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King Sobieski   
20 Jun 2013
Genealogy / Gonsecki / Zakrzewski - Polish Ancestry [8]

there were 3 results in the white pages: akrzewski&location=Nationally&givenName=J&tab=residential =Zakrzewski&location=Nationally&givenName=J&tab=residential =Zakrzewski&location=Nationally&givenName=J&tab=residential

good luck.
King Sobieski   
16 Jan 2013
Australia / Polish pierogi in Australia [11]

Polish Deli's at either Vic or South Melb markets if you're in central Melb.

Or if you're not fussed then one of the many dumpling houses in Melb all do takeaway frozen dumplings.
King Sobieski   
27 Nov 2012
Australia / Australian - Polish Passport / Citizenship [10]

that depends on when they came over, if they came as displaced persons after the war i am not sure it matters.

but i could be wrong as it was ages ago that i looked it up.
King Sobieski   
25 Nov 2011
Australia / Student from Poland wants to get to Australia [10]

are you from poland?

australia doesn't have any work treaties with poland so there are no such working holiday programs.

what are you studying? we do have a skilled migrant visa but that is geared to permanency and there are strict rules in place. if that is what you're after then best to look at the australian governments website to see what skills are in demand.

just be wary there are some schools/college's that promise the earth but are only after your zloty.
King Sobieski   
2 Nov 2011
Language / Cholera, cholerny, cholernie... [9]

is this another regional slang?

my dad was really big on using it when we were in trouble but havent come across many others of polish heritage that know what it means.
King Sobieski   
27 Oct 2011
Genealogy / Kupka surname [13]

does it mean different things in different regions?

i have always known it to mean ****.
King Sobieski   
19 Oct 2011
Food / How to find Halal Food in Poznan (Muslim food in Poland) [55]

it is the live transport which I am against

australia halted live exports to indonesia til they cleaned up their act:

more graphic if your stomach can handle it:
King Sobieski   
18 Oct 2011
Love / Do young Polish ladies 17-23 speak any English? [59]

well, they say its not all about polish women but then go on to post that you would not be averse to meeting polish women and that there is no polish women in your area in the uk.

you want to meet polish women? thats fine, just dont bs your way about it.
King Sobieski   
17 Oct 2011
Love / Do young Polish ladies 17-23 speak any English? [59]

King, I suggest you improve your reading comprehension if you think that second quote is supposed to contradict the first quote.

my comprehension is fine, the op is interested in polish females whether they be in poland or the uk.
King Sobieski   
13 Oct 2011
Love / Should I bring gifts? - help with a Polish wedding [46]

its not just poland where giving money is acceptable, i have been to a few weddings in australia where money was perfectly acceptable.

the other new thing is couples setting up an account with a travel agent and you can make anonymous transfers to their online account and they use that money for their holiday.

the rule of thumb down here is that around $100 per person either gift/cash is acceptable.
King Sobieski   
30 Sep 2011
History / 1920 Battle of Warsaw - English trailer and film [55]

Hey champ, I think we'll have to wait for this to come out on Foxtel

no chance of a 3d release here but may be part of a film festival...katyn was part of the melbourne internationa film festival a few years back.
King Sobieski   
14 Sep 2011
Australia / Can My Polish girlfriend get a working visa in Australia?? [28]

umm, we have a skilled migrant program and also have certain professions that need filling.

now, what happened was that all these lil college's started offering chef and hairdressing (they were in demand) courses to mainly Indian people and charging them $20-30k for the privilege. the problem being that the students never had any interest in working in these professions.

the government has now closed the loophole on this and from what i gather it is a lot harder.

so, in summary, find out what the skills shortage is, study a course in that area and then apply.
King Sobieski   
18 Aug 2011
Australia / Australian Spouse Visa For The Polish [13]

i thought you could be in australia and apply as well?

i think it is straight forward but a lot of paperwork involved.
King Sobieski   
18 Aug 2011
Real Estate / Poland's apartment prices continue to fall [1844]

There are of course positives, but I am confident that prices will fall (definately when inflation is considered, but likely ignoring inflation as well).

did you purchase to have a solid foundation for the foreseeable future? or to try and make a bit of $$$'s in a couple years?

what are the deposit rates or equity market returns in poland?

could you effectively invest the difference between what you would pay in rent versus mortgage payments?
King Sobieski   
18 Aug 2011
Australia / Looking for new friends in Melbourne [19]

marta, you shouldnt post your email address, too many weirdo's lurking around.

good to see you found someone to chat with though.
King Sobieski   
17 Aug 2011
Real Estate / Poland's apartment prices continue to fall [1844]

In Poland negative gearing, well King Sobieski!!! You miss the point, you cannot include business loss with personal income.

i was asking the question, not stating fact.

what are interest rates in poland at the moment?
King Sobieski   
11 Aug 2011
Real Estate / Poland's apartment prices continue to fall [1844]

do any other countries have negative gearing?

you dont know negative gearing?

under australian tax law you get a deduction for interest and other property related expenses on your rental property. ideally works the best if you're on a higher tax bracket.
King Sobieski   
8 Aug 2011
Real Estate / Poland's apartment prices continue to fall [1844]

Nobody knows where the safe haven for your money is

cash in australian banks.

currently getting over 5% on my cash balance which is out performing my stocks and managed funds.

The market is stagnant and prices are going down everywhere since 2007. Stable prices lol, there's a world recession.

thats crap.

property prices in australia have sky rocketed from 2007 to 2010. currently they're stagnating, but there is no huge drop of say, even 10%.
King Sobieski   
26 Jul 2011
Australia / Looking for new friends in Melbourne [19]

and there will be the polish festival in fed square by that time.

i dont know that those dziupla's are the way to meet like minded people anyway.

whereabouts are you staying?