisement but in real case.

Anyway you need to be careful what you bay and from whom. My suggestion is you need the lawyer service or your risk would be bigger especially in Warsaw.
20 Jan 2014
UK, Ireland / Calling all Brits! Travel in England advice [32]

As dhrynio I want to visit London in summer too. And can anyone tell me what is the best way to reach Oxford from North London, place like Stansted Airport.
20 Jan 2014
Law / Business ideas when I'll get back to Poland [8]

laws and procedure you can find here: migrant

find idea - especially the great one is much more difficult question anyway Good luck.

Related: Auto szrot in Western Europe - a good idea for business in Poland?

I don't know how to call "szrot" in English, but I would like to ask you, is this form of sale very popular in western europe? However I know, that many Poles go to France or Belgium to buy meny staff at those "szrotach", brign it to Poland and sale. They earn quite much money for this.
So, maybe I should go too?

Szrot in English (relating to cars) means trading in scrapped and written-off cars. OK for spare parts maybe, but unreliable for a whole car.
20 Jan 2014
Genealogy / I am looking for relatives of Wreczycki family [3]

I'm sorry I can't help much. Is there "Wręczycki" the original spelling of this surname.
In Poland we can find about 1 000 people with this surname : Wręczycki or Wręczycka.
And maybe is the town from which the most of them take their origin : Wręczyce Wielkie nearby Częstochowa.
The most persons with this surname live near this place.
19 Jan 2014
Law / I have an Israeli Driving License. What do I have to do to get a Polish driving license? [19]

Seems to me you must have international driving license. It is valid in Poland, but just for 6 months since your arrival - according to act about drivers of the 5th January 2011 - Dz. U. 2011

no 30 poz. 151 - art. 4 ust. 1 pkt 2 lit. a. and art. 5 ust. 4.
Israel was the part of the Geneva Convention about road traffic of 19th September 1949.
To have the local Israel license is rather not enough.
If you want to live in RP longer than 6 months you can change your license after your arrival.
The embassy don't have technical possibility and also rights to do so.