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having an affair with a Polish man (but he has a wife and a child)

Grzegorz_ 51 | 6,161  
3 Feb 2007 /  #211
with handsome dark looks

3 Feb 2007 /  #212
very funny WOOF WOOF !!
Maati 1 | 178  
3 Feb 2007 /  #213
Usually, Polish guys have "light looks". Many of them. What do you mean by dark looks ?
3 Feb 2007 /  #214
Usually, Polish guys have "light looks"

the ones i notice have light looks too (and i have noticed quite a few :) and some catch my eye more than others :) :) ) but i have never noticed a polish man that looked dark in complexion at all :(
Maati 1 | 178  
3 Feb 2007 /  #215
My father has quite dark complexion( for Polish standards ) but green eyes and blond hair at the same time... I haven't noticed Polish guys with dark looks. Maybe she met people from South of Europe and she has taken them for Poles. (?)
3 Feb 2007 /  #216
I think I must have the right country?????? !!!- there are lots of Polish people here in Wiltshire and not many other Europeans :) the guys that have caught my eye are the little ones with dark brown eyes and hair but they have pale skin complexion . ...........But it is not just looks , is it ? - The few Polish men I have met have been intelligent and polite and hardworking and that character is what appeals to me........
Maati 1 | 178  
3 Feb 2007 /  #217
Ok, Gaby, Good For You!
Good Luck Then!
3 Feb 2007 /  #218
The few Polish men I have met have been intelligent and polite and hardworking and that character is what appeals to me........

They all are .... :) one i like and i have two pic's taken different times of the year feb 2006 and sept 2006 (this one i even got to take twice as he turned round and said 24hrs after it was taken .. and it hadnt turned out brill ... oh no no no you cant have that you will have to take it again ... what a sweetie .. now i am resigned to the fact that i have lost contact with him and i cant trace him anyway :( .. the shame)
4 Feb 2007 /  #219
after reading all this, what goes around.. comes around, tell us sometime later in life how does it feel when someone cheat on you mobile ;> have fun^^
6 Feb 2007 /  #220
GET OUT OF THE RELATIONSHIP!!! HAVE SOME RESPECT!!! Imagine how would you feel if your husband went out of the country to bring bread on the table and you found out he was cheating on you. You must stop seeing him, and you must also force him to stop seeing you and return to his wife and daughter finally!!! If he was married for 13 years his daughter is a pre-teen not a teenager she is mostly likely a 11 or 12 year old girl who needs an outstanding male role model and having you around ruins that, so just STAY AWAY!!!! It sickens me how people have no respect for themselves or for others. Maybe perhaps you are with him because the sex is great and so is the money, but as a women respect and honor should come above everything else.

sledz 23 | 2,250  
6 Feb 2007 /  #221
Just another kurwa..hope you get caught!!!!

Its called Adultery. Didnt you learn that in church?
Or the rules dont apply to you????????
7 Feb 2007 /  #222
She sounds like a piece of rubbish
10 Feb 2007 /  #223
It's not right for him to be doing that ... and it's not right for you to support it. Think of the way it's making YOU look towards other people ... at the very least, think of the way it will affect the child.

If "your" guy doesn't love his wife, he should leave her ... It's not fair for the wife and child to be in this situation.
sapphire 22 | 1,241  
13 Feb 2007 /  #224
havent been around here for a few weeks so have only just come across this thread... I just wanted to say that some people on here are incredibly judgemental, perhaps based upon their own experiences in life.. but everyone is different and what is right for some is not right for others.. i'm not saying having an affair with a married man is a great thing to do, but sometimes these things happen and it if wasnt her, it would have been someone else.. and I feel Mobile has taken quite a bashing for this. I dont mind admitting that I too am having an affair with a married man (polish).. he left his wife for me and we have been together for 2 years. His wife lives in London and still wants him to go back and his family wont speak to him unless he does... but he chooses to be with me as we are in love. Im not saying this to brag, merely to lend some moral support to someone in a similar situation. So, maybe this guy will leave his wife and maybe he wont, but it takes two to tango.. so dont be laying all the blame on this girl.
13 Feb 2007 /  #225
Ok. I`M Polish man, she was German (she had the bigest green eyes I ever seen and lovest smile). She was 15 years yonger. (My son was 10 years younger than her). **** happens. ...When she wanted me to declare I want to be with her to the rest of my life, I was seeing me, the old one (needs glasses to read a paper) and her needs an active man... It was 2 years ago. I still dream about her lips and eyes...
15 Feb 2007 /  #226
mobile i can understand how your feeling and i can understand other peoples ways of thinking also
mate, stop what your doing honey, i can see this turning into ww3 in the end
he will manipulate and play your head making out that you could be the one for him lalalala then ditch you with an aching heart, he might go back with his wife or he might be going with her you and other would u know?..the last thing you want is to be riddled with std's and sti's even if you use condoms, if you have oral sex you can still catch stuff...just be careful my dear

why should you be chained to his tail end? and be lumbered with all these issues
your gonna get hurt and screwed up
you sound like a lovely girl who has her heart,hopes, mind in the wrong place at the wrong time
i wish you the best of luck with this cause at the end of the day,the ball is in your coart

sapphire, who isnt judgemental on this planet? youve been there? ive been there shes been there everyones been there
i agree with what your saying saff, and yeah everyones experience is different from others, thats human nature..... people do judge

I think mobile needs to keep her mind open and alert for any new changes
and try not to get involved untill she knows where she stands and so on.

good luck on the both of u and u mobile
sapphire 22 | 1,241  
15 Feb 2007 /  #227
thanks mate... are you Scottish?
20 Feb 2007 /  #228
GOOD LUCK to ypu MOBILE...I DO believe you guys actually feel in LOVE and this guy seems to be a good intelligent man...and he is gooood in BED as I understand...CONGRATS to you and I am POLISH myself living in the US. I could be a witness to your marriage if you so desire.....))) GREETINGS to YOU AND YOUR POLISH LOVER.)))
OP mobile 1 | 82  
21 Feb 2007 /  #229
hi i hadnough of bashings o i didntvisit this site for a while. sorry to all the people who hate me and i wishi never met this guy but its too late now
Ranj 21 | 948  
21 Feb 2007 /  #230
I don't think anyone hates you, Mobile----some might not like what you are doing, but who cares what anyone else thinks. I think most of the people who have responded were just giving an honest opinion of their take on the situation----if it were your best friend in the same situation, what advice would you give her. Just don't want to see you get hurt. I hope everything works out the way you want, but understand it is not the norm in situations such as yours. Good luck.:) and I'm glad you came back:)
Maybe Its Real  
2 May 2007 /  #231
Mobile when love is gone its gone!!! Its not your fault if you found someone who has the decency to continue to take care of his responsibilites even though he needs a human companion! You could really be in love only you to know forsure everything happens for a reason! Dont Give up!
6 Sep 2007 /  #232
Well you must be proud of yourself. Can you not get your own man - that you have to take someone elses. he must be some bollox - I hope his wife does find out and takes him to the cleaners. The saddest part is the poor wife and child will suffer for yours and his selfishness. I hope he never gets to see his child again because he is playing a very dangerous game with their childhood. By the way do you honestly think he really cares enough for you to leave his child and wife - if not then you are really one very sad, selfish wagon.
tornado2007 11 | 2,274  
6 Sep 2007 /  #233
I tell you what mate i couldn't of said it better myself, a man after my own heart, well said sir, well said.
6 Sep 2007 /  #234
thanks - but not a man after your own heart but a woman. I am afraid though women like this one put my gender to shame same as men like that you puts yours to shame. Still hopefully the child will grow up and see their father for what he really is and for how much he really cared for his child and their welfare.
tornado2007 11 | 2,274  
6 Sep 2007 /  #235
oooppss sorry for the wrongful identification, i assumed the 'jack' in your name indicated that you were male, so sorry for that.

Yes there are those type of people in the world and i'm not sure if they have feelings at all
because if they did they wouldn't do such things in the first place
6 Sep 2007 /  #236
Give me a break - poor little her. You fool - you couldn't get your own man so had to go for sloppy seconds. LOVE - do you not reckon he taught he loved his wife too. You must be proud of yourself. Still you are more to feel sorry for than laugh at but she will laugh at you one day..... What goes around comes around.... If he can cheat on her he can cheat on you

No probs, easy mistake. Still I take comfort in the belief that "What goes around comes around". What makes people so selfish. I have three adorable children and I know I would absolutely NEVER jebordise their childhood in anyway.
BethH 1 | 8  
18 Sep 2007 /  #237
I hate it when people have affairs with someone who is married.It really makes my blood boil ! It would be bad enough if they were just going out with someone,but when they are married its disgraceful.No matter who much i loved someone,if i knew they were married i would steer well clear.I always say,you should think of it as the other way round.Imagine how you would feel if you were married and someone was messing around with your husband ? Do you have any sympathy for this mans wife ?
Firestorm 6 | 400  
18 Sep 2007 /  #238
Can you not get your own man

She DID Get her own man... He is HERS Now..
18 Sep 2007 /  #239
i think im actually too good for him, he cant belive his look!!!

ithats right he couldnt possibly get any better!!!! polish women must just not be all that

Someones got a shitty attitude.
vm500 2 | 39  
18 Sep 2007 /  #240
mmm mobile i think you are nasty to have sex with a merried man. And as for the guy, I think he is a nasty F***er. I hope his wife is doign the same in Poland and then he finds out about it.. That will teach him...

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