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What gifts to take? Presents customs in Poland.

11 Feb 2010 #1
Hello everybody.We are traveling to Poland from USA, to visit family and friends.Have'nt been there for 20 years.We want to bring small,attractive gifts with us.Any suggestions?
11 Feb 2010 #2
Take them some smiles, customer service, and personal responsibility. All extremely rare in Poland, free, and don't take up any room in your luggage ;)
OP maxsmom
12 Feb 2010 #3
Thats for sure!But we are going to Poland not USA as it states on the threads prompt;-))
12 Feb 2010 #4
Exactly. My recommendation stands.
12 Feb 2010 #5
like visiting any relatives...

if you somewhat know what they like get something practical
some classy shaving kit or something for men or whatever woman use
good wine, bottles in the $10-15 range if for a 'family', if for men any expensive whisky

what a minute, f this you cheap bastards, you probably were expecting answers like chocolate or meat or underwear
12 Feb 2010 #6
Any suggestions?

I always bring California wines......greatly appreciated by all the recipents. Also, go to the bank and get a roll of gold $1 coins and give them to the kids, it goes over big.
OP maxsmom
12 Feb 2010 #7
Thanks !!! I did put all that on my list. Not sure about the coins ,that sounds very expensive?!;-)
12 Feb 2010 #8
a roll of gold $1 coins

So is there 2 different types of $1 coin? Because I have heard silver dollar mentioned in movies before and so I presumed them to all be silver.
12 Feb 2010 #9
the title of this thread makes it sound like you are going to the usa, not poland. maybe some chocolates or perfume.
12 Feb 2010 #10
the title of this thread makes it sound like you are going to the usa, not poland

lol. So where you going?
Wrap your wine good so it don't break when they throw your luggage around, coz u can't take it as carry-on.
12 Feb 2010 #11
If I were you I would buy things that are not avaliable in Poland or are expensive here.
When I was in the US, I used to love big Marshmallows, good Peanut butter, all kinds of Reese's (we don't have it in Poland at all), jellys, Newman chocolate.

For females you can buy some clothes - In Poland we don't have Abercrombie but people love this mark - you could buy normal t-shirts, but ask earlier about the size.

Every woman would be crazy about Victoria's Secret underwear - it's really hard to get in Europe. But I don't know if you will be interested in buying underwear ;)

I know that in the US there are much cheaper cosmetics of Lancome or Estee Lauder. You could buy f.e. Lancome Juicy Tube - lip gloss - it costs in poland about 120zł (about 40$) and in the US less than 20$. Or you can check brand MAC - their eye shadows (but not only) are known as very luxurious, they are really well-known here, hard to get and expensive. In US they are cheap.

Those gifts would be appropriate rather for young people, but I'm 20 and write about things I would like to buy if I went to the USA.
12 Feb 2010 #12
You sound like every Polish girl I ever knew Aljola;)

Your recommendations sound like the exact things every Polish girl I ever met would want from the US. It really is amazing how much more many things are in Poland. Not just a little more but sometimes 4 or 5X more.
13 Feb 2010 #13
Your recommendations sound like the exact things every Polish girl I ever met would want from the US.

You wanted to know... :)
13 Feb 2010 #14
Not sure about the coins ,that sounds very expensive?!;-)

No they're $1 coins. The first in the series had George Washington. They're gold in color. Not solid gold. They're worth a buck, but they are unique. The kids in Poland loved em'. A roll is only $50.

More info:

The United States is honoring our Nation's Presidents by issuing $1 circulating coins featuring their images in the order that they served in office. The United States Mint issues four Presidential $1 Coins each year, with Presidents Fillmore, Pierce, Buchanan, and Lincoln being honored in 2010. Each coin has a common reverse design featuring a striking rendition of the Statue of Liberty. These coins feature large, dramatic artwork, as well as edge-incused inscriptions of the year of minting, or issuance, E PLURIBUS UNUM and the mint mark. In 2009 "In God We Trust" was moved from the edge to the face of the coin. The size, weight and metal composition of the Presidential $1 Coins are identical to that of the Sacagawea Golden Dollar and the Native American $1 Coins. Learn more about the Presidential $1 Coin's design features.

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13 Feb 2010 #15
An invitation to visit America with accomodations if they can obtain visas. Don't waste your money on gifts. They can get everything and anything they want in Poland. The communist era is history. Take a bottle of vodka and fresh flowers to every household you visit. That can all be purchased there.
13 Feb 2010 #16
Yeah they can get everything they want as long as they want to pay the markups that make many items cost double, triple or even more than in the US.

Brand name jeans in US-150pln. Same jeans in Poland-450pln.
Laptop in the US-2000pln. Same model in Poland 5000pln.
Rinse and repeat.
13 Feb 2010 #17
ok now i seem to have found myself in a similar situation. i will be going to poland for a few days with my boyfriend to meet his family and today is the only chance i am going to have to go and buy some gifts. in his house live his parents, nan, brother and brothers wife. i feel i should get gifts for all of them, but i know hardly anything about them and my boyfriend is not so good with gift ideas :) any help please?
OP maxsmom
16 Feb 2010 #18
Thank you so much,such a great advise:-)

Thanks,every day we learn something new!
22 Feb 2010 #19
Merged:Traditional presents for Polish university graduation?


My girlfriend has just finished her Praca Magisterka. I wondered are there traditional gifts given to people in Poland when they graduate?

Dziekuje za pomoc!
22 Feb 2010 #20
I suggest a bouquet of flowers + something personal (e.g. book, pen)

31 Mar 2010 #22
Merged: small appropriate gifts for colleagues in poland?


i am visiting warsaw for work in a month or so. i have a number of individuals working for me whose performance i would like to recognize with a token gift. in the U.S.A. (where i live), it would be typical and appropriate to gift them with something like a starbucks or giftcard. does anyone know what would be a good equivalent in poland (they are in warsaw, if it makes a difference)?

ideally i'd like to spend $10-15 each (for around 15 people) and if i can avoid travelling with something bulky that would be preferable :)

thank you!
f stop
31 Mar 2010 #23
used to be a bottle of booze, or wine. I'd buy that in Poland. But now, Poland might be getting politically correct as well...

BTW, last time I got a Swiss Army knife with company logo on it.
Before, an airplane paper weight.
31 Mar 2010 #24
just go to the local store where they sell all kinds of stuff with your city or state logo... it's all for tourists... (it's usually located in a mall, well, it is where i live)....

like glass shots, coffee mugs, mouse pads, pens, key holders etc... that should do the trick...
31 Mar 2010 #25
Maybe a set of coasters (sp?) Not widely known in Poland yet but useful in the office.
f stop
31 Mar 2010 #26
I always like getting USB memory sticks. (I know... a nerd.)
Taking them out to eat might be nice, I usually like that. Unless the company is very boring.
31 Mar 2010 #27
Bring them out for a nice meal and purchase them a few beves? Get to know them whilst spoiling them.

The personal touch always works best.
3 Apr 2010 #28
Merged:Birthday Gift suggestions for friend in Poland who is turning 18

My friend lives in Poland and I live in America. I was wanting to send him a birthday present but wasn't for sure what to get him. I wanted to send him something he couldn't get in Poland. Any ideas he will be turning 18.

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