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19 Aug 2015
News / Polish-foreigner marriages increasing [48]

What are you on about? Until 1945, Poland was always an ethnically and religious diverse country, and still is today to a more limited extent.

And what good did come from that? Volksdeutsches and Banderowcy.
18 Aug 2015
Life / Polish people and racism. [943]

Nope. Anti- fascists, meaning most people.

Anti-fascist of the year - Simon Mol?
17 Aug 2015
Life / Polish people and racism. [943]

So Nazis were on average less intelligent than black Africans?
17 Aug 2015
News / Polish-foreigner marriages increasing [48]

Many Polish womens are curious to discover new cultures and languages and always the same stories and reasons what I hear from them is that Polish guys are boring and silly and only beers interest them

You need to marry someone to discover new language or culture?

Why are Polish females more desirable spouses than Polish males?

8 Aug 2015
UK, Ireland / Polish striking due to anti-Polish UK feeling [58]

things would not be anywhere near as bad if people spoke English and mixed with locals instead of isolating themselves.

I wonder who integrates better - Poles in UK or Brits in Poland?
30 Jul 2015
Life / Family relations and influence in Poland [3]

If you are not moving in with his parents then it doesn't really matter. And every family is different - maybe he's their only child and was pampered his whole life?
29 Jul 2015
Language / The lost literary languages of Poland [54]

Poland's peasantry, as with those in most other Catholic countries in Europe, except perhaps for Italy where the Jewish-gentile symbiosis was more complete, was fiercely anti-Semitic, had been for centuries! The Catholic Church erroneously blamed the Jews, rather than the Romans, for the death of Christ. The rest is history.

And it was one way street and had nothing to do with Arenda System and other forms of exploitation of peasants? Do you claim also Jews were held in stronger contempt than peasants(among others by Jews)? Do you think Jews were more discriminated and treated worse than peasants?
28 Jul 2015
Language / The lost literary languages of Poland [54]

The mere fact remains that they were held with much greater contempt by the peasant classes than by the aristocracy:-)

Elaborate, please.
28 Jul 2015
News / LGBT hate speech to be banned in Poland [208]

PO, along with left-wing Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) and Palikot Movement (RP) want to include gays and transgender people in a law that currently covers insults of an ethnic and national nature.

Straight people will not get protection?
4 Jul 2015
Language / Foreigners speaking Polish - examples. [61]

2 years in Poland:

4 years in Poland:

4 years in Poland:

4 years in Poland:

4 years in Poland:

6 years in Poland:

7 and 8 years in Poland:

11 years in Poland:

12 years in Poland:
5 Apr 2014
Language / IS "MURZYN" word RACIST? [686]

It's racist to impose foreign language standards on Poland and polish language, because that way racist westerner puts himself above polish people.
20 Nov 2013
News / Poland's Economy Is Booming! The EU's Success Story? [711]

Apparently you don't know what inflation is. Inflation would matter if this graph was about prices. It is not. It's about purchasing power which is lower today for average Pole.
8 Jul 2013
Life / Immigration in Poland and being surrounded by a monoculture? [134]

Many Asian cultures are very enterprising and have good technical skills, it could bring economic benefits.

Culture has nothing to do with technical skills. And we don't need foreign entrepreneurs, we need lower taxes.

The chance to live and work with other cultures is beneficial, it can be a very good learning experience.

Instead of turning Poland into ANOTHER western tower Babel we could make it diverse by staying monocultural. If every place will be multicultural no place will be different.

Many fine doctors in other cultures too, again a bonus.

What do you mean? Poland can't produce enough doctors?
2 Jun 2013
Po polsku / Jakie studia powinnam sie uczyc, aby zostac nauczycielem z matematyki ? [3],1734,Wynagrodzenie_nauczyciel i_od_01_09_2012_r_.html

Do tego około 40 złotych za godzinę korepetycji, jeśli znajdzie się chętnych.
Wydaje mi się, że pensje nauczycieli w szkołach publicznych nie zależą od miejsca, więc będąc nauczycielem najlepiej jest mieszkać tam, gdzie koszty życia są niskie.

Absolwent studiów matematycznych drugiego stopnia może pracować wszędzie tam, gdzie niezbędna jest znajomość zaawansowanych metod matematycznych i statystycznych. Może również zostać nauczycielem matematyki w szkołach średnich.

29 Dec 2012
Life / Any good Polish movies that are not drama/ war ?? [21]

Dzień Świra:


Chłopaki nie płaczą:

Poranek kojota:

Pieniądze to nie wszystko:
20 Aug 2012
UK, Ireland / Fertile Polish Women in the UK [87]

In 2010 the three countries with the highest number of births to mothers from outside the UK
were Poland, Pakistan and India.

I wonder how many fathers are Polish.
18 Nov 2011
Po polsku / Niedola polskich wynalazców? [6]

Jaki jest sens istnienia czegoś takiego, jak prawo patentowe? Skoro coś jest dobre dla ludzkości, to czemu powstrzymywać ją od korzystania z tego? Polska powinna się z tego wycofać, skoro i tak jest na tym stratna.