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2 May 2014
Genealogy / Polish looks? [1464]

Seems like a lot of people from £odz are blonde..........(like me, my father born near there) what's the best present you ever got?

Seems like a lot of people from £odz are too alike. That city is much too homogenous. This is why Poland needs more non-European immigration. "Polish looks" need to be diversified.
26 Apr 2014
Life / Being a Jew in modern-day Poland; Israeli Jew who is of Polish descent [269]


Well, this link shows evidence that some areas of Warsaw and Krakow are very tolerant. However, can the same be said for the rest of Poland? I mean the Anti-Defamation League has concluded that Poland is one of the most antisemitic countries in Europe that they investigate...
25 Apr 2014
Life / Being a Jew in modern-day Poland; Israeli Jew who is of Polish descent [269]

I believe in areas like Warsaw, people are very friendly and will not be bigots.

I don't think that anti-semitism is really so strong in Poland.

Compared to other countries like England and Germany, it unfortunately is.

According to the Anti-Defamation League, Poland has one of the most anti-Semitic populations in Europe along with Spain and Hungary.
24 Apr 2014
UK, Ireland / Poland thanks Irish people for 10 years of kindness [11]

This is so beautiful! It's fantastic how Irish Polonia has developed! Is it true that Irish Polonia has assimilated better than say British or German Polonia?

We here in America thank Ireland for all the hot American women of Irish descent!
24 Apr 2014
USA, Canada / Employment prospects in Poland and USA with a Computer Science Degree from a Polish university? [18]

It's not quite as easy as you may think. Low-level computer programming jobs are being outsourced while high-level software engineering positions are usually given to people who graduate from accredited schools.

Electrical engineering is also at a huge demand but take a look at this position at one of the biggest engineering corporations in the world. Notice how it clearly states they prefer candidates from accredited institutions.
21 Apr 2014
History / Polish Easter Tradition is also pagan! [47]

I just wish that more people knew that Christianity lifted so much from older religions.

This isn't anything new to Americans in my age group...
9 Apr 2014
Love / Why are Polish girls so attracted to German boys? [52]

The flip side is many women find them too structured, boring & unimaginative.

lol this guy. I guess you never heard of the term "German ingenuity" eh?

Tell me polishguy18, what is it about Polish men that makes such a large chunk of Polish women avoid Polish men? lol...
8 Apr 2014
Love / Why are Polish girls so attracted to German boys? [52]

I doubt that.

Thanks for sharing.

and as always you don't provide any link for the studies

Google it yourself. You can easily find information showing that paternal haplogroup I1 has a significant frequency in eastern England which indicates paternal ancestry from north Germanic tribes.

Truth and German men are much more taller than Italian men.

Indeed they are.
6 Apr 2014
Language / IS "MURZYN" word RACIST? [686]

You don't need to be from UK/US to understand English just as you don't need to be from Poland to understand Polish. The issue with the words are as much political as linguistic.

I should not have said you need to be American to understand how powerful the N word is but it's not about understanding English. Growing up in America, you would have a better sense of how offensive the word is. The power of the N word has everything to do with historical, political, and cultural issues.

A Briton once asked me why in America we don't view the word "cracker" as offensive as the N word. He thought it was a double standard when in fact it wasn't. White people were not subjected to slavery and other forms of oppression based on their race while being called crackers.

When people try to say that "murzyn" is anywhere near as bad as the N word, it's clear they need to get off the computer and stop getting involved in things they have no idea about. I'm not saying the word "murzyn" is not offensive or racist, but it's not on the caliber of the N word.

If you were to say that "murzyn" is just as bad to a black American living in Poland, he would knock your teeth out. I guarantee it.

The word "murzyn" is not racist and just because some foreigners living in Poland think otherwise it means they need to put some more effort into learning the local language

I think it depends on the context. The word can definitely come off as being racist depending on how it's used.
5 Apr 2014
Love / Why are Polish girls so attracted to German boys? [52]

The overwhelming majority of German women prefer German men. Germany is not like Poland where a lot of women prefer non-Polish men.

You make it sound like ALL German men are succesful, smart, and good-looking.

Not all but a very large percentage of them are.

Nothing against German males, but the amount of attractive men you see in, say, Spain while walking down the street is considerably higher than in Germany.

I very much doubt that. For one thing, German men are much taller than Spanish men.

According to your "logic", the fact that Newton was British and incredibly creative makes ALL British propense to become little Newtons?

It's a fact that in the last 500 years or so, the Germans and English have made the greatest amount of contributions to academia.

I think you mean 'were' not 'are'. The Anglo-Saxons started to die out centuries ago

Oh no, they live on. For one thing, England is a Germanic nation. The English language is Germanic, not Celtic. Most of the educated upper-class has Anglo-Saxon ancestry. Paternal DNA haplogroup studies show that much of the modern English population is the result of Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, and other Germanic men taking Celtic women as wives and impregnating them.

The hard-working ethic and culture of the Anglo-Saxons lives on in the UK.
5 Apr 2014
Language / IS "MURZYN" word RACIST? [686]

Those of you who aren't American should not talk about the N word. You are clueless as to how powerful that word is.
5 Apr 2014
Love / Why are Polish girls so attracted to German boys? [52]

Or those Polish girls just "love" those German guys. It does not have to be about money, look or any other material thing. And it is just fine, there are so many other girls from different countries for Polish men anyway.

Well, we know Polish women are more likely to marry German men than they are British or Irish men. This is quite interesting. Aren't there more Polish women living in Britain/Ireland than in Germany? (Maybe I'm wrong).

I do believe that many Polish women and other foreign women love German men because they are successful, smart, and good-looking. I recall reading a survey about how most European women find German men very physically attractive.

That statement tells me you haven't lived in Germany. Hard-working? Yes. Disciplined? Yes. Very intelligent? No.

Considering Germans and Austrians (most Austrians are ethnic German) developed quantum mechanics, I believe it's fair to say they are. Also, calculus was also developed by the brilliant Leibniz (German) and Newton (Anglo-Saxon). The Anglo-Saxons are of partial German descent since they originate from the German region of Saxony. They did mix though since a lot of Anglo-Saxon men took Celtic women as wives and impregnated them.

I could sit here all day and type out all the inventions that Germans have come up with. So much of our technology regarding combustion engines is thanks to the German people. Germans invented the first practical internal combustion engine. The highly efficient diesel engine is an invention of the great Bavarian Rudolf Diesel. The rocket technology that helped NASA go into space was thanks to German scientists and engineers.

Germans have engineering mindsets. They make very hard-working engineers. They are like machines when it comes to work ethic. They are less about emotions and more about logic. It's no wonder that Germany makes better cars than even the United States which has a larger population and the largest economy in the world.

And no. Men appreciate looks above all. No man would date an ugly woman who has a Ph.D in neuroscience.

You might be right. But a decent-looking woman with a Ph.D in neuroscience is sexier than one with no Ph.D.

Plus, the girl in the video I posted above is beyond decent-looking. :-)
4 Apr 2014
Love / Why are Polish girls so attracted to German boys? [52]

I always see young polish-german couples. Why Polish girl love so much german boys?

It's not just Polish girls. All women seem to be attracted to those of us with German ancestry. German people in particular are also very intelligent. Women love intelligence. We men do too which is why I would marry the German girl in this video.

Are polish men ugly?

Well, I have noticed that the Polish guys with German ancestry seem to do well with ladies.
3 Mar 2014
News / Is this the first clear and open signal that Poland makes preparations for war with Russia? [163]

Let's see how the US keeps its word to protect Ukraine before we agree to a crazy plan like that.

We promised to respect Ukraine's sovereignty and independence (as did the UK and Russia) so I'm not sure why you're singling out the US.

I also don't see how the US is obligated to protect Ukraine. We kept our promise. Russia didn't. It's not our responsibility to risk going to war with Russia just because they invaded a pro-Russian area of Ukraine that probably wants to be part of Russia anyway.
23 Feb 2014
Genealogy / Would DNA test show Jewish genes? [10]

Yes, but at the same time, Ashkenazic Jews are more likely to possess genes that are linked to high level brain function.

It might explain why Jews have contributed more to science and academia in general compared to Christians or Muslims (per capita).
20 Feb 2014
Life / HBO's Looking. Would such a show air in Poland anytime soon? [3]

Such a shame. Even if the show was written by one of the best writers in the industry?

Good news folks. The show has been renewed for a second season by HBO. Also, each consecutive episode aired has been gaining large amounts of viewers.
19 Feb 2014
Life / HBO's Looking. Would such a show air in Poland anytime soon? [3]

In America, HBO is airing a fantastic new show called Looking which is about the lives of three homosexual friends. Many people are praising the show. I know many young people (including straight people) who love watching the show. America has come a long way on the issue of homosexuality. 10 years ago, homophobia was a problem and unfortunately in some areas such as the south, it still is. However, homosexuals are definitely more accepted in American society today than they were a decade ago. State-by-state, same-sex marriage is becoming legal. So many celebrities have come out of the closet because they no longer fear rejection. Making fun of homosexuals and using the F word is no longer so popular among America's youth. (Although, unfortunately there are some low-IQ people who still do this.)

My question is, would such a show ever air anytime soon in Poland and be successful at the same time? I mean, let's face it, Poland is not as progressive as the US on LGBT issues. In many states, homosexuals can get married whereas homosexual marriage is illegal in all of Poland.

Here is a trailer by the way.