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2 Oct 2012
USA, Canada / Polish-American Hollywood Celebrities Press Release [36]

harry, if he is on your ignore list, why do you report his posts, huh?

OK, holidays ended and the sad time come. The 3 go you (DE, Delph and Harry - i may add others too) will start behaving and stay on topic or suspensions will begin.

NOTE: it is my first and last warning to you guys, this time around. No more bullcrap.
29 Sep 2012
Language / How can I say "Are you happy?" in polish? [5]

Telling it to a man: Czy jesteś szczęśliwy? - Are you happy?

Telling it to a woman: Czy jesteś szczęśliwa? - Are you happy?

...ze mną - ...with me
29 Sep 2012
Love / Why don't Polish women treat education seriously for themselves? [130]

Let's face it, why do we have separate men's and women's events at the Olympic Games?

again. women are better at some stuff than men. men are better at some stuff than women.
it doesn't mean that men are better in general than women.

give me an exapmle of great female scientist, someone on pair with Darwin, Einstein, Newton, etc

boletus kindly gave you the list of women. you must remember that it was in times when women were not able to fully show off they intellectual side because of their social role assigned by men was in a kitchen and with children. only a few had proved themselves.

if everybody was thinking like you, kondzior, the civilization wouldn't be able to make a step forward.
28 Sep 2012
Love / Why don't Polish women treat education seriously for themselves? [130]

there are jobs only for women and there are jobs only for men. of course, both genders are more than welcome to do each others job.

but it does not mean than men are better than women and vice versa. they are just better at doing different things.
20 Sep 2012
USA, Canada / What kind of American food do Poles like most? [50]

American food... Hmm... I like everything from the Thanksgiving table... Yumm yumm yumm... :)

Turkey is also too dry for me. But! If you don not make the thanksgiving meal yourself, ordering from the Albertson store is a good idea... A whole, smoked, moist, delicious bird.
20 Sep 2012
News / Children licking cream off a Polish priest's legs "inappropriate" says NGO [116]

"...13 year-old pupils were “manipulated” into licking cream off a priest's bare legs during an initiation ceremony' to a high school....."

Excuse me, what??

Doing what?
Licking what?


Unfreakinbelievable! What next will they make people and kids!!! Do?
7 Sep 2012
USA, Canada / Who is better informed, the expat or the Polonia crowd? [144]

Who is better informed, the expat or the Polonia crowd?

i don't think they are well informed. daily reading Polish news and casual phone conversations are not enough, for example, for voting.
actual living in Poland and experience all that mess is more like it.
5 Sep 2012
USA, Canada / Who is better informed, the expat or the Polonia crowd? [144]

Intolerant? P3 calls somebody intolerant when he himself is intolerant as hell.
P3, in you last post you talk about the past, in past tense. It is time to for Polonia get out from under a rock, move on and Educate themselves!!

P3, in your posts, you put Poland and Polish people back in middle ages.
6 Jul 2012
News / Polish in vitro treatment fully refundable - bonkers! [40]

it feels like Poland makes one step forward and two steps back.
refundable in vitro?? hell no!!!! you go to jail for two years!!

My draft law on in vitro is reasonably Catholic - says Jarosław Gowin . According to the minister of justice , most doctors favor its solution in this case. Gowin also admits that his political heart beats on the right. - If skręciłaby platform to the left , it is obvious that for politicians like me there would be no place in it - says the program " each side " .