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Any information on the Kitzmann family from Poland

Val Kitzmann 1 | -
29 Aug 2007 #1
Hi I am trying to find any information on my Polish ancestors.
Josef Kitzmann and his wife Matilda Gernut they lived 30 -40 miles from Lodz to the south I think. They had sons, and a farm and used to send grain to the local Mill.

Josef's father was a healer I believe,
Wroclaw 44 | 5,379
29 Aug 2007 #2
We need to know when.

Please, give as much information as you can.

Look at the Poland links at:

Check the Genealogy threads here at PolishForums for links.
18 Jan 2010 #3
The name of my father was max kitzmann. He spoke me about lodz. His mother was ottilie kitzmann, tochter des Gottlieb und pauline geborenen kulka
BrutalButcher - | 389
18 Jan 2010 #4
Either of German or Jewish ancestry. More I can't tell.
kith 1 | 72
19 Jan 2010 #5
Josef's father was a healer I believe,

A healer? Like a spiritual healer? or do you mean a doctor? What's Josef's father's name?
Polonius3 994 | 12,380
23 Jan 2010 #6
KITZMANN: In Austrian dialectic German a Kitz is a kid (baby goat) or fawn (baby deer). Kitzeln means to tickle or titillate, hence a Kitzler is a clitoris. The name's English equiavletn would be Kidman. Could be German, Austrian or Yiddish.
EchoTheCat - | 137
23 Jan 2010 #7
These are marriages concluded between 1820 and 1889 for the surname Kitzmann from You have to type the surname of bryde (panna mloda) or groom (pan mlody).
Daniel Kiesman
19 Apr 2011 #8

My name is Daniel Kiesman, my great great grandfather was Daniel Kitzmann from Volhynia, Russia (came to Canada in 1904). His father was August Kitzmann, his father was Gottlieb Christoph Kitzmann, and his father was Martin Kitzmann. All were born and/or died in the Kolo, Wielkopolskie area of Poland (back then it was Prussia/German Empire). Specific cities are Marynki, Przedecz, and Antonijew. Hope this helps, if you need any more information email me at

Denis kitzmann
21 Sep 2016 #9
Hello my name is Denis Kitzmann daughter from Bronislaw Kitzmann Born at Poznan 1922 Sony from Siegmunt Kitzmann and Maria Kobalt. I looking for more information about the family Kitzmann from Poland. We have also a family page from family Kitzmann around the world on are welcome

Greetings Denis Kitzmann
Frauke Zupp
1 Apr 2017 #10
Hello, did somebody come across the name `Ruth Kitzmann`? Some years ago I found a photo in my aunts album with her, my uncle and another girl aged 8/9. Under the photo was written: 1936 Ruth Kitzmann visit from Poland. My grandfather Eduard Zupp was born and grew up in Lodz/ Poland. His family came from the aera of Gostynin and Plock. Nobody knows who she was. According to my aunt Ruth was the daughter of a cousin or the daughter of friends, she wasn´t really sure.Unfortunately I don´t know what happened to the photo after my aunts death; but I`m curious to know if we were related.

Regards Frauke Zupp
Johnny Marcelo
21 May 2023 #11
@Daniel Kiesman
Daniel was my great great grandfather too..Alex kitzman was my great grandfather and august brother..

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