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15 Jul 2011
UK, Ireland / Polish and Irish people are related? [137]

Overall I think it is more of the history I think Poles & Irish have had similar histories of Opression. But, I think Scots are more like us. as Scots gave English much more trouble much like the Poles gave Germans & Russians much more trouble. Also Scots made up alot of Intellectuals in England like Poles made up alot of Intellectuals in Germany & Russia.

Scotland had remarkable victories against England when they were well outnumbered like in the first & 2nd Scottish wars of Indenpedence.
Much like how Poles with a lower population beat Germans in the Battle of Plowce & Lubieszow with smaller troops & Russians in the Battle of Klushino with less troops.

Irish people are actually one of the furthest people from Poles by genes in Europe.
I think Iberians are the only people who are further away from Poles by genes.

The main haplogroup of Poles is R1a.
Ireland barely even has R1a. I believe Ireland is like 3 percent R1a. While Poland is like 56 percent R1a haplogroup.

The closest genetic relatives of Poles in the British Isles are actually the Scottish as the Scots have the most R1a haplogroup in Western Europe.

But, maybe the blood types explain a little. Scotland has the highest B Blood type in Western Europe & Ireland has the 2nd highest B Blood type in Western Europe.

B blood type is higher in Eastern Europeans. I believe Baltic people especially Latvians & Russians have the most B Blood type in Europe.
But, Poles also have a high level of B blood type at about 18 percent.
I believe Latvians are 24 percent B Blood & Russians 23 percent.

Scots I believe are 12 percent B Blood & Irish are 11 percent B Blood type.

Which is higher than most of Western Europe. Alot of Western Europe is between 4 & 12 percent B blood type ( With Scots highest at 12 percent.
But with averages like 5-8 percent usually

B Blood type has a stronger association with Central Asia. So, that might explain it. R haplogroup which includes R1a & R1b has rootsi n or near Central Asia.

So my guess is that Celts like Scots & Iriish perhaps have a little closer connection to Central Asia than other Western Europeans.

Which may explain why they are more like Poles.
9 Jul 2011
Genealogy / Polish and Russian DNA? [52]

According to this Genetic plot we Poles are between Russians & Sorbs by genes

According to this the Polish genetic cluser includes West Czech rep, North Slovakia, Western Ukraine, Belarus, West Russia & Lithuania & Some Latvia are all of the.
9 Jul 2011
Life / Stereotypes about Polish people being stupid? [281]

know the Irish who came to America were also called 'dumb Micks' the Italians 'dumb Dago' but it was worse for Poles because Poles knowingly and self willingly 'locked' themselves in ghettos and didn't socialize with other ethnicities.

I live in an Italian & Irish neighborhood in NEw York. Poles are WAY more Intelligent than Italians & Irish people.

The Polish college graduate rate is as high as 36 percent.

While the Irish & Italian college graduate rate is like 20 - 22 percent

Alot of the more Intelligent ethnicities actually stayed more with their own. East Asians & Ashkenazi Jews who have very high iq's like Poles also stayed to themselvesi n their own neighborhoods more than others.

I think because alot of the time Smart people don't want to get in trouble by going beyond their means. Also I think smart people want to seem smart so they want to avoid being made stupid if they can't speak perfect English.

Plus, I think sometimes it is just an Arrogance that more Intelligent groups like Poles, Asians & Jews feel they are too smart to deal with other groups.

Even though I was born in America I kind of feel that way. I tend to feel I am far too smart to deal with alot of these semi retarded Irish & Italian people we have here.
4 Jul 2011
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

You gotta be kidding. I would say Brazil women are most beautiful women in the World.

Yeah like Elisandra Tomacheski, Polish-Italian Alessandra Ambrosio

Polish looking German Brazilian Gisele Bundchen.

Xuxa who is part Polish but also German & Dutch.

I live in a large Brazilian area & the Women are a little hotterthan the typical Irish- Itaian women here.

However the Brazilian women are a huge joke when compared to Slavic women.

When I am in NYC almost all of the beautiful girls I see in NYC are Slavic. The rest is pretty much all ugly.
2 Jul 2011
Life / Stereotypes about Polish people being stupid? [281]

If the Polish American iq is 109 & the Polish Iq is 106.
This could actually make Poles the highest Iq scoring ethnicity in the world.

I mean Ashkenazi Jews score a 114 iq in the West but Israel scores a 94 iq.
2 Jul 2011
Life / Stereotypes about Polish people being stupid? [281]

Let's solve this once and for all the Polish stupid stereotype comes from uneducated peasants going to the west.

So I was glancing through one of Sowell's older books, Race and Culture, and came across this little tidbit. Taking over 10,000 study samples for each group, Sowell compiled the IQ's of Polish and Italian americans for varying decades:

Italian Americans Polish Americans
Decades Median IQ Median IQ
1920's 92 91
1930's 93 95
1940's 95 99
1950's 99 104
1960's 103 107
1970's 100 109

The Polish American iq in 1940's was already higher than the American iq of 98 from today.
2 Jul 2011
Life / Stereotypes about Polish people being stupid? [281]

Polish students are brilliant in mathematics and always ahead in different championships .

Polish students also have won the IBM battle of the brains contest before.

Polish students have also won the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest

Very few Nations have won either of these.
2 Jul 2011
History / Pomerania -a Polish land since the creation of Poland and the German invaders. [60]

And? Pomeranians weren't Poles, they actually fought against them and were later Germanized.

Pomeranians were Lechites. Like Poles are.
Kashubians, Slovinicians & other Lechites lived in Pomerania.

Poland is a united Lechitic nation.

Polabians were also Lechites & Made up much of North & East Germany.
1 Jul 2011
Language / Is Polish amongst the best-sounding languages in the world? [123]

I wonder if Czech sounds as silly and amusing to non-speakers of Polish?

Yeah Czech really does sound crazy.

I notice when I hear Czech It doesn't sound as Slavic. I actually have trouble telling a Czech person is Slavic sometimes when I first hear them speak.

I really think Czechs must have another influence. I have wondered if there is even a Celtic influence as Celts did live in Czech Republic for a long time.
1 Jul 2011
Language / Is Polish amongst the best-sounding languages in the world? [123]

To me Polish is like the French of the Slavic speaking world.
Polish sometimes sounds kind of nasally like French.

On the other hand I think Russian is like the German of the Slavic speaking world.

Russian sounds more rough than other Slavic languages.

But, I notice when Poles get excited or rowdy it starts to sound more like Russian. LOL
1 Jul 2011
History / So called "inconvenient parts" of Polish history - what do you think? [156]

Perhaps you could go into detail as to exactly what Britain could have done between September 1939 and May 1945 to help Poland but did not do?

How, About Britain & France could have attacked Germany in september 1939 which would have made Germany have to regroup back into Germany.
& that would have likely won WW2 alot quicker.

But, England supported Germany in the Silesian Uprisings.

Personally I think England just get's off on other people's misery.
1 Jul 2011
Life / Why is circumcision not practiced in Poland? [701]

It's disgusting that most Polish men are uncircumcised

Usually men don't care much about circumcision. Maybe on a moral issue or on a slight benefit or negative level.

But, You seem to be traumatized by Polish foreskin.

By any chance do you love to suck on male genitals & yet hate to suck on male foreskin?
23 Jun 2011

It seems alot of Russians have felt sympathy towards Poland since they learned about Katyn.

I had a Russian online apologize to me for what was done to Poles under the Soviet Union.
23 Jun 2011
History / Why Poland is not Russia [192]

most american couldn't place PL on the map if their life depended on it but they surely knew that PL was NOT russia or soviet union.

True, My Polish American friend worked in an American household & the Americans thought Poland was a Middle Eastern country.

Pretty sad an adult would be this stupid.

Most people in the West till the '90's had problem telling Poland apart from Russia.

Alot of people don't even know what Slavic is even. Some people seem to think Polish people are Germanic.

Yes, I have heard some Germans & Brits say that Poland is West Russia.

But, Poland is likely the home to Slavic nations.

Poland has the oldest R1a in Europe. It has been proven the R1a in Poland moved to Russia & Ukraine later.

Also Poland was Poland while all East Slavs were Kievan Rus.

In & Around Poland there is & has been of Slavic diversity.

Like Kashubians,White Croatians, Sorbs, Silesians, Slovinicans, Polabians ect.

With East Slavs there has been more diversity towards Poland. Belarussians, Rusyns, Red Ruthenians, Ukrainians ect.

When, you go towards Russia it is pretty much just Russians. Exept for Cossacks who are more like Ukrainians.

But, it still shows that the Slavic maximum diversity seems to be in Poland.

Yes, South Slavs have diversity too but it is more based on religion than linguistics.
21 Jun 2011
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

Joanna Krupa before she puts on her make up.

That is Ann Coulter. LOL Not Joanna Krupa. DUH

If anyone looks like a Transexual it is Giorgia. Giorgia looks like she is packing some meat.
21 Jun 2011
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

Natalia Siwiec is a Polish model who is SO MUCH better than Giorgia LOL

I live in New York in an Italian neighborhood & Your women really look bad compared to Slavic women.
21 Jun 2011
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

Show you one model that looks better than Joanna? Here, the beautiful Italian Giorgia Palmas.

Joanna Krupa looks way better than Giorgia Palmas HAHA

Kasia Smutniak is a Polish model in Italy & She looks better than Giorgia Palmas
21 Jun 2011
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

I'm sorry, but both Pamela and Carmen looked better than Joanna in their prime days.

Show you one model that looks better than Joanna? Here, the beautiful Italian Giorgia Palmas.

Yeah & Pamela Anderson has a mouth that belongs on a Horse.
21 Jun 2011
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

you ain't got a freaking idea, man. There are many pretty women in Germany. Of course, it's a matter of taste but to me, they're not worse looking than Polish women at all.

Yeah the best looking Women in Germany are Polish like Emilia Rizzo & Claudia Ciesla.

While West German women like Claudia Schiffer are F*cking hideous.

Look at this ugly German creature Claudia Schiffer below. How the F*ck is that a model? That thing would be considered A Mistake in places like Poland, Russia, Sweden.

Even in Albania, Italy, Greece & Romania that thing would be considered a mistake
21 Jun 2011
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

Ya, unfortunately yes. Western look on Slavs.

I think Polish women & Slovakian women both look better than Czech women.
Look at Miss Universe this past year from Poland & Slovakia they looked alot beter than Miss Czech Rep.

There are Polish models in Czech Republic like Jana Cova.

I think R1b nations in general have Ugly women. From Germany down to Italy across England & France to Ireland & Scotland & Down to Iberia.

luckily Poland has quite low R1b & That is why we don't have such hideous women like Western Europeans do. Same reason why scandanavians have alot better looking women than other Western Europeans because they have less R1b as well.That is why it seems South Western Poland doesn't have women as good as Eastern & Central Poland.

Unfortunately some of Western Poland around Silesia has more R1b. But all of Poland has more R1a than R1b. Which is why all of Poland has better looking women that Crap you see in Germany, England & France.

That is why it seems South Western Poland doesn't have women as good as Eastern & Central Poland.
Western Poland also generally has a higher crime rate than Eastern Poland.
Western Poland is generally where the Rap scene comes from near Poznan while the Polish metal scene one of the best in the world generally come from Central, North & East Poland.

Generally most of the Polish models seem to come from Central & Eastern Poland as well

I really do think the small amount of German genes in Silesia & Western Poland is a contamination.

R1b haplogroup nations should be treated as a contamination. Their women are so hideous. Their men are so weak, manipulative, greedy & Scummy without honor.

[quote=freebird]She's OK but there are many great looking women all around the world.]

India? Like Lisa Ray who is half Polish & Half Indian?

Brazil like Elisandra Ambrosio who is half Polish & Half Italian & Elisandra Tomacheski?

Brazilian & Indian women are highly overrated.

Pretty much all women are overated exept Slavic & Baltic women.

Slavic & Baltic nations by far have the best women.
21 Jun 2011
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

LMFAO!!! You obviously have never been to America if you think she's the best looking woman here.

Show me one model that looks better than Joanna Krupa?

I think Pamela Anderson & Carmen Electra look kind of mediocre compared to Joanna Krupa.
20 Jun 2011
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

Polish women are some of the ugliest in the world

Poles barely look different than Czechs, Slovaks, Ukrainians, Russians ect. There are some differences but minimal at best.

Yes, This must explain why the best looking Women in Sweden are Polish. Even though there just 50,000 Poles in Sweden out of approx 10 million
& Even though Swedes are known to be so good looking.

I find Polish women of Sweden like Izabella Scorupco & Andrea Myrander to be much more attractive than almost all top Swedish models & actresses.

This video of Swedish women is a joke. Most of the Swedish women are quite robust & manly.

The best looking woman in that video is Polish Izabella Scorupco

Case & Point. IF 25,000 Polish women in Sweden can compete with 5 million Swedish women & be able to out preform them? HAHA

Here is Andrea Myrander who is a Polish Swede too. She also looks way better than the pure Swedish women in that other video

Swedish women are so much more Robust & Manly than Slavic women.

Yet, It seems Swedish men are alot more weak, & thin than Slavic men.

Chinese eyes (without the other features that make Chinese women so beautiful),

Yeah Down Syndrome eyes are so so beautiful.

I dont beleive this ****. Plus I'm yet to see a polish woman renowned for her beauty. On the other hand I regularly see American and Aussie women topping the world's most beautiful, sexy charts etc. On the other hand, positive comments on Polish women by foreign men whos sole purpose of travelling to Poland is none other than his sexual gratifications; certainly seemed to boost the ego of some retarded polish nationalists in this mesage board. I pity these fools. :(

Hmm yes despite Poles being small in numbers in Australia.

Yvonne Strahovski is better than most Aussie women. She makes Nicole Kidman look like an ugly ape.

I think the best looking woman in the U.S is Joanna Krupa.

I think the best looking woman in Italy now is Kasia Smutniak

Best looking woman in Sweden Izaabella Scorupco

Best looking woman in Germany Pole Emilia Rizzo

Best looking woman in England Iga Wywral.
18 Jun 2011
Genealogy / Polish looks? [1472]

The new Wonder Woman Adriane Palicki is Polish American

18 Jun 2011
Genealogy / Polish looks? [1472]

lol at Slavic women being the hottest. Maybe they're the sluttiest but certainly not the hottest.

Slavic women are by far the hottest. Western European women look hideous compared to Slavic women.

Slavic women aren't even slutty.

My Polish friend said that American women & English women put out alot easier than Polish women.

He lived in all 3 nations.
18 Jun 2011
Genealogy / Polish looks? [1472]

Well, there was one excellent try, and it shows how looks can be deceiving.
L1) African/American
2) Ukrainian
3) English/Eu mix
4) Jewish
5) Polska

You the Polska & the Ukrainian one are the only hot ones.

Slavic women look so much better than these other hideous ethnicities.
16 Jun 2011
History / So called "inconvenient parts" of Polish history - what do you think? [156]

PolskiMoc: Yes & Pilsudski didn't want Poland & Fran
listen if you are really polish shut your trap!

Why should i shut my trap? If Poland & France had attacked Nazis in 1933 there would be no WW2.

Pilsudski is a hero.

Yes, rounding up Jews and packing them into cattle trucks off to the death camps was a perfectly acceptable thing to do. Oh, sorry, yet another inconvenient part of Polish history....

Yes, That is why Thousands of Poles died trying to save the lives of Jews.

It was Germans who packed the Jews up.

You are such a smart person. Everything you say is so smart. I am sure you are not a retard or anything like that.
16 Jun 2011
History / So called "inconvenient parts" of Polish history - what do you think? [156]

So we should blame Poland for allowing the USSR to exist. What an original version of history you tell!

Poles attacked Soviets.

If Poles attacked the Soviets then how did Poles help to allow the USSR to exist?

The Soviets SUED for a cease fire & well the cease fire during the Polish Soviet war was acknowledged?

By who? Westerners?

the same Westerners that helped create & expand the Soviet Union?

You are so smart man. You seem to have such a great level of understanding. It is like you understand everything. Yeah okay. It is not like you have a severe lack of intellect or anything like that.
16 Jun 2011
History / So called "inconvenient parts" of Polish history - what do you think? [156]

I guess you are US and therefore have no idea about history.
PiƂsudski came back to Poland in 1918.

Yes & Pilsudski didn't want Poland & France to attack untill 1933 when the NAZIS took over.

Pilsudski knew that Nazis & Soviets were slime.

When Pilsudski invaded the Soviets he attacked Soviets.

Pilsudski could have destroyed the Soviets. This is still when the white Russian army were fighting the Soviets Pilsudski went to war with Soviets not White Russians.

He knew the Soviets & Nazis were slime. If Westerners had followed Pilsudski so many lives would have been saved.

But the Soviets sued for a Cease fire in the Polish Soviet war.

Yeah, IF the West had backed Poland we could have completely stomped out Soviets.

Oh but it was the German Government in WW1 who sent the Bolsheviks with supplies to Russia to destroy Russia with the Soviet Union.

Even U.S President Woodrow Wilson sent Leon Trotsky to Russia to create the Soviet Union.

IT is all a big joke. Western European slime purposefully creating mayhem because they are so vile, controlling & afraid of Slavs getting in the way.