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24 Jan 2012
Food / Food coloring ingredients to buy in Poland? [7]

Ask for "barwnik spożywczy" or "barwniki spożywcze". The cheapest way to get them is Allegro or specialized shops like this one in Poznan:

You can also buy them on sites like:,barwniki-spozywcze
23 Dec 2011
Life / Why is Polish Christmas on the 24th? [87]

Sounds like you live a fun filled life.

My Christmas Eve is in town which has 5,000 citizens, 3 grocery stores, 1 pharmacy and 1 restaurant. My parents live here and I'am basically trapped here for every Christmas : )) Wanna rescue me ? ;)

i don't think jesus had any preference.

Yes, he had - wine ;)
22 Dec 2011
Life / Why is Polish Christmas on the 24th? [87]

I just assumed that this is how it was done in Poland

the booze flowed freely

Since we had to fast until midnight,no meat was served. About the time midnight came, most of my family were bombed..

My Christmas Eve is finished until 10 p.m, we don't eat meat that day even after midnight and this "booze" is three bottles of wine for 10 people.

Usually the priest called us a bunch of drunks.

I wonder why...

After Mass, we returned to the party.. Now the ham (Szynks) and Kielbasa was served. Back to the drinking and singing until daybreak

After Pasterka I just go to bed and watch dr. House ;)
Sounds nothing like Polish Christmas.
20 Oct 2011
Language / Lat V lata [8]

"Lata" means just "years" for example "Lata temu" - "Years ago"
And "lat" is a version of "lata" but saying in genitive.

Genitive has two questions: whom? of what?
So if you want to say "For 20 years" you should ask "For 20 (of what?) years".

I hope it will help. This is the method that polish children have at school to learn how to change words properly.
6 Sep 2011
Travel / Places for Vodka tasting in Poznan? [3]

It depends how much money do you have.
I am sure that places like Aleksander Restaurant od Bażanciarnia (I mean quite expensive) can arrange something for you but you have to call and ask. Try Bażanciarnia first, they serve very nice traditional Polish food and Aleksander is more multi-kulti ;) (don't be scared - this site is hopeless) (here you can taste your vodka in the darkness...)
8 Jul 2011
Language / Why is the Polish language so difficult? [246]

Romantic (Italian, French, Spanish, Romanian, etc.) languages.

Buuuhahahaha Romantic :))) You made my day at work more cheerful :)
1 Jul 2011
Law / Thinking of opening up a Greek restaurant in Poland, bad idea or good? Jenkei [45]

I live in Poznan and we have three Greek restaurants here. Two of them are just normal restaurants but the third one called Meze is a little bit unusual. It based on small spaces, the same menu for whole year and low prices. It's not usual restaurant because you have to order and pay first (like in eatery) but the food is very good and fresh and it based on original Greek products. You also have to remember about the design, you have to make your restaurant look different than others. In Meze you have modern furnitures (good design but not too expensive) and no traditional greek stuff (like this: -santorini/recenzja/2070/) but the colours are very greek (blue, yellow, white). Young people love this place and I assume they prosper well because they have tho places like this in Poznan and there are always people inside.

So, Pellasgos, you have to have THE IDEA, something original because opening another traditional greek restaurant could be not so good thought.
You can see it here :

Good luck ! :)
10 May 2011
Food / Chinese restaurant / takeaway / supermarket Poznan [7]

recommendation for a Chinese restaurant that serves dim sum

Try Pekin Restaurant on 23 luty Street, opposite Academy of Fine Arts but I can't assure you if they have dim sum whatever it is :) Other restaurant is Azalia on Marcin Street but I've never been there.

95% of it was just complete garbage.

And he is right :)
22 Dec 2010

Gazeta Wyborcza organizes action which is called "Everyone can be a Santa" when you can give something or do something for poor families. You can give the money which is the easiest way but you can also repair the roof, buy some coal etc. For example my friend with some other people took two sisters for all day shopping to shopping centre.

But I think it's a little bit too late for that because Christmas Eve it's on Friday.
I don't know where do you live but in every big city in Poland there's a Christmas Eve for homeless and maybe you could help with that.

However You have something about 48 hours to do something good :)
18 Dec 2010
Food / Bread Baking in Poland [65]

again, it barely lasts a day and then it goes off. What good is that?

Well it means it has no .... hahhaaa I just found the translation of "konserwant" in English and Onet Dictionary says it's ... preservative... so Polish bread has no preservative inside (buuhahha).

However, I don't know exactly what do you mean when you say your bread goes off. Of course when you have some little green mushrooms on it there's nothing you can do BUT there is hope when bread is just hard. You have to put some butter on a frying pan and fry the bread on both sides. I usually eat it with sugar.

Another version is with eggs but then you have soak the bread in it (eggs can be prepare with salt, pepper, herbs or whatever you want) before you start to fry it. Serve with fresh tomatoes, cream (kwaśna śmietana, nie śmietanka), salt and pepper taste delicious.

Smacznego !
15 Dec 2010
History / Old Polish Flag [17]

One detail that I have never seen before is that the eagle is facing right (looking at his left wing).

It depended on situation and wars. The direction was changed many times, for example during the war or uprising against eastern country the head was facing right.

So Polskatage, I suggest to find something about Polish uprisings against Russia. And remember It can be difficult because this flag looks very "unofficial" and could be made at home and had nothing to do with official, military flags from that times.

Good luck :)
10 Dec 2010
News / An end to Drug Prohibition in Poland and EU states? [9]

I quoted Newsweek.
"To hybryda, którą wygenerowali Wietnamczycy. Popularne konopie mają około 0,2 proc. thc [zawartość substancji narkotycznych – przyp. red.]. A tutaj mamy do czynienia z roślinami z 20-30 proc. thc! "

"This is a hybrid, which was generated by the Vietnamese. Most of cannabis have about 0.2 percent THC [content narcotic - ed.]. And here we are dealing with plants with 20-30 percent of THC!"
10 Dec 2010
News / An end to Drug Prohibition in Poland and EU states? [9]

Did you know that Poland is one of the biggest producer of amphetamine in the world ?? And our weed has 20-30% THC content when normally it's 2% (!) In July the police found illegal cultivation of marihuana in fake house (WTF?) near Warsaw. The bulding was made from styrofoam with windows from plexi and with little bulbs that the neighbors will thing there is "life" inside.

Poland is one of Europe's largest marijuana plantation . Thanks to the Vietnamese.

The new two-storey villa was in a quiet street in Old Babice near Warsaw . Large windows , balconies , glass staircase . By the thought of not przeszłoby any passer-by , that actually looks at the dummy home. In windows , dead on the inside boards , installed a small , energy-efficient light bulbs . So that evening looked like in the middle went to normal family life . And really inside the second house , completely cut off from the world, and in it the network of large lamps , weave powerful irrigation pipes and venting ... Amazon jungle 80 percent . humidity and 45 degrees of heat . Nearly one hundred 600 -watt high pressure sodium lamps . In all public forests cannabis , looked after by the Vietnamese gardeners : 500 bushes , from which arise the drugs with a value of up to 300 thousand . gold .

Yes, our national treasure isn't coal ...
10 Dec 2010
Language / Nice Polish words to say to a girl [135]

Panno ma namilejsza! Dziwne rzeczy, w miłości będąc, poczęły się między nama, toć jest, aby mnie nie zapomniała, barzociem twej miłości prosić, a twa miłość na mą prośbę ślubiła to uczynić!

Long story short: My sweetest Lady! Strange things started to happen, when we were in love. I asked your love not to forget me and she decided to do so.

It's a part of the oldest love letter in Polish written in 1423 between soldier from Poznan and his lady. It's sad that now we practice more pedestran words like "Zaje..łem się w Tobie na ch..j!"

By the way, does anybody know how to translate "Abyś mnie nie zapomnieła" into English ?
9 Dec 2010
News / Medvedev in Poland [28]

He came with package of files about Katyń so at least he brought a present ;) The rest of them (46 files from Moscow's archive) we'll get on the occasion of another president's crash ;)

Sorry for the black humor, blame The Monty Python.
9 Dec 2010
News / Medvedev in Poland [28]

Please remind me, Bolle, what does rozbiory mean? It has slipped my mind :(

Rozbiór - partition

The situation when your neighbours decide to treat you like their birtday cake and eat you part by part ; )
30 Nov 2010
UK, Ireland / The more subtle differences: Ireland/Britain v Poland [310]

I thought there was some overtone in that what he said :)
We should think about the new name for that:
whitecheese-and-vanilla-cake-which-is-not-cheesy-in-the-yellow-way ;)
1 Oct 2010
History / When will you Poles give back German land and the cities which you robbed? [557]

But then...your denial is getting ridiculous as even polish travel agencies advertise with the german heritage of polish towns, offering guided tours... ;)

We call it the tourism of sentiment. Usually it looks like this: To Posen/Danzig/Breslau etc. come german trip. They look at buildings and say :

- Do you remember , Helga our first date ?
- Oh, yes it was the summer of 41'. Hans, it was glorious time ! You gave me a bouquet of little Jewish heads instead of flowers and I gave you a belt made from women's polish hair !
16 Jul 2010
Travel / VISITING POZNAN, can anyone suggest places to visit including good bars/clubs? [16]

Merged: Short film from Poznan and some questions for you.

For those who have never been in Poznan :

By the way I have some questions for you, foreigners living in Poland: how and where did you find out informations about Poland ? I mean was it website or friends etc. ?

I will be very thankful for answers :)
6 Jun 2010
Love / Inside polish women's psychology and mind [109]

Women just want to be women

So when I want high sallary, live with no marrage and (God forbid!) no children then I'm a freak. That's the stupidest thing I heard today and it's only 1 p.m....
6 Jun 2010
Travel / Public Transportation in Poland [30]

How is this in Poland? Are buses on time, generally? How is the fare calculated? Do you have to pay every time when you have to switch buses on the same trip?

In Poznan (which you called provincial town....agrhhh) we have time tickets. You can buy a ticket for 15/30/60 minutes and 48h ticket. Every ticket is valid in buses and trams and you can change the transport. Simple :)

Tickets are available only in kiosks and in ...eeee... ticket machines (?) so trams and buses are very punctual because the drivers don't have to sell tickets inside.

End of report ;)
4 Apr 2010
History / Why did Hitler kill so many Jews in Poland? [261]

Is it because it make you look .......not as you would like to present yourself ?:D

Heh yes it is :)))

I. Have. No. Patience. To. Persons. Like. You. Good. Night.
3 Apr 2010
History / Why did Hitler kill so many Jews in Poland? [261]

You mean to say that you don't know? So, what are you doing here playing an expert?

No I don't. That's why ....I asked.... And he didn't answer so he didn't know.

That during the war many people were killed, for many different reasons, its possible that some Jews were killed by Poles,not because they were Jews but because of their deeds, and you can be sure it was pined as anti-Semitic act.

Picking up some single sentences from whole reply it's not good idea when you want to be treated seriously :)