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Polish songs for open mic in a Polish restaurant in UK

Rai 1 | 19
26 Mar 2015 #1
Hi all,

I recently found out that there is a Polish restaurant in London which hosts open mic and allow people to sing in any language and I am thinking of going there to sing in Polish. Could you, Polish people, tell me the kind of songs which are good for this kind of event. Thanks you.
DominicB - | 2,707
26 Mar 2015 #2
Biały miś:

Hey sokoły:
OP Rai 1 | 19
1 Apr 2015 #3
DominicB, thank you for your suggestions. I will consider them. As I already have few really close friends with me here in London, I have asked them as well, and I from what they have told me I have chosen these so far.

1) zawsze tam gdzie ty
2) Autsjader
3) Tolerancja
jon357 74 | 21,930
8 Apr 2015 #4
Zawsze tam gdzie Ty is an ideal choice. Not hard to sing and sounds wonderful. Look up Marek Grechuta an YouTube (a bit old - his best stuff was in the 70s) but again good and also not difficult.
OP Rai 1 | 19
9 Apr 2015 #5
Thanks jon357... Zawsze Tam Gdzie Ty then. I will definitely have to sing in a lower key and also I find singing while plucking the string is quite is quite tricky so I will definitely have to put in many hours of practice. As for Marek Grehuta's song, well, I only know one of his song 'Dni Ktorych Nie Znamy' and I like it a lot. I will definitely prepare at least 5 songs. Hopefully, in a few more months, after I have gained enough confidence and mastery of the songs, I will head down for the open mic and record the whole stuff and share with you guys. I am sure there are many of you guys who will surely help me to improve for future open mic events.

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