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7 Oct 2012
Life / A rant about "patriotism" in today's Poland [60]

I'll tell you why. Because it's not about 'glorifying the history'. No. It's about getting outside foocking recognition. 'Hey, look! There are some filthy Swedish peasants talking about our superior historical heritage, like the way it should be!'. Nobody actually gives a foock about history itself, it's all about 'WOOOOOOO WE'RE BEING NOTICED

Swedish peasants? lol. Poles are the peasants, not the Swedes

Like I said, Polish patriots should be preparing their children to speak a relevant foreign language now. English will hardly be spoken in the next ten to twenty years and that is the amount of time it takes to become truly fluent in a language.

Are you crazy? English isn't going anywhere. Its here to stay, and it will be just as relevant, if not more relevant in the future. English, French, Spanish are far more important and useful to learn than Arabic or Mandarin. And it doesn't take 20 years to become fluent in a language. My parents went from speaking zero English, to speaking fluently in around 3-4 years. If it takes you 20 years to speak a new language fluently, or near fluent, you aren't trying hard enough.
2 Oct 2012
Life / What do you generally think about Poles? [62]

Aren't you a rude one lol. First off, I'm not an atheist. Secondly, I never said "atheists are better people". I'm not trying to impress anybody. The truth is that Catholicism has too much of a presence in Poland, and can be too influential. Poland is the only country in the EU, along with Ireland, that doesn't even allow abortions.

Another example. You have the Swiebodzin Jesus Statue, which is absolutely pointless. That money should have went to something useful, such as infrastructure or putting the money in education. You would never see Catholic priests do that nonsense in France, Spain, etc. Priests get far too much special treatment, and the Catholic Church in Poland is behind the times. I hate to say it, but there is too much of an obsession with Pope John Paul II.
2 Oct 2012
Life / What do you generally think about Poles? [62]

I'm Polish, and my opinion of Poles is mostly positive, but there are some negatives.


-Hard working, great work ethic, modest, direct, very family oriented, natural born entrepreneurs


-They complain too much. If you complain about being unemployed, get off your ass and try harder, even if that means moving to another country. They can be paranoid at times. Too many of them are Catholics, but good thing its becoming more and more non-religious with the new generation.

I am a Polish-American and I think Poles are too eager to be like Western Europeans

So what? Who cares if Poles want to be like Western Europeans? I'd rather have Poles behave, dress and act like people from France, Germany, Scandinavia, Austria, etc, than people from Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Belarus. I'd rather act Western European than Russian.
23 Jun 2012
Life / Is Poland a poor country? [578]

I agree with you, that Warsaw, Poznan, are wealthier than many parts of Greece. But it annoys me when some people think that Poland having a larger GDP than Nordic countries makes it richer than them. Nordic salaries are high, unemployment is low, and they have world class infrastructure and not many poor people.

I bet that the poorest parts of Germany, France and Scandinavia are wealthier than the richest parts of Poland.
23 Jun 2012
Life / Is Poland a poor country? [578]

Is Poland a poor country? I don't think it is. But its not rich. To me, there are three classes of Europeans. There are rich Europeans, middle Europeans (not rich, not poor), and poor Europeans.

Rich European countries: Germany, France, UK, Scandinavia, Finland, Iceland, Austria, Switzerland, Benelux,

Middle European countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia, Portugal, Estonia, Malta

Poor European countries: Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Albania, Bosnia and herzegovina, Kosovo, Macedonia, Romania, Latvia, Serbia, Montenegro

Countries which I am not sure of: Italy and Greece. I would put them on Rich, but with their bad economies and worsening living standards, I'm not sure if they are rich. Poland is in the middle in terms of wealth. Many will say that Poland has a massive GDP. It does, but GDP does not equal wealth. Poland has a larger GDP than Sweden, but whoever says Poland is richer than Sweden is on some drugs.
16 Jun 2012
Law / Poles think that Germans are the hardest working in Europe... [30]

I agree that Germans are the hardest working in Europe. Not only Germans, but Nordic countries, Netherlands, Switzerland, have good work ethic. But they aren't only hard working, they are efficient. I really admire Germany, Switzerland and the Nordic countries. Some of the best places and least corrupt countries in the world, with the best standard of living and infrastructure. Amazing countries.

Greeks may work the longest hours in the EU, but that doesn't mean they are efficient. I know Greeks in my school who have relatives in Greece, and they told me that half of their shifts, they smoke a lot, have many coffee breaks, a nap, and leave work early. So in an 8 hour shift, its more like 4 hours of work and 4 hours of play. They aren't hard working and efficient. But I think its Bullshit that Poles think Poland is the most corrupt. Yes, it has problems, but it is nowhere near as corrupt as Greece or Italy. Don't even get me started with Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.
17 May 2012
Life / Poles always ask how much money you earn. Why do they do this? [30]

regardless, it's pretty rude, at least in my culture..

I agree, I don't understand why they would even care about my salary. When it comes to vacations, when they ask me and my family where I went for vacation, or a place where I am going to go for vacation and we tell them, they always have a tone of jealousy and sound all down. I'm not joking.

I wouldn't do this. If I had relatives who were going on a nice vacation, I would be happy for them, not sulking about it.
16 May 2012
Life / Poles always ask how much money you earn. Why do they do this? [30]

I was having a discussion with my friend (Polish, but born in Canada). He was telling me about his latest trip to Poland. He told me he was annoyed when him and his family were constantly asked how much money they make by relatives, and relatives friends. When I went to Poland last year, I experienced the exact same thing. My relatives friends all asked me how much money I make, after 5-10 minutes of meeting them!! I told them straight up "none of your business" and they seemed to be a bit down. I don't understand because if I were to ask them the exact same question, they would not answer me. I wouldn't ask them that question because I have class.

One of my aunts lives in UK, and I have Polish relatives in Germany as well, and they tell me that in Germany and UK, acquaintances and people you just meet would never ask you how much money you make. But why do Poles do this? Its rude, and quite honestly, whenever they ask me, I always sense some jealousy.
13 May 2012
Food / Your favourite Polish foods! [180]

Pyzy and pierogi are usually more bad than good

Naaa, its crap if its prepared by a bad cook, or if you buy the store packaged pierogi. If one cooks pyzy and pierogi right, with some fried bacon and onions, its magically delicious!

I love kotlet schabowy, even if it's basically schnitzel, it's delicious

I love kotley schabowy, but its an imitation of the schnitzel. The Wiener Schnitzel is the real thing, Schabowy is just a Polish imitation. That doesn't make it bad though.

Gulasz poured over potato pancakes is fantastic

This is one of my favorite dishes, but Goulash is not Polish. Polish Goulash is again, an imitation.
13 May 2012
Food / Your favourite Polish foods! [180]

Merged: What is your favorite Polish dish, and your least favorite Polish dish?

Personally speaking, I think the best Polish food is Oscypek, Zurek, Pyzy, and Pierogi. I would add Goulash and Koptika, but those aren't really Polish, but they are delicious nontheless.

The worst food personally speaking, is Galoretka, Czarnina and Tripe Soup. I really tried to eat galoretka, I just can't like it lol. My whole family loves that stuff, but I just can't get into it.
8 May 2012
Food / Is Polish food still more natural than in the West? [142]

If by "west" you mean Western Europe, than no, its not more natural. Polish food, compared with food in Germany, France, Spain, etc, is just as natural and fresh. Pretty much every European country has organic food available, with fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables. Polish food is no exception. Every European country has tons of natural and organic foods, and processed crap as well.
8 May 2012
News / Presidential elections and debates 2015 Poland [472]

Kaczynski needs to go away. He's had his run, he should just stop before he makes an even bigger fool out of himself. As many problems as Civic Platform has, they are still better than the PiS. IMO, a lot of people who vote for Kaczynski and PiS are the poor, backward and ultra nationalistic people from Eastern Poland.
8 May 2012
News / What should Poland do to solve the population crisis? [101]

30 million for the size of Poland would actually be AWESOME- less traffic, less rubbish, fewer govnerment workers.

No it wouldn't lol. If Poland was a country of 30 million, and a 30 million, which consisted of many young people, and not too many old people, that would be great! But the problem is if it goes to 30 million, there will be too many old poor people, and not enough young people. If Poland wants to maintain strong GDP growth, they need a good healthy amount of young working people. Otherwise, there won't be enough people in the workforce to maintain growth. Plus, Poland won't be considered a big country anymore.
7 May 2012
News / What should Poland do to solve the population crisis? [101]

Poland is starting to depopulate, and many estimate that by 2050, the population could go from 38 million to 30-31 million. What exactly can the Polish government do to fix this? I don't think its a wealth issue, because many rich countries like Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, etc, are very wealthy, but are still experiencing population decline. Poland will have too many old people, and this will put a strain on the government, and there won't be enough young people to support stable economic growth. What can Poland do?
5 May 2012
Life / What Polish people think about the Italian and Spanish men? [39]

I'm a guy obviously lol, but I'll comment on Italian and Spanish women. They are very friendly, warm and open people. They can be more emotional and hot tempered than other women at times, but they are good people. Plus, they look good too, good in the sack as well =D

and lol at the people calling Spanish and Italian people mama's boys. Yea some of them are, but Polish men are no different to be honest. Its not uncommon in Poland to have three generations living in one small apartment. and there are a ton of 30 something year olds living with mom and dad.

Italian women rather cold , they don`t look in eys ( French girls also), but they like my blue eys and blond hair ;) . Cute

Really? Because I think its the other way around. It's Polish women who are more cold, reserved and to themselves. I found Italian women to be very lively and passionate when they speak.
23 Apr 2012
Life / Polish history as a school subject in western Europe [24]

I don't know about Western Europe, but in Canada, in high school, only a few European countries are discussed in classes. Poland was rarely mentioned in my history classes. BUT, most European countries weren't mentioned either. In my old high school history classes, only UK, France, Germany, Russia, Spain, were studied, and when it came to Greece, it was only ancient Greece. Many Western European countries aren't in the history classes either. Holland, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, etc were not even mentioned. The Baltic countries, Slovenia, Former Yugoslav countries, Czech Republic, other Former Soviet countries were barely mentioned. So its not just Polish history thats left out. Its most of Europe thats left out. But to be honest, I am not surprised. I mean, if you compare British and French history, to Latvian or Estonian history, there is no comparison. Latvia does not really have much history, and it is very irrelevant throughout history, I mean they didn't really make any contributions to European society, or the world. While UK and France had massive influence throughout European History, and the world.
20 Apr 2012
Life / Which Polish product you can easily do without? [51]

Random List, but here it goes.

Maluch (nobody should be driving these things anymore. Its 2012 ffs. I'd rather have no car than drive a maluch).
Tatra beer
Radio Maryja
20 Apr 2012
Life / A recent visit to Poland. First time after 12 years. [19]

I'm guessing Gliwice and Bytom. But those cities are shitholes, no offense to your city. Bytom is one of the ugliest cities in Europe. Many Polish cities are improving quickly, but Bytom still looks extremely worn out and gray.
20 Apr 2012
Life / A recent visit to Poland. First time after 12 years. [19]

1. While abroad, Poles still pretend not to be Polish. How sad.

I don't know about every Pole, I guess its like that with every nationality. You will have Germans, French, British, Americans, Filipinos, etc, pretending to not be their nationality. Its in every country and culture. But maybe a reason as to why some Polish people pretend not to be Polish could be because of an inferiority complex. I used to be ashamed of being Polish, but not anymore. I WILL admit, there are certain things about Poland which I am ashamed of. I wish Poland could be like a normal Western European country, which is highly developed, wealthy, with less backwards peasants, and less clowns in the Sejm, and less Catholic influence in politics and society, but right now its not. In the future it will be normal, hopefully. But overall, I am not ashamed to being Polish, but there are certain aspects of Poland which I am ashamed of.

2. Other than more signs advertising everything from "Instalacja Kotlow" to "Biuro Rachunkowe Estimate," a bunch of new banks and car dealerships, everything looks the same. In fact, the school I used to go to actually looked better back in 2000.

Hmm, I disagree with you here. I have been to Poland in 2001 and 2011, so I have seen some big developments and changes in these 10 years. yes, there are still things which have not changed very much, but regardless, there were changes. New motorways, Stores, bridges, airports, train stations, and many renovations to buildings and the parts of the old town. Although one thing which I believe Poland needs to do in 30 years time is demolish commie-towers. Many of them look decent with renovation, but many stick out like a sore thumb, and it gives Poland a poor and cheap look and feel. There are tons of new modern apartments and houses being built fortunately.

3. The use of English words is as ubiquitous as it is ridiculously out of place and incorrect (Biuro Rachunkowe Estimate - wtf?!)

I noticed this, but to be honest, it doesn't bother me. Its a bit strange, but I wasen't too bothered.

4. People are just as rude and wary of strangers as before. One simply sticks out.

Hmm, this one, you are somewhat right. I found that the most rude people were the older people, over 50 years old, and the very elderly. But the good news is that the young generation are changing. The teens, 20 something year olds and even people in their early 30's are nicer and friendlier than the older generation who lived through communism. Communism had a part in this I believe. For example, customer service. When my dad had to buy something in a store in the Galeria, the people working in the store were in their mid 20's, and they were very friendly, and the customer service was pretty good! I noticed that the older people working in stores provide ****tier customer service. But it is improving with the younger generation.

5. Nobody thinks twice about littering in the street, flower borders and containers are conspicuously devoid of vegetation but instead full of trash, There's spit on sidewalks. Nothing changed.

I didn't notice any littering when I went. Poland was actually pretty clean IMO, there was not much garbage and litter on the street.

6. People complain about everything, as always. They were very proud to tell me about the new Galleria (a mall) but then proceeded to ***** about the prices there, in the very next sentence.

Sadly, I agree with this. It is improving with the younger generations however. They do not complain nearly as much as the old people. But the older generations complain way too much. Thank God my parents are the exception. They never complain, and they got annoyed with relatives who were complaining. They just had a neutral face on the entire time, telling them to stop complaining and to actually do something about it :)

7. Roads are just as bumpy and narrow as before, sidewalks just as crooked.

It's quickly improving. By the end of this year, and the middle of 2013, there will be a lot of new motorways opened up, and I noticed local roads are improving as well. New sidewalks are being built, as well as tram lines. The roads are **** when you get to the small villages however. In the big city they are good, and getting better, but there are the occasional streets where they are incredibly bumpy. My uncle went on a roadtrip with his friends a year ago to Ukraine, and the roads there were like Polish roads in the 1970s lol, actually even worse. So he isn't complaining :) I still think however, that the motorways should be built faster, but hey, at least its getting there.

8. Everyone wanted to know what kind of car I drove and how big my house was. As if they were keeping score.

I noticed this as well. I actually sensed a hint of jealousy at times, when they asked me on the vacations I went on.

9. When I was trying to tell them a little bit about the life in the US, it was either, "Oh, yes, we have that, too..." or "Stupid Americans." I gave up.

I didn't notice this. I didn't notice them bashing Americans.

10. All the programs on TV were copied from western stations. Seems like there was no original programming, other than the news...

There are some Polish tv shows on air you know lol. They may not be the best in the world, but there are Polish shows.

11. Clothes continue to be a status symbol. At the same time, everyone shops in consignment stores.

Well obviously Polish people aren't exactly the best dressed Europeans, they are poorer people. At the same time, if one has the money, nothing wrong with buying nice clothes. Nothing wrong with wanting to dress good and wear the latest styles.

12. Travel agencies seem to focus mainly on third-world countries.

I didn't notice this. I'm sure some Polish travel agencies focus on all countries in Europe and abroad. But I did notice that my Polish relatives and a few friends over there, when they go to countries in Europe for vacation, they went to the poorest European countries for vacation. Instead of France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Holland, etc, they went to Ukraine, Bulgaria, and Macedonia for Euro trips. They don't have much money, so they can't afford to have a 3 week Euro trip in Western Europe.

13. Finally, people look tired and pooped. My peers look way older and they seem disheartened. Nobody seems to truly enjoy their lives, everyone is worried and constantly fretting over everyday stuff.

Its usually the poorest people in Poland who look grim and tired looking. With a **** salary and unemployment, I'm not surprised really. But the middle class Poles and younger people look normal.
9 Apr 2012
Life / Lodz vs Wroclaw - difference in mentality of people? [48]

Wroclaw for sure. Wroclaw is a beautiful city, especially the old town/town square. not to mention the bridges. there is so much more to see in Wroclaw, and overall the whole city looks much better and neater compared to Lodz. Apart from Piotrkowska street, there is absolutely nothing to do over there. The vast majority of the city looks like ****, and its not a tourist city. Wroclaw is more touristy, but I don't really think there is any touristy cities in Poland, apart from Krakow. Even Krakow is not all that touristy last time I went in summer of 2011. All my Polish friends told me not to go there, I asked them why? Its a beautiful old city. They said its too touristy and there are way too many of them in the summer. I go there in the summer and there were not many at all. You would have some big groups here and there, but generally there was tons of room to walk around and take pictures. If you want to see a true touristy city, go to Venice in the summer time.
9 Feb 2012
News / Does Poland support the idea of Slavic unity? [83]

I am a strong supporter of one Slavic nation with modern day Slavic countries as states within one Slavic nation whose unique languages and culture/ religion are protected. In the end we are all are the same people.

After reading this entire thread, I came to the conclusion that you need to get out more. Both you and Crow sound delusional and have no damn clue about Slavic countries. Do you honestly think Polish people in Poland give a crap about a Slavic Union? Most of them would laugh at idea. The same goes with the Czechs, Slovaks and Slavs from the former Yugoslav countries. I'm pretty sure what the vast majority of Slavs want, is to try to make their country a better place to live, and to have stability, not some stupid Slavic Union. Thank god Polish people in Poland are not like you and Crow.
29 Jan 2012
Travel / What can Poland do to attract more tourists? Llamas farm? [53]

Merged: Why does Poland not have a lot of tourists?

I remember reading an article (can't find it now, but if I do I'll post it), and Poland was ranked one of the worst in Europe when it comes to tourism. I used to think that it was a lack of advertising, but I don't think this is the reason. Look at Czech Republic and Hungary for example. Its not like they are any better at advertising tourism than Poland. Yet Prague and Budapest have way more tourists, and they are much more popular and famous around the world. Why is it that Poland is practically unknown to most? I was always told Krakow has tons of people from around the world, but when I went last summer, the vast majority of the tourists were Polish tourists, and there was very few people there, the same thing with Zakopane. Howcome Western European countries get all the spotlight while Poland has nothing? Poland has beaches and mountains, yet most people couldn't care less and would rather visit the alps instead. Zamosc is another perfect example. Everyone on this forum says its so famous etc ect, yet its practically deserted when you go there.
20 Jan 2012
News / Will EURO 2012 be a proud moment for Poland and its people or set back Poland 20 years? [86]

Let's see .... horrible roads, bad customer service, pay toilets, hooligans, and a horrible national team that won't get out of the first round ..... I say it sets Poland back 20 years.

Thats a load of BS. Horrible roads? Poland's roads may not be perfect, but you have to understand that it takes TIME to have Western European infrastructure. Its not going to happen overnight, and they are getting better every year.

I agree with you on customer service, that is one area which needs improvement, but it is slowly changing.

Whats wrong with pay toilets? I'd rather pay one euro and have a nice clean toilet than a dirty toilet for free. There are pay toilets ALL over Europe. Germany, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Italy etc, all have pay toilets, its not a Polish thing.

Hooligans are everywhere.

Poland may not have the best European football team, but it is certainly not the worst. Many countries in Europe have football teams which are way worse than Poland's football team.

And how exactly will this set Poland back 20 years? Typical Polish complaining, I'm not surprised.
20 Jan 2012
News / Poland fines singer for bashing Bible [146]

This is ridiculous. Poland is a secular country, so why the hell should she be punished for this? It goes against free speech, and quite frankly the Catholic Church in Poland can go **** themselves. They have too much influence in Polish society and I'm glad Poland is slowly becoming less religious.
6 Nov 2011
Life / Where to buy Polish console and video games in Poland? [4]

I have cousins in Poland who have video game consoles (xbox 360, PSP, etc). All the big games, like sports, shooters, racing, RPG, etc, are not in Polish. Some have Polish subtitles, some don't have any Polish subtitles at all, only english. But forget about Polish voice overs in Modern Warfare 3 and Skyrim.
5 Nov 2011
Travel / What can Poland do to attract more tourists? Llamas farm? [53]

Its simple. More advertising. I think we will see ads of Poland and its cities on TV when EURO 2012 is close. It needs tourists and popularity. When I was in krakow, I didn't see many foreign tourists or hear any foreign languages. Many "popular" places in Poland are only popular to Polish people and nobody else. Example being Sopot and Zamosc. Very few people outside Poland know about those places, its only popular with Poles.