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30 Jun 2012
Love / My Polish bf cheated on me with a black girl [45]

Dating =/= Fking. There is a distinct difference

lol what?

You're implying that Polish people are sluts. I'm pretty sure more Polish youth, especially the women date those they ****. Also dating does not, by any means, jump to reproducing children. lol

@OP, your boyfriend is a dirty cheater. Simple as that. His ethnicity or the race of the girl he cheated on are completely irrelevant. If he preferred white girls over black ones, he would have still cheated on you...with a white girl instead.
22 Jul 2011
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

Here's a girl from Chicago I'm friends with whose half Polish and half Greek...

Also before you say I'm a gigolo she has over 5,000 friends on FB, so I doubt she even remembers I exist. haha

21 Jun 2011
Love / Polish women are the most beautiful in the world! [1718]

You don't like girls with dark hair and olive skin?

Sorry I'm not that much into Mediterranean looks.

I never read anything about her being Greek? Are you sure?

idk, I met a Greek person with her last name...
31 May 2011
Genealogy / Polish DNA? Poles have the most genes in a group includes Balts, Macedonians and Greeks. [263]

Greeks are one of the laziest nations of the world.

No they aren't....I bet you're one of those people that looks at pictures of Greece and sees all the tourists doing that and assumes it's them.

According to Forbes and other sources Greece is among the top 10 hardest working countries:

Hours worked: 2,052

Legal allowance of vacation days: 20 days

Public holidays: 12

GDP per capita: $30,500

GDP composition by sector: Agriculture 3.2%, Industry 20.6%, Services 76.3%

Population: 10.72 million

Labor force: 4.94 million

along with Poland:


Hours worked: 1,985

Legal allowance of vacation days: 20 days (26 days after 10 years of employment)

Public holidays: 12

GDP per capita: $16,200

GDP composition by sector: Agriculture 4.1%, Industry 31.9%, Services 64%

Population: 38.5 million

Labor force: 17.01 million

and Turkey:


Hours worked: 1,918

Legal allowance of vacation days: 14 to 26 days

Public holidays: Seven

GDP per capita: $9,400

GDP composition by sector: Agriculture 8.9%, Industry 30.8%, Services 59.3%

Population: 71.89 million

Labor force: 25.27 million (about 1.2 million Turks work abroad)

just because you see the rich and politicians exploiting the system does not mean that all the people are like that...
20 May 2011
Language / Is Polish amongst the best-sounding languages in the world? [123]

Hugh Laurie is the man....the absolute man...

Anyway, I do rank British as the best sounding.... then maybe French... they can swear their heads off at you and it sounds so lovely... but it gets annoying over a while.

Annoying/unpleasantness in sound also has to do with the cultural speaking rate/loudness as well. I like languages spoken at a moderate rate and smoothly....again British. But Polish which can be spoken fast and even loud doesn't bother my ears at all and I don't mind it one bit. I say this from being on the train everyday in Chicago and sitting next to these people....

annoying can be Irish spoken for a long time, Italian when it's spoken fast and loud (which it tends to be by native Italians) and it's worse in Sicily when they slur it., Spanish when it's spoken loudly, and Indian.

Then for asian languages, I prefer Chinese and Japanese....Koreans tend to drag on certain sounds/letters/words when they talk and raise their voice when they do it making it quite irritating. As opposed to Japanese which maintains it's tone and pitch quite nicely....

and of course German can be irritating when you don't understand it...I learnt German in high school, but prior I agreed with the common stereotype that German is "mean" sounding.

Also Greek can have slurring and deep vowels which sound really bad if you speak fast and in high pitch.

Oh well, that's my opinion. :-)

American English works best in songs IMO.

haha yea...Thom Yorke is a perfect example...
25 Mar 2011
Life / 3 reasons why you hate Poland. [1049]

They are not cooked in oil like french fries, fried chicken or chimichanga but how would he know that when he grew up on that kind of diet, they are boiled in water that’s the cooking method.

Well mine were, and if you don't believe me, visit every restaurant in Gdansk to find the one I ran into. Also I have a very healthy diet, the fact that I don't like oil obviously means I don't like those kinds of foods you mentioned. So hypocritical you are lol, first you say I should observe my mom properly cooking pierogi which weren't in oil, then you say I grew up with a fried diet. Oh brother, I make a few word comment and you write a manifesto haha.

lol for crying out loud, take an anger management course. If you can read I said There are SOME restaurants, not all or even the majority. All countries in the world have cheap and bad restaurants and I have had the misfortune of eating pierogies like that, which is why I wasn't used to them since I've been eating them ever since I was a child. Also I know butter can be used to cook them, but the ones I got were ridiculously greased in layers of OIL. haha, I can't believe someone is actually pissed at me for this; you should write a scholarly thesis on how to properly cook pierogi.

and they made them in a deep fryer, not the way I like them

exactly my point
24 Mar 2011
Life / 3 reasons why you hate Poland. [1049]

3 reasons..... ummmm....

1. There's some restaurants that cook their pierogies in plain oil which is disgusting...

2. The mail system sucks.

3. hmmmm....idk... oh yea, bad driving...sorta
17 Mar 2011
Life / Sexual culture in Poland [66]

German = watersports, Greek = anal, French = oral

Poland = The Missionary ;-)
6 Mar 2011
Food / Poles prefer pizza & kebab? [73]

The fact that these crappy foods have been ranked so highly by your common Pole does to show how much the Polish cuisine is sucking. Poland needs a renaissance in cuisine! And don't be stupid and say Italian will hurt you.
19 Feb 2011
Food / Polish Potatoes [42]

polish potatoes

Make the best Wódka in the world.....nuff' said.
14 Feb 2011
Food / Polish Pizza !! The best in the world? [329]

I once had Polish spanakopita where they substituted spinach in filo for saurkraut, I must say they hit the nail on the head, it was amazing.

We're in agreement on where the best pizza is made----North america

Best Pizza I ever ate was in Naples, Italy. For the record it was 99% different than in America, and it was uber-awesome, not mention that they'll laugh at you there if you choose any other drink than wine to go with your pizza- I must say they were right :-)


Newer style:

and the best rated ones in Italy:

They were sooooooo good. I didn't have the second one though.

The reason why the Italians aced it, is because if you go to right places all the ingredients put in there are of the purest and finest....especially the sauce; unlike your domestic jarred sh!t in America or Poland....

Also for the record, the Persians invented Pizza. They used Pita, which was thin crusted circular bread with no crusts and put oils, vegetables, herbs, and possibly meats on there. The Italians didn't have pizza until they got tomato sauce from which was discovered in the Americas by explorers. Prior to the America's, Europe knew of no tomatoes. Also to spew some controversy, do you know the Chinese were quite possibly the ones who discovered America? ;-)
13 Feb 2011
Life / Why Polish people should be proud of being Polish? [370]

Anyone who works with Poles can tell you that "hard working" doesn't exist in Poland. In fact, quite the opposite - it's only with their work ethic abroad that has got them that reputation.

lol I think the same applies to Greeks. Everyone I meet here who hasn't been there either thinks they're really hard working and intelligent, or that this intelligence stems from ancient times and that the people are very artsy and philosophical due to that. @_@ lol it's rather quite the opposite.

I agree with delphianomine though, I haven't really noticed any trend of hard working in Poland and the various regions I've been to. This probably has a lot to do with new-comer psychology and the amusement/fear of being in a complete foreign place. I know I don't act the same as I do home when in other countries and keep well-manners since you might end up relying on those who judge you. It's not in a Poles' or anyone else's interest to not gain the most from their visits, student/work visas...especially if they plan on living the rest of their lives outside of Poland.
9 Feb 2011
Language / Special Polish Prayers / (Funeral too) that stand out [12]

Jan Kochanowski's Laments are an epic poem which according to him and many critics fit the renaissantial genre of a funeral prayer. It's quite popular and you should find many translations of it. He's one of Polands most influential writers. I find the Seamus Heaney translation to be the best.
7 Feb 2011
Life / Rate Poland (Life Quality / Culture and People / Food): 1-10! [232]

-Quality of life

Because I am not a materialistic person and prefer the nature/small town life when I'm traveling, and Poland seems to accommodate this well, so: 9/10

-Polish culture and people

Some people complain of racism, stupidity, and lack of social acceptance. However normally doing this I find people around my age (20) who tend to be educated, university students, and/or hard workers. So quite honestly my perspective of the people is very nice and this group of people I choose is much better than other European countries where the youth and intellect aren't always the best. So: 10


It's nice for a first try, but it gets boring after a while. Also if you get artsy with your food, you realize the lack of complexity and varieties Polish food has. Not to mention it has a bad world-wide reputation, even in Chicago where there are tons of Poles you rarely find a Polish restaurant as opposed to an Italian, French, Greek, or even a German one. I don't mind eating it, but it gets bland after a short while and the tastes become over-rated. Nonetheless, in my international eating, the Poles make the best soup next to the Japanese which never becomes old. So I give it a: 5/6
5 Feb 2011
Genealogy / Polish looks? [1472]

Polish men are ugliest in Europe.
There are a lot of good looking Irishmen.
Polish and Irish drink a lot.

I've heard many people say the following: "(Fill in country name) are the ugliest (pick gender) in Europe."

So who am I supposed to believe?

Also please don't compare Poles with Irish. Sure relations might be good by individuals but culturally they're different. I've heard Irish compare themselves with Italians, Germans, French, Poles, Greeks, Macedonians, and even Swedes. Well who the hell am I supposed to believe?
16 Jan 2011
Food / What is your favorite Polish Vodka? [653]

I drunk it at NYE so yes i did lolz it's sat on the window ledge with all the other empty wine, absolut, beer bottles me and my flatmates at University have drunk.

ooooh ur a college student, lol that makes sense. Same here.

Grab a bottle and thank me later. It's drinkable at room temperature :)

You wrote that too late, I went and got a big bottle of Black Raspberry Belvedere yesterday, the flavor makes it go down very nicely to be honest.
15 Jan 2011
Food / What is your favorite Polish Vodka? [653]

On a side note, "Tito's", made in Austin, is awesome! I had some when I was in the US, great vodka, and pretty damn cheap. Comes highly recommended if you like the clear stuff.

Really? The wine specialty store where I live has tons of it, and it's the only vodka they sell. I looked down upon it and never bought a bottle since it was made in Texas.
15 Jan 2011
Food / What is your favorite Polish Vodka? [653]

Would be this .. and at £80 i kept the bottle as well!

lol you kept a bottle of belvedere for a souvenir? haha

Sobieski is my favorite Polish vodka. Belvadere in my opinion is overhyped. I find Chopin to be much better than belvadere.

I got horrible 3 day stomach acid after drinking a good amount of Sobieski straight. Now it created a psychological disgust for me to hate that vodka and any other cheap vodkas.

But yes Chopin is my absolute favorite hands down, and goes down very smoothly.
13 Jan 2011
UK, Ireland / Polish and Irish people are related? [137]

as both love:
literature, music, church, and are tops when it comes to horses and alcohol.

what do any of these things have to do with DNA?
11 Jan 2011
Food / Traditional Polish Soups. [74]

Does anyone know a good book or website where I can get all these Polish soups? (I can't read Polish btw)
9 Jan 2011
USA, Canada / Grace Pianka case - Injustice to Polish Citizen [66]

Who would have known Polish husband abuse would have gone that far?

Woman: I need credit card for new model clothes and girlfriend hangout.
Man: No, I have bills, and then need to go drink with pals.
*BAM* wrong answer.....