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having an affair with a Polish man (but he has a wife and a child)

Firestorm 6 | 400  
18 Sep 2007 /  #241
So does that mean..
She should stay in a loveless marriage..?
And hope that she can get something out of it..?

For any of you that havent actually tried it.
After my marriage died. I stayed for 8 Years for the sake of the Children.
They suffered more than me.
The tension in a loveless house is unbearable at times.
And downright Ugly at other times.

You command no authority.
Have little or no respect.
And fewer rights than an Iraq Terrorist.

I Agree. It was a ****** thing to do.
But like everyone else in life.
She's entitled to find love. And do everything she can to be happy.
18 Sep 2007 /  #242
She's entitled to find love. And do everything she can to be happy.

Do you mean the husbands wife?
vm500 2 | 39  
18 Sep 2007 /  #243
I think we should send them both to saudi arabia ,and I am sure those arabs will take care of the cheating husband and the home breaker . Now there is a idea, hope you guys like stones hehe
Firestorm 6 | 400  
18 Sep 2007 /  #244
Do you mean the husbands wife?

BethH 1 | 8  
18 Sep 2007 /  #245
Havin a good **** ? Very nicely put ( sarcasm )

Yes she can find love,but not with a married man ! I disagree

I'll tell you somethin.A guy asked me out once and i assumed he was single.We didnt actually start dating,coz before we had a chance to,i found out he had a girlfriend !They were even living together. This was afew days after i had met him.He had my number in his phone and his girlfriend rang me and asked me if anythin had happened and i said no,which it hadnt,and i apologised to her for agreeing to go out with her boyfriend,even though i didnt know he wasnt single then.I tell ya,i wish there were more decent people around
broken hearted  
18 Sep 2007 /  #246
back in Jan. i found out my husband was having an affair with a Polish woman he worked with....I broke into his yahoo account and read all their emails....even though I was really hurt and angry I felt sorry for her too. My husband had told her he was separated and she believed she was his legitimate girlfriend, not his mistress. I confronted him and he admitted everything (eventually). He said he wanted to leave me. Next thing she tells him she is pregnant. I insisted then that he tell her the truth about lying to her for so long. She was distraught when he told her that he had been coming home to me as my husband for the whole of their relationship. She said she would never have touched him if she knew he was married and said how the Hell can she trust him now??

He lives in Poland with her a small village up north. She is only now finding out that even though he earns a lot of money he is also very much in debt. we are all struggling financially. She is scared her parents and family will find out the truth about her "fiance" (ha ha...makes me laugh husband, engaged to someone else!! calls me his ex-wife already:-))) Her parents think he is the nicest, most trust-worthy person ever! Well I'm sure they will be wondering why he doesn't marry her....especially now she is pregnant! But in my country you have to wait 4 or 5 years for a divorce!!! I would love to hear the lies he tells them to get around that one!!
Sunflower 10 | 76  
18 Sep 2007 /  #247
oh brokenhearted you poor thing. sending you a series of big bear hugs. I was absolutely floored when I found out my now ex already had a girlfriend and was also messing around and chasing girls on the side, in addition to me :0( I can only imagine how it must feel if you are married and that is happening. what a swine..
18 Sep 2007 /  #248
Sorry to here Broken hearted I hope things work out for you, affairs should always been taken seriously, I found out about my dads 6 months long affair with another woman because I got suspicious about his mobile. I didn't say anything to anyone in my family hoping it would blow over. Unfortunately it didnt and my mum found out a week before xmas, most possibly one of the worst moments in my lifetime when their 28 year marriage was broken and so was the household. But similiar to your story Broken my dad had taken his wedding ring off everynight when he went to this other woman who was non the wiser.

I hated my dad for weeks, I didn't want to speak to him but realised he's only human. He's still the same dad and we get on as well as we have before if not better because we dont see each other for weeks and when we do we make up for lost time. The woman who he is with is a shy kind lady and I hold no grudges, my only concern was for my mother who has once again found a partner who reminds her what a loving relationship should be like and I'll always be grateful.

Theres always daisys under the dirt.
BethH 1 | 8  
18 Sep 2007 /  #249
I went through a similar thing too,but he had a girlfriend
Broken hearted,i'm really sorry to hear about what happened to you.These people are real swines !
broken hearted  
19 Sep 2007 /  #250
Thanks for the kind words guys....I know I will come out of this a better person...definitely stonger anyway!!

AvJoeUK - very interested to hear how it is for the child in the relationship. Our son is only 12 and is having a really hard time coming to terms with what his father has done - and he doesn't even know about the baby yet!!!!! He says he has lost the person he used to look up to most in life.

My husband and I were together 19 years......I really thought i knew him but he was leading a complete double life! He worked away from home for over half the year and that's how he was able to get away with what he did. He has been having affairs (some serious, some just flings) since our son started school at the age of five. What a great Dad, eh?

I often wonder how his girlfriend's family would react if they knew the truth. They are good, God-fearing, hard-working, traditional people.....would they still accept him with open arms if they knew he had cheated both his wife AND their daughter for so long? How do Polish families view such things?
goodgirl - | 4  
19 Sep 2007 /  #251
love is always a RISK as they say...if he makes u happy then goodluck be happy but be ready for all the consequences whether its bad or good :)
broken hearted  
19 Sep 2007 /  #252
I agree that love is always a risk, but is it okay to have a relationship with someone elses husband just because he makes you happy??
19 Sep 2007 /  #253
Exactly Broken, I think its damn selfish to have the attitude, "well whats good for me aslong as I get what I want!". Its the worst kind of inconsideration, not caring about the consequences or hurt on other people.
Rachey - | 3  
19 Sep 2007 /  #254
You are talking about the difference between a mature man and an immature guy. Maturity is when one makes a commitment (marriage or otherwise), they honor that commitment and if you meet someone else, than you get out of the commitment before proceeding into a new relationship. It's called being a decent human being.

Exactly what she said!

Mobile, even though you say no-one getting hurt etc, you WILL be found out one day! I had a fling with a married man a long time ago when I was young and also believed that their marriage was an unhappy one! Finally I woke up and moved on....... However, two years later I got a call from a VERY upset, heartboken wife who had found out about "us". It doesn't matter when, how or why someone finds out their partner has had an affair, they will always find out eventually. You know why? their married and so know each other far more than a bit on the side will ever know them, I was a bit on the side, and it sounds very much like you are too.
Oh Its Me :)  
19 Sep 2007 /  #255
blah blah blah....Im sure she is happy and settled with her lovely Polish man now....good luck to Mobile thats what I say
Kris 3 | 9  
19 Sep 2007 /  #256
Mobile, you are deluded....wake up and smell the.... bull ****!
Firestorm 6 | 400  
19 Sep 2007 /  #257
The original post for this was in January.. (o_0)

let it lie guys..
19 Sep 2007 /  #258
cheater cheater man should not be involved with a married man. your so f**ken stupid. P men are hot but you need to find one who is not married how can you do such a thing. be ashamed of your self. you are not a proper english woman.
BethH 1 | 8  
19 Sep 2007 /  #259
makin us english women look bad..I'm glad i'm decent.
PolskaDoll 28 | 2,104  
19 Sep 2007 /  #260
The original post for this was in January.. (o_0)

let it lie guys..

Good advice.

And Mobile hasn't actually posted since Feb 21st so if words here are meant to hurt her...too late.
goodgirl - | 4  
20 Sep 2007 /  #261
I agree that love is always a risk, but is it okay to have a relationship with someone elses husband just because he makes you happy??

yes why not? if he is suffering from his life now with his wife theres always a divorce, hey its a fact of life nowadays u know ;)
Ranj 21 | 948  
20 Sep 2007 /  #262
Then perhaps he should get the divorce first (since he is, afterall, "suffering", although I have serious doubts, or else he would have gotten a divorce) and then seek someone else for a relationship.
Daisy 3 | 1,225  
20 Sep 2007 /  #263
Then perhaps he should get the divorce first

Aniolek 2 | 22  
20 Sep 2007 /  #264
Will somebody close this thread?
Nobody cares anymore!!!!!!!!!!
20 Sep 2007 /  #266
You like dutch young guys? email me then, who knows...... I am a single nice looking boy.

Kiss willy

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