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Polish hatred towards Jews...

2 Oct 2013  #1,081

ROFL! Those are treaties between

So what we have here - two the worst totalitarian powers in the history of the Europe and maybe even the world. Are so much angered and afraid of even of any resemblance of a "Polish" state with little autonomy that they make it part of the treaty. No politician or political power if note even is considering collaboration with Germany on terms of limited Independence. The Poles fight and bleed and are being murdered by the hundred of 1000s because of this standing and you so called Varsovian who like Poles and Poland turns it all around and says - hey Poles didn't even have opportunity to become collaborative state.

Hey go to the Jews and tell them the had it coming for refusing to assimilate for centuries and then tell them you like them.

As a matter if fact Poland has been offered a place in German axis pact. So Poland had been offered that chance.
Links and quotes are only supportive to your thesis yo need to have a convincing and a clear line of logical reasoning. Yours is just patched up makeshift build on resentments but I will not blame your school for that.

2 Oct 2013  #1,082

It's 2013. Why people still talk WW2?
Harry 81 | 13,431    
2 Oct 2013  #1,083

No politician or political power if note even is considering collaboration with Germany on terms of limited Independence.

One would very much imagine that Stalin in 1939 was significantly better informed about Poland than you are now: he very clearly thought that a German-run Polish collaborationist state was a very real threat to the USSR. So he prevented it. He appears to have been onto something, given the way that millions of Poles decided during the war that they were actually German, there wouldn't have been a shortage of people to support a 'Polish' (German) state.

As a matter if fact Poland has been offered a place in German axis pact.

One which was very much revoked when a better ally came along.

Yours is just patched up makeshift build on resentments but I will not blame your school for that.

I do fear that off-topic trolling and insults will only result in you becoming both a banned user and a banned guest. Still, that'll be your choice.

Why people still talk WW2?

Take a stroll round my neighbourhood in Warsaw and you'll have the answer to your question.
Ifor - | 34    
2 Oct 2013  #1,084

My parents
- Learned the language
- Didn't reproduce
- Never sat on welfare

So you emerged fully formed from primeval slime through the sewage system. Figures, I suppose.
delphiandomine 87 | 15,787    
2 Oct 2013  #1,085

This is simply not the norm with current immigrants to Germany.

But you live thousands of miles away, what would you know about immigrants to Germany?

I'd guess that those of us who visit Germany regularly know far more about the country than you'll ever know.
Harry 81 | 13,431    
19 Nov 2015  #1,086

[Moved from]: Terrible past for the Jews in Poland?

Merged: Effigies of Jews burned in Wroclaw rynek

I am absolutely stunned by this, utterly gobsmacked. How anybody can think that this is in any way acceptable is completely beyond me.

Dozens of demonstrators in the western Polish city of Wroclaw participated in burning effigies of Jews fully equipped with peot (side-curls) and black hats, Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza reported on Wednesday.

The demonstration was part of a larger protest against admitting refugees of the civil war in Syria into Poland. Demonstrators warned that many of the refugees were actually economic migrants and terrorists, according to the report.

Full article here:
19 Nov 2015  #1,087

Bad form that, not good.
19 Nov 2015  #1,088

I'm disappointed, but not surprised. You get flamed (or moderator-edited) for saying Jesus, Mary were Jews. Our current Minister of National Defense believes in Jewish conspiracies to rule the world. The word "┼╗yd" is commonly used as an insult.
Ktos 13 | 395    
26 Dec 2015  #1,089

Merged: Jewish movie directors should focus on Polish sufferings more

At least as an apologetic gesture or a thankful gesture. Apologies for some of the gestapo helpers (some of whom were Jews), apologies for human trade (castrations of slaves and sale to Muslim harems) of Slavic Polish native people pre-dating Christian times and thanks for saving almost the entire Jewish population from extinction at the hands of Germans during World War II.

Merged: Jewish hatred towards Polish people

There is an immense hatred towards Polish people exercised by Jews on daily basis, a hatred that has no basis and yet Polish people remain calm but not happy about it. Jews throughout history have been the ones causing some of the Slavic and Polish tragedies and yet no one has called them to justice. When will Jews be made to pay in some way or another for Polish and Slavic suffering?
nothanks - | 664    
9 Jul 2016  #1,090

Merged: Poland among Safest European Countries for Jews Today

Says Holocaust Foundation Director

The Polish president's condemnation of antisemitism on Monday illustrates how Poland has shifted its attitude to such an extent that it has become one of the safest European countries for Jews, the head of a European Holocaust foundation told The Algemeiner on Monday.
land of thunder    
17 Jul 2016  #1,091

One of safest Euro countries. From a man of the (((tribe))).
This old (((trick))). The new name is Predictive Programming, sometimes psy-ops.
Is this a way of telling Polish People that when things get unbearable for Jews in West Euro, to expect Exodus arrivals?
jon357 70 | 12,784    
17 Jul 2016  #1,092

In a word, No.

"Psy-ops" indeed!
Ktos 13 | 395    
17 Nov 2017  #1,093


How Jews murdered Polish people

Interesting that this escapes Hollywood cinematic interests, maybe because it would devalue very valuable $$$$ business that's holocaust. YES! JEWS MURDERED POLISH PEOPLE DURING WORLD WAR II. Just because we don't brag about it in the media or every week like Jews do about...everyone who hasn't paid their homage to them.
Lyzko 17 | 3,689    
17 Nov 2017  #1,094

For the bazillionth time, you people, the Poles neither started nor promoted anti-semitism per se. However, history has shown that far too many of run-of-the-mill Poles didn't do their level best to prevent its spread either!

In addition, Poland was only the second country AFTER the war which committed pogroms, such as Kielce and Jedwabne. The other was Romania under Ceauscescu, during which period, apparently Jews were strung up by meat hooks and piano wire as a form of state-sponsored torture.

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