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24 Jul 2009
Feedback / What is your suggestion to make PF more enjoyable ? [55]

i think age groups is a terrible idea,


more subjects/threads/topics than you could shake a stick at.

Depends on the size of the stick and amount of free time I have - terms and conditions apply, not regulated by the financial regulator but destined for OT :)

bring back daffy (the irish drunk) as a moderator , and give seanus a chance to moderate in this forum .

Yes, yes, bring balance to the force, come to the dark side....we have stout!
lol espana. I dont have the time to mod like I used to be honest. And Seanus, he's a SHEEP! you can't give it circuts!
24 Jul 2009
Feedback / What is your suggestion to make PF more enjoyable ? [55]

phpBB…and then everybody should be happy :-)

Are you happy with phpBB? I'm not so much impressed.

Id say the balance is pretty good right now

True. but never rest - it is the constant struggle for perfection and never attaining it, that we can be perfect :) (now that'll give you a headache if you don't get all that jazz)

maybe a feature that allow members 'auto' move to off topic? save mods some time~?
24 Jul 2009
Feedback / What is your suggestion to make PF more enjoyable ? [55]

I like the idea of a thumbs up/down for a post?

it kinda allows readers see if the views of the poster are supported
like lets say, oh i dont know, crow ;) or espana, or admin! :P (ok maybe admins and mods exempt, but still) kindof an interesting idea.

I dont think it adds or detracts quality - maybe it just adds clutter but then, an interesting point to see the racist threads exposed more visually as being a real minority.
11 Dec 2007
Life / Which nations do Poles like the most / the least? [148]

all germans are not nazi's

and all nazi's are not german

nazi's are not bound to political boundries - there are US, UK, PL, DE, etc nazi's - they come from all over the place...
9 Aug 2007
UK, Ireland / Warning to British people visiting Poland!! Don't get drunk and smash the place up! [447]

I so agree with you! It's so embarrassing,and so typocally british!
Please dont smash the place up brits!

equally do you agree the polish troublemakers are embarrassing and typically Polish?

its very simple laydeezee92, there are PEOPLE from ALL locations WORLDWIDE that are plain ignorant and WILL cause trouble. be they Irish, English or Polish.

and they are ALL embarrassing and typically HUMAN.

So please don't be so narrowminded and tar a nation with the actions of a few. As im certain you would not like us to do of your nation. Im quite tired of arguing against stereotypes and narrowminded statments - its points like that that continue to keep them alive rather than see the problem for what it truly is. Rather than so, oh thats so Polish/British/Russian/etc etc. Why not profer a solution to such a culture? limit of alcohol per person? increase responsibility to the bar for selling lethal doses to over the limit persons (off licenses too) etc etc. Stop whinging and jumping on the band wagon and try to help the situation perhaps.
9 Aug 2007
UK, Ireland / Warning to British people visiting Poland!! Don't get drunk and smash the place up! [447]

it is not the majority of british abroad that are causing trouble

it is the well behaved, civil majority go unnoticed and an ignorant few are causing trouble.

i should like to point out that the poles themselves have people like this as it is. ive been in warsaw now two weeks and i assure you there are an EQUAL proportion (also ukrainans too ive noticed)

and in Wroclaw, plenty of local troublemakers and rather no british on the times of my visits.
So this topic should rather read, Warning to people in general - don't be p1ssheads.
13 Jul 2007
Travel / Starbucks in Poland? [149]

As a coffee fiend I always have to ask for extra shots at Starbucks. It's just too weak for me.

id agree with that - but im a caffeine junky...
13 Jul 2007
Travel / Starbucks in Poland? [149]

In recent years - i have to admit the starbucks coffee has improved greatly - including the fairtrade range.

ive noted that the uality of many shops coffee varies to much and often in the wrong direction.

there are many top qulaity coffee shops here in cork and im lucky for that - however i also know of many bad ones (starbucks isn't one of them)

Im quite partial to one shop, 'tribes' it does the best gourmet coffee and tea ive had in many a city. (and hot chocolate too)
12 Jun 2007
Travel / Photos from Poland [258]

id imagine anytime :) depends on your interest, sun or snow hols? etc
8 Jun 2007
Life / Why Do You Love Poland? [900]

There are alot of countries which have more mountains, flats and cities....I assure you!!!

thats a pointless response. of course there are such in other countries. doesnt change the fact the the ones ive seen in poland are just as beautiful