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The typical Polish look, or all Eastern Europeans

24 Sep 2011 #152
I don't know where you got your degree or what source of knowledge you're using, HARVARD10, but Poland is the most Slavic country in terms of genetics. R1a haplogroup /a Slavic gene/has been found in the highest frequency in Poland with around 60% of the nation belonging in that group.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,475
24 Sep 2011 #153
As long as you include all those dark-skinned folks who just can't seem to shut up about how great it is to be black, then I'm OK with that ;)

Bloody right I am. No time for any of it.
teflcat 5 | 1,032
24 Sep 2011 #154
They're long enough to touch the ground when I walk otherwise I'd be forever floating.

You're right. I never thought about it that way.
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
25 Sep 2011 #155
The typical Polish look, or all Eastern Europeans

I'm being a bit picky here but "Eastern Europeans" is not technically proper English. It's either Eastern Europe or East Europeans but not Eastern Europeans.

I admit though, to not always checking my spelling, especially when I'm drinking merlot.
KingAthelstan 9 | 142
25 Sep 2011 #156
Eastern Europeans

Thats the way the government and media refer to Poles in the UK I'm afraid.
kaytz - | 11
25 Sep 2011 #158
Katrina: More pictures of the men, please!

McCoy: now girls are getting wet ;)

emunah - | 4
26 Sep 2011 #159
What would you think of this chick? Polish or a mix?

beckski 12 | 1,617
26 Sep 2011 #160
Polish or a mix?

I'm gonna go with a mix.
27 Sep 2011 #161
emunah - | 4
27 Sep 2011 #162
German? Close, but no cigar.
gumishu 11 | 5,701
27 Sep 2011 #163
Dutch or Flemmish (they have these long narrow noses)
emunah - | 4
5 Oct 2011 #164
Actually she's Lithuanian, Jewish, Ukrainian
ziarko 1 | 3
8 Oct 2011 #165
Don't ever attempt to compare me to russians...I am polish..period
Seanus 15 | 19,706
8 Oct 2011 #166
Kiwi or another brand? ;)

What's wrong with comparing fellow Slavs? Geez, touchy touchy!
8 Oct 2011 #167
I suggest finding a cheap airline ticket for you and take a look yourself to find your answer )
11 Oct 2011 #168
They have flat heads cos they sleep on thefloor 10 to a room and the flatNess disperses stiff weight of the skull, there ancestry is Russian peasantry which explains this
22 Nov 2011 #169
Typical look of Polish people is only a history. They were tall,slender,blond,blue eyed and very light skin. Over thousand year history Poland was raid by different nations: Swedish , Turkish,Germans, Russians etc..Many of those people stayed in Poland so over the years we lost our ancestral appearance. Just visit some villages in Dabrowa Tarnowska county an You will find people with eyes like those of Tatars. So now only genetics can produce from time to time the real Polish look.
jochemczyk 1 | 35
30 Nov 2011 #170
What a bunch of fools on here to even be discussing this. Who cares how people look, have you guys got it into your heads that one race of people is any better than another ???
Seanus 15 | 19,706
30 Nov 2011 #171
Welcome, jochemczyk ;)
alxmac 5 | 27
30 Nov 2011 #172
Scandinavians are a Germanic people
31 Mar 2012 #173
Merged:Genetical test-Polish

Hello guys!
I was just wondering that is there a typical Polish look as I got the results of my 23andme(genetic test) and for some reason at first place my results has shown that I'm most similar genetically to the people of Poland.Actually my mother is Polish and from my fathers side i have some too(but mostly Ukrainian) yet I look nothing like someone from Poland imo.Is there actually a common look or something?
Bieganski 17 | 901
31 Mar 2012 #174
There is no common look. Poland's borders have shifted many times over the centuries.

Poland has also been welcoming of different groups of people too; here is an interesting link about it:
31 Mar 2012 #175
Thanks!Well actually I could pass more for a Tatar or something imo xD I have dark brown hair,grey eyes and light olive skin with freckles so a pretty weird combination.
abbyroselew - | 3
25 Aug 2012 #176
I'm Polish and I'm a redhead. is this common?
PolkaTagAlong 10 | 186
25 Aug 2012 #178
I think I definitely have the "slim heart face" with pointy cheekbones that the OP described. It's odd, some men are really into this and some not so much at all. I had a crazy guy lusting after me one time who would always comment on "what beautiful sharp features I had." At the time I thought this was an insult but I discovered that this is definitely a compliment. It can give the face kind of a chaotic look, but these features really emote.

I think on average Polish people tend to be taller and slimmer. Women also tend to be bigger up top (I am proof of this hehe). I know that my body is a rather slim to average type and I'm a tiny bit taller than average (5'6) but most of my body structure is quite robust despite this. I have big knees, thick ankles, and shoulders. I know that my grandmother with Polish influence on my father's side had the thick ankles, not sure about the other traits though. I think she was more of a slender, less robust type.

Is it a typical Polish Slavic thing to have rather course, bushy hair or is it probably a sign of jewish influence? I don't have any genetic Ashkenazi markers but I think it is likely thick hair probably meant they had a small amount of jewish ancestry.

I sympathize with the OP. Junk food makes me get fat easily and if I don't exercise and eat normally I can put on a lot of weight, but I tend to be pretty slim. Some of that stuff with all the saturated fat I can't even digest properly, like Chick-fil-a. It just goes right through my system.

Don't you think this model looks Polish? She has a slight dimpled, uneven chin that is common in Poles. You can still have that chin defect like me and be beautiful!
PlasticPole 7 | 2,649
25 Aug 2012 #179
I don't know but she sure does have thick brows.
TommyG 1 | 361
25 Aug 2012 #180
Don't you think this model looks Polish?

Not really. I'm not saying that she is not Polish. But for me she has more feautres of a French girl than Polish,

She has a slight dimpled, uneven chin that is common in Poles. You can still have that chin defect like me and be beautiful!

This is true! ( yes, I did look at your profile pictures :D )

But to explain: For me the combination of dark hair and light coloured eyes, the thicker eye brows ( and side-burns :O ) define French women - the type you would see in a L'oreal advert.

She doesn't really have the 'slavic' cheek bones that one associates with Polish women. She may be American, but for me probably French or maybe Swiss... or maybe Flemish.

But that's only my amatuer opinion...

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