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31 Oct 2012
News / Poland versus Greece in economy [175]

Greece in mentality is scarcely European, and the level of cheating and lying in every walk of life beggars belief - and this is in the opinion of Poles living in Greece.

Aren't there Germans and Russians who say the same thing about Polish people?

Udawać Greka - never a truer word spoken in Polish.

I doubt most Polish people care about Greece.
30 Jun 2012
Love / My Polish bf cheated on me with a black girl [45]

Dating =/= Fking. There is a distinct difference

lol what?

You're implying that Polish people are sluts. I'm pretty sure more Polish youth, especially the women date those they ****. Also dating does not, by any means, jump to reproducing children. lol

@OP, your boyfriend is a dirty cheater. Simple as that. His ethnicity or the race of the girl he cheated on are completely irrelevant. If he preferred white girls over black ones, he would have still cheated on you...with a white girl instead.
30 Jun 2012
Life / If a Phone Gets Stolen in Wroclaw [11]

Is it an iPhone? Because regardless of where on the globe, Apple allows you to track it via "Where is my iPhone?" through iCloud and other Apple account services. Tell her to call 1-800-MY-APPLE for more info.
30 Jun 2012
Love / Are polish guys open to go out with other races? [11]

whatever floats your boat

Pretty much sums it up, I honestly will never understand why people come on here trying to generalize an entire gender by their ethnicity. Seems to me the OP's aren't the open ones.
5 Sep 2011
Life / 'Turkish' Conmen on the A4/E40 Krakow-Wrocław stretch.... [25]

I don't have any idea. But you have to change the title I think. Not Turkish, Kurdish.

Maybe you do not know but Kurds are the criminals ( not a good defination but we can say the blacks) of Turkey and they willingly say they are Turkish when they are doing dirty business.

lol just like in Greece...everytime something bad like this happen, "It was the Albanians, the blacks of Greece". Let's be real...the criminals could have been Turkish, and if some Turkish nationalist deny the existence of Kurds well then wouldn't that make them one in the same? I think it's racist for Greeks and Turks to constantly blame their minorities for crimes when they do little to no investigations to come to such conclusions. :-)
19 Aug 2011
Love / Polish girls and American boys (who don't even know where Poland is located ;) [36]

I am dating an American guy who has no idea about Poland, culture, and Polish girls... Before he met me he didnt even know where is Poland! LOL We want to be together but the cultural difference and mentality seem to be too difficult for us... Any tips how to make it work with such cultural difference that share us?

Maybe he should take the time to read a history book or two, and embrace some cultural values. I'd go as far as to learn Polish if my girl wanted me to. If he's too lazy or dumb to even look at a map to find Poland then maybe you dump his low IQ'ed ass.
22 Jul 2011
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

Here's a girl from Chicago I'm friends with whose half Polish and half Greek...

Also before you say I'm a gigolo she has over 5,000 friends on FB, so I doubt she even remembers I exist. haha

21 Jul 2011
Love / Good looking Polish women with ugly men [416]

Southern are you there with crow

You know it....


Southern every convo you have ever posted on here with a 'polki' has always been a single initiating conversation and that's it....have you ever tried getting to know them?

Incorrect:Hi, I'm Guido-SexMachine, how's it hanging? You look lost, you speak polki? Boy, do I love to study your body, are you working it? Your opinion sounds uninteresting, but I can study you instead as a naked specimen for my horny reasons. Let me hold onto you very tightly so I can walk you home.

Correct:Hi, I'm <insert formal name>, how's it going- are you a tourist or a citizen? What are you studying, if not are you working and where? That sounds interesting, I'm studying <insert major/profession> which I find fascinating for the following reasons. So it was nice talking to you.
19 Jul 2011
Love / Good looking Polish women with ugly men [416]

Yes, and "Polki" wouldn't be bored with Southern...just imagine it:

4-6AM Sex-time

7AM-8AM Sex on the breakfast table

9AM-10AM Masturbating while Polki is at work.

11AM-1PM Trolling on internet forums.

2PM-4PM Running around apartment dressed like King Leonidas with a plastic sword.

5PM-7PM Out shopping, Polki maxes all of Southerns credit cards.

8PM-10PM Sex-time

4AM Wakes up alone learning Polki ditched and converts to Guido-mode to find next Polki.
14 Jul 2011
Life / Will Polish people be accepting that im only half polish? [63]

I'm half Polish and I had no problem...sooo.

Speaking the language fluently also makes it irrelevant whether you're half or full; it's more or less how you present yourself to the social group.
5 Jul 2011
News / Sex is patriotic: Poland's birth rate rises [34]

What's wrong with the Polish population now? A neutral birth-rate is just perfect...overpopulating for nationalistic reasons is so delusional. It's quality not quantity.
2 Jul 2011
News / €80 billion for Poland new EU budget [166]

€80 billion isn't that much for a country like Poland.... Greece could have told you that with their politicians' NOM NOM NOM
29 Jun 2011
News / Wal-Mart coming to Poland? [146]

People of Walmart:

Polish shoppers:

a know I just DON'T see it happening...

I mean these would be their only customers...

28 Jun 2011
News / Wal-Mart coming to Poland? [146]

I just fear a highly industrialized Poland with senseless corporatist intentions (we've seen how much Walmart has of these) basically ruining all the mom-n-pop shops and the traditional atmosphere of Polish consumerism and marketing. All this damn conformity and materialistic crap is dulling national colors and raising logos instead. I think walmart should stay in the Americas. They're owners are greedy bastards who would rather invest billions in court cases preventing their exploited employees from getting proper benefits...they have more money than they could possibly ever spend...their rankings keep growing on Forbes richest and for innovating nothing. Trust me...they would lost absolutely nothing if they don't expand their oligarchical empire to Europe..let alone Poland.

I can't wait to see my fellow Americans line up at the glorious walmart this 4th of July to buy all their patriotic decorations and flags... the vast majority of which comes out of the People's Republic of Communist China...
25 Jun 2011
Off-Topic / Countries and your associations in 5 words/descriptions. [56]

I love how Torq and Robert jumped to anti-semitism first for poor ol' Poland.... damn if only Jews could have been treated with respect, compassion, and love like in the neighboring countries of Poland.... I guess they have a point... bleh.

Belarus: [...] Mickiewicz


He knew nothing of Belarus and only regarded it as: "Ruskies"
23 Jun 2011
News / Germany provoke Poland using Silesian question. Poland's attitude ? [124]

Yea, not to rain on anyone's parade, but the Silesia issue is much like the Macedonian-Greek one. Pointless nationalist debate for sour outcomes after last centuries conflicts and political outcomes. I guess some borders were never meant to be changed? I mean idk, I've been to Wroclaw quite a couple times and the people there consider themselves Polish and Polish alone...I see nothing German about the city...maybe surrounding areas?