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The typical Polish look, or all Eastern Europeans

Eurola 4 | 1,907
22 Mar 2009 #121
I think many slavic people look eurasian.

maybe because we were invaded by Tatars and Turks and they enjoyed raping beautiful, blue-eyed blonds?
28 Mar 2009 #122
my sister has the prettest grey eyes ever they change colour alot like if its light or dark out or what colour shes wearing but thats what grey eyes do & the most commonly found in baltic countries so her eyes are eastren european, i have ugly amber eyes :(

...well i can't tell the exact countries, just that they are foreign.

no way! i can tell if people are foreign too they have accents! dont you just love beigng sarcastic its so fun
Calicoe 2 | 133
28 Mar 2009 #123
the most commonly found in baltic countries so her eyes are eastren european

I didn't know this either. I have "blueish-grayish-greenish" eyes that change color as well.
Softsong 5 | 494
28 Mar 2009 #124
I have those grey eyes, too. Never heard they were Baltic, before. I did a quick search and found that indeed this is so. Grey eyes are most common in Russia, Finland and the Baltic states.
Calicoe 2 | 133
28 Mar 2009 #125
Hey Softsong! Believe it or not, I was thinking about you today and hoping you'd show up. I have been doing a back check on old genealogy threads, and I saw your post with your photo and the background of your German/Polish ancestors.

You've done a lot of genealogy work, and I think I need your advice/help. I will PM you later. I have been on PF all day and need to go out!

Talk soon.
Softsong 5 | 494
28 Mar 2009 #126
Hi Calicoe,

Awwww....that is so cool you were thinking about me! Anything I can help you with, I'll be happy to do.

Getting ready though to go on a trip, and I am having to work up till the trip, so my time might be cramped till I get back. (Procrastinated doing my taxes...I'd rather do genealogy!)

I am going to visit NYC with my boyfriend (who is a southern self-proclaimed redneck, should be fun). We will go to Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and eat at The King's Feast. It is supposed to be one of the best Polish restaurants in NY.

My grandparents settled in Greenpoint when they were newly arrived in America, and it is neat to see the tradition continue.

Talk to you later!
19 May 2009 #127
I either see obese people or I see the ones who looking annorexic.

well we have to have the skinny people to make our averge weight to look thinner DUH!

On both pics I got almost all Asian celebrities.

me too! well if they whernt asian(only chinese & koren, no japanese weird huh!) they where from eastren europe or france so i guess we all look alike to computers
21 May 2009 #128
and the place names of many cities and towns are slavic in etymology in that part of germany. i think the slavs were not able to form lasting states west of the oder river because the christian cross had to prevail over the pagan idols at the time. kind of the same like in south america, parts of africa, america. indiginous people were not able to form states from the existing states based on christianity. thats probably why there are many problems in those parts of the world, with order, governing, coruption ,poverty. germans are also relatively more confused than slavs. probably because of the roman influence, and slavic eastern part, people need a home, homeland. good thing the chief of the polanie married the czech princess dubravka, and was baptized, otherwise there might not even have been a poland...yikes.
27 May 2009 #129
slavs were not able to form lasting states

if they where like me they where just to lazy & tired of the germans attacking them to create a country that could stand the test of time
8 Dec 2009 #130
I have just found this forum and was suprised how differently people imagine slavs some are close to true some not. To ways to knowthe trueth: buy a book about anthropology and come to europe to see. What archeological discoveries show, all euroasians slavs migrated the less comparing to other european tribes. Slavs looked similar by that time (way before christ was born) light hair and light eyes. Going a little bit north they separated to different countries and there through history of wars mixed a little bit with invaders. The look you discuss about (white hair, blue eyes) for some people is german for some slavic and it's all true cause germans as slavics asimilated nordic tribes that lived all around baltic see coast, so there. Well Germans during war collected blond blue eyes children for sick Hitlers thought that nordic type is a higher race. From Poland, Czech and Slovakia over 100. 000 of children was taken. Nowadays nations are mixing when you saw children in poland 20 years ago, they were mostly light blond, now I would say half to half, but we have a popular saying in poland about hair: slavic blond (flaxen blond not white or golden, just kind of silver). Aha, third photo of german models shows polish model known in US Joanna Krupa.
30 Mar 2010 #131
Hot Damn! My Grandmother was 100% polish! In fact, she was born and raised in U.S.A. off the boat from Poland(Actually it was her grandparents that were off the boat), East Baltimore, in Sparrows Point, which was a well known area for Poles! In fact, my family FLIES the polish Flag! She looks nothing like that beautiful girl in the pick! Anyway, folks, I am 1/4 polish(paternal-grandmother), 1/4th Slavic-Yugo(paternal grandfather), 1/4-Jewish (Maternal Grandfather), 1/4 -Scottish-Irish(Maternal GrandMother)! That is it! Guess what! Although, it is true, that the Jews migrated to all European nations, their "Diaspora," which is a migration away from the homeland, "Israel," resulted in almost NO mixing with the other races! In fact, 95% of Jewish Blood has been maintained in tact. It is by far the one "nationality," so be it called, or we can call it "Israeli-Middle Eastern" roots have maintained intact despite the diaspora, and the Jews more so than any "race" has been maintained. I know I am going to get a lot of arguments that Judiasm is NOT a race, but a religion, but I beg to differ as their are many genetic disorders that are inherent to Jews only. But, this is not the issue here, so please lets just stick to the "looks" of Polish/Slavic People. Here is a pic of me attached to show what someone mixed with polish/slavic genes would look like. Anybody want to add what nationality that I look like, I welcome all the comments. Many people state that they see the "jewish" in me. But, I get mostly Irish. Ha, and I am only 1/8th Irish. My most "purest" bloodlines are the 1/4th Polish (paternal grandmother), and the 1/4th Jewish (maternal grandfather).
SzenkUK88 1 | 19
30 Mar 2010 #132
I'm a mix of Slav and Mediterranean (would that be Latin then?)

If it's possible my facial features are a spitting image of my dziadek and all the males that came before him.

However my eyes are deep brown as is my hair, and I go as dark as a loaf of wholemeal in the Summer, my hair also lightens and I get blonde streaks.
10 May 2010 #133
Some Polish people definitely have an asian look to them. I actually used to get playfully teased in Poland, "the chink" of the family, or I was presumably Japanese and adopted! Certain family clans have Mongolian influence dating back centuries to eastern invaders such as the tatars. With a slanted eye trait from one side of my family,(mikolajczyk) and Georgian (ossetian) ancestry from my great grandma,(nobility used to intermix with other nobles from neighboring countries, or relocate during times of turmoil) my Polish look looks super-polish to some people, and then other Polish people don't even recognize me as Polish at all. I've been called a Swede, Japanese, Irish(?) Lithuanian and Russian.

On a separate note, categorizing Polish people as slim compared to Americans is unjust. Anywhere you go in the world all cultures have slim people compared to any americans. On the subject of body types though,

Polish girls tend to have flat behinds. and Polish girls brought up in the US with tanning, salons, shopping, look a lot more put together and tend to have more shapely bodies than the flat boards walking around in Poland. "hot" in US or healthy, or a muscular athletic american girl, would not be considered attractive in Poland and even might be considered fat! In Poland they tend to be more conservative and timid in their fashion and character personalities. Guys tend to have fantastic shoulder build regardless if they're skinny or overweight or buff. Regardless, Polish guys and girls tend to have negative opinions about their body image, whether they are slim or overweight.

Polish people are pretty beautiful, but even there, just like anywhere else in the world, you will find some disastrous disappointments.
southern 75 | 7,095
10 May 2010 #134
Slavic appearance is clearly superior.
Ireland4ever - | 44
16 Feb 2011 #135
My son goes to primary school with loads of poles and other russians kids. You honestly can not tell a difference. Most yound children have blondish hair and then it fades to brown. This thread is thinly veiled racism. e.g. we are superior because our women dye their hair and we spend all day in the gym. Thats social reasons for any differences that may exist and nothing to do with superior races etc
emha - | 92
16 Feb 2011 #136
Typical polish look :)

16 Feb 2011 #137
typical polish look
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
17 Feb 2011 #138
There is no "typical Polish look", however, one can sometimes tell someone's nationality by their mannerisms and vibes.

The homosexual community has a name for it; gaydar. Perhaps, some of us have Poldar.
southern 75 | 7,095
17 Feb 2011 #139
Here we see some really polish looking people.Noble prize winner Liroy reprezentuje.

Krzysztof M
12 Aug 2011 #140
I'm half Polish, half english, and people who are Polish think I look Polish, and people who are english think I look english, which is proof that you can't define me as looking typically like one nationality, which goes for all Poles.
scottie1113 7 | 898
12 Aug 2011 #141
I have lived in Poland for four years. Most of what I've read here has been pure generalization, though some of it has been pretty accurate. There's a Polish look, but I can't describe it because it's really too diversified. I will say that I've seen a lot more overweight Poles here in the last couple of years, and I'm talking about the young people, but it ranges across the board.

What do Poles look like? Good question, although I was on a web site for biking in Norway, saw a photo of four people and said to myself that they were Polish. I was right.

I met a guy in a pub a few nights ago who didn't believe that I'm American. He thought I was Swedish or Danish-he's Danish-go figure.
23 Sep 2011 #142
according to B.Lundmann studyes Estonia is most blondest whit 53%, second is Finnland whit 42%
Sidliste_Chodov 1 | 441
23 Sep 2011 #143
Jeez, it's like reading the "Hitler Guide To Racial Purity" on here sometimes!
Des Essientes 7 | 1,291
23 Sep 2011 #144
Actually Sidliste the fact that Finns and Estonians are the blondest people on Earth refutes Hitlerism because niether of those nations are Aryan.
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
23 Sep 2011 #145
Jeez, it's like reading the "Hitler Guide To Racial Purity" on here sometimes!

What I love most of all is that it's often those who are the least racially pure that go on about it the most ;)
Des Essientes 7 | 1,291
23 Sep 2011 #146
those who are the least racially pure

And who are these "racially impure" people Delphiandomine?
delphiandomine 88 | 18,322
23 Sep 2011 #147
Most Europeans, for a start. And Americans.

Let's be honest : anyone who spends more than a second of their time contemplating their "race" is clearly a blithering idiot anyway.
Seanus 15 | 19,704
23 Sep 2011 #148
Look at Tiger Woods. He is a mix of 4 backgrounds. Dutch and Thai are but 2 of them.

The typical Polish look? You have to include a comment about the nose if we are to generalise. Mostly bigger than it should be.
Sidliste_Chodov 1 | 441
24 Sep 2011 #149
Let's be honest : anyone who spends more than a second of their time contemplating their "race" is clearly a blithering idiot anyway.

As long as you include all those dark-skinned folks who just can't seem to shut up about how great it is to be black, then I'm OK with that ;)

The typical Polish look? You have to include a comment about the nose if we are to generalise. Mostly bigger than it should be.

Makes us easier to spot. Well, you can't really miss us, can you? lol

(Bet this gets binned as well. Bring back PolskaDoll, I say :) )
ZIMMY 6 | 1,601
24 Sep 2011 #150
You have to include a comment about the nose if we are to generalise. Mostly bigger than it should be.

They're the right size for the particular individual face. It's just like my legs. They're long enough to touch the ground when I walk otherwise I'd be forever floating.

The following is NOT MEANT to demean any particular group, but the biggest honker I ever saw happened to belong to a Jewish man. I kept wondering if he had a sister but didn't know how to broach that subject with him.

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