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17 Oct 2012
Life / Polish vs British vs American - Clash of cultures [390]

Yes, we still have real grape juice here...But I have purchased some cheap, good imported Polish grape juice from the produce stand also, owned by a Belo Russian.

The young people and Mr. Romney in the pictures were just a spontaneous reaction on my part about how insane the culture is many times.,,They're all crazy.
14 Apr 2012
Genealogy / Mongolian the Golden Horde - do Poles have Mongolian ancestry? [255]

Poles would seem to be a mixture of Germanic & Nordic strains along with an admixture of whatever indigenous peoples who populated Carpathian region.

'Mongol' strain would derive from Khazars, Guz, Bulgars & little bit Tartar...Inter-marriage would have wiped out many 'pure' strains.
26 Jan 2012
Classifieds / Tauron Nowa Muzyka Festival [6]

You can listen to the various artists at the site...Most of the music seemed of the dark 'techno pop' variety...I heard no real musicians playing instruments in the scheduled line up...

Here is what you will see, if you like this sort of thing;

Music artist Poland

Apparat Band 'leader'

Go to the site to hear 'the music'.
26 Jan 2012
History / Why are Jews pestering Poland for "proper" WW2 monetary restitution/reparations? [750]

How many of these 'claims' are filed for by actual families of people that owned property?...Or, are the claims filed for by 'nominees'?...You can check for yourself what the definition of 'nominee' is in regard to financial matters...And, if 'nominees', who nominated them?

Most famous Jewish 'nominees' seeking 'reparations:




The Bronfmans: Originally born in Moldova, then operate out of Canada
4 Jan 2012
Genealogy / Why Polish aren't white?? [272]

Well, I have been living here much longer than you, since 1953, and I have never heard such a thing, even remotely...Who says this?...If an Irish-American asks you what nationality you are, and you tell him 'Polish' or 'Polish-American', he will just consider you that (Polish)...He KNOWS you are White, as this is obvious.

Most Blacks will just see you as White, but if they get to know you, they find out your ethnic group, and then view you a little differently, especially if you are proud of your ethnicity.

are jews white

Yes, but the teaching of their elders tells them they are 'Jews first and seperate'...Of course, many Jews find this a bit nonsensical, but this is why Jewish media, or liberal Jewish media and politicians always play up ethnic differences among other peoples and encourage 'diversity' as witnessed in UK & elsewhere...Because, as a tiny minority, they always play 'divide to conquer'.

As I was saying: If a nation like the USA is being invaded by Latinos, Americans will always express anger at the larger invading group, and forget about the Jewish politicians who pushed for unlimited immigration.

Jews, especially the rich ones, desire 'invisibility'.
10 Dec 2011
News / Will you be proud of tranny (transsexual) representing Poland ? [124]

I don`t know where you should look. Check the Internet first, then some ads on trees in the local park. You can also look into restrooms in nearby facilities. Good luck.

No, I didn't post it; perhaps one of your friends was seeking companionship.
9 Dec 2011
News / Will you be proud of tranny (transsexual) representing Poland ? [124]

I'm quite shocked that PF seems to have so many homosexuals who post here now...When I first joined, it seemed a good forum where Poles and people of Polish descent discussed relevant issues....Now, you have topics like 'Gay Male Wants to Blow Polish Man in Paris: Where Should I Look?'.
9 Dec 2011
History / Was the holocaust by Germans in Poland the worse genocide in history? [210]

I hear about the holocaust all the time from western outlets... it is shined upon the western world as the greatest of holocaust, they might even blame Poland for these atrocities

Worst genocides in the Soviet Union under communist rule, and in China.

Many others: Germans after the war from Allies, Armenian Christians, slaughter currently going on in Congo/Rwanda.

Genocide is a bit of a loaded term; let's just say when Satanic forces take over, a lot of people get killed...Iraq war could be included.
8 Dec 2011
UK, Ireland / Do you think ED Miliband looks Polish? [21]

More like a Greek Cypriot.

I would agree: In picture he looks possibly Turk, Cypriot or perhaps a mixture...But this is only one shot...He is actually Jewish.

In any case, Labor leaders are all pimps, and have a history of criminality, i.e. Tony Blair, master liar.
1 Dec 2011
Life / Poles - the Nation of Liars? [380]

Sorry folks but the Poles are a Nation of liars. When you have an appointment with them or any kind of transaction which involves a Pole when they realise they cannot keep their side of the bargain they lie their way out of it rather than tell the truth which is usually the best option.Ive heard some good excuses in my time but these guys are something else and the lies are so good. Its great when you catch them out.Of course we all lie from time to time but ive never heard so much BS from a nation since i lived here.

'Them', 'they'?...Wait a minute...'Wroclaw Boy'?...Are you of Polish descent or a Pole?
1 Dec 2011
USA, Canada / Polish-American Musicians [45]

Dick Dale, the 'King of Surf Guitar', Polish-Lebanese American

Dick Dale & Stevie Ray Vaughan
25 Nov 2011
USA, Canada / Polish Citizen, US legal resident, but no Polish Passport... [67]

Unfortunately, my calls/emails to the Polish Consulate in Chicago have gone unanswered. Any help helps...

Go there in person...Most emails go in trash bin.

If you live too far away, call, or speak to a Polish cultural group who may help, or organization like PNA.
23 Nov 2011
UK, Ireland / Tale of a Polish Family on Isle of Man [43]

Isle of Man is not a place for charity...It is a tax haven....It is also a very insular place, meaning the native residents don't take to foreigners unless they are rich, and can make money from them.

That said, it is tragic for any child to suffer.
19 Nov 2011
UK, Ireland / Is UK the new cradle of antipolonism? [161]

Back to the topic: I posted some interesting videos about the Polish immigration situation on the UK, but for some unknown reason the 'moderators' moved the thread to 'Off Topic'...Here is the thread:
17 Nov 2011
UK, Ireland / Slough & Elsewhere UK [23]

See, to me, the British Empire is probably the most corrupt in the world in terms of how they treated THEIR OWN ENGLISH PEOPLE IN ENGLAND...You know, because their 'empire' was supposedly gone, they had to allow Pakis and Hindus from the former kingdom into the motherland..And the English people, long suffering and used to being led by the nose by their politicians and ruling class, have to compete with this wave of foreigners...Britain is not that big, you know...So, as Bill Clinton said 'I feel their pain'.

It's like, on a big level, the average native Brits and Poles are just pawns on the chessboard.
15 Nov 2011
News / Global recession in 2012 and how it affects Poland [17]

Recessions are caused by high interest payments due to international banks that countries and their taxpayers get saddled with...And the devaluation of money resulting from such counterfeiting schemes...Simple as that...Wipe out all debts caused by 'derivatives', 'credit default swaps' and other counterfeit shysterism and you reduce or eliminate so-called 'sovereign debt'.
4 Nov 2011
News / Monument gets erected when a clique rules in a small Polish town [29]

I do not get this. Do you mean you do not like his art as a whole, or you were just irked by this "devoted to the astral myths, problems of celestial bodies"?

I'm not familiar with is work; I was just laughing at the wording, which is the kind of 'claptrap' you would read in quasi-critical art journals.

But, I still don't understand: Are these artists upset because the piece of ground used for the statue was supposed to be used for sculpture, or some other art works?...Or are they just hostile to Kaczynski?

I understand that the bust of Kaczynski is certainly no great work of art.
4 Nov 2011
News / Monument gets erected when a clique rules in a small Polish town [29]

As an artist, I will comment that when you get a bunch of artists and art teachers involved in petty politics, you have what is called 'Theatre of the Absurd':

Józef Robakowski, Professor of PWSTViT in £ódż, art historian, photographer, author of movies about art, author of videos, drawings, installations, objects, conceptual projects and initiator of many important events and artistic activities. Presents a series of photographs devoted to the astral myths, problems of celestial bodies. He deals with the analysis of the media, their use for art. Associated with the avant-garde.

Mój Bóg!
1 Nov 2011
News / Monument gets erected when a clique rules in a small Polish town [29]

He was simply a very poor President who completely misunderstood what the Presidency was about.

If this be true, it still doesn't make him a 'disgrace'...If some town where his supporters live want to build a statue, why not?

Now, the original article was unclear: Are they removing a bust of Walesa to make way for one for Kaczynski?