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What gifts to take? Presents customs in Poland.

kaprys 3 | 2,249
20 Jan 2018 #121
A nice bouquet of flowers for the mother and a bottle of good alcohol for the father would be the traditional gifts.
If they're picking you up from the airport, flowers will be difficult so perhaps a nice box of chocolates.
If they don't drink, don't buy alcohol. Perhaps some nice blend of coffee?
Ask your wife again and explain you really want to get them something. She may have some ideas.
Becoming dad 3 | 28
20 Jan 2018 #122
A framed picture sounds brilliant. I know where to get nice art paintings so that might be the perfect gift.

I know the father drinks but someone said it wasn't a good idea. I don't know the culture there. I also have to buy gifts bro her brother and his wife because they have been supportive and really nice. If I asked my wife she will say no spending so just gonna surprise her.
mafketis 37 | 10,914
20 Jan 2018 #123
I know the father drinks but someone said it wasn't a good idea.

It used to be when someone brought a gift of alcohol the host was supposed to open it on the spot so they could have a drink with the giver, but that's not so common anymore as far as I know.

You could get similar gifts for the brother and his wife (or maybe a single shared gift for them both)
LongTermR 1 | 37
20 Jan 2018 #124
Dude, honeymoon will be temporary so do not think about the details much. I have not seen any Nigerian-Polish couples have long-term marriages. In the event that you will need to get divorce, forget about your kid and you will be obliged to pay whole life alimony : ( Sorry to be honoust.
Becoming dad 3 | 28
20 Jan 2018 #125

It gets confusing by the second. I think I'm just gonna buy something simple like the picture frame someone mentioned.

You probably haven't travelled much that's why you haven't had the opportunity to see long term interracial couples. I would advice you to stop making love to sexdolls and go out to find a real woman. You sound so pathetic that I feel sorry for you.
LongTermR 1 | 37
20 Jan 2018 #126
Perhaps there are many interracial couples. Money is everything. I do not say that you black guys are poor if they are rich of course no problem at all :) but you seems like not rich one so thats why.... Anyway.
jon357 74 | 22,054
20 Jan 2018 #127
You sound so pathetic that I feel sorry for you.

He does, doesn't he.

I'm sure that whatever present you take will be appreciated, and I wish you all the very best in Poland.
Becoming dad 3 | 28
20 Jan 2018 #128
Thanks, yes I hope they like the gifts. I heard it's freezing in Poland right now and coming from a hot country, I'm not looking forward to that.
jon357 74 | 22,054
20 Jan 2018 #129
Winters can be cold there - right now it's snowing in Warsaw, and late winter isn't the best time in PL. Make sure you take some warm clothes. Good shoes and socks are important!
pawian 224 | 24,456
27 Aug 2022 #130
We want to bring small,attractive gifts with us.Any suggestions?

A small tank.
A small plane.
A small rocket launcher
are things Poles are looking forward to right now.
Alien 20 | 5,010
27 Aug 2022 #131
Why only small?
jon357 74 | 22,054
27 Aug 2022 #132
Baggage allowance.

It's hard to get a large rocket in your suitcase.
Cargo pants 3 | 1,510
28 Aug 2022 #133
Why only small?

cuz thats more then enough for ruskis
rmcdnepa - | 6
28 Nov 2022 #134
A related request for advice about finding and sending a specific gift to relatives in Poland:

Are there businesses that sell maple syrup - preferably from USA, but other sources will do - in Poland? Or any that make and ship gift baskets full of food products (e.g., wine+crackers+cheese or pancake mix + maple syrup) to individuals living in Poland? I have learned that I can not mail or ship maple syrup from the USA to Poland on my own...

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
jon357 74 | 22,054
28 Nov 2022 #135
Are there businesses that sell maple syrup

Yes. Big supermarkets in big cities sometimes have it though not always. Most is Canadian, however this company in Poland sell an American brand called Cary's by mail order.

The website is in Polish, however if you need help with that, anyone here will provide it.

edit. It's about $10 a bottle plus postage, but products from one country in another are often expensive. And it is maple syrup!
rmcdnepa - | 6
29 Nov 2022 #136
Thank you so much, jon357. I have two recently discovered cousins whose grandfather/greatgrandfather lived in Vermont for a few years before returning to Poland. I wanted to send something distinctly "American" but meaningful to my almost American family members. I will let you know how it turns out!

jon357, the syrup is currently not available, but hopefully it will soon be restocked and I will receive an email alert when this occurs. In the meantime, I started a practice order. There are MANY delivery options, most of which I am not familiar with. One gift will go to a private home in the country (near Mielec), and the other to an apartment (in Iława). Is there a preferred option for either or both in this list - screen shot as shareable file here:
jon357 74 | 22,054
29 Nov 2022 #137
The second to the last option looks the best. The others seem to be 'paczkomat' or similar where they leave them at a bank of lockers to collect using a code number. There are probably lockers in Mielec however there won't be any outside the town and the recipient would need to collect them.

I don't use those lockers myself, however as far as I know, you have to specify which ones they deliver the item to.
rmcdnepa - | 6
30 Nov 2022 #138
Thank you for the advice, jon357. I will post an update if/when I am able to place a full order.
pawian 224 | 24,456
24 Jun 2023 #139
On the final day I got a few boxes of chocolates - typical. But only one whisky called Glenfiddich. Strange. :):)
Alien 20 | 5,010
25 Jun 2023 #140
But only one whisky

I would never give a teacher alcohol at the end of the year........and if I had to then i would do it at the beginning of the school year.
Atch 22 | 4,128
26 Jun 2023 #141
only one whisky called Glenfiddich.

A very famous Scotch whiskey. Nice. In Ireland I used to get the odd bottle of wine but that was usually at Christmas. The parents (mostly the mothers) paid attention to the teachers' tastes, appearance etc. and tried to pick something they might like. Over the years I got some nice jewellery, scarves, lots of scented candles, perfume and homemade goodies like cookies and cakes :) I also got a truly hideous vase which I kept in the classroom on top of the piano.
Joker 3 | 2,334
26 Jun 2023 #142
I would never give a teacher alcohol at the end of the year...

Ill usually buy a coin ( silver dollar) or sth similar that comes in a nice display.
pawian 224 | 24,456
6 Jan 2024 #143
Here is an option - a custom decorated mug

pawian 224 | 24,456
6 Jan 2024 #144
Or hand made stuff:

pawian 224 | 24,456
6 Jan 2024 #145
However, traditional gifts like alcohol, coffee, tea, cosmetics are always appreciated too. But first make sure that the person is a tea or coffee drinker.

pawian 224 | 24,456
17 Feb 2024 #146
Best presents are those from nature.

Alien 20 | 5,010
17 Feb 2024 #147
those from nature.

Unfortunately, they cannot be transported across the border due to fruit fly eggs.
pawian 224 | 24,456
17 Feb 2024 #148
fruit fly eggs.

I crush all eggs with these hands of mine.

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