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Special Polish Prayers / (Funeral too) that stand out

Random Q
3 Feb 2011 #1
Hey guys, recently I've been pretty interested in special prayers in the Polish language. The Bogurodzica really caught my attention and I really want to find a couple more less known prayers in the Polish language.

I was actually hoping to see if there are any specifically that stand out in the Nowy Targ and Lapsze Nizne areas of Poland (where my parents are from)

I've been in the US my whole life, but recently went to Poland on vacation, and loved every second. I'm just trying to find a little prayer that I could incorporate into some of my artwork (i draw in my spare time. just a hobby)

Any ideas?

Also, is the wikipedia translation very accurate? I can't read too well in Polish, just a bit.

how about short poems? just anything with a little bit of meaning, thats all im looking for here

nobody has any ideas....?
noreenb 7 | 554
8 Feb 2011 #2
I've found four songs for you. Maybe you will like them like I do. Finding an English translation is difficult.

Chwalcie łąki

1. Chwalcie łąki umajone,
Góry, doliny zielone.
Chwalcie, cieniste gaiki,
-ródła i kręte strumyki!

Czarna Madonna

1. Jest zakątek na tej ziemi
Gdzie powracać każdy chce,
Gdzie króluje Jej Oblicze,
Na Nim cięte rysy dwie.
Wzrok ma smutny, zatroskany,
Jakby chciała prosić cię,
Byś w matczyną Jej opiekę oddał się.

Z dawna Polski Tyś Królową

1. Z dawna Polski Tyś Królową, Maryjo!
Ty za nami przemów słowo, Maryjo!
Ociemniałym podaj rękę,
Niewytrwałym skracaj mękę,
Twe Królestwo weź w porękę, Maryjo!

Kiedy ranne wstają zorze

Kiedy ranne wstają zorze,
Tobie ziemia, Tobie morze,
Tobie śpiewa żywioł wszelki,
Bądź pochwalon, Boże wielki!

chichimera 1 | 186
8 Feb 2011 #3
to be honest I can't think of anything originally Polish that would be "outstanding" :) but it got me intrigued - I will be thinking of it, maybe something will eventually come to my mind. I have read some very beautiful old Irish religious poems - but I guess it's not what you're looking for
OP Random Q
9 Feb 2011 #4
thanks guys! translations would help a lot considering I pretty much taught myself how to read in Polish. I can only understand the basic words too...but thats what happens when you're 2nd generation I guess :P

Thanks for the lyrics!
George8600 10 | 630
9 Feb 2011 #5
Jan Kochanowski's Laments are an epic poem which according to him and many critics fit the renaissantial genre of a funeral prayer. It's quite popular and you should find many translations of it. He's one of Polands most influential writers. I find the Seamus Heaney translation to be the best.
OP Random Q
9 Feb 2011 #6
I really do appreciate all the input guys! There's always the "just google it" argument but google isn't as reputable a source as actual people from Poland so I would rather get all of your ideas
JonnyM 11 | 2,609
15 Mar 2011 #7
[Moved from]: Condolences in Polish

Can anyone suggest something to write in Polish as a condolence. It should be a one-liner. The deceased was an 88 year old retired lawyer. I never met him, but know his son and nephew. The son has just invited me to the funeral via facebook, but I can't attend.
pgtx 29 | 3,144
15 Mar 2011 #8
Chciałbym złożyć szczere wyrazy współczucia z powodu śmierci (add his name here).
1 Jan 2014 #9
Merged: Polish Prayer for funeral or about life

My grandfather passed away and my mother would like to incorporate a Polish prayer or blessing (translated to English). I've been searching online but cannot seem to find anything and was hoping to get some help here. Thank you very much
milawi - | 60
1 Jan 2014 #10

I am sorry for your loss...
24 Aug 2014 #11
I need a Polish blessing for a funeral incorporating the traditional 'bitter' and 'sweet'
29 Feb 2020 #12
Had a passing in the family, they are polish and would like to say a traditional polish prayer at the funeral but in english. Thanks

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