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Lusatian-Sarmatic obsession of Poles

Ktos 17 | 466    :-(
4 Feb 2018  #121

Read something and eat something to think better and read with better understanding. What have you written here moreon this and more on that from you and readers will become morons.

Whether our aristocrats were Sarmatians or not is not proven or unproven, Slavic history requires much deeper studies and exploration.
cms 9 | 1,290    
4 Feb 2018  #122
Sobieski died a few years ago Ktos. Unlike you he is missed around here.
Lyzko 17 | 4,802    
4 Feb 2018  #123
@Crow, is it not possible that maybe the reverse is true, that all Slavs have more than a little German in them, more that is, than many might care to admit?
Crow 141 | 7,007    
4 Feb 2018  #124
Impossible. Even theoretically impossible. No matter how romantic it may sound to some. No matter how some may wish for it. Scientific truth is final absolute.

See, Germans and Germanics in general, same as Romano-Brits, English, French, Hungarians, etc, etc represent ethoses formed out of cultural movement that was result of inter-cultural exchanges. It all happened within Sarmatian world (and sometimes stimulated by contacts with non-Europeans). Those are quite sold facts. No space for any denial of it.

We have evidences how Ice age advanced across Europe. We have evidences how human and animal populations retreated due to glaciation. We have evidences of Ice age refugiums. Then we have evidences of retreat of ice and slow advance of population and animals and new resettling of Europe along the rivers network. Its all pretty logical and had its natural laws. Then, we know how Romans drawn their borders from within Sarmatian realm. Sarmatians were inside and outside of Roman borders. Influences, cultural exchanges. Simple, all what is White in Europe is of Sarmatian (ie Slavic) origin. In origin and well, they sure have right to be whatever they want to be now or in future.
Lyzko 17 | 4,802    
4 Feb 2018  #125
Impossible because you are a Slav, that's all. If you were a Celt, like Dr, Cahill from Ireland, you'd claim the Irish saved civilization etc.

Come off it, Crow!
Crow 141 | 7,007    
4 Feb 2018  #126
Celts were Scythians (ie branch of Sarmatians). As for Irish, they sure, as population on island can`t differ from population on the continent. Its impossible. Those were foreign influences and great distances and isolation of back then time what made Irish developed their own specific culture. Still, that don`t negate their origin.

It don`t depend on you and me and, on that what we say here or anywhere else. Science is science. You falsify science, you deny development of science and work against progress. Its just simple as that. That is why truth must win. One day.

Come off it, Crow!

You asked. I have nothing to add on that, anymore.
Lyzko 17 | 4,802    
4 Feb 2018  #127
The Celts were to be sure to be found all throughout Central Europe, merging with both the Germanic and the Slavic nations, as we both know:-)

As to their origins, there are numerous theories yet to be historically substantiated.
Crow 141 | 7,007    
4 Feb 2018  #128
Time will tell us, my friend. Truth will liberate us.
Lyzko 17 | 4,802    
4 Feb 2018  #129
Let's hope you will be:-)
Crow 141 | 7,007    
4 Feb 2018  #130
Whatever ;)
Tacitus 1 | 545    
4 Feb 2018  #131
Those are quite sold facts. No space for any denial of it.

This is of course nonsense. Read any book by a respectable historian which was published in the last 50 years. We know very little about most ancient civilizations, their ethnography et al. Tracing your origin to them is even more ridiculous. There have been a lot of attempts to trace back the Germans to the Germanic tribes, but this is now seen as futile due to the lack of evidence, trying to trace them back to the Sarmatians, who came even before them is even more ridiculous.

The only thing that is safe to say is that the Romans brought civilization to the Balkans when they conquered it, as evidenced by archaelogical findings. Before that, there was nothing worth noting between the Roman and Greek world.
Crow 141 | 7,007    
4 Feb 2018  #132
Lusatians listen to me, my most venerable brothers and sisters! Sooner or later, your last stand would be rewarded by the arrival of great reinforcements! Feel no fear! You are not alone! You shall be free from Germanic yoke! Let them rot with their insane Germanic choices but, you brothers, you go with us!

Independence for Lusatia!

National Anthem of Lusatia - Rjana Łužica
Tacitus 1 | 545    
4 Feb 2018  #133
I don't know about Poland, but you are aware that Lusatians are a minority in every city in German Lusatia right, and the number of children who learn their language is declining rapidly, right?
Crow 141 | 7,007    
4 Feb 2018  #134
Order in Europe and world is destroyed by western European criminals and their Clinton`s USA partners but they mistaken, for in this chaos in Europe we Slavs are strongest. Germany took part in destruction of world order, in destruction of Yugoslavia. Now, Germany populate non-Europeans in Europe, on the land of ancients.

We Slavs are strong enough to protect ourselves from German insanity. And we will save whatever can be saved and that include Lusatia.

Save Lusatia from Germany! Protect fatherland!

No more house of slavery!

Lusatians are a minority in every city in German Lusatia right, and the number of children who learn their language is declining rapidly

We know what was Slavic in the past. We will reclaim it. All shall learn their Slavic languages again.

This is cure for the soul to every true Sarmatian - simple MUST SEE, truly, video of lifetime

Price of freedom - Serbia in World War One

Comment of Serbian commander from the video (all based on true events): If you are out of ammo and enemy still advancing, use your bayonets! When bayonet is broken, use your hands! When they brake your hands use your teeth! When they shoot you down, fall across their path! Let them trip over you! F*** them even in your death!

Glory to ancestors!
Ziemowit 10 | 2,956    
9 Mar 2018  #135
the number of children who learn their language is declining rapidly, right?

Schade, wirklich schade!

I don't know about Poland

I have heard of one family who has been living in Pieńsk (Penzig) on the Neisse river ever since the German times ...
Lyzko 17 | 4,802    
10 Mar 2018  #136
Heck, I can only repeat that Guenter Grass was half-Kaszub on his father's, half-German on his mother's side and native to Danzig aka Gdansk!
Ironside 47 | 9,038    
10 Mar 2018  #137
Well, it makes as much sense as if I would say that a John Doe was half-Texan, half-Mexican and native to New Amsterdam aka New York City. Stop showing off.
Lyzko 17 | 4,802    
10 Mar 2018  #138
I'm not showing off, as you put it, at least I'M talking sense.
Crow 141 | 7,007    
21 Jun 2018  #139
General Pavle from Zgorzelec (1848-1922), Hero of all Serbs

And, when it was hardest Northern Serbs came to the Southern Serbs. They came to us. They who are even in deeper trouble. They gave their best to us. They, Northern Serbs led armies of Southern Serbs into victory.

To the joy of our venerable ancestors, together we proved that Sarmatia still live. From the North to the South of Europe we defended our realm. We protected our civilization. Yes, we did it. We, Serbs.

I clearly see it. I predicts independence of Lusatia. New state would be formed in Europe. One more Serbian state.
Crow 141 | 7,007    
19 Sep 2018  #140
When Serbians from Balkan/Central Europe speak to Chinese, Jews, Japanese, Indians,... when speak to them as part of the club of old civilizations, human centers that were civilized even in prehistoric times, there is the unique spirit in the air. And when they salute survivor of us Serbs as of last Sarmatians that still using their original ethnic Sarmatian (Serbian) name, no matter all historical odds, when they congrats to us that we- Serbians from Balkan/Central Europe, secured continuity and survivor of our ancient Sarmatian civilization, they are by Serbians reminded that we are not last one, that there is one more point on the map of Europe and world that preserving continuity with its deepest Sarmatian roots. Then, Lusatian Serbs are mentioned and it is then pointed out that they also deserve support and solidarity of old civilizations of Earth.




By focusing attention on position of Lusatian Serbs, Balkan/CE Serbs repaying debt to their Northern brethren but also practically neutralize German threat to Slavic world. When Serbia restore its full economic, diplomatic and influential potential, Drang Nach Osten would finally become just episode from the past.


Not Greeks, not Romans, we Sarmats are givers of West. We gave it, we are parent to it! Old civilizations of Earth know it. You can`t lied to them.

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